Omnitrition Omni Drops

Omni Drops are diet drops, which you take to support a very low calorie diet. There are numerous diet drops on the market and these ones come from US Company Omnitrition. Finding out about Omni drops is not easy because of the sales strategy used by the parent company which appears to keep the details of the supplement secret.

Diet drops have become a new craze on the weight loss market and Omni drops are a typical example of what you can expect. Sadly that is very little! Omni Drops are produced by US direct marketing company and are sold by a variety of sellers from their own private outlets. Despite this coverage, it is hard to find anyone who has actually tried this product.

Omni Drops Pros

  • None whatsoever

Omni Drops Cons

  • Expensive
  • Inadequate product information
  • Tricksy marketing policy that looks like a pyramid scam
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Omnitrition Omni Drops

Omnitrition Omni Drops Review

Omni Drops Facts

  • Manufactured and promoted by Omnitrition based in Nevada, USA
  • Comes in 120ml bottle size
  • Comes with zero product information

Diet drops are all the rage right now and seem to offer the consumer a way of losing vast amounts of weight in a limited timeframe. Omni drops, produced by Omnitrition form part of a range of products that are open to people looking to start up in business for themselves via a direct marketing or MLM (multi layered marketing ) business scheme.

You might think that because Omni Drops are on sale from so many people that one of these re sellers would explain how they work or offer a decent ingredients profile. Surprisingly nobody appears to have done this so it is hard finding out the truth behind this product.

Even more surprisingly, Omnitrition the parent company do not explain their products either. The Omnitrition site is unconvincing and lacking any real information about the products they want you to sell.

As well as Omni Drops, Omnitrition based in Nevada USA also sell other weight loss products including a raspberry ketone supplement and Garcinia Cambogia extract. Away from weight loss, Omnitrition market products aimed at increasing vitality such as grape powder and potions devised as speciality products such as Hair and Nails a supplement to improve the condition of your hair and nails.

Omnitrition provide zero information about Omni drops. There is no list of ingredients so we have no idea just what it contains or how to take the supplement. The only thing that Omnitrition provide is a picture of the bottle and the price.

Fair enough – perhaps this is a marketing plan to help their sellers keep in control of information but we find it staggeringly none of these sellers appear to know what it is or what it does either.

With this less than convincing sales policy, it maybe should not be surprising that no one appears to have tried or even heard of Omni Drops.

Selling Omni Drops

Omnitrition is a typical MLM business that offers you a way to start up in business for yourself with minimal outlay. There is a company framework with reassuring titles – you can become a supervisor and there is an Omnitrition sales and marketing plan that looks very official. If you have recently lost your job as many people have, reading this jargon filled information provided on the website seems like you are about to have a real job opportunity. You are willing to work hard – naturally – so it seems as if this opportunity is a lifeline.

The company goes into detailed information on the legal page promising bonuses and all kinds of financial incentives for establishing your down line leading the Watchdog team to believe that this is not so much MLM as pyramid selling.

What makes pyramids selling toxic is that they tend to be doomed to failure. When you can only make money by enrolling other people to sell the product rather than selling the product yourself you have a pyramid scheme which is technically illegal.

See our previous investigation on MLM.

Omnitrition Omni Drops Concerns:

  • Lacks full ingredient profile and basic product information
  • Lacks independent customer testimonials
  • May cost you lots of time, money and effort if you join the IMA programme

What Does Omnitrition Omni Drops Claim To Do?

Some sellers claim that with Omni drops you can lose weight faster than ever before. One seller claims that the drops are the perfect kick off for the Paleo diet.

According to WeLoveOmni – a slick looking website that sells Omni products – Omni drops will help you lose on average 1lb – 1.2lb a day for women and up to 2lb a day for men.

Of course, what the website doesn’t tell you is that you have to follow a 500-calorie diet to achieve this. You are just told to follow the eating plan for 21 -42 days taking the drops three times daily and they do not mention the frighteningly low calorie allowance.

Omnitrition also claim to help you rebuild your life with a new business selling their products. This is probably the most unbelievable claim made by this company.

So What Is Omnitrition Omni Drops and What Are The Ingredients For Omnitrition Omni Drops?

Omni drops are diet drops that you take in combination with a very low calorie diet. There is no further information about the ingredients beyond the fact that they are homeopathic and contain vitamin B12, an important vitamin which plays a role in the metabolism of every cell in the human body.

The drops come in a 40z (120ml bottle).

So What Does All This Mean?

It means that this product could be a complete waste of time and money that even the manufacturers appear to lack confidence in. Its unlikely to help you lose weight or support you through a 500 calories a day diet. If you are insane enough to try that, you might as well do it yourself.

You will probably lose weight in the short term if you follow the instructions to only eat 500 calories a day but it will be down to your own efforts not these drops.

We look into role that eating 500 calories a day has diet drops in an upcoming investigation.

Does Omnitrition Omni Drops Have Any Side Effects?

Unlikely, but we have no real idea whats in them. They probably will not have much, if any effect at all.

Caution: You never know for sure so avoid Omni Drops if you are pregnant or breast-feeding or have an underlying health condition.

Any Omnitrition Omni Drops Reviews From Customers?

If there are, we cannot find them.

Nobody appears to have tried taking this supplement. There are customer testimonials on some of the websites but it is all totally unconvincing.

So Does Omnitrition Omni Drops Work?

It will work if you combine it with eating only 500 calories a day for between 21 and 42 days. On this starvation diet, you cannot fail to lose weight in the short term. However, this will be down to your own efforts and not the support of the drops beyond a placebo effect.

Placebos can actually work but you do have to believe in them. The problem with Omni Drops is that this supplement is just not convincing, so it is incredibly difficult to see how they will realistically work for most people.

Where Can I Buy Omnitrition Omni Drops?

You can find Omni Drops for sale from independent websites. It is not on sale via Amazon or eBay and the Omnitrition do not sell to private individuals, only resellers.

You can find one bottle of Omni Drops for an expensive price of $79. You can also buy in bulk orders for six bottles of Omni Drops for $474.

This is the same price as offered by the Omnitrition website so it must be that the drops are sold at discount price to resellers.

Everyone selling the drops is looking for re sellers and offering the same deal. It would seem this is very similar to a pyramid scam even if Omnitrition are passing themselves off as a direct marketing company.

What About A Guarantee

Some of the re sellers are offering a 30-day money back guarantee. You will have to contact them to find out more.

Watchdog Verdict

To say we’re less than impressed with these diet drops is an understatement!

We cannot see how this supplement itself will promote weight loss. Nobody understands or cares about the ingredient contents and we feel extremely sorry for anyone who has put their faith in this product and is now trying to sell this product. This isn’t a get rich scheme!

We cannot help boost sales for the resellers, as much as we would like to help. This supplement in our opinion is a complete dud. Should you buy or sell these diet drops? It is a complete no brainer, we reject Omni Drops.

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