• One Beautiful Thought?

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    Women have a lot to live up to! We are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful women. We are supposed to be sexy, smart and sassy with perfect skin and a perfect body that conforms to a standard size.

    All this is a lot to ask for and maybe explains why so many of us are so self critical. How many times do you hear those negative voices in your head telling you that you are too fat, too unattractive or just not good enough?

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    It would be hurtful if anyone said these things to us, so why do we sometimes say them to ourselves and give ourselves such a hard time?

    An advertising campaign launched by Dove in France has recently bought this out in the open. Dove spoke to a group of women and had them write down what actually went on in their internal dialogue. They had to write down exactly what they thought of themselves in a diary.

    Their comments were noted and then the women involved were invited to a café. To their surprise and horror they heard their secret written comments used in a conversation between two actresses, who used them to criticise each other.

    It sounded so bad that ordinary customers in the café intervened!

    You’ve no charm, you’re just fat and ordinary.

    Your face looks like a bulldog.

    Sit up straight otherwise your belly looks big.

    I wish I could see you with a normal body… at least once.

    The women laughed in shock to hear their thoughts about their own bodies used to criticise other women. However, everyone was shocked at the level of violence of the comments.

    One woman said that she would hate it if her daughter talked to herself like that, yet she and most other women use this type of language to regularly self criticise all the time.

    The aim of the Dove advert has been to get women to drop the harmful self-criticism and give themselves some credit. The point is that if you would never say these hurtful, things to anyone else, why say them to yourself?

    Why do most of us do this to ourselves? Nobody deserves this ridiculous level of confidence knocking criticism.

    The Dove campaign has sparked a media a social media campaign called #OneBeautifulThought to try and encourage women to ditch the negative thoughts and focus on beautiful thoughts about themselves.

    The advert ends by asking, ‘When was the last beautiful thought you had about yourself?’

    It’s a good point.

    Group hug right now and lets focus on what makes us great! We are all beautiful and we just don’t need the confidence eroding self criticism.

    After all, we would not take it from someone else, so why do we persist in taking it from ourselves?

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