Optislim Platinum

Optislim Platinum is a weight loss shake range that is used as a meal replacement product. The shakes are incredibly low in calories, and when they are used to replace all three meals per day, they are described as a VLCD (very low calorie diet) plan.

Below we take an in-depth look at Optislim Platinum to see if it can aid significant, safe and sustainable weight loss.

Optislim Platinum Pros

  • Customers report dramatic, fast weight loss

Optislim Platinum Cons

  • No money-back guarantee
  • VLCD- weight regain highly likely
  • Not suitable for long term use
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Optislim Platinum Review

Optislim Platinum Facts

  • Manufactured by Optislim.
  • 21 shakes per pack.
  • 165 calories per shake (with skimmed milk).

Optislim Platinum is a meal replacement shake that is very low in calories. The consumer is instructed to replace their three meals of the day with a shake (per meal) and two cups of green vegetables (per day). It is manufactured by Optislim, an Australian company.

The product comes in a choice of flavours; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, banana.

Three shakes per day, mixed with skimmed milk, contain a total of 495 calories. This very low level of calories is not a sustainable method of losing weight; when following a VLCD, the body enters starvation mode, and the body’s metabolic rate actually falls. This means that when the consumer begins to eat more calories again, the consumer is more likely to regain weight, as it is harder to maintain a calorie deficit.

How to Take Optislim Platinum

The product is intended to replace the consumer’s meals; use one shake to replace each meal, for three meals per day.

The calorie count in Optislim Platinum is so low that here at Diet Pills Watchdog we recommend replacing a maximum of two meals per day with the shakes, and having a high fibre, high protein meal for the remaining meal of the day (such as lean meat and vegetables). This will also help to provide fibre that the shakes are lacking in.

Optislim Platinum Concerns:

  • No money-back guarantee.
  • VLCD- weight regain highly likely.
  • Not suitable for long term use.

What Does Optislim Platinum Claim To Do?

The manufacturers provide the following description of Optislim Platinum:

Made with skim milk for that rich chocolate milkshake taste. The Optislim VLCD Platinum shake is a revolutionary and unique VLCD RAPID weight loss formulation! Designed to reduce hunger, increase fat burning, provide higher energy levels and accelerate weight loss results. They contain all your daily nutritional requirements including 25 vitamins and minerals when you use 3 shakes per day. All Optislim® VLCD products are interchangeable for added variety. Remember to maintain adequate fluid intake during the day. We recommend that a minimum of 2 litres of water is consumed per day.

So What Is Optislim Platinum and What Are The Ingredients?

A single serving contains 95 calories, or 165 calories when mixed with a 200 ml serving of skimmed milk.

Each shake contains 1.2 grams of dietary fibre. The product contains numerous vitamins and minerals, stating that 3 shakes per day provides all of the consumers nutritional requirements for these 25 vitamins and minerals.

There are also three active weight loss promoting ingredients, according to the manufacturers; Glucomannan, Green Coffee Extract, and Siberian Ginseng Root Extract (Eleutherococcus Senticosus). The ingredient quantities provided are per single shake serving (25 grams of powder).

  • Glucomannan 1 gram: This fibre comes from the root of konjac. The powder absorbs water upon contact and becomes gel-like in consistency; it not only helps to fill the stomach, but slows down digestion, meaning that the dieter can go for longer before feeling hungry again. There are numerous studies that show glucomannan use leads to weight loss without making any other changes.
  • Green Coffee Extract 134 mg: Contains caffeine. Whilst it was thought that this ingredient was a significant aid in weight loss, the relevant research has been discredited as it was fraudulent. Currently there is no evidence that it aids with weight loss more than any other source of caffeine. See our article for more details:
  • Siberian Ginseng Root Extract (Eleutherococcus Senticosus) 23.1 mg: The Natural Medicine Journal has stated that ‘there is currently little clinical evidence on the use of Siberian ginseng… …to treat any medical condition in humans’, with mixed results from clinical trials and any beneficial effects declining after 8 weeks of use. There is no known link between Siberian Ginseng and increased weight loss.

So What Does All This Mean?

The product is incredibly low in fibre; the recommended daily intake of fibre is 20-35 grams per day, and yet consuming two shakes provides just 2.4 grams, making it almost impossible to make up the rest of the RDA in the consumers one meal of the day. High protein, low fibre diets often lead to constipation, and fibre has numerous benefits for dieters, including helping them to feel full without adding many calories to the meal.

Konjac root glucomannan capsules work by absorbing water upon contact and becoming bulky and gel-like in the stomach; this not only helps to fill the stomach but also slows the digestion process. The dieter may feel physically fuller and could thus go longer without eating. Athough the consumption of glucomannan should be combined with a healthy diet, its effects could help to reduce snacking and help consumers stick to their diets.

Notably, the product is also thought to slow the rise in blood sugar levels after a meal, because it slows down the digestive process. By slowing the rise in blood sugar levels, there is no sudden drop in sugar levels that would normally occur. It is this spike and drop pattern in sugar levels that is thought to cause sugar cravings which can often derail the diets of even those with the best of intentions.

The available clinical studies do generally suggest that glucomannan is somewhat effective as an appetite suppressant, and therefore can be an effective aid to weight loss. One study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2008 examined 200 obese patients dieting with the aid of glucomannan, other diet aids and placebos. On average, glucomannan helped the dieters lose just over four kilograms more than the placebo group. An earlier study in 1984 (published in the International Journal of Obesity) made a similar finding.

The only strong evidence that showed a link between green coffee bean and weight loss was retracted in October 2014. Green Coffee Bean extract is unlikely to contribute to significant weight loss, as there is a lack of relevant and legitimate clinical support. It is a source of caffeine, which will have a mild impact upon weight loss through increasing the body’s metabolic rate for a few hours after consumption.

Does Optislim Platinum Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects of following a very high protein diet may include bad breath, headache and constipation. The low fibre content of this product could cause irregular bowel movements, and could also cause constipation. In the long term, eating a high fibre diet is associated with lowered cholesterol levels, and so consuming almost no fibre would remove this beneficial effect.

Glucomannan works by absorbing water in the stomach, making it very important to drink plenty of water when taking the product and adjust the dosage if problems occur. Consumers who do not drink enough water when taking glucomannan may experience constipation and stomach cramps. As glucomannan is a fibre, it is likely that its usage will increase the rate of one’s bowel movements. Diarrhoea may also occur. Those who experience diarrhoea should cease using the product immediately.

As highlighted above, glucomannan also affects blood sugar levels. Diabetics should consult their doctor before taking any glucomannan-based product.

Green Coffee Bean is a source of caffeine; Consumption of caffeine can cause a variety of side effects, including headaches, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased urination, dehydration, jitteriness, dizziness and insomnia.

There is also an amino acid in Green Coffee Bean called homocysteine that is associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

Not suitable for those under the age of 18. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, unless expressly recommended by your doctor. Diabetics should consult their doctor before purchasing this or any other glucomannan product. Do not use if you have difficulty swallowing. If you experience chest pain, vomiting, or difficulty swallowing or breathing after taking the product, seek immediate medical attention.

Any Optislim Platinum Reviews From Customers?

There are numerous customer reviews for this product on an Australian product review website.

Im 5ft11 and trying to get from 95kgs to 85kgs. I have lost 2.6kgs in 3 days! And im feeling much more energized and healthy as my diet prior was not very nutritional. Just dont trust farts because it will be a shart! This stuff gives you the worse watery runs haha. But i would recommend this to anyone. I have my 3 shakes each day with 2 cups of broccoli and its working brilliantly.

I started this a day ago. So early days yet?
I have the chocolate flavour, and use the blender to mix them, tastes really good. I’ve had 4 shakes now, but strangely I’m hungrier than ever?.. I’m not a big eater, my weight gain was due to 6 mths of immobility.
Well, I try and do an update ( if I can) and let you know how it goes.
Best of luck everyone!

I’m 20 years old I weigh 77kg. I went on the program a year ago and got down to 63kg. I want to get back to that just need some tips!!

Loving this product! I add a sachet of benefibre as well. Was hard the first three days. Important thing is I stick to the program…. no additional foods except the two cups of veg stir fried with a dash of soy. Getting all the water down is hard! Have lost 5kg this week. It works if you stick to the program as set out. Would recommend this to anyone.

Hi, I just started optislim plantinium, had in the morning and afternoon but evening time I had 1 peach 1 plum and little piece of meat. I been feeling sleepy and tired also very bad headache.

I’ve tried all the replacement meal plans and found Optislim Platinum VLCD to be the best, great taste & mixing with milk rather than water you actually feel satisfied. I was after the highest protein & lowest sugars, so rather than skim milk, I mixed mine with So Good Fat Free Soy. I only purchased vanilla, but to to change it up, I sometimes added coffee or berries. I replaced all three meals and added 2 cups of green leafy veggies or salad, if I was hungry and struggling I would add 100g of lean protein – egg, tuna or chicken. In the first two weeks I lost 6.15kg and couldn’t be happier!
Day 3-4 were the worst and included a killer headache, this was expected as my body entered ketosis, but beyond this, it was easy.

So Does Optislim Platinum Work?

Many of the reviews were written in the first few days of using the product, and customers report losing weight very quickly. There are numerous reports of side effects, including feeling tired, hungry, slugglish, and developing bad headaches and diarrhoea. One consumer stated that she had used the program a year previously, lost a lot of weight, but had since regained it all.

Opinions of the taste of the various flavours varies hugely. The product contains an incredibly low number of calories, and consumers are instructed to replace all of their meals with a total of three shakes, along with two cups of green vegetables per day.

In the long term, it is very likely that consumers will regain some, if not all of the weight that they lost whilst taking this product after they return to a more normal diet. This is because following a VLCD lowers the body’s metabolic rate; this can lead to yo-yo dieting.

Where Can I Buy Optislim Platinum?

A box of Optislim Platinum, providing 21 servings, costs AUS$44.95 plus delivery charges. Each pack only contains one flavour of the shake.

As Optislim is an Australian company; they only ship within Australia at the time of writing.

What About A Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee for this product. The returns policy for Optislim products is provided below.

A Refund or exchange will only be granted for the following where the item received has/is:

Faulty or is not in acceptable quality.
Internal contents are damaged or have broken seals.
Product does not meet the description provided.
The above is subject to the following prerequisites for full refund:

  • Packaging must be in un-damaged condition and in resaleable condition.
  • Item must be returned within 7 days of purchase, starting from date of delivery.
  • Copy of receipt /invoice must be provided along with the item.

All items must be sent back to the following address:

A5/2 Westall Rd
Clayton Vic 3168

Watchdog Verdict

We dislike very low calorie diets and meal replacement shakes in general; meal replacement diets are often difficult to stick to, as many people find the lack of chewing unsatisfying and find the very low calorie count difficult to deal with. The product contains a high level of protein, but the fibre content is almost non-existent which could cause digestive upset and have a long term impact upon health.

Drinking three shakes per day with skimmed milk provides 495 calories; this level of very low calorie diet should only be undertaken under supervision from a medical professional, and is not suitable to be followed in the long term. Weight loss will be quick and significant whilst consuming this product, but may be regained after regular eating patterns are resumed.

The product is not covered by a money-back guarantee and the returns policy is only valid for 7 days after the date of delivery, which is an incredibly short time period.

Overall, we do not recommend Optislim Platinum or any VLCD plan to our readers; VLCD plans are not sustainable diet plans, and should only be followed for a short period of time under the supervision of a medical professional, if at all.

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Optislim Platinum

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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