Phenadrine Slim Sticks

Phenadrine Slim Sticks from Biogen is only available to customers in South Africa. This weight loss supplement is packaged in sachets that you just add it to water for a tasty revitalising weight loss drink.

You can use it as a standalone product or in combination with other supplements in the Phenadrine range.

We take an in depth look at Phenadrine Slim Sticks to find out more.

Phenadrine Slim Sticks Pros

  • Some of the ingredients contained in the formula may support weight loss.
  • Pleasant alternative to taking tablets or pills.

Phenadrine Slim Sticks Cons

  • Inadequate ingredients profile.
  • Contains unknown quantities of Citrus Aurantium.
  • Only available in South Africa.
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Phenadrine Slim Sticks

Phenadrine Slim Sticks Review

Slim Sticks Facts

  • Phenadrine Slim Sticks are made in South Africa by Biogen and are only available in South Africa from pharmacy chain Dis- Chem.
  • Each packet contains 20 sticks.
  • Available in two flavours, Berry or Orange.

Phenadrine Slim Sticks is an appealing looking supplement that will interest you if you do not like taking pills or capsules but feel as if you would like some support to your weight loss.

It is packaged in sticks, similar to sugar sticks that you simply break open and add to a glass of water to make a drink. According to the advertising, this is a refreshing and revitalising drink and it comes in a choice of two flavours; orange or berry.

Phenadrine Slim sticks contains Yerba Mate, which is often drunk as a tea in its native South America so will probably work well as a drink ingredient. Yerba Mate is derived from a plant species of the holly family and contains caffeine as well as antioxidants polyphenols. It may be effective for weight loss because there is some evidence it may delay gastric emptying, so can help you feel fuller and avoid sugar cravings. The polyphenols can help with fat metabolism too.

Another beverage ingredient is green coffee bean extract. Research results indicate that slight weight loss may be caused by chlorogenic acid – present in unroasted or green coffee beans, which appears to inhibit glucose into the blood stream.

The Phenadrine Slim sachets also contain added caffeine and citrus Aurantium for an enhanced stimulant effect.

There are some concerns about Citrus Aurantium or bitter orange extract as it is also known. This ingredient contains a chemical called synephrine, which comes with some major health concerns. It is a stimulant closely related to amphetamine and it can increase the heart rate and blood pressure.

Away from the stimulants, Phenadrine Slim Sticks contain Mango Seed extract (Irvingia Gabonensis). Evidence suggests that this natural fibre helps feelings of satiety (fullness) and can be effective for weight loss.

The final ingredients are acetyl Carnitine – a natural substance similar to an amino acid and vitamin, which may help mental functioning, and trace mineral chromium that may help regulate insulin levels. Chromium is being investigated as a treatment for diabetes.

How to Take Phenadrine Slim Sticks

Take 1 sachet with 500ml water 2-3 times daily 30 minutes prior to meals or snacks.

It is recommended that the first serving be taken in the morning on an empty stomach prior to breakfast or as an energising drink during your morning workout.

Take another serving prior to lunch. Do not use after 4 O’clock in the afternoon.

Take Phenadrine Slim Sticks for 5 consecutive days of the week and stop use for 2 days before continuing again.

As with all weight control supplements Phenadrine Slim Sticks works best when combined with a balanced, energy-controlled eating plan and regular physical activity.

Phenadrine Slim Sticks comes from South African company Biogen. The company produce a wide range of supplements aimed at general health as well as body building and sports supplements. The weight loss/ sports supplements come under the Pro Series range. The general health supplements come under the Platinum range.

Like Phenadrine Thermo cut and Phenadrine Xtreme, Phenadrine Slim Sticks is part of the Pro series range.

We covered Phenadrine Thermo Cut in a previous review.

Biogen Supplements are only available from Dis- Chem, one of the larger pharmacy retailers in South Africa and a familiar presence in the shopping malls to many consumers.

Phenadrine Slim Sticks Concerns:

  • There is no customer feedback for Phenadrine Slim Sticks.
  • Combining Slim Sticks with other Phenadrine supplements could be dangerous.
  • Inadequate ingredients profile. How can you take a supplement without knowing what it contains?

What Does Phenadrine Slim Sticks Claim To Do?

According to the product information, there are three key features

  • Rapid Fat Loss Support & Energy sticks
  • Stimulate fat breakdown/metabolism
  • Boost energy & enhance mood

In addition, it is a “perfectly safe but potent fat burning solution in convenient sachets to produce a great tasting, revitalising weight loss drink.”

You are advised that “Biogen Phenadrine Slim Sticks can also be alternated with Biogen Phenadrine Thermo Cut or Biogen Phenadrine Xtreme capsules throughout the day”

You will need to be careful with doing this. Phenadrine Xtreme is a strong stimulant fat burner, which contains caffeine and synephrine. Thermo Cut also contains stimulants and fibre.

Combine these supplements and you will probably experience side effects such as jitteriness and gastro intestinal discomfort. We advise you to stay on the safe side and to just stick to one supplement.

So What Is Phenadrine Slim Sticks and What Are The Ingredients?

Phenadrine Slim Sticks is a general weight loss supplement that you take in the form of a drink by adding the sachet ingredients to water.

Serving size is equal to one 4g sachet. Total caffeine content is 125mg per serving.

Phenadrine Stick Proprietary Blend (925mg):

  • African Mango Seed extract (Irvingia Gabonensis): This ingredient may have weight loss benefits because of its high fibre content. It is believed to promote leptin- the hormone that signals feelings of satiety and it has undergone human clinical testing that displayed very positive results. In a clinical test carried out in Cameroon, it was found that 150mg twice daily led to significant improvements to body weight, body fat, waist circumference and LDL cholesterol

  • Green coffee bean extract (45% chlorogenic acid): Research results indicate that slight weight loss may be caused by chlorogenic acid – present in unroasted or green coffee beans, which appears to inhibit glucose into the blood stream. However the effects are minimal and the expert opinion is that this ingredient requires further clinical
  • Caffeine anhydrous: Same as the caffeine in the coffee you drink but the form often used in supplements. Ideal for giving your energy levels a quick boost and may have a short-term effect upon the metabolism.
  • Citrus Aurantium (30% extract): As well as synephrine, Citrus Aurantium also contains N-Methyltyramine and octopamine, substances similar to epinephrine. Synephrine promotes the body’s flight or fight response. Increases adrenaline and constricts blood vessels as well as increases blood pressure and heart rate. This can reduce appetite but can be dangerous.
  • Yerba Mate (25% Xanthines): Xanthines are a class of chemicals, which have a stimulant effect and include caffeine, Theophylline and theobromine – found in chocolate.
    Yerba mate is safe for most people and may help support weight loss. It inhibits certain enzymes so can help fat metabolism. There is evidence that it can delay gastric emptying so can help you feel fuller for longer.
  • N-acetyl-l-carnitine: Your body makes this substance in the kidneys and liver and stores it in the muscles, heart and brain. It may have an effect upon the metabolism and muscle development. It may be effective for supporting weight loss.
    Taking L Carnitine supplements can be effective for some medical conditions including depression and elderly memory loss
  • Chromium 30ug: Trace mineral that may help reduce insulin sensitivity and is being investigated as a treatment for diabetes.

So What Does All This Mean?

It is impossible to predict the results of this supplement when we are unable to see the ingredients quantities. We are told that it contains 125 mg of total caffeine per serving – similar in strength to approximately 1.5 cups of coffee, but that leaves a whopping 800mg unaccounted for.

It seems likely that some of this will be taken up by the Mango seed extract but if this follows the clinical testing of 150mg, that still leaves 650mg to be shared out among the rest.

Does this mean that the supplement contains a lot of citrus Aurantium? This can be dangerous in high quantities. It is possible that green coffee extract is a principle ingredient and as this comes with very little evidence, it is unlikely to provide much support for your weight loss.

The problem is that with such minimal information, the customer does not really know just what is contained in each serving.

Does Phenadrine Slim Sticks Have Any Side Effects?

Biogen do provide some information about possible side effects. You are advised to discontinue use if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Nausea
  • Gastric Pain
  • Depression
  • Dehydration
  • Increase in blood pressure

Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or under the age of 18. As with all exercise and nutritional programs please consult your physician first (especially if you have a medical condition).

Remember that an adequate state of hydration must be maintained when using this product. Have at least 8 – 12 glasses of water per day.

Do not have more than 4 sachets per day and do not use this product for more than five consecutive days per week. Taking more than the recommended dose will not improve results and may cause adverse reactions.

Any Phenadrine Slim Sticks Reviews From Customers?

We have been unable to find any Phenadrine Slim Sticks customer reviews.

So Does Phenadrine Slim Sticks Work?

It might work. African mango seeds (Irvingia Gabonensis) have undergone some clinical testing and the results were promising. You may notice a boost to energy levels after taking, similar to a strong cup of coffee. However, the side effects may be an issue and seem to suggest that Citrus Aurantium is a principle component of the formula. With 925mg of active ingredients per serving, this is worrying.

Increasing your heart rate and blood pressure is potentially dangerous and can lead to heart attacks or stroke. Without adequate ingredients information we cannot guarantee that this supplement is safe.

Where Can I Buy Phenadrine Slim Sticks?

If you are in South Africa, you can find Phenadrine Slim Sticks on the shelves of your local Dis Chem pharmacy.

Dis Chem also sell Phenadrine Slim Sticks via the online store. It is available in either berry flavour or orange. Prices are the same for both flavours.

One pack of 20 Slim Sticks (6 days supply if taken as recommended) costs R159.95 ($13.00).
Flat rate shipping to South African addresses is a further R60. The company will not ship outside of South Africa.

You cannot buy supplements direct from the Biogen website.

Phenadrine Slim Sticks are not available outside South Africa.

What About A Guarantee

Phenadrine Slim Sticks do not come with a guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

Phenadrine Slim Sticks will appeal to you if you do not like taking tablets or pills but feel a supplement may help weight loss. It contains some good ingredients such as Yerba mate and Irvingia Gabonensis, which may help you feel fuller for longer so you may find your appetite is decreased. In addition, the caffeine content may give you a lift – ideal for taking in the morning or pre workout.

The major problem is that this supplement lacks ingredients information. With 925mg per serving and only 125mg of this taken up by caffeine, we would like to know about the remaining 800mg. Does this supplement contain fillers? Are the levels of citrus Aurantium high, which could cause the potentially dangerous side effects that are listed by Biogen? The problem is that nobody knows and with zero customer feedback, we cannot even find out about customers real experiences.

We are very concerned that Biogen advise you that you can use Slim Sticks with their other supplements because this is fairly certain to lead to side effects.

We would never recommend a supplement without knowing exactly what was in it, so have no other option but to reject Phenadrine Slim Sticks.

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