Phenom Health Investigation

Phenom Health InvestigationPhenom Health is a supplements company that claims to give you a first class ticket to health, and with an extensive product range addressing many different health issues; it looks like a well known and impressive company.

However, as we all know, things are not always as they first appear. We have received numerous customer complaints about Phenom Health, and have uncovered many worrying aspects to this company.

So, let’s take a look at Phenom Health to find out more about this company and their supplements.

UPDATE: The official Phenom Health website has since become non-operational, it is unclear why the manufacturer did not renew the website hosting. Phenom Health products are still available to buy via Amazon, however, we would still advise caution.

First up, Phenom Health USA or Phenom Health UK?

Phenom Health is an American supplements company with supplements for all aspects of health including weight loss, muscle building, and even boosting your brainpower with nootropic ingredients. There is an official US website that sells these health supplements direct to US customers from their distribution centre based in California.

Phenom Health also operates a UK website, and according to the UK site information, is based in Milton Keynes. (This is not strictly true according to UK customers but we will look into this point later in the investigation).

The two websites look identical, apart from the payment which is provided in US Dollars or GB pounds sterling, but it is important to know that the supplements are not the same.

The supplements for the US market are manufactured in the USA, and the supplements for the UK and Europe are manufactured in the UK. Although the supplement names and the advertising are identical, in many cases the two products are completely different.

So if you are looking to buy a Phenom Health supplement, you do need to check the label in order to know what you are getting. Not all Phenom Health products are the same, even if they look identical and carry the same name.

The Phenom Health Free Trial Scam

Phenom Health has become notorious for using some very devious methods for tricking customers into signing up for a so-called free trial. This seems to offer you a way of trying a product for free and all you have to pay is the postage. However, there is a massive catch with this, because if you do not cancel your free trial within two weeks, Phenom Health will enrol you into an auto-ship agreement.

With an auto-ship agreement, you will receive new products each month, and your bank or credit card billed automatically until you find a way of cancelling the agreement. The costs can run into hundreds of dollars or pounds, and it can be a very lengthy process in getting this regular payment stopped.

We have received numerous emails and questions from customers who have been tricked by Phenom Health into a so-called free trial, and then been unable to cancel the financial agreement. Take a look at our advice page at what you can do if this happens to you.

Phenom Health – Sophisticated Scammers

The Phenom Health auto ship scam is very sophisticated. Phenom Health is a well known and established company, and the fact that they are operating this scam is not immediately obvious. So how does it operate?

Phenom Health finds devious ways to lure you into signing up to auto ship without realising.

Some American customers have picked up leaflets in shops like Walmart that offers you a free trial of a Phenom Health product.

Phenom Health carries out direct email campaigns too, often piggybacking on established and trusted businesses. Some British customers, for example, received emails that came via the Sainsbury’s supermarket, and were billed as an opportunity to Nectar card owners.

Some customers have been led to the site via affiliate marketing sites (private websites that pay a fee to the site owners for advertising and leading customers to buying pages). Others have been contacted following leaving product reviews on Amazon, and asked if they would like to take part in a free trial.

A range of Phenom Health products sold on Amazon UK can make it easy for the company to contact customers, and ask them if they would like to take part in a free trial for additional products.

Facebook is also a source of many complaints. Many UK customers have clicked on Facebook adverts from Phenom Health, offering a free trial for just £2.95 for the postage and packaging. The same trick has been targeted at US customers for $4.95. Phenom Health has a vast range of products, so use different supplements at different times on these Facebook and Amazon campaigns.

The company also advertises via Google using Adwords, to lead customers to landing on a product page where a product called Bio Slim Daily Power Cleanse is on offer.

Fake Dragons Den and Bio Slim

One of the most bizarre and lucrative Phenom Health scams is for UK customers only. It revolves around a product called Bio Slim, which is publicised via a fake Dragons Den’s new story which is posted on a fake news site. The fakery is breathtaking! The fake news story has the headline,

“Weight Loss Pill That Naturally Burns Fat Gets Biggest Deal In Dragons’ Den History”

The UK Dragon’s Den stars; Deborah Meaden and co are pictured and according to the fake news story, two sisters made Dragon’s Den history after receiving a standing ovation and offers of investment from all five-panel members. This did not happen but it does look convincing.

Once you have swallowed this story, you are then led to a link in the story where you can try a free trial for Bio Slim yourself. Sign up for this for only £2.95 and it looks as if this is the cost of the free trial. The true terms and conditions are written below the payment page, but are not easy to see unless you are actively searching for them.

Here’s the truth about the so-called free trial.

“By placing an order you will be enrolled in our membership program. This program will charge £79.31 for your trial on the 15th day and every 30 days thereafter ship a full-size bottle for £79.31 (S&H included) until you cancel. You can cancel or modify your membership anytime by calling +44 203-318-1133 (UK), Mon to Sat 9:00am – 6.00pm”

Many UK customers have failed to notice this tiny bit of small print, and have been left seriously out of pocket.

Real Bio Slim?

There is an original product called Bio Slim which we covered in a previous Watchdog review. We did not approve of this supplement, but it did have some good points and most importantly did not seem to be involved in any dodgy scam issues.

Unfortunately for original Bio Slim, this is not the first time this company has been targeted by a Dragon’s Den scam. Many of our American readers have complained about being caught by a scam via Dragon’s Lair, as the program is called in the USA. This has been noticed by the original Bio Slim company, and there is a warning box on the homepage called “Beware of Fake BioSlim”.

Phenom Health customer reviews

Phenom Health has been extremely busy figuring out ways to attract new customers to the company’s various “free trial” offers.

Here is a very small selection of Phenom Health customer complaints from both UK and American customers who have been caught by various free trial scams.

I ordered a “free” sample of Body Boost product on 11/08/2017 and paid a fee of $4.95 for shipping and handling. I paid with my credit card. I was to have a 30 day trial period, and I received 60 capsules which represented a 30 day supply, On 11/28/2017, my credit card was charged $84.71

A free sample of ‘wild raspberry ketone’ was offered on Facebook, £2.95 p&p was required to receive the free sample. … Unfortunately it required me to give in good faith my bank details by way of the long number on my debit card. At no time was the figure of £79.31 or any figure for future purchases or subscriptions quoted. I received a package containing a small pouch with two tablets inside & a carton of 60 pills which I had not requested. There was no paperwork or invoice enclosed & I was therefore not aware of the 15 day return clause. If that information been clearly pointed out I would have returned the pills within that time …

I ordered a “free sample” and was surprised to see I had been charged >$150 after 14 days. Apparently the fine print says you have to cancel or you will be billed though I can’t find it anywhere. I returned the original bottles unopened after 12 days and received another shipment and another bill a month later – again for >$150. I called and was offered a 50% refunded if I kept the samples – I didn’t want them so I returned everything, unopened.

This company offers a free trial – just pay £2.95 p+p … when you get confirmation email you have signed up for ongoing product at almost £80 per month + after 15 days if you don’t cancel you will be charged for the free trial! Telephone lines aren’t answered, and in order to get any chance of refund you have to return product at your cost to Cyprus…

We have also received questions and complaints via our Watchdog site. Many of these were for a supplement called Ultrapur Wild Raspberry Ketone. Luckily this particular customer noticed the scam very quickly, thanks to her bank. Source

Ultrapur have scammed me today. The scenario is exactly as others have posted on here. I would have been oblivious to it, but my bank called me to query recent transactions! I’m so grateful to my bank! My pills should arrive tomorrow and I’ll be sending them straight back – to Cyprus!

Phenom Health provides details about how to cancel your “refill subscription” on both the US and UK website. You are advised to call the phone number and speak to a representative. Be warned that many customers have had issues with some of these phone numbers, posted below. And when you finally manage to get through to the company, you could have a battle on your hands.

Is it easy to contact Phenom Health Customer Services?

According to all customer complaints, Phenom Health is not easy to get hold of and are very evasive once you have contacted the company.

Customers have reported trying the phone numbers at varying times with no answer, and having their emails ignored. Once they have got through to the customer service rep, many customers have complained at being passed from one customer representative to another and their details lost.

As this UK customer said,

When I phoned I was passed from person to person. There was – allegedly – no record on their computer files of my name or address, nor of the consignment number, nor of any order I had made – they therefore could not cancel it. The altercation took well over an hour of my phone time.

Pretending to have lost the details is a common ploy used by Phenom Health, as this customer reported,

they acted like we had a bad connection said they did not find anything with my address but then knew my name before I told them charged my account & never sent the product when I called the # that was on the terms & conditions They said they had no record with my info but mentioned my last name before they asked for it !

How to cancel your Phenom Health Free Trial and Auto Ship Contract

American customers can try emailing or phoning Phenom Health.

US Phenom Health customer helpline numbers are as follows:

If you need to return an item, you need to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and write this number on your return package. If you are opting out the auto-ship agreement you will need to return your products.

You will probably find that by the time you have managed to speak to someone and have obtained your RMA, you will have been billed for at least an additional month. We advise you to post your return package registered.

USA Returns Warehouse
Phenom Health Returns
12924 Pierce Street
Pacoima, CA 91331

UK Phenom Health customer service contact details are as follows:

According to the customer service information, you need to contact customer services in order to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and write the number on the package.

The return address is provided as a Milton Keynes P.O. Box but according to all the customer complaints, the truth is that you have to pay for overseas delivery to an address in Larnarca Cyprus.

You will find that by the time you have managed to speak to someone and have obtained your RMA and the returns address, you will have been billed for at least an additional month. We advise you to post your return package registered.

The Larnaca return address is Phenom Health Returns, PO Box 42388, Larnaca 6533, Cyprus.

Do not buy Phenom Health Supplements!

Phenom Health has not always been known as scam artists. We have covered Phenom Health supplements in the past and the company looked reasonable enough. These days, things have obviously changed with their sales policy and today Phenom Health is one of the worst we have ever seen, when it comes to the sheer volume of customer complaints from both sides of the pond.

Enough is enough! Phenom Health is not the trustworthy company it appears, and we advise you to stay away from all Phenom Health supplements and offers of free trials.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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41 comments on 'Phenom Health Investigation'

  1. Had an awful experience with them as they didn’t refund me £39.00 after i returned everything back to them. Theyve been cheating since July saying they Have a technical problem and they can’t proceed with the refund. Don’t buy from them. They are liers

  2. I am also having trouble with this company and am owed £234 even though I cancelled within the 14 day cool off period. I sent everything back to the Cyprus address at my expense and suddenly the email address is no longer in use. I can’t afford to lose this amount of moeny, feel stupid for being taken in and want to know how to get my money back?

  3. I applied for the free diet supplements and paid the £2.95 as requested for postage. I received them and other vitamins I did not request and they deducted nearly £40 from my account which I didn’t know about. I immediately contacted them about 3 times before got the proper paperwork to send them all back including the free pills. This was in June and I am still trying to get it back, I cant through on the phone and when emailing got excuses that their systems were down!!!! This is definitely a scam and think something should be done about it. Please do not buy from them!!!!

  4. I am in the same position. Tricked into subscribing. Returned goods end of June and got a £20 refund. £60 still owed and I keep receiving replies to my emails saying ‘technical issues’

  5. This is all very well and it’s good to get re-assurance that I am not alone but what’s been done about this scam?

    I returned 3 packs to the Cyprus address by registered post at a cost of around £12 from the UK. I have proof they were received on 1st August. I have sent 3 emails since then asking for an update but have received no response. So where do I take my complaint next.

    Is there a UK Trading Standards office that will be interested?

    Prior to this I did have decent email communications and even had 50% of one of my £79.31 payments refunded. I am still waiting on the other 50% plus 2 full monthly payments of £79.31.

    My guess is that they are encouraging buyers to return products so they can re-use them and with no intention to refund which is surely illegal?

    Stevie Mac, Edinburgh

  6. Please will you advise me. I have telephoned the USA Number, obtained RMA codes and paid for returning goods to the address in Larnaca, Cyprus.I have emailed and tried ringing the UK number s, but they are unobtainable.No reply to any emails, still no refund. I can ill afford this and am really worried. Thank you so much. Mary Nolan

  7. bought bio slim from phenom health free just pay postage.After that each month i was billed £104.00 for 3 months but had not recieved any products.I have had to cancelthrough my bank to stop any further payments going out. I would like to know how to get my money back …. I have a number for phenom health which is 0168807114 Which tells me it will get back to me within 24 hrs i have rang this number for the last 3 days but no one has returned the call.

  8. I have tried on copious amount of times to get in touch with this company but it keeps on saying I have dialled an
    Incorrect number on ALL numbers I have tried ……… what on earth do I do to stop them taking any more money from my account ?????

    Please help ?

  9. WHAT A SCAM! How do they get away with it? I’ve been billed for a product which I have not received, and it looks like I will be billed for another month before I have received anything. Surely something can be done to stop this appalling scam.

  10. I ordered for a trial and paid £2.95 postage, only ordered Garcinia, have tried it but no weight change so didn’t expect any other money to go out of my account . Boy I was wrong, over £60 was take. I found the web site and it said if you wish to cancel the order press cancel my account here, which I did. No product has been received yet, but I will be going to my bank today. Hope they will help. I really cannot afford this as my husband is poorly and not at work, I don’t need this hassle and feel physically ?

  11. I wish I’d read here first! Nothing but con artists! I placed an order for diet pills and was tomd I’d only be charged for shipping (£2.95). Immediately my card was tried for 40 odd quid for something i did not order. I emailed the Company and was told I could not stop the process (even after 15 mins). I’d have to pay for returns. It cost me the original shipping of £2.95 plus the additional return charges to CYPRUS of £9.00!! These people are con artists. Please do not trust em!!!

  12. Looking on internet I found a publicity regarding those miracles pills that help you to loose weight “”bio slim” and “Garcinia clean”the company called “phenom health” and also called “Trimbody” was sending it to your address for free as an sample, all you had to do was paying the delivery (only 6€.50). I did pay that amount and thinin few days I’ve received my pills but, the month later, I’ve realized that this company was continuing to take money from my account under the name “joy of health”. I immediately freezed my card and informed my card company about the abuse but they couldn’t do anything as, apparently, when I gave my credit card number for paying the delivery, I also gave the authorization of charging my card every month from that company. The problem is! I never gave any authorization for charging my card and I never received any more products either. None of the companies “joy of health” or ‘trimbody” ever replied to me when I sent them an email and a messenger message. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THOSE COMPANIES EVER!!!! THERE ARE FRAUD

  13. Did you return the products? I too have been taken in. I’ve cancelled the bank card so they can’t take any more money but I’m annoyed so not inclined to pay more money to return the tablets but wonder if there could be repercussions?

  14. I’m wondering if I’m legally required to return products to Cyprus after being scammed by them. I’ve informed my credit card company and they’re putting the blocks on them taking any more money. Their practices are actually illegal so what can they do about my trial pack? I’m not spending more money on international postage. These items are going in my bin!

  15. So I have also been scammed by this unscrupulous co. Just wondering what the best plan of action is, as I have not received the goods yet only advise that it has been shipped? Could I just send the goods back unused to the Cyprus address without the RMA?

  16. My Bank Nat West are very on the Ball. Fraud department wrote to me and explained this problem.
    They immediatly stopped all payments to this Company. Where are Trading Standards Officers?!

  17. I have been scammed too. They took £79.31 for the Raspberry Ketone under a company name of BODYHELPERS, I put a block on any more payments. Two days later £69.71 was taken for the Bioslim, even though I had called the company and cancelled. This was to a different company called LIVINGSTORE. I have now put a block on any future payments to them. I now have to return the remaining trial offer pills to Cyprus (at a cost of £10.55 tracked) to have any hope of getting my money back.
    My bank HSBC were really unhelpful, probably because I got myself into this mess.
    Has anyone gone through all of this and received their money back? I doubt it is going to happen. But what then? They just get away with it?

  18. I recently saw this advert on the internet offering a free sample and only the postage to pay which I did accept. As I filled in my details including banking, I realised that other items had been added which I did not ask for. I was unable to retract at this point and was charged for three items I didn’t want. My account was charged immediately and days later a package arrived by post. I have contacted my bank because in small print it stated further supplies would come if not cancelled. At the time as I had no contact telephone number to call them. My bank sadly were not very helpful as I was passed from one department to another and kept waiting each time. I have since called the UK telephone number and complained about the deceit and tricks to get more money out of people, and I was not happy with the attitude of the customer service at all.

  19. Wish I had looked at this before I ordered. Wanted free trial £2.95 postage took me through putting in my card no then took me to a page offering another product for £39, tried to put in finish order put would only work on tab order complete it immediately added extra products totalling £87 been trying to cancel but none of websites work. Bank tells me because I gave my card no they cannot get money back also in danger of them billing me again. Only did because I read about Dragons Den support. Why are the BBC allowing this company to piggy back on a reputable programmes

  20. Just’phoned M Keynes and was immediately cut off (goodbye) using above number to contact Scam company Phenom. Contacted Bank to cancel,they called Cyprus which I followed up all within last 30 minutes and have been sidetracked by Cypriot person re return of product for which there is seemingly an ongoing charge of £79.31 per month. This product has been allowed to be shown on BBC dragons den programme as new deal,Why?

  21. When I discovered what a devious company Phenom Health are I cancelled my visa card
    and cut it up.
    I would like to warn anyone thinking about buying the product DON’T



  22. It seems that Phenom Health has an EU storefront -it might be worth contacting or sending products back to them rather than Cyprus.
    Business Name:Global Northern Trading Limited
    Business Type:Ltd
    Trade Register Number:BC0958581
    VAT Number:GB284375866
    Phone number:+44-168-680-7114
    Customer Services Address:
    70 Tanners Drive
    Milton Keynes
    MK14 5BW

    Do we have a legal obligation to return our remaining pills to the company who fraudulently claim it is a free bottle they are sending you for which you only pay for shipping?
    Only when the order is cancelled do they tell you they want 29:95GBP for the remaining product or it sent within 14 days to Cyprus – (It takes 10-14 days for a standard delivery).

  23. I signed up for a product last week. I’m now panicking about this and I haven’t even received my so-called free sample yet. All I can think is to go straight to my bank in the morning and cancel my debit card and show them this report, and take on board their advice. It’s disgusting, I’m a middle aged lady with mental health problems and am desperate to loose weight for my upcoming knee replacement. I’m just lucky that I mentioned it to my daughter the same day and she did some checking and sent me this link.

  24. Also shocked to be fleeced by these scum who have no morals. I hope they are shut down and taken to the cleaners with compensation claims. I call it theft and deceit. Lying scumbags. Compared to what I want to put, this is a very clean version. Unlike them, I am not lying.

  25. I too have fallen foul of this shameful company – I thought that at the age of 85 I could spot scams such as this a mile off but I’m so embarrassed that I fell for it.
    Two boxes of pills arrived in the same package at what should have been the cost of £2.95. My bank statement showed that three separate payments of £2.95 had been taken by three different suppliers – none of them Phenom Health. The word SCAM immediately came to mind – albeit too late.
    My bank statement showed that on April 16th and 19th the sums of £79.31 and £69.71 had been taken from my account – from suppliers other than Phenom Health.
    It was when I decided to return the goods and cancel any further dealings with Phenom Health that I discovered the need to get a returns authorisation but, as many contributors have said, getting in touch with these people is nigh on impossible. My attempts to ‘phone were met with one hopeful ring, then the disconnected sound.
    I found an on- line, so-called, easy cancellation button to press under Phenom Heath contact. I entered the names of both the pills I had received, pressed cancel and was told that the account was cancelled and I would receive an e-mail confirming this. Needless to say, no such e-mail has arrived.
    So I wait in trepidation to see what turns up in 30 days time.
    Barclays Bank has been wonderful. They put a block on all requests for money from the companies I have named and also arranged to notify me of any suspect requests for money before paying out. They also cancelled by debit card immediately and are sending a replacement in 2 – 3 days.
    My next move is to consult the ‘Which’ legal service – I have been a member for some years and find them excellent at dealing with consumer problems.
    I will come back on this problem shortly.

  26. I have just been scammed by this unethical company and as a disabled pensioner I find it appalling anyone would do this to the innocent public what a disgusting company ! What a shame that the only way they can make money is by deceiving people instead of earning a respectable living Shame on them !! May the dishonesty of this company and its executives be repaid in kind a hundred times as the damage they do to the general public

  27. PS Phenom Health on the phone would only give me a returns ref for one of the products they sent, not for both. They gave a spurious reason of 30 days having passed, which would have applied to both products in that case. They also cited my having contacted the bank as a reason to refuse a return.
    Of course they never mentioned the false phone number to call for cancellation when they sent out the sample product.

  28. I too have been taken for £150 per month, like Sue a second product appeared which I had not ordered. And I only purchased sample for £5.95 or so I thought. My bank has now stopped other payments requested from the same source. I now have Natwest helping me and am waiting a callback from Trading Standards. I wish I had never been taken in.

  29. Iv been scam with this
    After finding out they took so much out off my bank, I emailed them,they refunded me £70 and said I have to send good back once they got them they will refund me the rest of money I still waiting iv emailed them. I just keep getting the same email back they haven’t received goodies yea right

  30. Following on from my earlier comment, I have been on to Barclays to make sure no more payments are taken and they were extremely helpful. They told me that these companies have numerous “names” and that no payments will be made under any suspected guise. If one does get through Barclays will reimburse me. I also have a number to ring if I suspect a payment on my account. Very reassuring. Just wish it wasn’t necessary. There is a possibility tha t the “cancel/delete” option is a dummy so you aren’t actually deleting at all.

  31. Just received two products from Phenom Health which I wasn’t aware I’d completed the order for. I thought I’d cancelled before completion, having read the info about repeat payments, but the order had arrived.
    I rang customer services on the UK number and hung on for nearly 15 minutes. I finally got through to “Juliette” in California who eventually gave me 2 RMA numbers and told me I had 2 weeks to return the products to Cyprus or I could keep them for £49.98. She assured me that my account has been closed and no more payments would be taken.
    I will wait and see.
    I cannot believe I was pulled into this scam even though I thought I had stopped my application!

  32. I have just received my 2 packages under the guise of a free trial, only pay for the postage.
    However, after reading this, I cannot believe i have been sucked in.

    I will inform my bank accordingly and ensure no finances are taken.

  33. “White House In Panic After Truth Is Exposed” Read the side heading under the Newsmax Around the Web feature. But when one clicks on the title you are taken to a fake news ad site which pushed Cerebral X:
    [ ] shich looks like a
    legitimate Health News page. But if one clicks on any of their banner categories, they all seem to lead to the purchase site for their product of choice. And when ordering a bottle of their Cerebral X, you don’t just get their package offer, you are subjected to multiple purchase pages where the customer has no choice but to click on the “Purchase” button to get to the “checkout.” So, no matter what one starts to order, one ends up with many more bottles of jammed product in the final purchase order. No review process – no declining of the total number of items they rammed down the customer’s throat. Fortunately, my bank intercepted the purchase I was making with a “Fraud Alert” and I avoided the fraudulent charges. However, the bank rep. told me my card and personal info. was now in their data bank, so we at least are able to replace the card. The personal info. will likely be sold.
    if there is a way to alert other people to such a disreputable and unethical company, I hope it can be done.

  34. You seem to have just covered there scam part. However; for those not buy their products through a trail, but through the website – one off payments…can you please cover the fact of whether their product works or not?

  35. I have also just been taken in by this company. When I’ve phoned to complain I was advised that the charge of £79.31 was taken to pay for the ‘free sample’, as it’s only free for 15 days!

    I’ve been advised that they will refund me 50% now and 50% when they receive return of my free sample! This is just ridiculous. I’ve told them that I will be reporting them as the link that I clicked on via Facebook did not make this clear at all. I’m not sure how this is even legal.

  36. I am yet another poor unsurprising customer who was taken in by “The Dragon’s Den” advert for BioSlim and am appalled to have received an email confirmation for not only the BioSlim but also the UltraPur Wild Raspberry, of which I know I did NOT purchase, but appeared on my screen when I had completed my order for BioSlim.
    I tried to cancel the whole purchase, but received an email confirming both purchases – that’s when alarm bells rang and I tried ringing both numbers and googled Phenom Health and discovered The Watchdog website and read the researcher’s article and reviews from other scammed customers.
    I shall be ringing both numbers again on Monday morning and shall instruct my bank to cancel my account.
    This is an absolute shambles and about time it was dealt with correctly by the UK Government to shut this company and their website down. By looking at the current scam this could now costing this unsuspecting customer – Me – £150.00 a month out of pocket!!! DISGUSTING. Please help.

  37. I am a faitlrly intelligent grown woman of each time you call and just as unhelpful each time.

    I’m horrified and embarrassed I was taken in and wonder how many people have been too embarrass to actually make a complaint.

    It’s disgusting how this company is known about, yet is allowed to continue to operate. Uk banks should know better than to allow them to continue to take money from our accounts.

    I will be sending this to :-

    The company
    My local MP
    Trading Standards
    Daily Mail
    Jeremy Hunt (minister for Health)
    Channel 4, Consumer Programme.