PhenRx Topical Patches

Diet patches are a novel and strange way of taking weight loss supplements. Despite a lack of evidence supporting their use (and a vocal group of experts strongly maintaining that they are entirely ineffective), their popularity seems to persist. Sometimes, the patch method can be more than a simple waste of money and time; it can actually cause real problems for the customer’s skin!

Below we take an in-depth look into PhenRx Topical Patches, to see whether their strange side effects outweigh the potential benefits the product offers.

PhenRx Topical Patches Pros

  • Inexpensive

PhenRx Topical Patches Cons

  • Wholly ineffective
  • Customers complain of skin irritation
  • Ingredients quantities not provided
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PhenRx Topical Patches

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What You Need To Know About PhenRx Topical Patches

PhenRx Topical Patches are designed to aid with weight loss through the use of a transdermal patch, which works in much the same way as the more well-known nicotine patches. On the official website, the manufacturer states that these particular patches provide a number of key benefits, including boosting metabolism, thyroid regulation, boosting energy, and providing an overall sense of well-being. The patch method is also said to ensure that these effects take place continuously over a 24-hour period.

The PhenRx Topical Patch is produced and sold by Nexgen Biolabs, a supplement manufacturer that produces weight loss supplements, nootropics and more. Nexgen Biolabs seem to prioritise customer service more explicitly than many of their competitors, offering a good money-back guarantee and reportedly strong customer service.

What Are The Side Effects Of PhenRx Topical Patches?

A surprising number of customer reviews highlight problems that are encountered with the adhesive used to make the patch “sticky”. The patch is reportedly hard to remove without soap and water, and often pulls up skin during the process of removal. Even when successfully taken off, PhenRx Topical Patches often leave a red and irritated patch of skin that sometimes takes weeks to clear.

Some of the ingredients contained within the mix may cause some side effects. Cassia seed has been known to cause diarrhoea, gas, nausea and uterus contractions and in more serious cases, it can also cause irritable bowel syndrome and weight gain. Angelica can sometimes cause the skin to become sensitive to the sun.

How Much Does PhenRx Topical Patches Cost?

The PhenRx Topical Patch can cost wildly different amounts depending on the retailer. Groupon/LivingSocial seem to have a partnership with Nexgen Biolabs, and have a deal where customers can pick up 2 packs of 30 patches for $19.99 plus shipping (with free shipping on orders totalling more than $35).

Ordering direct from the manufacturer on the official website is much more expensive, with one pack of 30 costing $29.99 plus $6-$7 in shipping. Nexgen Biolabs offers discounts on bulk orders that can reduce the price somewhat, although readers should note that even the maximum discount still makes the product much more expensive than on Groupon!

Our Verdict On PhenRx Topical Patches

Diet patches deserve their poor reputation. The theory that makes nicotine patches so successful cannot really be applied to the world of weight loss supplements for a few key reasons. Diet patches often contain a number of different ingredients, almost none of whom have been proven to work when placed directly into the bloodstream. In fact, we often cannot even be sure that they can be absorbed through the skin at all; some ingredients cannot be made small enough to fit through the pores, and evidence suggests that no ingredients (not even nicotine) can be absorbed through the skin if the customer is too overweight.

As diet patches go, this particular product is so poor that it almost beggars belief. The ingredients contained within the mix are a frankly laughable concoction, as not one has been proven to aid weight loss whatsoever. We firmly believe that they were slapped together without one bit of thought given to how they would work, making the ridiculous claims made by the packaging all the more insulting.

To make matters worse, the one effect the patches do have is that they cause skin irritation and tearing. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that the majority of the many customer reviews available mention this at some point, suggesting that Nexgen Biolabs used a wholly inappropriate adhesive when making this product. The company even acknowledges the fact on the packaging, although they blame the problem on “allergic reactions” (possibly to avoid lawsuits). In our opinion, such a poor choice of design should be grounds for discontinuing the product entirely, and we certainly advise readers to stay well away.

We do not recommend PhenRx Topical Patches to our readers!

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PhenRx Topical Patches Review

The PhenRx Topical Patch is a weight loss supplement that provides customers with effects that are delivered transdermally (i.e. through the skin via a sticky patch). The product claims to work by suppressing the appetite and boosting the metabolism, all the while providing extra convenience through a discreet and easy-to-use patch.

PhenRx Topical Patches Facts

  • Manufactured by Nexgen Biolabs.
  • Contains 30 patches per pack.
  • Weight-loss supplement that comes in transdermal patch form.

PhenRx Topical Patches are manufactured by Nexgen Biolabs, a supplement manufacturer from Florida. Created in 2012, this company manufactures and sells a very wide range of products, including weight loss products, nootropics, sleep aids, detox aids, and more. Nexgen Biolabs back up all of their products with a 30-day money back guarantee, and seem to attract praise for their customer service on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They can be contacted via the “contact us” page on the official website.

How to Take PhenRx Topical Patches

Remove one patch from box and remove from protective cover. Apply patch adhesive side down and wear for 12–24 hours. Reapply a new patch once daily for 60 days or until weight loss is achieved. PhenRx patches can be placed in several places. The best spots are to the left or right of the belly button, the upper thigh, or the upper arm. All of these areas will be effective.

PhenRx Topical Patches Concerns:

  • Product is extremely unlikely to work as advertised.
  • Customers frequently complain of skin irritation and an unpleasant smell.
  • Ingredient quantities are not supplied.

What Does PhenRx Topical Patches Claim To Do?

PhenRx Topical Patches claim to deliver weight loss results by suppressing the appetite, boosting metabolism and energy, and through burning fat cells. The effects of the patch are said to take place steadily over a 24-hour period, ensuring that the results remain continuous. In addition to the weight-loss benefits, Nexgen Biolabs claim that their product provides an overall sense of well-being, as well as a detox and cleanse. To quote the official website, PhenRx Topical Patches provide the following key benefits:

  • Increase metabolism and thyroid activity.
  • Suppress appetite for 24 hours.
  • Detox and cleanse your body.
  • Provides all day energy.
  • Dramatic weight loss quickly.

Does PhenRx Topical Patches Work?

Patches are a controversial method of taking weight loss supplements, mainly because they have never been proven to work. Unlike with nicotine patches, diet patches are designed to supply a number of different ingredients, almost all of whom were intended to be consumed orally. They may not be able to be made small enough to fit through the skin’s pores, and may be wholly ineffective when placed straight into the bloodstream. Without even looking at the ingredients, we generally advise readers that patches are less likely to work than almost any other method of taking supplements.

Incidentally, the ingredients contained within this particular product are absolute bottom of the barrel. Not one ingredient contained within the PhenRx Topical Patch has been linked with weight loss (or any other benefit listed above), and we strongly believe that this product does nothing other than irritate the customer’s skin.

What Are The Ingredients of PhenRx Topical Patches?

The ingredients contained within PhenRx Topical Patches are listed below. Readers should note that the ingredient quantities have not been provided, which can make it hard to estimate how effective each one is within the mix. The type of adhesive used (which has caused many customers to complain of skin irritation) is not mentioned anywhere on the official website or packaging.

  • Angelica Root: Angelica may be effective as a means of treating erectile dysfunction issues, but has never been linked with any weight loss effects. It is in fact sometimes used (somewhat ineffectively) by anorexics as a way to stimulate appetite.
  • Safflower: Some studies have shown that safflower oil is effective at reducing “bad” cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Prunus Persica Extract: Otherwise known as peaches, this ingredient doesn’t seem to have ever been linked to any weight loss effect. It is mainly used as an ingredient in cosmetics, such as moisturisers.
  • Raphanus Sativus Extract: Otherwise known as white radish, this ingredient has also never been linked with any weight loss properties in extract form. When eaten, radish can help weight loss by being low in calories.
  • Lotus Leaf: Lotus is sometimes used in traditional medicine to stem bleeding or stop diarrhoea although no research has been conducted to confirm whether it does anything at all.
  • Cassia Seed Extract: These seeds are sometimes used to cure various ailments of the intestines and liver. It can be used as laxatives.
  • Wolfiporia Cocos: This ingredient has been used in Chinese and Asian medicine for a long time, most commonly as a way to boost the immune system or as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has not been linked with weight loss.
  • Aloe Vera: When taken orally, Aloe is thought to treat a number of different ailments including fever, itching and inflammation, stomach ulcers, diabetes and asthma. It is also used as a general tonic. However, there is little clinical evidence to support any of these uses.

Does PhenRx Topical Patches Have Any Side Effects?

The main side effect reported by customers is related to the adhesive used on the PhenRx Topical Patch. Many customers report red, irritated skin after wearing the patch for a full day, as well as the potential of ripping the skin when removing.

The ingredients contained within the mix are unlikely to cause many side effects. Angelica is sometimes thought to make skin more sensitive to sunlight (which could make some customers more susceptible to sunburn). Cassia seed can occasionally cause irritable bowel syndrome, uterus contractions, diarrhoea, nausea, gas, and (unfortunately) weight gain. Aloe Vera has often been linked to diarrhoea and stomach problems, although the patch method probably stops it working in this way.

Not suitable for individuals under 18 years of age. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have skin allergies consult a doctor before using this product. If you are taking any medication, or have any type of medical issue, consult with a doctor before using this product. This patch is for external use only. Discontinue use if redness or skin irritation occurs.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For PhenRx Topical Patches?

There are a large number of independent customer reviews available for PhenRx Topical Patches, especially from the sales pages of Walmart and Groupon. Customers are mixed on whether the patches work or not, and a frankly shocking number mention or highlight the fact that the adhesive cause problems with their skin. Many others also mention a strange and unpleasant medicine-like smell.

It may be “mind over matter” but I feel like these patches help to keep my appetite under control. So much so that I have reordered them and use them daily. A cost-effective way to maintain a normal weight.

I tried consistently for two months and it did help with reducing hunger and cravings for sweets. It is not a cure-all but it is an aid to assist in your weight loss journey. You should still work out and focus on eating right. The only negative things that I experienced are the patch adhesive was VERY strong and it would be somewhat painful to remove. I learned to remove them in the shower with soap and water. I also did not like the smell; they kind of smelled like Pine-Sol or some other type of cleaner.

This product did nothing for me except give me red irritated skin where it was applied. I had no change in appetite and no weight loss.

I think it is just a placebo effect, so in that case I would generally rate it higher but it was damaging to my skin. I read the directions & used the patches accordingly. I shower daily & would get any residue off. Weeks later after getting a tan on vacation I had tan/outlines/details of the sticker/patch on two different parts of my stomach. It’s scary to think what it did to my skin.

Does PhenRx Topical Patches Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Nexgen Biolabs offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. Customers are invited to arrange a return mail order, then contact the company to give them the tracking number and reason for return. Returns are granted for any “ineffective” product, minus the initial shipping and handling.

Where Can I Buy PhenRx Topical Patches?

PhenRx Topical Patches are currently available to buy from the official Nexgen Biolabs website, as well as on Groupon and LivingSocial. The product was once available from Walmart, but this arrangement has seemingly been discontinued.

The cheapest deal available for PhenRx Topical Patches is from Groupon/LivingSocial, where 2 packs of 30 patches can be purchased for $19.99 plus shipping (shipping is free on Groupon for orders totalling $35 or more). Buying from the official website is considerably more expensive, with one pack of 30 patches costing $29.99 per pack, plus shipping (which normally seems to hit around $6-$7 depending on location). Nexgen Biolabs offers discounts on larger orders; customers buying 2–3 packs get a 12% discount, those buying 4–5 packs get a 16% discount and those buying 6 packs or more get a 20% discount (shipping is free when ordering 4 or more packs).

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