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Prescopodene is a slimming pill that is marketed as being the UK’s most powerful diet pill according to the advertising on its UK site. The same claim is made for Prescopodene in the USA, in Australia and all across the English-speaking world wherever Prescopodene is marketed. According to the advertising, this diet pill is a powerful fat burning pill that makes dieting a thing of the past.

It has some impressive looking glossy advertising and it certainly has an international presence so we have decided to review Prescopodene and find out why nobody seems to have ever heard of it, despite it being on sale practically everywhere.

Prescopodene Pros

  • Good looking website

Prescopodene Cons

  • No product information
  • Lacks full ingredient profile
  • May be dangerous for health
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Prescopodene Review

Prescopodene Facts

  • Manufactured by JC Arnica Nutraceauticals
  • Available in most English speaking countries
  • Does not provide adequate consumer information

Prescopodene is a new weight loss diet pill that is advertised as helping you lose weight by fat burning. Described as clinically proven it is said to make you lose weight by increasing your metabolism while at the same time suppressing your appetite. It contains 12 key ingredients including a patented formula called Advantra Z.

Prescopodene is manufactured by JC Arnica Nutraceauticals (pharmaceuticals made from natural ingredients) who according to the company website are an international company with a worldwide presence. Prescopodene is just one of supplements they market – this company also produce Liproxenol, a couple of Acai products and Zephenol HP. Worryingly JR Arnica features on a scam list of companies and despite their claim that they are a reputable company trusted by thousands, you have to ask why they feature in the first place?

Each bottle of Prescopodene contains 60 capsules or a month’s supply at two capsules a day. You take one in the morning before breakfast and the other in the mid afternoon, increasing this to two capsules twice a day after the first week. According to the company, you can expect to notice positive results with two weeks. You are also warned against exceeding the recommended dose of four capsules per day.

You are not advised to make any changes to lifestyle or diet in order for the diet pills to work. Apparently, taking them and doing nothing else is enough to help you lose weight.

Prescopodene Warnings

  • May be dangerous to health
  • May lock you into a hard to cancel billing cycle
  • Questionable trust as the product makes too many wild claims in their advertising

What Does Prescopodene Claim To Do?

According to the advertising Prescopodene will change your life! Taking the diet pills for six months will give you an average weight loss of 2 1/2 stone with your body fat percentage dropping by 4.77%. The pills will help you consume 451 calories per day and simultaneously burn off 587 calories.

Prescopodene website

Prescopodene apparently is recommended by doctors who describe it as a “weight loss breakthrough” The formula is clinically proven by science and although the ingredients are recommended by doctors you do not require a prescription. Some of the doctors are shown on the websites wearing white coats and stethoscopes so it all looks convincing.

All the amazing weight loss effects are achieved without the need for making any changes to diet or increasing exercise. According to the website information, this diet pill is so revolutionary you don’t need to bother with all that boring exercise and diet stuff in order to get slim. Just keep taking the tablets and watch the pounds roll off.

Bizarrely, Prescopodene is advertised as causing 709% more weight loss than a placebo. Whatever that means!

The website also displays TV logos and magazines that the supplement has apparently been featured in. On the UK site – BBC, ITV and Sky, plus British health magazines. The US version offers ABC, Channel 9 and similar.

So What Is Prescopodene and What Are The Ingredients For Prescopodene?

Prescopodene contains 12 ingredients; but does not specify the amounts contained in the supplement so it impossible to gauge the strength or effectiveness of the contents.

  • Pyridoxine HCP: Vitamin B compound.
  • Ascorbic Acid: Good old vitamin C.
  • Magnesium: Vital mineral present in the bones of your body. Present in green vegetables and nuts.
  • Green Tea: Powerful source of antioxidants with many health benefits.
  • Advantra Z (Citrus Aurantium/ Synephrine): Legal alternative to banned substance ephedrine, derived from bitter orange. Can cause adverse cardio vascular reactions.
  • Ginger Root: Can help with digestive ailments.
  • Tyrosine: Amino acid present in high protein foods. In high levels, Tyrosine can affect the hormone dopamine, which can be addictive.
  • DMAE dimethylethanolamine: Related to Choline and believed to have an effect upon the appetite. Not proven. Can cause alertness and mood changes in high levels.
  • Cocoa Extract: Can have beneficial effect on cardiovascular health.
  • Yerba Mate: Natural shrub plant that contains high levels of caffeine.
  • Pantothenic Acid: – Vitamin B compound present in most foodstuffs.
  • Grape Seed Extract: Contains Revesterol. The benefits of red wine are well documented and Revesterol is also present in grape seeds as well as the fruit.

So What Does All This Mean?

Prescopodene contains some reasonable looking ingredients but a major problem is that the amounts contained are not specified and you could probably get more of each active ingredient by diet alone.

It is unlikely that the green tea extract will contain any more active ingredient than you could obtain by drinking a cup of green tea, and the same can be said of most of these ingredients.

Cocoa extract – is found in chocolate so eating a square of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids will probably work the same, a glass of red wine will probably contain more Revesterol than this supplement and you could eat just about anything for panthoenic acid content. None of these ingredients will make you lose weight and Prescopodene appears to be mainly hype with no hard facts.

The claims that you can lose lots of weight by taking this supplement are completely unfounded. There is no medical evidence that any of it works and the wild claims of extreme weight loss without exercise and dietary changes are laughable.

Does Prescopodene Have Any Side Effects?

The yerba mate and green tea will contain caffeine so may cause sleep disturbances, jitteriness and headaches if you are caffeine sensitive.

Advantra Z is more a cause for concern. It contains synephrine, which also has a stimulant effect, and although derived from natural fruit – the bitter orange – can raise blood pressure and arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat in even healthy people. Taking Prescopodene could cause more serious heart problems if you suffer from any cardiac condition or heart abnormality.

The manufacturers claim that this is safe with no reported side effects although urge you to seek medical advice if you are taking medicine or surer from any other health condition. It is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.

Some of the ingredients may affect mood. Tyrosine and DMAE can be dangerous in large quantities, with tyrosine possibly addictive.

Caution: You should avoid Prescopodene if you have any type of heart or blood pressure condition. Prescopodene may not be suitable if you have had mental problems or substance dependency and as with other supplements you should not take this if, you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Any Prescopodene Reviews From Customers?

Although the many Prescopodene websites from the various countries all have plenty of positive customer testimonials, independent customer reviews are not so easy to track down. However, a customer review site revealed that the half a dozen customers who left reviews were not satisfied. It appears this product does not work and the company are reluctant to offer refunds. Customers reported that shipping time was in excess of three weeks and it was impossible to return within 30 days due to shipping time. Although two reviews were slightly positive, both agreed that their weight losses were next to minimal.

Prescopodene is not available from Amazon or any third party sellers. It is not on sale in the shops and you can only purchase it direct from the product website.

So Does Prescopodene Work?

We think that there are plenty of diet supplements that work much better than Prescopodene. Reviews are mainly negative and the high weight loss claims are totally exaggerated. Looking at the ingredients there is no reason why taking this supplement will make you lose the weight as promised by the advertising.

There are no genuine clinical reviews. Although a positive clinical review is displayed upon the website, it does not appear to be independent and genuine and the findings are not published on PubMed. The doctor who has signed his name to the clinical testing Dr Robert Johnson is said to work at “the obesity clinic” but we feel that this is a bit generic and tricksy. No details such as an address are given and usually clinical reviews – especially positive ones – are very quick to report their findings and clinical evaluations. We do not believe the clinical proof displayed on the website should be relied upon.

Some of the ingredients have been clinically tested and may help to promote weight loss but due to the lack of content details, it is impossible to guess what sort of effect Prescopodene will have.

Where Can I Buy Prescopodene?

Prescopodene is available from the Prescopodene website. It is on sale across the English-speaking world so you will find a website in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, you cannot buy it from Amazon or any independent outlets and it is not available on the High Street.

Each bottle of pills contains 60 capsules and you are automatically upgraded to a larger size bottle of 120 pills if you use their smart ship service – or automatic billing service, where they will send you new products each month.

One bottle of 60 capsules costs £29.96. Buy three bottles you get three free for £89.95.

If you join the smart ship service, and we strongly recommend that you do not, you are offered a free eBook on slimming and free accommodation vouchers across the USA and Mexico. Given that customers are finding it very hard to contact this company, it seems likely that doing this will trap you into an automatic billing cycle you will be unable to easily cancel.

Any Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a money back guarantee offered. The company offer an “Even if the bottle is empty” money back guarantee and promise to return the bottle (even if it is empty) within 30 days for a full refund (minus p&p). No questions asked.

However, according to the few customers who have tried it, this has not been forthcoming. Customers are very unhappy with the guarantee and nobody appears to have received a refund.

Watchdog Verdict

Prescopodene is advertised with big on glossy images and style but is very lacking when it comes to content. The ingredients of the diet pills are not specified, the so-called “clinical proof” is not convincing (well to us at least) and we don’t see any evidence for Prescopodene having been featured or talked about on TV or the press.

Worryingly there is no customer service number or any real contact details. The smart ship service locks unwary customers into an automatic billing cycle that we feel will be extremely difficult to cancel given that this company are practically impossible to contact anyway.

The ingredients of the supplement will unlikely cause the extreme weight loss that is promised and there may be health concerns about some of the contents, synephrine can be dangerous and cause serious cardiovascular problems.

So we reject Prescopodene diet pills.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

59 comments on “Prescopodene”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sydney, Australia office does not exist. I work in the building they advertise as their office, and they are not here, nor do they advertise a phone number. I receive many calls from people trying to track them down. They have not responded to my ‘contact us’ request that they collect their mail that has arrived. BEWARE!

    1. Jennifer says:

      I should point out the company I refer to advertising they operate from my building is J C Arnica, supposedly distributing this product.

      1. Watchdog Team says:

        Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to post here and let us know the address in Australia would appear to be bogus.
        Kind regards,
        Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  2. Meredith says:

    Oh no! I can’t believe the negative things here. I can attest to the effectiveness of this pill. It worked on me and even to my sister. At first, I was worried as I bought 4 pills immediately…yes I am such an impulsive buyer. But when I started taking them, appetite was suppressed and everything went well; even the toilet habits went regular (a bonus for a constipated person like me). So I don’t know where the negativity comes from.

    Maybe it just doesn’t work for everybody as we are all different. Different bodies, different lifestyles and different perception on how weight, fat and diet pills work.

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