Prime Labs Lean Xplode

Lean Xplode is advertised as a powerful and potent thermogenic weight loss system for women and men! It contains a blend of 10 herbal ingredients including Garcinia Cambogia, African Mango, and Raspberry Ketone, along with some other components that are not quite as well known. We take a look at Lean Xplode to find out more.

Prime Labs appears to be based in the USA, but provides no real contact details apart from an email address and a link to Facebook Messenger. The company sells via Amazon or direct from the product website.

Prime Labs Lean Xplode Pros

  • Some positive feedback on Amazon

Prime Labs Lean Xplode Cons

  • No proper ingredients information
  • Unlikely to work
  • Label and product information does not tally
  • Inadequate contact details
Watchdog Rejected

Prime Labs Lean Xplode

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Prime Labs Lean Xplode Overview

What You Need To Know About Prime Labs Lean Xplode

Prime Labs Lean Xplode contains many well-known weight loss ingredients, but with the lack of information regarding quantities, it is impossible to know whether any of them are in sufficient quantities to be even noticeable let alone work.

The product information does not match the ingredients label, and it seems that Prime Labs don’t even know what is contained in their own supplement! The company claims that each capsule is equal to one serving, yet on the label it states that you need two capsules per serving. Further information advises that you take three of four capsules per day. Elsewhere it claims that each serving is equal to one capsule!

What Are The Side Effects Of Prime Labs Lean Xplode?

Without knowing the serving size or even the strength per capsule we can only base the risk of side effects on the names of the ingredients rather than the strength. It seems likely that each component is in such minimal quantities that side effects will not be an issue for most users, although a few customers have complained.

Potential side effects may include headaches, low blood sugar levels, mild allergy symptoms including a runny nose or skin rash, upset stomach, gas, changes to bowel movements, jitteriness, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, and insomnia.

How Much Does Prime Labs Lean Xplode Cost?

At the time of writing the Lean Xplode is not on sale via Amazon or the from the Prime Labs website, so we cannot provide the price. However, we expect it will return to the market in the near future.

Each bottle of Lean Xplode contains 60 capsules. This should be sufficient for between 15 days or 30 days depending on how you use it.

Other Prime Labs Xplode supplements such as Testo Xplode and Muscle Xplode costs between $18.99 and $15.99 from the official Prime Labs website, so we imagine that Lean Xplode will be priced somewhere in this area.

Our Verdict On Prime Labs Lean Xplode

We never like supplements that fail to come with proper ingredients information. Prime Labs Lean Xplode is advertised using conflicting information about the real ingredients contained in this supplement and the quantities used are unknown. Lean Xplode is not available to buy from the official Prime Labs’ website and seems to be undergoing problems on Amazon where it has been withdrawn from sale. None of this is making us feel confident about this supplement.

One thing is for sure. This supplement is not a high-quality weight loss product. Use as advised and you could experience side effects and if you take the higher serving size your bottle will last only 2 weeks rather than a month.

In our opinion, the advertisers have focused on what they think customers want to hear rather than the reality of the ingredients blend. But if the product advertising cannot even get the ingredients list right, there is no way that you can trust this company or their products.

Overall, we do not recommend Prime Labs Lean Xplode to the Watchdog readers.

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Prime Labs Lean Xplode Key Features

Lean Xplode is advertised as a fat burning supplement that will help reduce appetite, improve mood, and reduce stress, and work synergistically with your body to deliver the best weight loss results possible.

The supplement does not contain caffeine as a principle ingredient, unlike most fat burning supplements. Although it does include Green Coffee Bean extract, this usually is not as high in caffeine as ordinary coffee or even green tea which is also missing from this supplement.

Instead, there is a blend of well-known ingredients including Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry ketone, and African Mango. Less obvious is the inclusion of Horny Goat Weed, Yacon, and Alfalfa. Check out the ingredients tab to find out more.

Prime Labs Lean Xplode Facts

  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules
  • Take as advised and each bottle will last between 15 and 30 days’ supply
  • No contact details available for Prime Labs. The only way you can contact this company is via email or Facebook messenger

There are some problems regarding ingredients information. The Eco Garcinia Daily Blend which is a proprietary blend of all the ingredients mixed together seems to contain just 200mg per 2 capsule serving.

Given that this 200mg is shared out between 10 ingredients, this supplement is very unlikely to be even noticeable. However, later on in the advertising, the text explains that each serving contained 750mg per serving which is more in line with other supplements.

Of course, whether there is 200mg or 750mg we are still not told the ingredient levels for the individual extracts as these are combined in a proprietary blend.

How to Take Prime Labs Lean Xplode

Take two capsules per day for weight loss and three or four capsules per day for extreme weight loss

At the time of writing, Prime Labs Lean Xplode has been taken off Amazon and neither is it currently available direct from the Prime Labs website.

However, we think it is unlikely that Prime Labs has withdrawn Lean Xplode permanently. Prime Labs sell a range of Xplode supplements including exercise supplement Peak Xplode, testosterone booster Test Xplode, and Muscle Xplode.

Prime Labs Lean Xplode Concerns:

  • The product information claims that a serving is equal to one capsule but this is not the case
  • Lack of ingredients information means you have no real idea just what you are taking
  • No information regarding place of manufacture. As it is not marked Made in the USA does this suggest that it is manufactured overseas?

Not all Prime Labs supplements are called Xplode. We have covered a few in previous reviews including Prime Labs Thermo Burn, an alternative fat burner to this one but with added caffeine.

We have also covered Prime Labs Prime Test on our sister site Muscle Watchdog.

What Does Prime Labs Lean Xplode Claim To Do?

The advertising makes all the usual claims of any fat burner without providing any real facts about how this supplement will work or what the individual ingredients will actually do. Instead, it tells you what you might want to hear.

Lean Xplode increases fat burning without requiring more time at the gym.

It CURBS your appetite so you don’t feel deprived and head to the fridge for late night munchies.

It HELPS carbs gets used as muscle fuel or burned as energy rather than being stored as fat.

It REDUCES stress while boosting mood and energy so you feel great, less likely to reach for comfort food

The serving size is mentioned, but this bears no resemblance to the product label which reads that each serving of two capsules contains 200mg of the thermogenic blend. Instead, it claims that each capsule contains 750mg!

Each caplet of Lean Xplode contains an explosive 750 mg of our highly potent thermogenic blend of Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean and Natural Caffeine, combined into caplets for maximum fat burning results and boosted energy.

You are advised to,

Take two caplets per day for weight loss and three or four caplets per day for extreme weight loss

Does Prime Labs Lean Xplode Work?

The simple answer is, no! This supplement will not work and if you buy this, you will be disappointed.

First up, the ingredients are not even the same on the label as described by the advertising.

Prime Labs Lean Xplode does not contain green tea extract and natural caffeine – a combination which can be effective for weight loss in some users but not actually present in this supplement.

It does seem to contain green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone, and Garcinia Cambogia, and although these are often touted for weight loss, the lack of any real evidence is of concern. Some clinical investigations suggest that all of these may work slightly but with the confusion here about serving size, it is unlikely to reflect any of the already inconclusive clinical testing results.

African mango extract was tested in Cameroon and found that if 300mg were taken before food daily it did seem to help reduce waist circumference in the test group. It never appears to have been tested since that time and although the high fibre content may have weight loss and health benefits, you cannot rely on that taking an unknown quantity in a supplement like this will do anything at all.

The other ingredients are equally unproven or inadequate. Psyllium husk, for example, is taken by many people as a bulk-forming laxative – the high fibre content helps to keep the bowels working efficiently and it can boost feelings of satiety and so help weight loss, cholesterol levels and more. However, the serving size in this supplement is a fraction of an effective dose which is usually around 10g (10,000mg) per serving. Yacon and Alfalfa are similarly underpowered although helpful for weight loss and health if taken in adequate quantities.

What Are The Ingredients of Prime Labs Lean Xplode?

We can only judge the contents of a supplement by what it says on the label, so this is the information provided here. Serving size is equal to two capsules.

EcoGarcinia Daily Blend (200mg):

  • Garcinia Cambogia extract: Garcinia Cambogia is a bitter fruit that grows in Asia. It is high in hydroxycitric acid which has the potential for reducing fat and so helping weight loss, but most of the positive clinical results are derived from animal testing. Weight loss effects on humans are minimal. Source
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Research results indicate that very slight weight loss may be caused by chlorogenic acid – present in unroasted or green coffee beans, which appears to inhibit glucose into the bloodstream.
    However, there are serious concerns about some of the clinical evidence that has been used to prove this ingredient. Despite hundreds of articles about Green Coffee, an investigation found that all random controlled trials were carried out on very small amounts of people for a very limited time. The safety and the effective dose has not been established.
  • Raspberry Ketones: Natural chemical derived from the enzymes found in the fragrance of red raspberries and which may affect a hormone in the body called Adiponectin. This hormone is important for appetite control and fat burning. Animal testing suggests Raspberry ketone increases metabolism but it has not been tested on humans.
  • African Mango extract: Also known as Irvingia Gabonesis this seed extract may have weight loss benefits because of its high fibre content. It is believed to promote leptin – the hormone that signals feelings of satiety and did undergo human clinical testing that displayed positive results. In a clinical test carried out in Cameroon, it was found that 150mg twice daily led to significant improvements to body weight, body fat, waist circumference, and LDL cholesterol. Source
  • Acai Berry Fruit: Superfruit which is high in antioxidants.
  • Horny Goat Weed extract: Herb often used in Chinese medicine and believed to increase blood flow. It is sometimes taken for erectile dysfunction but no real evidence it works for this purpose or anything else.
  • L Arginine: Amino acid produced in the kidneys that helps relax arteries increasing blood and oxygen flow.
  • Psyllium Husk: This soluble fibre is derived from the seeds of Plantago Ovata, a plant that grows in South India. It has many benefits to health and the digestion as well as the potential to cause weight loss. The fibre expands once ingested creating bulk which has a laxative effect. It seems to help weight loss, reduce cholesterol levels, and many other benefits. However, as the usual serving size seems to be around 10 g (10,000mg) we can’t see it doing anything here in such low quantities. Source
  • Yacon Root extract: Yacon root is derived from a South American plant called Smallanthus sonchifolius. It contains a natural sweet fiber composed of a type of natural sugar called Fructooligosaccharide. This can help weight loss and has other benefits such as reducing cholesterol if consumed in sufficient quantities. It is better to consume in a natural state rather than in supplements.
  • Alfalfa: Natural herb that may help reduce cholesterol.

Does Prime Labs Lean Xplode Have Any Side Effects?

With such inadequate ingredients information available it is impossible to say. There are some risks in general to some of the ingredients here but it is important to bear in mind that levels may be so low, they might not be sufficient to do anything at all.

Potential side effects may include,

  • Headaches
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Mild allergy symptoms such as runny nose and skin rash
  • Upset stomach
  • Gas
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation

Raspberry ketones and the caffeine content of green coffee bean may cause,

  • Jitteriness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Palpitations
  • Insomnia

Green coffee bean is also known to cause nausea and vomiting in some users.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your medical practitioner before use if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Prime Labs Lean Xplode?

There are customer reviews posted on Amazon and most of these seem positive.

Comments include,

Love this product gives me energy, along with NO jitters.

Doesn’t make you jittery and seems to be helping with preventing me from eating too much.

This customer claims to enjoy the caffeine, even though caffeine is not actually a listed ingredient,

I’ve used it now for a couple days and the caffeine additive gives an amazing boost in energy and the desire to eat is not there as often. I like the way it makes me feel and I’m sure ill eventually lose weight as my desire for food has been suppressed.

Some customers have experienced side effects,

This product doesn’t work…side effects are rash, itchy skin, fatigue, very sleepy, doesn’t stop cravings, bloating of stomach plus more…would not recommend

Others say it has no effect at all!

Waste of money doesn’t work I feel no change at all! I only added a star so I can tell y’all it’s junk!

Does Prime Labs Lean Xplode Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There does not appear to be a money-back guarantee.

Where Can I Buy Prime Labs Lean Xplode?

You can usually find Prime Labs Lean Xplode on sale via Amazon. It is not available from the official Prime Labs website at the time of writing but this may change in the future.

How does Prime Labs Lean Xplode compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaPrime Labs Lean Xplode ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Prime Labs Lean Xplode.

Prime Labs Lean Xplode

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