Protein World Carb Blocker

Protein World Carb Blocker is your perfect “cheat day” partner! According to the advertising, this supplement provides double the strength of ordinary carb blockers which means that you can enjoy eating fattening carbs without suffering the weight gain consequences. Let’s take a look and find out more.

Protein World is a well known British company that came to public attention by coining the Beach Body Ready advertising slogan. The company provides a range of protein shakes and supplements aimed at making you look and feel great by weight loss, muscle building, and more. Protein World supplements are available worldwide.

Protein World Carb Blocker Pros

  • Easily available to buy
  • Some good feedback

Protein World Carb Blocker Cons

  • Will not prevent the absorption of fats or sugars
  • Will only help people who struggle with controlling carbs
  • Blocks healthy complex carbs but not simple carbs like sugar
Watchdog Rejected

Protein World Carb Blocker

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Protein World Carb Blocker Overview

What You Need To Know About Protein World Carb Blocker

Protein World Carb Blocker is advertised as a strong and powerful carb blocker, that provides a way to enjoy a cheat meal without worrying about gaining weight. According to the advertising, it is an award-winning fat burner, even though it is not actually a fat burner so it is hard to see why Men’s Health came to this conclusion.

That said this supplement contains a blend of white kidney bean extract and garcinia cambogia in high quantities, both of which contain substances that block the digestion of certain carbohydrates. However, it is important to know that regardless of strength this supplement will not block all carbohydrates or any other fattening substances such as fat and sugars (simple carbohydrates) so you will need to keep that in mind if you want to lose weight.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules, or 45 servings, and you are advised to use before a “cheat meal” rather than as part of your daily routine.

What Are The Side Effects Of Protein World Carb Blocker?

Potential side effects may include gas, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, dizziness, headaches, nausea, mild allergy symptoms such as a skin rash or runny nose, and changes to blood sugar levels.

How Much Does Protein World Carb Blocker Cost?

Protein World Carb Blocker is not expensive. Buy from the official Protein World website and one bottle of 90 capsules (45 servings) costs £14.99. UK standard delivery is £2.99.

The same sized bottle costs $20.99 to US customers. Standard US shipping costs $10.00. All products are shipped from the UK with estimated delivery time between 5 to 9 days.

UK customers can also buy Protein World Carb Blocker from a range of outlets on the High Street as well as online.

1 x bottle of Carb Blocker costs £14.99 from Holland and Barrett, but £21.46 if you buy via Amazon UK.

Our Verdict On Protein World Carb Blocker

If overdoing the pasta, potatoes, and rice is your specific weight gain issue, you may find that Protein World Carb Blocker helps weight loss. However, the truth is that it will not block all carbs, only the healthier ones, such as those present in starchy foods such as potatoes, pasta, vegetables, and whole grains.

Carb Blocker will not block simple carbs such as sugars, breakfast cereals, cakes, dairy products, pastries, and convenience food with high sugar content. Neither will it have any effect upon dietary fats or alcohol, so it is not really going to have much effect upon the consequences of a “treat meal” unless your idea of a treat meal is a big bowl of potatoes!

In our opinion, this supplement may work for some users but although the Carb Blocker name is appealing it is all a bit misleading and unlikely to be as effective as described.

We know you will hate us for suggesting this, but the obvious way to cut down on carbs is to cut down on carbs!

Overall, we do not recommend Protein Carb Blocker to the Watchdog readers.

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Protein World Carb Blocker Key Features

If you struggle with overeating carbs, Protein Carb Blocker looks to offer a solution that will enable you to still eat fattening carbs without adding to your weight!

The supplement contains white kidney bean extract and garcinia cambogia extract which naturally contain compounds called amalyse inhibitors. These prevent digestive enzymes in your body called Amalyses from breaking down carbohydrates into smaller unit sizes so that they can be stored by your body as fat and energy. When this digestive function is prevented from working, the carbs are too big to be absorbed and are simply left undigested and expelled from your body as waste.

Protein World Carb Blocker Facts

  • Contains a blend of white kidney bean extract and Garcinia Cambogia
  • Protein World is best known for the Beach Body ready advertising campaign
  • Company sells worldwide but all shipping comes from the UK

Carb blockers do not block ALL carbs and do not work on other dietary components such as fat. Amalyse inhibitors only block complex carbs such as pasta, rice, starchy vegetables, and legumes, all foodstuffs which do have some health benefits. However, your carb blocker will not block simple carbs like those present in sugar, dairy products, and some fruits, because these molecules are already broken down so can be easily digested. This means that refined foods such as cakes and pastries, most breakfast cereals or anything high in sugar will not be blocked by the carb blocker.

The final ingredient in this formula is chromium, a trace mineral that helps the body regulate glucose by improving insulin function.

How to Take Protein World Carb Blocker

  • Directions are not provided. However, the advertising states to take 2 capsules before a “cheat meal”

Protein World is a well known British company that specialises in supplements to make you look your best! According to the company information, Protein World is,

A brand for all who want to step up, put in the work, and enjoy the rewards. Everyone hates walking in to a clique-y fitness class, or waiting in line outside of the club all night. Our Pure, GMO free products are designed to help everyone capture the motivation and spark of being at the top of their game.

We have covered numerous Protein World supplements in previous reviews, including protein powders such as Protein World Slender Blend, and Vegan Blend.

You can also find a wide range of weight loss supplements such as appetite suppressant Protein World Hunger Buster.

Protein World Carb Blocker Concerns:

  • This supplement could cause weight gain by lulling you into a false sense that your carb intake no longer matters
  • Carbs are not all bad but the advertising does not explain the distinction between simple carbs and complex carbs

Protein World has become well-known thanks to an iconic advertising campaign that featured a drop dead gorgeous model in a yellow bikini asking the question, “are you beach body ready?”. This attracted a lot of negative attention but as always in advertising, the attention of any kind is good and it turned the “Beach Body Ready” slogan into a catchphrase.

Although this was a few years ago and Protein World has since toned down the body shaming angle, this one campaign brought the brand to a wider audience.

Protein World supplements are available from a wide range of outlets including Holland and Barrett, Boots, Amazon, and outlets across the world. You can also buy directly from the Protein World website.

What Does Protein World Carb Blocker Claim To Do?

According to the advertising, Protein World Carb Blocker is an award-winning supplement.

It is described as a,

Revolutionary unique Carb Blocker formula using only natural Ingredients to provide double the strength of normal carb blockers.

Garcinia Cambogia and high levels of chromium contribute to normal macronutrient metabolism and the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

The award is named as Men’s Health ‘Fastest Fat Burner 2017’ award, voted for by readers. This is a bit strange because technically, Protein World Carb Blocker is not actually a fat burning supplement! Source

Does Protein World Carb Blocker Work?

If you are trying to lose weight but struggle with the occasional blowout, Carb Blocker may help minimise the damage. However, this supplement will not block all carbs. It only blocks complex carbs such as those present in wholegrains, rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, and legumes.

By contrast, it will not block simple carbs such as sugar, syrups, sodas, or overly refined food with high sugar content.

So you do run the risk of blocking foods which are healthy in favour of high sugar carbs which are not.

The advice is that this supplement will help you “cheat” on special occasions is a bit misleading. Most fattening meals are high in fats and sugar so unless your idea of a treat meal is a bowl of potatoes, it probably will not offer much help. In addition, it will not block the sugars present in fizzy drinks, wine, or beer.

The best way to reduce the fattening impact of carbs is to not eat so many carbs and to change your habits to something you can live with long term. Changing your diet to include more fibre and complex carbs such as whole grains and simply reducing portion sizes of carbs is always going to be the best policy.

There is nothing in Protein World Carb Blocker that makes it any better than countless other carb blockers on the market. In addition, the fact that it won best fat burner 2017 is a mystery when this supplement does not even work in this way.

But if carbs are your particular issue, rather than fat or any other dietary issue such as alcohol or sodas, you may find it helps occasionally.

What Are The Ingredients of Protein World Carb Blocker?

Serving size is equal to 2 capsules.

  • White Kidney Bean Extract 20:1 (890mg): Phaseolus Vulgaris, white kidney bean or cannellini bean works by inhibiting the digestion of starches, so that dietary carbs are left undigested and pass through the body as waste. High in fibre, this substance is generally good for colon health but will probably be better for this purpose when consumed as part of a diet, rather than taken in supplement form. Although 890mg is a fairly standard serving size, the fact that this is condensed to 20: 1 means that the pure extract may be more powerful than the serving size suggests, although lower in fibre. White kidney bean extract may help reduce body weight and body fat levels similar to simple caloric restriction, but only if carbs are your particular problem. Research has thrown out mixed results. White Kidney beans seem to be unreliable in supplement form, although undoubtedly good for health and weight loss if consumed as part of a normal diet. It is important to cook white kidney beans or use the tinned variety because in raw form they are dangerous. Source
  • Garcinia Cambogia Whole Fruit Powder 15% HCA (600mg): Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that grows in Asia and is known as Gumma Gutti, Brindleberry or Malabar Tamarind. It is high in Hydroxycitric Acid HCA and studies suggest that this inhibits a digestive enzyme called citrate lyase from digesting carbohydrates thus helping weight loss. However, despite numerous random controlled trials the Journal of Obesity concluded that “The evidence from RCTs suggests that Garcinia extracts/HCA generate weight loss in the short term. However, the magnitude of this effect is small, is no longer statistically significant when only rigorous RCTs are considered, and its clinical relevance seems questionable. Future trials should be more rigorous, longer in duration, and better reported.” Source
  • Chromium (80mcg): Chromium is a trace mineral. Some studies show that chromium can increase the effects of insulin and reduce blood glucose levels so it can be helpful for diabetes sufferers. Here in safe quantities. Source

Does Protein World Carb Blocker Have Any Side Effects?

Carb Blocker may cause some side effects.

White Kidney bean extract is known to cause mild gastrointestinal issues such as,

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation

Garcinia Cambogia is known for side effects including,

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Mild allergy symptoms including skin rash or cold symptoms
  • Changes to blood sugar levels

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your doctor before use if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking prescription medication.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Protein World Carb Blocker?

We looked at the customer reviews posted on Amazon and on the Holland and Barrett website. Opinion is mainly positive.

This customer has lost weight while using, but interestingly she has also cut down on fatty foods at the same time,

Started using these when about three weeks ago and I’ve lost 8lb already by just cutting down on fatty foods and taking these before breakfast/lunch and dinner. Would deffo recommend as they have given me motivation to push through and keep going with this diet

Other positive comments include,

This has helped me control bloating and has given me a flatter stomach in 2 weeks, will buy again

Some customers are unsure,

They seem to be helping but I was expecting a lot more of a dramatic result

Other customers are less positive,

I have stopped taking them. They had no effect on my weight but did cause constipation

Does Protein World Carb Blocker Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee with Protein World Carb Blocker.

Where Can I Buy Protein World Carb Blocker?

Protein World Carb Blocker is available worldwide. The company has websites in all continents including the USA, Europe, and Australia, where you can buy all the products in your own currency direct from the official website.

UK customers can buy Protein World Carb Blocker from a wide choice of retail outlets in the UK, such as Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, and Boots. It is also on sale from the Protein World website as well as Amazon UK.

How does Protein World Carb Blocker compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaProtein World Carb Blocker ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Protein World Carb Blocker.

Protein World Carb Blocker

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