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Rasberry Ketone blast

They have been posting misleading adverts and endorsing their products with famous faces thereby giving the public a false sense of security and trust in buying from them. Above that they are ripping innocent people off by advertising FREE TRIAL when they know fully well that they will collect more than the usual £4.99 they will have advertised. ( I bought through a link on facebook which was endorsed by ITV Lorraine Kelly a couple of months ago.

Consumer Alert: We have completed a full review of this supplement that you can read here.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. J C says:

    Hi I didn’t buy it but googled and found this so thank you. I did look up the Facebook people from the page at the bottom and although they are real people they have different photos so it looked like they had just taken their identities and made up comments. When I went to leave a comment the link doesn’t work. Glad I checked it out without giving any money over. Facebook should check the authenticity before they let any old con artist advertise on their site. Ofcom?

  2. Kate says:

    I live in Cyprus and whilst i was reading Eric Clapton’s Lyrics from his beautiful’Tears in Heaven’ Song – a Pop-up suddenly appeared advertising a Raspberry Ketone Free Trial ending that same day (Sunday 1st November 2015). Their Advert. urged RUSH MY ORDER on 3 pages. Page 1 had an unexplained ‘secret’ Code number. Page 2 had photographs of 2 Raspberry Products with pictures and page 3 had the Order Form requesting my details above a ‘Submit’ Button. There was no Terms of Conditions/Private Policy/ Disclaimer/Terms of Use/About Us/Automatic sending continuity shown on this page 3 neither. I filled in my details on a sudden impulse and pressed the submit tab when i was then directed to write down the secret Code number. As I couldn’t possibly recall it i then returned back to page 1 where i had briefly caught sight of it. As i was doing this the whole of the Pop-off DISAPPEARED ! and i was left alone again with Eric Clapton’s Lyrics. I tried to Refresh and to bring the Pop-Up back. Useless. Then i went to the Raspberry Ketone.com web page where there were a number. And amongst them were Warnings of Scams. So then i understood I had ‘been done’not in the least knowing what I had got myself into. Today (2.11.2015) I have cancelled my Cyprus Visa Debit Card. My Bank assured me (Fraud dept. that in Cyprus any other Account I may have with them will be Visa safe – I told them to use a Chargeback if necessary for Postage and packing costs £4/5 ?. NOW I shall need to Cancel my Order and obtain an RMA number but how best to go about doing this – and to what address – can anyone help please ? Another big worry to come is that the Postal Services within Cyprus are notoriously SLOW in delivery – with letters and packets from abroad commonly taking ‘weeks’ (no exaggeration) to arrive at one’s door.

  3. mummy steph says:

    I too have been scammed!! I used the ad that came up on facebook to try the to free trial of bioactive raspberry ketones. I was more than happy to be the £4 postage fee (or however much it was-roughly £4) as I was going to recieve a months worth of tablets. However I was not happy to find that upon trying to withdraw money today that my card had been blocked! I was gutted as just taken the day out to treat my kids to a nice lunch and a day out only to find i could not pay for anythingIi had promised. So i went straight to my bank and questioned the blocking of my debit card only to be told that there is a questionable transactions on my account…One of which was £63.41 taken from the people I got the “free” sample from. This wasn’t stated in the t’s & c’s and i certainly did not authorise this!!! I am now fuming as I am out with my 3 kids with only £15 and part of this has to go on travelling back home. Thanks to all responsibile for ruining my kids treat day out!! PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT FALSE FOR THIS!! IT IS 100% FRAUD!!! And as for facebook…shame on you!

  4. ada stores says:

    i got the trial but never opened it,i was waiting for hospital appointment and was told by medical professional i was not to take these tablets they would interefer with my medication,sent trial back but they have took £182-25 out off my bank i have phoned 3 diffrent numbers but got no help,

  5. Sharon Barry says:

    I feel such a fool I have been scamed big time by these people I ordered these tablets on two different accounts I was caught for 600 euro in total.Im gone past the gutted stage now I want to get even with these people

  6. Amy Miller says:

    I bank with barclays.i notoced all the complaints and called them straight away to cancel further transactipns from the company before my 14 day trial was up and the bank will automatically refund me thw next working day if the companies try to take money from me…what sacams they are why do facebook promote this crap

  7. Claire bear says:

    Thank you for warning me about the scam have cancelled and told them not to send me or Bill me anymore or be taking action.

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