Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketones are hot news at the moment and looks set to take over from Acai Berry as the latest fat burning supplement. Raspberry Ketone Plus is a supplement that claims to harness the previously hidden powers of the Raspberry Ketone.

Like Acai Berry, Raspberry Ketone has hit the headlines after appearing on Fox News and the popular Dr Oz Show. We look to see if weight loss is possible with Raspberry Ketones, or if it’s the usual marketing hype over the next so called superfruit!

Raspberry Ketone Plus Pros

  • Manufactured by established UK company
  • Contains 200mg of Raspberry Ketones
  • Vegetarian friendly capsules

Raspberry Ketone Plus Cons

  • Most ingredients not enough quantities
  • Money back guarantee only on unopened bottles
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Raspberry Ketone Plus

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What You Need To Know About Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus is a supplement that contains a number of ingredients, many of which are superfruits high in antioxidants, that are clinically proven to boost and maintain a healthy metabolism. However, only Raspberry Ketones and African Mango extract are in sufficient quantities to exert any meaningful effect. The remaining ingredients are in too small amounts likely to do anything.

All the ingredients are natural and vegetarian friendly and do not cause any negative side effects.

What Are The Side Effects Of Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Raspberry Ketone is 100% natural and is non-toxic when taken in the recommended dosages specified here. There are unlikely to be side effects from taking Raspberry Ketones.

There is a small quantity of caffeine, equivalent to a very mild to moderate cup of coffee, even still if you are very sensitive (and we mean very) then you may wish to avoid this supplement.

How Much Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Cost?

One bottle of 60 tablets costs £19.95 reduced from £39.95. Better value can be had by ordering the 2 or 3 month packages, which cost £36.95 and £53.95 respectively.

Our Verdict On Raspberry Ketone Plus

There are a growing number of Raspberry Ketone supplements appearing on the market thanks to media exposure. Whilst Raspberry Ketones may offer an excellent way to increase fat burning as well as supplying lots of antioxidants, they are unlikely to be as effective as a multi-ingredient supplement with the right amounts.

Raspberry Ketone Plus can be used without changes to your lifestyle but as with most dietary supplements will be most effective when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Although there is nothing wrong with this supplement, other than Raspberry Ketone the remaining ingredient amounts are tiny and unlikely to have much impact on your waistline.

The lack of real money-back guarantee is also a problem, so overall we do not recommend Raspberry Ketone Plus.

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Raspberry Ketone Plus Review

We started our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus by contacting the leading supplier of Raspberry Ketone Plus, Evolution Slimming.

Similar to when we last contacted Evolution, they were keen to highlight the benefits of their Raspberry Ketone supplement over others on the market, explaining why their Raspberry Ketone Plus supplement was one of the hottest weight management supplements on the market.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Facts

  • Raspberry Ketones are enzymes found in red raspberries
  • Featured on Dr Oz Show in 2012 where Raspberry Ketones were named “Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle”
  • Works by triggering Adiponectin hormone

We arranged for a sample to be sent to us so we can take a look for ourselves.

Raspberry Ketones are very popular at the moment, causing supplements to sell out in the US, we looked a little deeper at the evidence to see why you should consider this supplement.

How to Take Raspberry Ketone Plus

Take one capsule at breakfast and another at lunch time.

You are right in thinking that Raspberry Ketones are found in raspberries, in fact they are natural compounds that are responsible for the heavenly aroma of red raspberries. It is only recently have they been discovered to contain potent fat burning abilities and caused a stir in the weight loss and health industry!

Raspberry ketones found in red raspberriesYou’ve probably thinking (we certainly were!) instead of taking a supplement, why not simply eat a handful of red raspberries each day?

Raspberry Ketone Plus Concerns:

  • Sufficient Raspberry Ketones but insufficient amounts of most of the remaining ingredients
  • May be expensive for a raspberry ketone only supplement
  • 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to unopened bottles

The fact is you would need to consume 90 pounds of red raspberries each day to get the 100mg of Raspberry Ketones to promote fat burning. So a supplement that provides the recommended daily dose of 200mg of Raspberry Ketones is the only way!

Whilst containing potentially enough Raspberry Ketones and African Mango extract in this supplement this can’t be said for the remaining 6 ingredients. There are tiny amounts of Green tea extract, acai berry, Resveratrol and caffeine for example. It’s unlikely there is sufficient amounts to exert any meaningful effect.

What Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Claim To Do?

A number of trusted sources (such as Wikipedia) report that Raspberry Ketones can:

prevent high-fat-diet-induced elevations in body weight

Evolution Slimming claim that Raspberry Ketone Plus:

…is the hottest new weight management supplement with 8 super ingredients. Incredible 100mg of Raspberry Ketone per pill. Just the strength you need to see results!

Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Work?

Research has confirmed a direct link between levels of the hormone Adiponectin and body fat percentage. This is important as individuals with a high body fat typically contain less Adiponectin compared to thin individuals who have higher levels of Adiponectin.

Simply stated, higher adiponectin = lower levels of body fat.

Raspberry ketone has shown to significantly increase the amount of Adiponectin, meaning it could prove to be an effective fat burning and health supplement.

What Are The Ingredients of Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Raspberry Ketone Plus contains the recommended amount of Raspberry Ketones to promote fat burning, along with 7 other ingredients that are high in antioxidants.

  • Raspberry Ketones (100mg): Increases activity of Adiponectin hormone, important in regulating glucose levels and fatty acidcatabolism. Adiponectin levels are inversely correlated with your body fat percentage.
  • African Mango 36:1 Extract (Equivalent of 1000mg Mango Fruit): African Mango Extract lost around 28lbs during the 10 weeks, resulting on average a 3.2% reduction in their body fat.
  • Acai Berry Extract 4:1 25.00 (Equivalent of 100mg Acai Fruit): Acai has 10 times the antioxidant power of red grapes and been shown to promote cardiovascular and digestive health. Very little acai in this supplement even though its an extract so questionable the benefit found with this ingredient
  • Green Tea Extract (25mg) – Can boost energy levels and contains lots of antioxidants benefit for health. There is very little green tea in this supplement though and so questionable if any benefit could be seen, if any!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (25mg) – Touted as a medical aid for a variety of ailments, from cancer prevention to alleviation of joint pain to weight loss.
  • Kelp (25mg) – Boosts thyroid activity which aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism.
  • Grapefruit Pectin (25mg) – Soluble fiber that has powerful detoxifying and health properties.
  • Resveratrol 98% (10mg) – Proven to contribute to better cardiovascular health. There are a whole host of other claims for Resveratrol including being an antioxidant.
  • Caffeine BP (25mg): Can boost energy levels and metabolism although only short-term effects. Considering there is only 50mg per daily serving in this supplement (less than caffeine in 1/2 cup of medium coffee) then its questionable if much, if any, effect would be noticeable

Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Have Any Side Effects?

Raspberry Ketone is 100% natural and is non-toxic when taken in the recommended dosages specified here. There are unlikely to be side effects from taking Raspberry Ketones.

There is a small quantity of caffeine, equivalent to a very mild to moderate cup of coffee, even still if you are very sensitive (and we mean very) then you may wish to avoid this supplement.

From the manufacturer:

“Do not exceed the recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the inner seal is damaged or broken. Store in a cool, dry place. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. This product is a food supplement. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Manufactured to the highest standards (GMP standards and ISO 2000:9001 quality assurance certification).

Our health supplements are made from natural ingredients. If you are taking medication, have a long term health problem or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.”

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Although Evolution Slimming claim that Raspberry Ketone Plus is one of their top sellers. On the official website there are plenty of reviews to support this claim.

Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a 30-day returns policy but this only applies to unopened bottles, unless bottles are damaged or faulty.

Where Can I Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus?

You can buy Raspberry Ketone Plus from Evolution Slimming website, who stocks many of the popular diet pills on the market.

One bottle of 60 tablets costs £19.95 reduced from £39.95. Better value can be had by ordering the 2 or 3 month packages, which cost £36.95 and £53.95 respectively.

Diet Pills Watchdog rejects Raspberry Ketone Plus.

Raspberry Ketone Plus

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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    1. I’M WITH BEV!!!!!!! DO THEY FREEKIN WORK?? YES or NO !! This artical is USLESS!! This woman who did this artical got paid for NOTHING! SPIN DOCTORS !! GET TO THE POINT!

  1. Doesn’t the packaging look really nice and colourful eh. Guys, you’re all brain washed! You can loose weight by cutting out/lowering carb in take even making some food swaps – sweet potato instead of white potatoe, cutting out dairy, swapping bread for pitta bread there’s loads of things you can do.
    What they don’t tell you about how diet pills work is that they extract a chemical called Adiponectin which basically forces the heart to pump faster, hence the pelpetations you get as a side affect, which in turn forces it into fat burning mode! Everyone’s body has a natural way of burning fat depending on your age, weight, general fitness etc. You can increase that by helping yourselves a natural way even walking more/running. I do Juice Plus which is probably the most natural supplement your gonna get – fruit n veg in the form of shakes and capsules. In total you’ll get the essence of 43 different fruit n veg. You’ll also receive a clean eating plan tailored to your needs – if you’re body building/trying to loose wait or just wanna be healthy. You’ll have a 1-1 mentor for support and be added to our Facebook support group. You can catch me on Facebook – Steve Lakonitis for more information.

  2. I have tried Raspberry Keytone and they do work, unfortunately if you are on prescription drugs eg high blood pressure they interfere with them and this was the reason I could not continue taking them.

  3. Hi,am from nigeria, I saw d review on both super ketone plusand aloe forex cleanse..I called but I was not given a good response on how to get them..- need help on how to get them please..thanks.

  4. Hi! I hav just received this product as of now my weight is 80. Could u just let me know d diet plan so I can start my course. Hope to receive your reply soon. Thanks

  5. Am from nigeria can u supply me in nigeria because am nineteen and I weight 70kg, I want to slim down to 45kg please I need your help

  6. I have been taken these for couple days now but i am now worried that they are not safe due to recent news about young girl dying due to taking diet pills. My understanding was that these were natural and safe. I am just looking for advice

    1. Hi Toni,
      We can appreciate your concern but this supplement doesn’t contain the ingredients seen in the recent news (DNP – see our article on this). This supplement is produced by an established company in the UK who have a good standing in the industry.
      We hope this reassures you.
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. Thank you for quick reply and advice. With all the different manufacturers out there was just concerned.

      thank you

  7. My wife has in the past hinted about using pills to help her weight she is now pregnant is this safe to use or do you suggest waiting till after? Thank you

    1. Please no do not take if you have any medical issues my daughter works for Holland and Barrett’s and she knows or pregnant

  8. I bought this product and found it makes little, if no difference, to my weight loss programme. I would highly recommend you AVOID this product.

  9. I fulishly ordered ketone slimXT and prima cleanse plus on one of the free trial offers after the e.mail address failed i luckely got them on the phone noo and cancelled the next day i agreed to pay the shipping costs and agreed for them to take this payment so after they assured me that it was cancelled and the shipping payment was off i cancelled my card days after i recieved the unwanted package now when i call the phone no ijustjuidoesneven ring it just clicks off and the e.mail address shows up red and failes evert

  10. I have just ordered my first bottle and im excited to try to see if it works! but do I need to do a pacific diet when taking these?

    1. You do not need to do a specific diet but you do need to read the comment above yours that Robert Willis wrote.

  11. I saw the ad for a free trial of superkeytone plus, the web page does say in the top right corner that it is a free bottle. The order was made on 26th Sept. They took £79:95 from my account on 10th Oct. I have contacted them by phone and they stated that they do not advertise it as a free bottle and that the T & Cs state you have 14 days to cancel the subscription if not happy. The 14 days start the day of the order and the 15th day is when they take the money. Am now off to the bank to ensure no more money comes out of my account.

  12. i took up your offer to fill in a survey and get a free gift unknown to me i supposedly signed up for a trial there was no where on this so called survey saying i had to sign up if i did the survey i have been in touch with my bank who are doing an investigation i am a pensioner and do NOT have the funds for this i want my money back and want no further contact with your firm when things have been put right . mrs e harris

    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      From your post it does sound like you have signed up for a “free trial” and from our knowledge the company behind this supplement doesn’t operate such promotions. You may wish to confirm the supplement name as this is unlikely to be one you are referring too.
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  13. This company is a con. They will rip you off whilst quoting there dubious and hard to follow terms and conditions. Do not fall for it, however desperate you are to loose weight..

    1. Im more or less headin to buy this in holland and barret tonite but now a bit put of with the comments frm peeps who didnt lose wait lol

  14. The product is a crock of sh1t didnt lose anything, the aloe cleanse suggested to take with it is also a crock of sh1t. So is the £82 they room out after I cancelled too. Dont fall for it

    1. Hi Steve,
      You are thinking of companies that promote different products to this one. Raspberry Ketone is the INGREDIENT and not the supplement name. This supplement from Evolution Slimming do not re-bill customers using a continual payment authorisation (so called “free trials”). We trust this clarifies your statement.
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  15. Why are you not replying to questions about wether it’s safe to take with medical problems such as thyroid disorders

    1. Dear Liz,
      We are unable to find any previous question from you regarding this supplement, did you email us?
      In answer to your question though, as with most dietary supplements if you have a pre-existing medical condition and/or are taking prescription medication you are advised to seek medical advise before taking. Any supplement manufacturer who doesn’t give clear and concise guidelines and advice we would question how ethical they are.
      Evolution Slimming who manufacturer this supplement can offer advice if you contact them directly, but its likely to be the same.
      Unfortunately this is a question we cannot answer and requires discussing with your local GP.
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  16. I have just purchased super ketones and aloe ferox as suggested they work better together at a small trial price however the normal price after 14 days of which my card will be charged is £75 a month. I,m a bit scared to take them they do me some harm.what advice can you give me?.

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