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Raspberry KetonesWhen you are looking to lose weight, it can be a hard struggle. Not surprising then that a so-called miracle product that makes this easier can seem like a tempting prospect. If there is a free trial on offer – even better. It means you can try out a new exciting supplement risk-free.

Sadly, on the internet, things are not always as they first appear. Many consumers have found this out to their cost after signing up for free trials of raspberry ketone supplements.

Without exception, these free trials have left thousands of people out of pocket, ripped off, and no thinner than when they started.

The Rise of the Raspberry

Raspberry Ketones first hit public attention in the USA after renowned TV doctor, Dr Oz described this fruit ingredient as a “fat burning miracle” on his show.

Raspberry Ketones are the aroma compound of raspberries and according to Dr Oz, this compound helps regulate adiponectin – a protein which controls the metabolism and breaks down fat cells.

There is actually little evidence that it works, but with Doctor Oz using phrases like “fat burner in a bottle” on prime time TV, the sales of Raspberry Ketones supplements went through the roof following his show.

The Doctor Oz Effect

Dr. OzAlmost overnight Raspberry Ketones became the target of scammers as everyone jumped on the new weight loss bandwagon. Many scam companies used clips of Dr Oz’s TV show as a way of improving sales. It made it look as if Dr Oz was endorsing their particular product and not just the ingredient. When he said “miracle weight loss in a bottle”, it looked like he was talking about their product.

It all looked very convincing and led to Dr Oz attempting to clear his name. He took exception at being the face of all these dodgy companies, and has never endorsed any brands or made any money from these scam artists. However, the FTC (federal trade commission) did not agree that he was a victim, but actually the cause of the problem.

He was called into a hearing and publicly ticked off by Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat who chairs a Senate subcommittee on consumer protection.

She said,

When you feature a product on your show it creates what has become known as the “Dr. Oz Effect” — dramatically boosting sales and driving scam artists to pop up overnight using false and deceptive ads to sell questionable products,

Dr Oz has made enthusiastic claims for other weight loss ingredients including green coffee beans and Garcinia Cambogia, but Raspberry Ketones appear to have become the major target for scammers.

The Free Trial Scams Begin

Free Trial ScamQuickly, scam companies in the USA hit on marketing Raspberry Ketones supplements by offering consumers free trials.

Buyers, attracted to Raspberry Ketones no doubt by the apparent endorsement of the trusted face of Dr Oz, lost no time in signing up for these free trials.

It was a trick. Many people found that once they had signed up by giving their bank details to these crooked companies in order to pay for the postage, they were in fact signed up to a hard to cancel auto-billing programme.

Sometimes there was small print that stated the terms and conditions but in many cases this information was unavailable, other times the small print simply overlooked.

US customers found that every month regular payments were being taken from their accounts and new products sent to them through the post.

The Raspberry Ketone Scam Goes Global

As with everything, the world market was fast to follow the USA. The people in the UK may not be quite as impressed with Dr Oz, but everyone loves the concept of a freebie!

Although raspberry ketone supplements are not the only type of diet pill to use this free trial rip off strategy, Raspberry Ketones have fast become notorious in recent year.

Here at the Watchdog, we have been gathering information from our readers about these various scam products and have been shocked and disgusted by the behaviour of these companies.

There are plenty of them to choose from. Supplements include:

There are countless of other raspberry ketone supplement companies offering the same scam. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

A quick look around the various other general consumer websites such as the Money Saving Expert forum throw up even more ketone supplement companies operating the same scam. There are a lot of them.

How Does The Free Trial Scam Work?

Free trial signupOnce you are on the product website, you are encouraged to order, “today to activate your free trial” or similar.

You fill in your address details and because you need to pay the shipping costs for the delivery, you then fill out your bank details.

At this point, if you read through the small print, you may be able to see what you are signing up for.

Not all the supplements include this information, but plenty of them do.

Here is a typical example:

By clicking “Submit & Confirm” you agree to be charged $4.95(USD) for S&H and will receive a 1 month supply of Raspberry Ketone Select to use.

If you are satisfied with the effects of Raspberry Ketone Select, do nothing and 14 days from today, you will be charged an enrolment fee of $84.78 (USD).

To avoid being charged the enrolment fee you must cancel your account before 14 days.

At this point, you are given a phone number to call or a website link to a cancellation page. You may think that a cancellation page and a process for stopping the agreement looks fairly legit, but it isn’t.

If you fail to contact the company and cannot manage to cancel this agreement, you will be sent fresh supplies of the supplement every 30 days and the company will take the payment out of your bank account each month.

Very Hard To Cancel

According to customers, cancelling the agreement is not as easy as it sounds. Many Watchdog readers have been left frustrated.

The phone numbers are often overseas, sometimes in the USA, but we have also seen Spain and Ireland.

The various Raspberry Ketone companies are unhelpful, and there are usually “technical” problems that ensure that by the time you manage to contact anyone either by email or phone, the next month’s payment will have been extracted from your bank account or down as a pending payment. In some cases, the company does not even send the products.

Returning unwanted products does not always work either. Sometimes you will be asked to return the supplement and will be given an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. In all cases, you will still be billed.

Some customers have found that persistence pays off and constantly bombarding the company with emails can result in the agreement being cancelled, but not always.

Some customers have been offered refund deals by the companies. The customer still has to pay but for many people, it is worth paying something just to escape from the agreement.

Can You Cancel the Agreement via your Bank?

You should report the problem to your bank as soon as possible. The continuous payment authorities that these supplement companies use are extremely hard for customers to stop, but your bank must stop payments if you ask them.

Cancelling your bank card is not necessarily enough because if you have paid by debit card, the agreement will simply transfer to the new card via your bank account.

We contacted Barclays for some more specialised advice and they were very helpful. Unsurprisingly, they knew about diet pill scams already.

They said that they could stop continuous payments and dispute historic payments if the customer did not receive the goods. They also advised that if you returned the unwanted merchandise and provided proof of posting, the bank would dispute the payment on your behalf. Obviously, if you do not have a return address this might not be as easy.

If you have already been scammed, then it is crucial to ensure that your bank stops all future payments. You may not get all your money back but at least it will stop any further damage.

Keep Safe, Avoid Free Trials

Sadly, there are numerous scam diet pill companies operating this rip-off and if you fall for it yourself it is natural to feel that you are to blame. However, you should not feel too bad. These Raspberry Ketone scams are very convincing and we all make the odd mistake now and then. Thousands have fallen for it, so you are not alone.

It is important to remember that once Raspberry Ketone stops being the “flavour of the month”, another miracle diet pill will undoubtedly come along and spawn a new batch of free trial diet pill scams.

Free trials are designed to trick you, nothing else. Do not be tempted to sign up, however appealing and trustworthy anything looks. The credible diet pill companies will not offer a free trial, so any company that claims to do this is extremely suspect.

It is crucial to read through the terms and conditions before you sign up to anything online. The internet has been described as the Wild West, and there is very little legislation to protect you if things go wrong.

In many cases, the Raspberry Ketone scammers do provide the information about their auto billing in the knowledge that most people will not read it.

Do not fall into the trap!

Have you been caught by a “free trial” diet pill scam?

Take a look at our guide to getting your money back from free trials.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I fell for the same scam after seeing an ad on facebook on This Morning starring Holly Willoughby saying that she had used these, foolishly I clicked the link for the Bio slim tablets, It then advised my order wasn’t complete I clicked again and the raspberry tablets where ordered,when I checked the bank they had also charged me for postal Insurance which was refunded, however to claim my £70.00 BACK I have to return the remainder of the tablets to Cyprus for my refund basically they are holding my payment until they get them! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have been scammed by this company i thought I was paying £2.95 for a free trial, whereas in fact they have taken £44.60 out of my bank account. Please help.

  3. I did not find Barclays Bank useful at all. The best way is to report it as fraud. Typically, the Bank will try to offload the burden onto you and record it on their systems as a “Merchant Dispute”, leaving you with the problem to contact the company. A Merchant dispute is different, because you would have knowingly purchased something and was awaiting the goods. This is definitely fraud by misrepresentation. In my case, I did not recognise the merchant. I persisted that it was a fraudulent action. After being on the phone for an hour, they relented and treated it as such, which resulted in the money being returned immediately and the card being cancelled.

  4. I fell hook line and sinker for raspberry ketone also the other tablet Cambodia load of rubbish felt rather sick by taking them ,,,but I felt very sick when my bank statement came through taking £94 and first off my £2.99 shipping ,why don’t we ever learn I did cancel it with the number that was given ,but the cheek of them took two more £94 ,,,I was really annoyed as can collation had taken place ,,,,I have the tablet up stairs in a cupboard useless ,,,the bank at first wouldn’t do anything but the second time when I threatened to go to another bank then they did stop it for me ,,,all that money and not a bit of weight off ,criminal is there anyway to get the money back ?????

  5. This was an advert from the newspaper telling me this company was backed by DRAGONS DEN ..who gave them a standing ovation and had each entered into partnership. I thought I was paying £2 95.. to have my free trial rushed to me. I have just found out they have charged me £39. I am a senior citizen and ordered this item on my phone. I don’t understand computers. At a loss what to do

    1. Hi Brenda

      Please contact your bank and instruct them to stop any further payments to them, (reoccurring payment system) they have a legal requirement to comply.

      Regarding thr product’s, you must call them and return the goods within 14 days normally, this is normally to an overseas address costing quite alot. You need a RMA number also, which you should get when you cancel.

      These companies are notorious and have a very systematic approach for diverting the cancellation.

      Good luck

  6. I ordered through offer on line arrived within 3days when read the leaflet I find I will be charged £49.99 after 14days this was never mentioned made out free trial with post packing, tried to phone 6 times answer thanks for calling us info on some garbled email,then goodbye, finally got answered told them a scam I am retired can’t afford that, now have to pay postage. All she kept saying terms ect on website???? Now maybe but not when buying, shouldn’t have fallen for it.
    Am seriously thinking of reporting them to Trading Standards probably won’t do much good.
    So BEWARE don’t fall for it

    1. Hi, I’ve very recently had the same experience. Took £2.95 for postage out twice and didn’t realise until 4-5 days ago, and £79.31 has been taken out.

      Although I did recieve the trail package in a couple of days, I’ve emailed to cancel membership and transaction and awaiting another call but number wasn’t the same as the customer services number I know of. I’m going to Bank as soon as, have you had any luck cancelling any further payments??

  7. The previous two replies are consistent with my own experience. When I phoned I was passed from person to person. There was – allegedly – no record on their computer files of my name or address nor of the consignment number, nor of any order I had made – they therefore could not cancel it. The altercation took well over an hour of my phone time.
    The return address on the tablets was in Cyprus. I did not use it.
    There was no way of escalating the complaint to a more senior person, who was always not available.
    There was an address in Scotland on the Despatch Note but no phone number that would answer.
    I wrote a long and vituperative email of cancellation which seems to have reached no-one. A couple of months have passed and I have just received another packet of these things, this time accompanied by a leaflet from an outfit called Phenom Health featuring a number of products and welcoming me to the ‘Phenom Club’, membership of which I can cancel, apparently, by telephoning the number given on the Ultrapur packet.+44 203-318-1108. There is also a French number. I would be surprised if these numbers led to any benefit as this is exactly where my saga began. I shall try to get the bank to refuse payment.

  8. Received an email from Amazon asking me to complete a short survey for a free offer. I’ve recently made purchases from them so I did the survey, completed the online form and paid £2.95 for a ‘free’ trial of these pills. I realised my mistake because there was no confirmation email for my ‘free’ trial. I’ve emailed the company, ‘healthy awake’ as I couldn’t cancel by phone. My bank have been advised to stop any payment to these scammers. There needs to be some protection for consumers who inadvertently sign up to these very believable scams. Apparently these scams are well known, so how come there is no legislation to prevent this. Consumers should be allowed a cooling off period for any distance selling transaction and the cancellation process should be user friendly, genuine and traceable.

  9. I too have been scammed with the raspberry tablet,I signed up for the free 15 day trial and they took 79 pounds out of my debit card before I even received them.i phoned up them up and a woman answered and reimbursed me 39 pounds and told me to post them back to Cyprus which I did on recorded delivery and tracked it so they have recieved when I phoned the number I did before a man answered and said it’s a haulage company and he keeps getting calls but I informed him it was the same number I called the week before and got half a refund.i have phoned my bank and informed them and they have cancelled from pinnacle of life.this is a scam defo and I also feel like other people stupid

  10. I too have been scammed by Phenom Health. My email appeared that it was through Sainsbury’s Nectar. I emailed them to cancel and I have received emails back from them with the RMA codes and an address in Cyprus to send the product back to. If anyone needs the address it is Phenom Health Returns, PO Box 42388, Larnaca 6533, Cyprus. I cannot believe I got caught out either.

  11. Ultrapur have scammed me today. The scenario is exactly as others have posted on here. I would have been oblivious to it, but my bank called me to query recent transactions! I’m so grateful to my bank! My pills should arrive tomorrow and I’ll be sending them straight back – to Cyprus! I’ve also been on the ultrapur website to unsubscribe (they really don’t make it easy!). I’m so annoyed with myself. I wonder whether holly willoughby realises that her name is being used to sell this product? It was an advert that popped up while I was reading a news article online and I thought, well if holly willoughby endorses it, it should be ok!!! How wrong and stupid was I?

  12. I ordered these and only paid postage and packing. I then had two large amounts of money taken from my account. I rang up and they gave me two codes and email confirmation it was cancelled. I sent back the in opened products and kept proof of posting to the po box address- it is vital you do that. They will want proof you posted it for them to refund your money. I had cancelled direct debits to the company via the bank. I rung the company to check they received parcel of returned items. This is when I had to email a photo of the post office receipt. They then emailed me to confirm the money would be refunded. I had to return the items within a set time and put the refund/return code they gave me on my first phone call. It is vital you ring them to tell then you’re returning parcel. Good luck people. I did get my full amount of money back surging five days of proving I had posted the items back. I will not fall for this kind of thing again. The company were helpful but I had to chase it up and keep communication with them.

    1. Hi I’ve just done the same thing and not sure how this return the parcel I have the necessary codes after speaking to them but just want to know what posting method should I use ? Did you track yours ? If you could help me I would appreciate it I have also spoken to my bank and fraud department so hopefully no more payments will be taken.

    2. According to several articles on the websites of web design, BBC watchdog,etc. The sale of raspberry ketones as a diet supplement is not approved by the Food Standards Agency or the Department of health and is therefore illegal in the UK.
      Also according to legal advice these websites breach Consumer Regulations as the terms and conditions are not clear.
      This is just one big scam and should be stopped. One of these websites is Phenom health uk

  13. I don’t want more big brother but when you report scams to the government and such like you often find that they fail to deal with the scammers

    I was ripped off by the Peachy Lemon scam that is just plain old pyramid marketing of printed mugs on Facebook and was persuaded to pay them £10 a month to become a sales agent so me and my husband worked hard and manage to drum up some business using discount codes but we ended up with angry family members and friends who often did not receive the good on time or at all plus the quality of the goods was questionable.

    Needless to say that I ended up £30 out of pocket but the lesson learned was invaluable and yes I was a total mug and won’t be take in so easy in the future.

  14. Hi I ordered a free sample of raspberry ketone and after taking them for a week my blood pressure went out of control so Im Trying to cancel my orders as they took money out of my account and today I received another bottle I do not want any more and I can’t get to talk to anyone that’s can help me I’m at the end of my tether with them can you help ps I’m emailing them to cancel but get no reply it’s a pure scam

    1. I had to try a few times before I got through to them. When I finally did I got cut off but I kept on and I did get through in the end. Make sure your bank will cancel that direct debit and anything if a very similar name. If need be get a new card so the old one and details can not be used for any more money to be taken. Hope it works out. I luckily read these blogs before u took them. Hope your health is back to normal after the bad experience. P

  15. My Girlfriend ordered these Raspberry Ketone pills under a free trial. Once i found out about them i contacted my bank and had all the cards blocked and sent out new ones.

    I went to the website and canceled everything on their end to ensure no payments to be taken.

    According the the Greek? Company a free trial is not free an i was asked to post the pills back to them. I refused and explained that it was a “free trial” and that the pills had been consumed (They had not) According to both of us that was the end of the matter.

    Well on Thursday 29th September 2016 we recieved a letter from Goldman Reeves LTD saying i owe money to “Ultra Power Cleanse” £89 and “Ultra Ketone Plus” £64.60

    I had a good search around online and found that the company was set registered on the 28th of April 2016 with the secretary and director being the same person “Michael Ross” which is an American citizen and resides in the USA mainly.

    I’m very intrigued how someone thinks they can enforce a scam like this. I played the system correctly by contacting both the company and banks to stop all payments while enjoying the “Free trial” advertised. Also the company/Website the pills came from where not registered under any such name nor was it written anywhere that i was to be credited for such things.

    I’ve seen online that this debt collection company has sent out a fair few letters already to people and i can only assume no one will be handing over their money quickly!

    If i receive any further letters from Goldman Reeves LTD i’ll be contacting them to explain the true meaning of a “Free Trial” and that i have no intention to ever pay any such debts clearly made up to scam even more people.

    1. OMG I RECEIVED THE SAME LETTER FROM GOLDMAN REEVES ON 27 SEPTEMBER and started panicking until my freind said Dont worry they cant do anything just contact the comoany and let them know i dont owe them any money
      And then I saw this its really helped put my mind at rest and I suspected this letter didnt look legit either

    2. i got a letter from goldman reeves ltd today to never had anything of anybody nut a while ago my account had money taken out for for something simmilar to this

  16. Hi i too fell for this scam last year in july (RASBERRY KETONE AND ULTRA CLEANSE)i payed p&p for a months free trail of pills ,i rang them up two days later to cancel and they said they will cancel it but the pills have already been dispatched.they told me i could keep the pills as it was a free trail but i said i would send them back .the lady gave me an address in cypress to send them back too.i sent the pills back as soon as i got them and thought that was the end of it.14 days later i had 95.00 took out of my bank.i rang them back up and they told me that because i didnt send the pills back i had been charged for them.i told them that i did send them back and i had the receipt for this.after arguing on the phone for over an hour and threatening them with the police they agreed to give me a full refund.anyway seven days later i had 30.00 put back into my account, which was not a full refund.tried ringing them again and the number no longer existed.i had the bank put a block on them so they couldnt take anymore over a year later i have received a debt collector letter from goldman reeves ltd demanding me to pay 89.00 pound within 30 days.i have rang the number and it is an american automated message to pay.i have been on the website to dispute this and not getting anywhere on there either apart from details of the director and the address of this company which has over a 1000 other companies at the same worried now because i dont owe this money and i cant afford to pay this and i dont want the baliffs coming around taking my stuff and me getting marked as having bad debt.please please please could you help me with this sitution.

    1. I also have a letter from GOLMAN REEVES my freind told me NOT to worry and DONT pay them they are not legitimate obviously because alot of people are receiving these letters saying they owe money to ULTRA KETONE PLUS my freind told me to get advice from citizens advice

    2. Get in touch with Action Fraud .co .uk on 0400 123 2040 and tell them what is going on. I have reported this firm to them so they are aware of the scumbags.

  17. I sent for the free trial of the raspberry keytone and body cleanse about May/June of last year 2015. When the package arrived all it contained was the two tubs of pills, no literature of any sort. I’m not thick but, do take any tablets as per information given and there was none. I searched on line and came across a site telling the story of the scam pills ect. Well I was owrried after reading all the posts and the following morning rang my bank for advice. They immediately stopped any more monies going out (they had the info from my card tarnsaction) I was relieved and told my hubster about them. I heard nothing else and also told many a person not to fall for the free trials go to a bonifide place if you want them. Last week, I recieved a letter from a debt company, saying I owed £153.60. No details of the company that they were purchased from at all, just the debt companies web site. I showed the hubster and I was fuming to be honest. I looked through the web site and found a form to be filled in regarding customer support? Their site didn’t seem like a legal one and any written stuff was regarding American stuff. Anyway I filled in the form only giving my mobile number and email address and told them exactly what happened to me. I got an email back from them today saying, no further attempts will be made to get the debt from me. Now come on, a bonifide place will gun for that debt no matter what wouldn’t they? That email seemed non-legal to a child could have written it. My view and only mine at this point, I think these debt people I think are one and the same as the ones who first put up the free trials. I know I might be wrong but, it’s a gut feeling. I do wish this scamming people no matter what for would stop, life is hard enough.

    1. Youre right, read my posts by googling bbc watchdog ketone plus, open the first link, then read the comments section at the bottom. I have spent most of this week on this. Google is such a wonerful tool

    2. I AGREE WITH U PAM THE COMPANY IS NOT LEGAL we do not owe any money to them Im not even going to get in toych wirh them I did get scared at first but my freind told me they cant do anything

  18. i too fell for this scam , they had £84.90 out of my bank.
    however after a bit of internet searching , i found a number that actually worked, the woman on the phone told me to look on the bottle of ketone pills and there would be a phone number on there to ring, low and behold yes there is a phone number, i rang it , waited about 5 mins, got a refund and was able to cancel any further items being sent and payment taken.

    1. Hi, I have just realised today that I have been a victim of this scam, feeling very stupid right now! I have never received my “free trial” the only thing I entered any bank details for. I did not receive any email to advise that I signed up to a contract. I have already contacted my bank to cancel the payments and try to dispute the first one taken. Can you please provide me with the telephone number you called so I can too argue this with them. Thanks

    2. Hi do you have the number you called.. I have never received any pills but yet they are taken money from my account.I cant find a number in use?

  19. Dear Watchdog,

    I also got caught by this free trial scam last year July 2015. I was charged the delivery fee and quickly called my bank to be sure they did not take any further monies from my account.


    New scam methods! I received a letter today from a company claiming I owed monies for items I did not order or receive. A year later! Having researched said company, I find it is a one man band, registered Ltd company in April this year. The letter requests monies, sends you to a website that you can not contact anyone through – even with the data requested on the letter. The telephone number is an American voice message directing you to the website to pay monies.

    Please be very aware. Contact me should you have any further concerns. I have notified his domain provider and will be posting this on my own website and everywhere else I can think of! I have also sent this ass a letter to both of the addresses he is registered to, a PO Box and an office address in London.

    1. Hi, just found your post and please read mine I have just posted. I think you are of the same mind as myself regarding this debt company. I did find the place to have my say and they have retracted the debt recovery now. It does need to be spread around to let others know they still keep all your details. x

    2. hi there,
      i have just received a debt collection letter for £125 for my two “free trial” samples of Ultra Ketone Plus and Ultra Power Cleanse – i remember that i did cancel my “subscription” last year but i threw it all away so i have no records to fall back on!
      I rang the debt collection company and got the american answerphone message so, as instructed, i went onto the web site . i have now filled the form in twice saying that i cancelled this “order” but i have not received any response from them or notification that they have even received my message. I’m now worried that my month to dispute the debt is fast running out so i was going to try and write to them at the POBox 15116 in Birmingham. I’m worried that I cant get any further and i’ll be saddled with a bad debt.
      Do you have any advice for me please?
      many thanks in anticipation…

    3. Hi,

      Send back the pills with a letter informing them you purchased in error and ask that they do not contact you again. You have a right to cancel as a consumer and yes send back recorded delivery.

  20. I ordered this last year in April time,
    I then had money taken out of my account from the company and my bank was able to receive my money back and I then cancelled and sent the tablets in perfect condition as I never used them and the company was wanting me to give the tablets to friends, as I told them I didn’t realise I was allergic to the product, which was lie.
    I didn’t hear anything from them after that,
    Now in 2016 received a letter from GGN saying I must pay in with 5 days or legal action will be taken against me.

    What do I do, Any advice would be grateful as I’m young single mum, thank you

  21. Just got out of this scam with a company called Spinzar Labs Ltd,London phone nos,product delivered from the UK,but to get out of the free trial rubbish,you have to send back the products to Cypress,in the first 14 days,so you have to recognise this scam early,firstly getting RMA,(return material authorisation) numbers to tag to the two products in Question,Rasberry blast and Xtrem Cleanse,return them Internationally tracked and signed,and then when they get back to their warehouse hopefully within the 14 days,ring them up again on one of the cust service nos in London and speak to people who make the job of cancelling harder because they are asian ethnics,with poor English or this is just on purpose.Come off the phone relieved but exhausted.THEN CONTACT YOUR BANK/CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO MAKE SURE THEY BLOCK ANY PAYMENT IN THE FUTURE,THEY HAVE TO DO THIS AS THE LAW CHANGED IN NOV 2009 REQUIRING THEM TO CANCEL ANY CPA’S SET UP,(continuous payment authority)THEY MY TELL YOU YOU HAVE TO DO IT BUT WITH THIS COMPANY MAKE SURE THE BANK MUST DO IT FOR YOU.DO NOT BE FOBBED OFF BY YOUR BANK,SOME DO NOT REALISE THIS LAW CHANGED EVEN THOUGH IT WAS 6 YEARS AGO.

  22. I rang European consumer centre 01268 886690
    They said although its legal to use terms and condtions the consumer rights act overrides it. They must contact you personally to tell you whst they intend to do. They advised to write to to company to cancell the account as well as by phone, by registered post.

  23. Hi… I also fell for the Raspberry free trial and noticed comments online regards the scam shortly after receiving and opening the trial. I called my bank prior to any future payments being made and they assured me they would stop any requests for payments. I had problems logging into my Internet banking today so called the bank and was put through to the fraud department. A request for payment of 95GBP was made 01st August however Barclays rejected it… It was also from a company called Lemon Way… They have had to cancel my debit card… I just hope this is an end to it… Lemon Way were not who took my original payment. I have received no further pills since the free trial or emails since my initial confirmation… Does anyone know now I will have a new debit card if they can still request payments? Thanks

    1. My card has also had to be renewed wether it will work or not I don’t know . Lemon way I looked up is I think something similar to pay pal but in France . However on the 7/10/15 I checked my online bank and £82 had come out to a company I think was called beauty products but I don’t think it is in England . I got my money refunded by the bank and it has been passed to the fraud department . It seems they change company names to stay one step ahead and somehow keep it legal . I’m hoping this will be the end of it , the worry of it is always in the back of my mind .

    2. If you have reported it to your bank then they will block any further payments,however, if any payments are made then the bank will have to refund you.Then it would be up to their fraud people to sort it out with the scammers.

    3. Again if you have reported it to the bank then they should stopp any future payments and or refund you ,once it is reported to them.

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