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    T5 diet pills continue to be a popular choice for consumers looking to increase fat burning. Dominated by the Forza T5 brand, there is now a new kid on the block with the recent release of a new range called Re:Active T5s.

    Reactive T5-super Diet pillsThere are a number of T5 brands already established on the market the most well known being Forza and Atom. Desirable Body are one of the largest sellers of T5 supplements in the UK and have released they own range of T5 diet pills.

    With varying strengths and versions for either every day weight management, to achieve better tone or to boost your workout, there is a Re:Active supplement for everyone.

    We look at the latest T5 diet pills on the market to see what all the fuss is about!

    Quick Overview of T5 Diet Pills

    If you are new to T5 diet pills, or have heard of them before and not sure what they are, they were a type of diet pill marketing towards athletes, body builders or hardcore exercisers. These days plenty of men and women who never venture near the gym have started and continue to use T5 products to aid weight loss.

    T5 products are now very much in the mainstream and frequently seen in popular health and fitness magazines. You will find that many of the slimming and bodybuilding retailers stock one of the T5 brands.

    So why are they called T5 diet pills?

    T5 is an abbreviation for one of the Thyroid hormones that acts as a trigger to increase metabolism. This is the reason why T5s are mostly considered to be thermogenic fat burners as they aim to support and maintain a healthy metabolism.

    So T5 diet pills contain either synthetic or natural ingredients that look to increase metabolism, which theoretically increases the calories burnt from fat.

    Re:Active Range of T5 Diet Pills

    All the supplements promote fat burning and are available in three strengths, 1 being the lowest to 3 the highest strength. The same set of core ingredients are present in each Re:Active T5 with the difference being the quantities reflecting in the different strengths of the supplement.

    Whilst the Re:Active T5s are safe and use natural ingredients they do contain caffeine, which may cause temporary side effects if you are sensitive to this ingredient. For this reason, if you are new to T5 fat burners then it’s a good idea to start with the lower strength versions as they can be potent and may take some getting used to.

    Watchdog Approved Re:Active T5 Diet Pills

    At the time of writing there are 8 Re:Active T5 supplements in the range. Let’s take a look at the Watchdog approved Re:Active T5s starting from the strongest in the range, the Re:Active T5 Black.

    Re:Active T5 Black Fat Burner Review

    T5 Black Fat BurnerThe strongest in the Re:Active range of fat burners is the T5 Black fat burner. It is recommended for everyday use for those consumers looking for a serious fat burning diet pill. With claims of:

    Ultra rapid weight loss, maximum fat burn, and real results… faster than you thought possible.

    Re:Active T5 Black is a fat burner marketed as a metabolism enhancer and an energy booster and given a strength rating of 3 (the highest).

    The main difference is down to the amount and strength of the ingredients used in the core T5 formula. It’s high in caffeine with 250mg per capsule, so if you are sensitive to caffeine this is definitely not the supplement for you! In fact, whilst taking T5 black you are recommended to reduce caffeine intake from other sources.

    New users to T5s are recommended to try lower strength version to get used to the effects of taking strong T5 fat burners. But if you are looking for one of the strongest T5 fat burners then this is the one to go for!

    Re:Active T5 Super Fat Burner Review

    Reactive T5 Super diet pillsOne of the most popular T5 diet pills in the Re:Active range and comes highly recommended. T5 Super fat burner claims to:

    Maximise weight loss, maintain a healthy metabolism, burn fat and achieve better muscle definition… with just one capsule per day

    The ingredients are optimised to boost metabolism and maintain energy levels so that you can increase fat burning. Taking T5 Super fat burner can be more effective than dieting alone and could help to get rid of stubborn fat and enhance muscle definition.

    With a strength rating of 2, T5 Super fat burner is suitable for most consumers from the exercise enthusiast looking for better muscle definition to the dieter looking to lose stubborn pounds!

    Re:Active T5 Super + Acai Review

    Reactive T5 Super + Acai diet pillsCombines the T5 Super formula with Acai Berry so you don’t just get increased fat burning but the health benefits too! T5 Super + Acai fat burner claims to:

    Max Your Workout, burn more calories, detoxify your body…and boost your health.

    Acai Berry contains lots of antioxidants that are beneficial for cardiovascular and digestive health along with boosting immune system and helping to get rid of toxins in the body.

    If you are looking for more than just effective fat burning, a supplement that could help you to detox too, then Re:Active T5 Super Acai could be the supplement for you.

    Re:Active T5 Original + African Mango Review

    Reactive T5 Original + African MangoWorks very similar to the T5 Super + Acai version buy has less caffeine and so is more suitable for everyday use or those sensitive to this ingredient. T5 Original + African Mango claims to:

    Max Your Workout, detoxify your body, boost your energy…and burn more fat

    This supplement contains 250mg of African Mango extract which can give a daily dose that’s been clinically proven to boost metabolism and help suppress appetite. There are other health benefits too in that African Mango extract may help to lower bad cholesterol!

    Containing less caffeine than the T5 Super Acai, this Re:Active supplement is the natural choice for those looking for a lower strength T5.

    What are the Common Ingredients in Re:Active Diet Pills?

    There are a core set of ingredients found in most of the Re:Active supplements with either variations in the amount or additional ingredients added in the different versions.

    You will find the following ingredients in every Re:Active T5 pills:

    • Caffeine – Modest effects in boosting metabolism and may also suppress appetite.
    • Tyrosine – An amino acid that is an essential precursor to a number of important neurotransmitters. Has been shown to influence the production thyroid hormones, particularly thyroxin, which regulates metabolic rate.
    • Naringin – Antioxidant found in grapefruit and may prevent free radical damage. Suggested to prolong and increase the effects of caffeine when taken together.
    • L-Tryptophan – Essential amino acid that is converted into 5-HTP (5-hyrdoxytryptophan) and then Serotonin, a hormone important in mood and elevating well being.
    • Vitamin B6 – Water soluble vitamin that plays an important role in many amino acid reactions and helping release glucose.

    Other popular weight loss ingredients such as Acai Berry and African Mango have been added to take advantage of the potent antioxidants and fat burning properties of these ingredients.

    Do Re:Active T5 Diet Pills Work?

    Re:Active diet pills work to stimulate your metabolism so you can maintain a healthy metabolism. It does this by using ingredients that have been shown to influence certain hormones in the thyroid.

    Unique time-release technology is used in the supplements to ensure you maintain a healthy metabolism for hours so you continue to burn fat. This means you don’t suffer an energy crash like other fat burners on the market.

    The Acai Berry and African Mango Re:Active T5s are a great choice for those looking for a supplement to boost antioxidants. The amounts included in both these supplements are enough to also boost weight loss and suppress appetite.

    There is only one of the Re:Active T5 supplements we wouldn’t recommend is the “Re:Active T5 Black + Chromium”, only because there is inconclusive evidence to suggest that “Chromium” is an effective weight loss ingredient.

    You may find that you see results without any changes to your lifestyle, as with any diet pill supplements you are recommended to take these alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise for best results.

    What do Consumers Say About Re:Active T5 Diet Pills?

    There has been some very positive feedback from consumers who have taken Re:Active T5 diet pills. Here are some of the latest consumer reviews:

    I bought these after trying out a lot of different fat burning pills and am delighted with the results after only a very short time. If you are looking for a diet pill that works, stop here and try these, you won’t be disappointed.

    C. R. Cook (May 2012)

    I’ve tried a few different T5’s over the years and these compare favourably. I find they work best if you take 2 in the morning after a light breakfast before heading to the gym. The extra boost of energy helps me workout a little bit harder. Be aware though as with all these type of things they are not a magic slimming pill, they only work if you’re making the effort to exercise and eat well. All in all would recommend this one.

    Peter Piper (April 2012)

    How to Take Re:Active T5s

    You are recommended to start taking one tablet per day in the morning. Once you are used to them or you wish to increase the dose you can take 2 tablets in the morning and one in the afternoon.

    As they contain caffeine it is advised to avoid taking them in the evening prior to sleeping. Ensure that you always read the label and do not exceed the recommended dosage too.

    Any Side Effects with Re:Active Diet Pills?

    All the Re:Active T5 diet pills contain caffeine with the quantities varying according to the strength rating, with 1 having the lowest amount and 3 the highest! If you are very sensitive to caffeine then these supplements may not be suitable for you.

    Guide to Caffeine Content in Re:Active T5 Diet Pills

    Re:Active caffeine content

    You are advised to seek medical advice if you suffer from food allergies or are under medical supervision.

    Where Can I Buy Re:Active T5s?

    The Re:Active range are available exclusively from Desirable Body an online retailer based in the UK. They are a well respected, transparent 100% genuine retailer who clearly display their trading address and direct contact number. This means, you the consumer, can be sure to get in touch with Desirable Body!

    The Re:Active range of T5 diet pills cost between £29 and £39 ( $46 and $62 ) and there are frequent offers and special bundles where you can make massive savings (over 30% in many cases).

    Orders can be placed directly on the official website, which uses state of the art encryption so your details remain secure and 100% private. Although Desirable Body are based in the UK they ship worldwide.

    Watchdog Verdict

    The Re:Active range of supplements are well designed and thought out set of diet pills that could be effective at promoting weight loss.

    There is one supplement we weren’t keen on, namely the Re:Active T5 Black + Chromium, as our research has shown Chromium to be unproven as a weight loss ingredient! So we would not recommend this supplement.

    There is a Re:Active supplement for everyone, whether you are looking for a strong fat burner for maximum fat loss or a T5 designed to suppress appetite and help you detox!

    We would stress again that if you are new to using these types of fat burners then the lower strength supplements (indicated by a 1) is recommended. Otherwise you have taken fat burners or other T5s then the high strength and fast acting “Black” range could be perfect for you.

    The complete range of Re:Active T5s are available directly from a reliable retailer with a proven history, offer great customer service and importantly have all their details on their website!

    Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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