Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic is a probiotic supplement that is described as representing the latest in advanced probiotics research so the aim is it will help support the body’s health and resistance to disease. According to the official website this supplement is aimed at physicians but you can buy this OTC supplement from some independent retailers.

Researched Nutritionals researches, manufactures and sells a range of health supplements. The company is based in California and is aimed at healthcare professionals, the only people who are allowed to buy direct from the website. If you are a “patient” or just want to try out the supplements for yourself, you have to provide your physician’s code or look for an independent retailer selling this supplement.

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Pros

  • May work as well as other probiotic supplements on the market

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Cons

  • Not easy to buy
  • There is no medical approval for probiotic supplements yet the product advertising implies that there is
  • There is nothing special about the ingredients used in the supplement. They show up in numerous food products
Watchdog Rejected

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic

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What You Need To Know About Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic

Despite the medical look of the Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic website and the fact that this supplement is only supposed to be purchased by medical professionals, there is nothing really that special about this supplement. It contains branded ingredients that do show up in food products and although it may help gastric issues as described, as with all probiotics, nothing is strictly proven. We can see no reason why this supplement is superior to many others on the market.

What Are The Side Effects Of Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic?

Probiotics can cause side effects such as gas and bloating. If you have a weakened immune system probiotics could introduce infection into your body.

How Much Does Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Cost?

Unless you sign up to the Researched Nutritionals website, prices are unavailable.

However we have seen it on sale from some independent retailers/ health food shops and independent medical sites.

Buy in the USA and you can expect to pay around $38.98 for 60 capsules (1 months supply). Source

We have seen it on sale in the UK for £38.36 for 60 capsules (1 months supply). Source

Our Verdict On Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic contains some branded ingredients so it should be pretty safe, but in truth we can see no real reason why this supplement should be any better than many others on the market. The research into probiotics is not conclusive and although this science may prove to be the key to understanding health and disease, we are still far off from proving this or identifying the probiotic strains with a specific function.

Other drawbacks about this supplement include the lack of customer feedback and guarantee and the fact that you can only buy it from small independent websites from health sites and private doctors. In our opinion, it is not worth the hassle so we do not recommend Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic to our readers.

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Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Review

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic is a probiotic supplement, described as an Advanced Spore Based Probiotic. It contains three strains of probiotic; Bacillus Coagulans (S2), Bacillus Coagulans (MTCC 5856) and finally Bacillus Subtilis (DE111). It also contains a fibre blend called Organic Vitafiber which is a prebiotic, meaning that it provides the nutrition for the probiotic colonies so that they can thrive healthily.

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Facts

  • Only available from the official website if you are a health professional
  • Delivers 11 billion CFU per 2 capsule serving
  • Contains two branded products Vitafiber and Lactospore

Surprisingly Researched Nutritionals have not developed all these components in their own labs, as you would think by the company name. Instead the formula contains a branded probiotic supplement called Lactospore which contains a type of bacteria called Bacillus Coagulans. It also contains a fibre rich prebiotic supplement called Organic Vitafiber, again made by another company and based on tapioca starch.

How to Take Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic

  • Take 2 capsules once daily at least 30 minutes before eating.

Probiotics are not all the same. These tiny bacterium inhabit the body in huge colonies and are essential for health and well being. According to some research there are around 2000 different strains in the gut alone, with scientists discovering new varieties all the time.

It seems likely that your microbiome – the name given to describe the body’s world of these tiny bacterium, plays a crucial role in health and disease and although research is still in early stages, it is possible that probiotics may hold the key to long term health and wellbeing.

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Concerns:

  • If this is recommended by your health advisor, you may be tempted to take this long term. Will it really work though?
  • Advertising implies that probiotics are prescribed by doctors whereas in fact they are not officially recognised by the governing health authorities
  • Why is there no customer feedback for this supplement? We would have loved to have seen true life customer experiences of taking this supplement

Probiotics are not actually medically approved, and there is no official line on prescribing probiotics. But in general, most physicians believe that some types of probiotics can be effective for treating digestive health issues and more. Some doctors advise them for use after a course of antibiotics for example.

This leads us onto the Researched Nutritionals website which is apparently aimed at physicians and healthcare professionals. We found this puzzling because as probiotics are not officially approved and prescribed by doctors, how can this website restrict their products for only doctors to buy?

The answer probably lies with the alternative health industry that is more likely to go for probiotics in a big way than many registered and mainstream MDS (GPS in the UK).

What Does Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Claim To Do?

According to the product advertising,

“CoreBiotic™ represents the latest in advanced probiotics, combining 3 fully sequenced and registered soil based strains with an organic prebiotic to promote colonization. Each of the strains were specifically chosen for their supporting science. CoreBiotic™ is our most comprehensive and advanced probiotic to date.”

There are four key features,

Advanced: 3 spore forming strains each genomically sequenced and registered guaranteeing accurate specificity and potency

Comprehensive: Each strain specifically chosen for its published research covering intestinal health and beyond

Microbiome support: 11 Billion CFU per dose

Convenient: 1 dose per day, no refrigeration & competitively priced

The probiotics used in the supplement are derived from soil (soil based organisms). The importance of this is explained.

“Traditionally when people consumed organic produce, they ingested soil-based probiotic organisms. These SBO’s helped maintain a normal microbiome in the intestines.

Today with processed foods containing pesticide and hormone residues, people do not consume these beneficial SBO’s, leading to dysbiosis or microbial imbalance. Because SBO’s are spore forming, they are heat stable, dairy-free, and able to withstand stomach and bile acid”

Does Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Work?

It might work. It might not. The evidence for probiotics is still inconclusive and nothing is really proven yet, despite the fact that probiotics are widely touted for health.

This supplement contains probiotic strains that have been researched by Researched Nutritionals and as the information states, each of the strains were specifically chosen for their supporting science. However Researched Nutritionals have not produced these strains in their own labs, and there is nothing exclusive about the contents as they do show up in numerous other food products and supplements.

Lactospore, the Bacillus Coagulans probiotic is present in many food brands such as Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt. According to some scientific research Bacillus Coagulans has benefits for gut health. It is often taken as a remedy for diarrhoea and gastric issues and although it lacks real evidence, many people believe in it.

Bacillus Subtilis is derived from bacterium usually recovered from soil and decomposing plant material. It is believed to boost immunity to disease, but there are concerns about its safety as it is hard to standardise, and it does not have GRAS (generally recognised as safe) status.

Despite the medical looking website, CoreBiotic does not seem like a very high quality and safe probiotic supplement.

What Are The Ingredients of Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic?

Serving size is equal to two capsules.

  • Organic Vitafiber (660mg): Vitafiber is a branded fibre derived from tapioca starch. According to the product advertising, VitaFiber (Organic) is a prebiotic fiber sweetener providing low calorie, non-cariogenic sweetness, and soluble prebiotic dietary fiber for human digestive health. The powder is used in low calorie cooking and sugar free dietary products. It also shows up in bodybuilding powders and meal replacement products. Source

CB Complex (11 billion CFU):

  • Bacillus Coagulans: Type of probiotic, good bacteria, that is present throughout the digestive system and important for maintaining gastric health. Some people believe it increases the body immunity to disease but there is no real evidence that it does. Source
  • Lactospore (Bacillus Coagulans MTCC 5856): Well known probiotic supplement made by the Sabinsa Corporation a well known US supplements manufacturer that provides ingredients for supplements and the food industry. The probiotic has GRAS status and is used in a wide range of probiotic supplements and dietary products. Source
  • Bacillus Subtilis: Derived from decomposing plant material as well as airborne, soil and water sources, this genus are hard to standardise. It is a definitely a good bacteria but surprisingly it is often used on crops as a fungicide.

Does Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Have Any Side Effects?

Probiotics can cause side effects such as gas and bloating. If you have a weakened immune system probiotics could introduce infection into your body.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Ask your doctor before using if you have an underlying medical condition or have a weakened immune system.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic?

We have been unable to find any customer reviews for Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic.

Does Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee with CoreBiotic

Where Can I Buy Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic?

CoreBiotic is on sale from the official Researched Nutritionals website but according to the terms, it is only available to medical professionals who will have to sign up to the site and register before buying.

However we have found it on sale from some independent health food sites both in the USA and UK.

How does Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee
Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic

2.5 out of 5
Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic Rating

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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