SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is one of many weight loss products currently available in the market. It relies on Dendrobium, an herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Each capsule of SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 provides you with 600 mg of high quality Dendrobium powder that is said to not only boost weight loss but also improve mood and cognitive function. The blend provides you with several alkaloids that work together to produce amazing results.

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 provides you with a popular herb called Dendrobium that belongs to the family of the orchid plant. It is supposed to help improve your focus, increase energy, and aid fat loss at the same time. Does it really deserve your attention? Here is our review to help you decide.

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Pros

  • May improve focus
  • Easy to take

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Cons

  • May not be effective for weight loss
  • Can cause insomnia
  • Possibly ineffective on its own
  • Likely to cause side effects
  • Very expensive
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SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600

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What You Need To Know About SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is supposed to help you lose weight while improving mood and cognition mainly because it provides you with Dendrobium extract with high-potency alkaloid content. You can stack it with caffeine to enjoy better results. When combined with caffeine, it helps improve mental focus, cognition, and memory. It also helps you burn fat more effectively. Unfortunately, it may not prove that effective as a standalone product, and there is no scientific evidence suggesting that it works even when combined with caffeine.

What Are The Side Effects Of SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600?

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 provides you with Dendrobium that may stimulate your central nervous system to some extent and cause side effects usually associated with the use of caffeine, such as irritability, nausea, elevated heart rate, and hypertension. Refer to our ‘Side Effects’ section to learn more.

How Much Does SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Cost?

You have to spend $39.99 to get one bottle of SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600.

Our Verdict On SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 claims to help you in a number of ways. Not only does it improve mood, it also helps improve weight loss. It provides you with 600 mg of Dendrobium per serving, but that is supposed to provide you with several alkaloids that offer a variety of benefits. Unfortunately, you cannot find a shred of research to confirm that SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is in any way effective for weight loss. Those alkaloids cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. It is going to prove ineffective because the recommended dose of Dendrobium is up to 6,000 mg, but you are not going to get enough from SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600. It would not be a great idea to spend $39.99 to get one bottle that does not provide you with enough Dendrobium. You get 40 servings per bottle, but even then, it is not an affordable choice. You would be better off putting your money on a different pre-workout or weight loss supplement because SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is not going to work!

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SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Review

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 makes several big claims. Each serving provides you with 600 mg of Dendrobium, which contains several alkaloids. It is supposed to work by stimulating your central nervous system, which is not always a good thing because it does not improve energy but only masks signs of fatigue for a short time. Let’s find out why we think we should avoid wasting your money on SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600.

First of all, many customer reviews suggest that SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 does not work at all. There are some reviews suggesting that you may notice some results by the effect take forever to kick in. It makes a bit more efficient at work, but you are not going to get any real increase in energy. With no so many positive reviews for SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600, it would only be a waste of money to try it.

It is worth mentioning that some people think that SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is a good alternative to DMAA, which is a banned by FDA. DMAA is supposed to construct blood vessels to produce some effects, but it also causes side effects such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and potential risk of heart attack and seizures. Dendrobium extract is considered a better option because it works like DMAA but without its side effects. Again, there is no research to confirm if Dendrobium extract or SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 can enhance energy and mood like DMAA.

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Facts

  • 40 capsules per bottle
  • 600 mg dendrobium per serving
  • Improved focus

Another important thing about SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is that it provides you with 600 mg of Dendrobium extract. However, if you check some studies and the recommended dose of Dendrobium, it is up to 6-12g a day. In other words, you are likely to see some effects only when you take at least 6,000 mg of Dendrobium per day, which is surely not going to happen when you stick to the recommended dose of SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600.

Let’s talk about the Dendrobium alkaloids and their claimed benefits. It actually contains a number of alkaloids, as mentioned on the official website.

The Dendrobium alkaloids consist of Dendrobine, B-Phenylethylamine, Dendroxine, Dendramine, N, N-Dimethyl-B-Phenylethylamine, and N, N-Diethyl-B-Phenylethylamine.

Do these alkaloids really help make any difference to your weight or cognitive function? Again, there is not enough scientific evidence to support those claims. It contains B-phenylethylamine (PEA) that is supposed to increase energy production and aid weight loss. Nowadays, you can find PEA included in many weight loss supplements mainly because it is supposed to affect neurotransmitters that control certain emotions, including alertness, euphoria, and appetite. What it means is that it may help with weight loss by suppressing appetite. Some studies have found that PEA may help treat depression symptoms.

A study published in the “Journal of Neuropsychiatry Clinical Neuroscience” in 1996 showed that phenylethylamine is effective in treating depression. The tolerance developed from amphetamine use, which leads to a need for increasing dosage, doesn’t occur with phenylethylamine. By stimulating the release of dopamine, PEA reduces appetite while improving mood.

How to Take SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600

The recommended dosage is 1–2 capsules 15–20 minutes before a training session or work out. For the best results, it is best accompanied with caffeine.

But again, you should not expect great results just by suppressing appetite, especially when you already quite overweight. Other than suppressing appetite, there is no other benefit of phenylethylamine linked to weight loss. In fact, many experts believe that phenylethylamine is not really intended for weight loss. It may help with energy and focus, but do not expect much in terms of fat loss. Moreover, excessive amounts of PEA may cause psychoactive effects, such as hallucinations.

While there are some studies suggesting that PEA is more of a nootropic ingredient than weight loss ingredients, it may not work great to boost memory and cognition either. The reason is that dietary PEA fails to reach the brain to cause any effects. First, it has to pass from the GI tract into your blood, and then it needs to cross the blood-brain barrier to affect the activity of neurotransmitters. Since it cannot cross these barriers, you may not notice any of its claimed benefits.

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Concerns:

  • Ineffective for weight loss
  • Possible side effects
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Very expensive

Dendrobine is also found in Dendrobium extract. Along with Dendroxine, it is supposed to help improve your mood. It has anti-depressive properties, but unfortunately, there is no scientific data to support these claims. It means that you may or may not get any benefits when taking SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600. Therefore, it is better to avoid it in the first place and save your hard-earned money. It really makes no sense to spend $39.99 just to order one bottle of SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600, which is never going to deliver positive results. So, avoid it and look for a supplement with scientifically proven ingredients and positive customer reviews.

What Does SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Claim To Do?

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 provides you with 600 mg of high quality Dendrobium extract in each serving. It includes several alkaloids that are responsible for causing a number of amazing benefits. Here are some of its claimed benefits:

  • It helps improve brain function by affecting neurotransmitters.
  • It helps improve energy levels.
  • It helps support weight loss.
  • It stimulates central nervous system and increases energy.
  • It affects neurotransmitter activity and boosts mood.

Does SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Work?

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 claims to help you reduce weight while improving your brain health. It is supposed to provide you with Dendrobium extract that contains several alkaloids. These alkaloids are responsible for improving your mood and increasing focus. Unfortunately, you will be hugely disappointed if you are opting for SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 to help lose weight. It may affect neurotransmitters to boost mood and suppress appetite a little, but it is not going to burn those layers of fat you may already have. Some studies also suggest that Dendrobium is not going to work because many alkaloids in it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, you should look for a different supplement if your main aim is to burn fat effectively – SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 is not going work in this regard!

What Are The Ingredients of SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600?

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 contains only one ingredient, Dendrobium, but it also provides you with several alkaloids. Here is more about what you find in SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600:

  • B-Phenylethylamine: It is supposed to help increase energy and improve weight loss. However, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support these claims.
  • Dendramine: It is supposed to repair damage done to brain cells and combats toxins as well. It lacks scientific evidence to support these claims.
  • N, N-Dimethyl-B-Phenylethylamine: It works by stimulating your central nervous system, but over stimulation can sometimes lead to insomnia and other side effects.
  • N, N-Diethyl-B-Phenylethylamine: It also leads to CNS stimulation and may increase sense of well-being.

Does SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Have Any Side Effects?

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 contains only Dendrobium extract, and there has not been enough research done on the negative effects of this ingredient. However, some customer reviews suggest that because it can cause CNS stimulation, it may lead to problems associated with caffeine intake. Some common side effects include insomnia, irritability, and increased heart rate. There are also some reviews suggesting that long-term use of SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 may cause anxiety and dizziness.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Not intended for use by people under the age of 18. Consult a health care professional prior to use if you have any know or suspected medical conditions, and/or if you are taking any OTC or prescription medications. Store in a cool, dry place.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600?

SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 makes some big claims, but it fails to deliver desired results, at least that is what you will find when checking customer reviews for this dietary supplement. Here are some examples:

I have been taking this supplement for quite some time now. Though I have not experienced any side effects, I have not noticed any benefits either. Do not take it as a weight-loss supplement.

It may help improve focus to some extent, but it is not going to help you lose weight. You will be better off trying something else to lose weight.

I expected a little more. Not sure why. It did give me a slight energy boost and a little more focus. I wouldn’t use or rely on this on a daily basis or often. I’ll probably keep it around until I use it up. This couldn’t replace a pre-workout or a strong cup of coffee, in my opinion … however, it is easy to just pop a pill and get a little bit of a boost. It seemed to last a few hours for me.


Does SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600 Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Depending on where you go to place your order, you may or may not get any money-back guarantee.

Where Can I Buy SD Pharmaceuticals Dendrobium 600?

You can buy it from third-party retailers online.

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