Secret Diet Drops

Diet drops are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Secret Diet Drops is one of the latest to be promoted to UK consumers. After a couple of consumer reports from visitors we decided it was time to take a look.

Promising a more effective way to deliver weight loss ingredients, Secret Diet Drops are to be taken with a strict low calorie diet plan. We ask if it’s the low calorie diet or the diet drops working to lose those excess pounds? We decided to look further into Secret Diet Drops.

UPDATE: In 2016, Secret Diet Drops was found to be a fake weight loss supplement. The owners, Helen Buchan and Carol Wiseman, had to pay a £9000 fine and given 180 hours unpaid work in the community as an alternative to jail. Source

Secret Diet Drops Pros

  • One of the cheaper diet drops on the market
  • Plenty of customer testimonials

Secret Diet Drops Cons

  • Requires a strict very low calorie diet
  • Lacks full ingredient profile
  • Lack of proven ingredients
  • Lacks references to studies to support claims
Secret Diet Drops

Secret Diet Drops Review

Secret Diet Drops Facts

  • Manufactured by Secret Diet Drops Ltd, Scotland
  • Contains 22 ingredients in all
  • Required to follow a strict low calorie diet

We just couldn’t ignore the number of concerned consumers who wanted us to take a look at this. There are a number of diet drops now on the market and Secret Diet Drops doesn’t stand out to be any different.

Manufactured by Secret Diet Drops Limited who are registered in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, with the company having been trading since 2011. The official website is fairly poor and is somewhat lacking in information on some of the pages. The “about us” page is particularly poor, with a pithy statement as to why women should give the supplement a try – nothing on who is behind Secret Diet Drops!

On the plus side, the company address is clearly displayed on the website along with a telephone number and email address.

So what is the “secret” protocol?

Well firstly it’s important to realise that the diet drops aren’t some magic potion that work on their own. A low calorie diet plan needs to be strictly followed and care taken to ensure you’re sufficiently hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day (around 2-3 litres per day). When we say strictly followed we really mean it, such that raw ingredients need to be weighed. Make no mistake these “diet protocols” aren’t easy to follow!

To help you though, the official site has a handy selection of 19 Secret Diet Drop recipes that give you an idea of the type of meals possible on this diet plan.

As is typical with liquid diet drops the diet plan is called a “protocol” and is split into distinct phases, each requiring different calorie intake. See our Secret Diet Drops diet protocol below for more information on this.

Secret Diet Drops Concerns:

  • Requires adherence to strict low calorie diet plan
  • Lacks a full ingredient profile and so unclear is sufficient ingredients present
  • Results most likely due to the low calorie diet

What is the Secret Diet Drops Protocol?

We’re mentioned already a few times the diet protocol. So what is it?

Well the Secret Diet Drops Diet Phase is split into three parts; the loading days, the diet and lastly the maintenance phase.

Loading Phase (2 days): You can eat anything you like during these 2 days, including high caloric foods like takeaways, confectionery snacks and alcohol (not too much though!).

Diet Phase (43 days): This is where you start the diet in earnest. The guidelines are strict with adherence to the diet plan important for results to be seen.

At breakfast time it looks like you’re only allowed to have tea or coffee with little milk and no sugar.

Lunchtime you’re allowed some food and can choose one 100g of meat or fish with one type of vegetable. As well as ensuring you stick to just 100g when weighed raw, no oil or butter is permitted for cooking and so it must be boiled or carefully grilled.

At dinnertime you should eat the same as for lunch.

Snacks are allowed but just 2 per day and consist of an apple, orange, few strawberries or half a grapefruit.

You also take 15 drops three times per day.

Maintenance Phase (6 weeks): Once you have finished the drops you spend 3 weeks increasing calorie intake to between 1,500 and 1,800 calories per day. The diet becomes less strict allowing you to introduce fruit and vegetables.

The remaining 3 weeks you can gradually introduce flour, rice, bread, pasta and potatoes into your diet.

This whole “protocol” is old hat and based on a completely discredited physician called Dr Albert T. Simeons. He created a technique whereby patients were injected with hCG (human chrorionic gonadotrphin) and forced to undertake a very low calorie diet.

This diet was called the “protocol” and a whole industry was built up to fleece unsuspecting victims out of million of dollars over the years. This was back in the fifties and despite being outlawed by the FDA it was again resurrected by another notorious scammer called Kevin Trudeau.

He was eventually fined $5 million for the scam by the US Judicial system and forced to stop making any claims around liquid diet drops and “protocols.”

Despite all this some manufacturers have continued the misconceptions and confusion over “liquid diet drops” and “protocols”.

This is why we are always concerned when we see the two together, because there is no clinical evidence that any diet drop based supplement and a “protocol” can work we would rather go with the experts.

What Does Secret Diet Drops Claim To Do?

The manufacturer claims this supplement is “straight from America” and is the…

The Secret Protocol of the Rich and Famous

But that’s not all; they claim it’s the “Secret protocol they don’t want you to know about!”… Exactly whom they mean we can only guess!

Further increasing the hype around this supplement, the manufacturers claim…

The diet drops have been revolutionary in treating obesity.

Lastly the good news for those consumers looking to reduce heavy alcohol consumption, the manufacturers claim…

Such dieters say that they do not feel the need to drink. This may in part be due to the euphoria which SDD produces and in part to the complete absence

All impressive claims but without ANY evidence presented to back any of them up then we would take them with a pinch of salt. In particular a product that is “revolutionary in treating obesity” would not be being sold on a poorly built website, it would be worth billions and would be plastered all over the media.

So What Is Secret Diet Drops and What Are The Ingredients For Secret Diet Drops?

All in all there are 22 active ingredients in each Secret Diet Drop. These include a number of amino acids, superfruits and other weight loss ingredients seen in other supplements. There is no indication of the amounts used and so it’s impossible to know if sufficient quantities exist to trigger any weight loss effect!

Here are the listed ingredients from the official site:

L-Carnitine, L-Omithine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Tryosine, Tryptophan, Beta-Alanine, Chromium, African Mango, (irvingia gabonensis), Grapefruit Powder, Green Tea Leaf Extract EGCG, Glycyrrhizin Extract, Panax Ginseng, Maca Powder Extract, Grapeseed Extract Pyruvate, Blue Green Algae, Ginger Root, Guarana, Garcinia, Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), Capsicum.

Now, no further information is given for how these ingredients are supposed to work.

If you’re looked at other diet supplements before then some of the ingredients may be familiar. We’re written about most of these elsewhere on the site, here are a few of the promising ingredients worth noting:

  • African Mango: Derived from the seeds of the Irvingia Gabonensis with two trials that have shown the link between African Mango and weight loss. Significant weight loss results were shown after consuming 300mg of African Mango per day for 10 weeks. Unlikely sufficient quantity is present in these drops
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract EGCG: Evidence suggests that along with a number of health benefits weight loss is one of them. A certain amount and type of green tea has been shown to increase metabolism and promote fat burning. We don’t have any idea of the amounts used here though!
  • Guarana: Said to contain a stronger acting form of caffeine albeit in smaller quantities that is released slowly to give sustained energy.
  • Chromium: A clear favourite amongst diet pills as its suggested to stabilise blood sugar levels and increase energy levels. A comparative study by The National Institute of Health found that some studies claiming Chromium has effects on body mass and composition are questionable.
  • Garcinia: Dried fruit rind of Garcinia cambogia that contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to suppress appetite. Studies have suggested 500mg or more per day could have a beneficial effect on appetite and weight reduction.
  • Capsicum: Extracted from the Chilli pepper and responsible for the spicy taste and red colour. Popular in a number of chilli based diet pills as suggested to boost metabolism and increase calorie expenditure.

So What Does All This Mean?

This supplement requires following a VERY STRICT diet regime that involves abstaining from alcohol, daily weighing and taking up to 45 drops each day.

Whilst there is an indication of the ingredients used in the drops, you’re required to take the word of the manufacturer that sufficient amounts are used and that using diet drops is more effective than taking weight loss ingredients any other way.

The diet protocol won’t be easy to adhere to; even the manufacturers highlight themselves that the diet plan isn’t easy…

Don’t be thinking about the hard ship of the diet plan.

Does Secret Diet Drops Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer mentions no side effects but it’s important to highlight that strict low calorie diets aren’t for everyone. Side effects can be associated with low calorie diets such as fatigue, constipation, nausea, and diarrhoea.

For more information please visit WebMD:

Caution: Consumers should avoid taking this supplement if pregnant or a breast-feeding mother, have a body mass index (BMI) under 18.5 and are under 18 years of age. The very low calorie diet protocol is not for everyone and you’re recommend to check with your doctor first.

Any Secret Diet Drops Reviews From Customers?

The official site has one of the most impressive list (we counted 80 reviews in all) of “before” and “after” testimonials we have seen on a diet supplement site. And unusually for this industry they appear to be genuine pictures and not copied from another site!

We have no way of checking how genuine the reported weight loss figures are.

Although some consumers have reported on a couple of forums that the drops have worked for them, the general consensus is that it’s the strict diet and not the drops that cause the weight loss.

So Does Secret Diet Drops Work?

The simple answer is, IF you follow the very strict diet plan then you should lose weight. Any weight loss will be through eating fewer calories and not down to the diet drops at all.

In terms of the drops helping the strict diet plan more manageable, again there is no evidence to support this claim.

There is no information about the ingredients at all on the official website, instead you have to rely on blind faith that these work. On top of this the amount of ingredients in each drop is a mystery and so its impossible to tell how effective the drops will be.

If you were tempted to try Secret Diet Drops we would recommend speaking to your doctor first to ensure such a regime is suitable for you.

Where Can I Buy Secret Diet Drops?

Diet drops can be fairly expensive so it’s worth noting that Secret Diet drops are one of the cheapest diet drops on the market costing £35 per bottle. Included with each purchase is an information booklet and access to the Facebook group.

Delivery costs also apply from £3.50 to the UK and £4.00 to the Ireland and the rest of the world.

What About a Money Back Guarantee?

The return policy is that only unopened bottles can be refunded within 28 days of the purchase date. Faulty products are replaced at no cost to the consumer. We would add that under the Distance Selling Regulations you are able to get a full refund of any product within 7 days as these are your statutory rights under UK law.

Watchdog Verdict

We have seen a fair number of diet drop supplements in the last 12 months, all of which we have rejected.

Secret Diet Drops are one of the cheapest on the market and have some impressing looking testimonials on the official site; the fact is it’s most likely the strict diet that is causing the weight loss seen. Don’t be fooled, the diet regime won’t be easy and if you have the will power to follow it, then you could simply follow a similar diet without the drops.

Following a very low calorie is not for everyone with medical opinion urging caution if you intend to adopt such a diet. The manufacturers even recommend speaking to your doctor before starting the very low calorie diet.

The lack of a full ingredient profile and clinical evidence to support the claims made by the “diet drops” means that we reject Secret Diet Drops.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills


Before Making a Comment: Whilst we find comments/feedback from consumers and merchants alike incredibly useful and informative, this supplement seems to evoke strong emotions on both sides. We wish to inform anyone placing a comment to be civil and not to make personal attacks. Any such comment will be deleted and may face being banned from making future comments.

Secret Diet Drops

#1 Consumer Choice 2020: Phentaslim

Phentaslim is Diet Pills Watchdog Approved


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  • Over 100,000 satisfied customers
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See our Full Review here

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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196 comments on 'Secret Diet Drops'

  1. I had my comments deleted and was blocked by all Facebook pages by this group. I took these drops for just over 2 weeks and followed the plan precisely, i had all my meat weighed out & frozen, i had one of my pieces of fruit for breakfast and one as an afternoon snack, i kept to one type of veg from the list per mealtime.
    at about the 2 and a half week mark i had lost 10.5lb but i hadn’t been for a number 2 in 3 days, i felt sick at everything i ate, i was shaking and was continuously hungry with headaches. I then threw up twice in one morning and decided enough was enough. on consulting my doctor he told me my body had gone into shock, i had literally starved myself, my body then started clinging to everything i ate, meaning i was majorly constipated and uncomfortable for weeks afterwards.
    This diet is dangerous! if you need to lose weight don’t try a quick fix, do it healthily, I’ve now lost 2.5stone on slimming world and feel great.

  2. I did these drops 18 months ago and lost 1 stone 12lb in 5 weeks 2 days – and felt AMAZING after the first couple of days…

    To date I have only put back on 4lbs and am just about to go back on them. There are a few things that people haven’t pointed out – You ARE limited on the protein content and have to weigh that but you can have as much of the ONE vegetable on the list as you want….

    Here’s a hint and tip.. take your vegetable … eg a cauliflower and boil it up – put some in the blender with herbs and make a cauliflower soup – then take some more and mash it or grate it to make mash or rice and then have your soup as a starter, followed by your protein with mash and vegetables – with as many herbs as you like to taste…

    Now I dont know about anything else but that isnt a 500 calorie restricted diet.. If you wanted to eat 2 cauliflowers you could – or carrots, or onions, or whatever else is on the list. You do this twice a day.

    Then I used the 2 pieces of fruit – one for breakfast – and then saved my 6 strawberries for just before bed and put it in a blender with ice for a strawberry smoothie.. or an apple cooked in the oven with cinnamon for extra taste.

    This diet is what you make it and the drops help to maintain your hunger and blood sugar levels – use your imagination and it will be amazing. Listen to what the people here are saying and you’d never give it a go. But heed the people that say they had the Secret Diet Drops and became ill as nothing works for everyone..

    I personally love it and just started again. Am going for another 2 stone in 2 months.

  3. I have not started this yet although start the diet on Tuesday until drops arrive, I did a 500 calorie diet once before and yes I did loose a stone in 10 days I need to loose two stone so am seriously going to stick at it have thrown out all temptations and only got what I can eat on this diet and as someone said if you get hunger pains have extra fruit will let you know how I go

  4. Hi
    Whether it is the low cal diet or just the fact that they act as an appetite suppressant , or whatever, I lost 4 1/2 stones on the diet. My sister lost over 2 stone, and my niece, who didn’t have much to lose, lost half a stone. The weight comes off really quickly, which makes you want to keep on the diet. It is not as hard as made out and it may be psychological, but I wasn’t hungry!! Frankly, I don’t care if it is psychological if it works. The drops focus you on losing the weight, and although they may be a ‘crutch’, I needed that to stop from cheating. The description of the diet above is not accurate. You can have one of your fruit at breakfast. I always have either an orange or an apple cut up and dipped in yoghurt. I could also have an egg, but prefer to keep that for lunch. You get 140g of protein at lunch, and I often have my breakfast egg made into an omelette with a scoop of cream cheese and spring onion. Because I haven’t used my lunch allowance, I then have a full 8oz steak (280g) with veg or salad at dinner. When having the protein, you can have unlimited veg with it. (although only one kind) Also one of my favourite’s is a salmon steak 130g on a bed of cucumber (can use a whole one) with chilli flakes and /or garlic pepper.
    There have also been a few changes and additions to the diet, but to be honest, I preferred it as it was!!
    I think, ultimately, I only lose weight if strictly controlled. As soon as I can have sugar or too much carb, it is out of control!! There must be many people who are the same, and this diet would suit them too. I come off it every so often, but feel sluggish etc when I eat carb etc (no willpower)!!!!!

  5. Hi,
    I have successfully completed Secret Diet Drops and I have to say I couldn’t be happier! Yes the diet at times was a struggle but I did it and now I have lost 2 stone! I’m the lightest I’ve ever been and happiest!! my weight has stayed off.
    Don’t listen to the jealous people above who cant see anyone do well for themselves!!

    Thank You SDD!!!!!!!!!*****

  6. Hi

    I am one of the people in the photos and yes I found it to be the best diet I ever did. I did the diet 2 years ago .

    I have put weight back on over the last year which is of my own doing of eating crap foods and junk I put a stone in all back on .

    Both my husband and I did them I lost 2 Stone in 21 days . Then like most diets it’s up to yourselves to keep it off.

    Whether or not you think its a scam or that the drops do not work I found because of quick results it gave me the inspiration to keep going unlike doing all the other diets that take months and you loose interest .

    I found the drops did help with my hunger control
    And whether that is syco logical or whether scientific who knows.

    I also felt like I had more energy. I would recommend the diet as it worked for me and my husband our photos are on the web page and I was the one of the first vegetarians to substitute the meat for quote.

    I do not live in the uk my husband would recommend it too.

    I would rather pay 38 pounds for a bottle of drops that may only work in your head as you all say than pay lots of money monthly for shakes and special pre ordered food.

    I would and will do the diet again and like every diet once you got the weight off its down to your own will power to keep It off and the foods you eat afterwards. Plus exercise.

    secret diet drops uk. They worked for me. Try and make your own mind up.

    If they work for you awesome if they don’t then you didn’t do it right .

    1. I totally agree, and in fact said much the same below somewhere. (I am reading from the bottom up!!)
      Who cares if it is psychological if it works!!!

  7. I was taking these drops for just under a month and all I lost was around 6/7lb and when I came off them I put it all back in and more, and I’m not even that much off a big eater sometimes I have a meal a day so I don’t get how these are aupposed to work when you just out the weight back.. I’ve noticed that once I’ve come off these for about a month now I’ve been really tired, more head aches and just can never be bothered to do anything, in on the urge off getting kicked off my college course for this and normally I’m out every day doing something but after I came off them I just Cba.. I blame the drops and whatever is in them is harmful and not worth wasting your money or worse putting your self at risk for.. Wouldn’t you rather lose the weight naturally then harming yourself? I didn’t realise how bad they where until now

    1. Lucy- if you have been off the SDD for a month it isnt them thats making you feel sluggish…

  8. I have tried this..its all psychological…a waste of money, cant go more than two days as you are starving!!!! eating less than 500 calories a day drains you emotionally and physically

  9. Slimming drops Ireland!!!!! whats that all about? they are totally different slimming product to secret diet drops, please start up a new page for them please.

  10. Hi I bought the slimming drops Ireland last Thursday and I find it difficult. I am a coeliac and have been all my life. I find that I’m constantly hungry and seem to be drinking more water than I can manage. I’m thinking of quitting it, I should have gone to my doctor’s beforehand but didn’t. The one thing it is making me aware of though is how high in carbs my diet is, so I’ll be changing that. I can’t handle not having a proper breakfast each morning. The website for slimdrops Ireland is flimsy too. Hhhhmmm yeah think I’ll be giving it up as I can’t handle it. Just have to get my ass in gear and cut back on carbs and exercise more. At least I gave it a try, red faced a bit from it but hey you live and learn.

  11. i beleive these drops may not work .. well not the way the say .. i think its more phsycological .. its £38 .. of course yr not gunna cheat wen youve paid for them .. if yr sure in yr head they gunna work it would push u to be strict .. ive read the diet and yes it extreme but is doable .. ive struggled with my weight for years now and find it very hard to stick to diets .. especialy wen yr so good and you maintain or put on .. ive been dieting for 2 months and lost 19 lb .. for weeks now ive maintained and have been reducing wat im eating to just stay the same ..was thinking of just giving up but ive ordered the drops just to give me that boost .. the drops maynot work and it might be just the extreme diet that makes me lose , knowing ive paid for them will help me sucseed .. you are warned of headaches and they sell a conel drops for constipation .. so im prepared with asprin and prunes lol x

    1. now that they have added in more veg and salad, —–no constipation. Make sure to drink lots of water

  12. I was just on their FB page and just asked if the diet was easy and realisticthTo stick to, simple question guess what comment deleted. I also found one of
    the ladies(in before and after pics) FB page and she had nothing on there about drops?? If she was an advocate and lost 5 stone on them surely she would say a lot about it???

  13. Jessica – there is nothing dodgy about it!!!!! Stock levels are very low and very sporadic at the mo! There suppliers in the US are having problems and have made several errors in supplies. SDD will be back on track very soon. It has nothing to do with the POLICE, CUSTOMS & EXCISE OR TRADING STANDARDS. Secret Diet Drops are operating within the laws of the United Kingdom and have had the approval of Trading Standards, as they have visited the company in the past and found nothing wrong. So all you jealous people just grow up and get on with you’re life’s please and let SDD get on with trading and helping and supplying dieters with their needs while trying to get rid of that weight.

    1. Their suppliers in the US are having problems? That’s putting it mildly! All of Kevin Trudeau’s assets, which include the company that supplies these drops, are now in the hands of the official receiver.

    2. That’s the drops back up for sale folks, as said it was only supplier problems back in the US, nothing more nothing less. There is nothing wrong with these drops, so stop the scaremongering and get on with yer sad lives please.

  14. Why are they still showing as out of stock yet their resellers are still being supplied? I find it very suspicious as 2 of the said resellers live in the same place as SDD and both claim to work in the SDD office!!! Very dodgy… pun intended.

  15. Just checked out this website ” this isnt bbc watchdog ” this page is a scam !!
    Bet this comment gets rejected !
    This is not the bbc watchdog !!!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      This is one of the most emotive diet supplements we have reviewed and has certainly evoked strong emotions from both supporters and critics. To respond directly to your comment though, we have never claimed to be the BBC watchdog, if you take a look at our FAQ section this explains it clearly. As you can see, even before your comment, we do put both positive and negative comments for every review or article we write.
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  16. Oh forgot to mention that this thred seems to be the same as what your accusing sdd of doin , if you dont like whats said you are rude to whomever said it , isnt this forum to hear both sides of the argument and before u say it …. Im NOTHING to do with sdd im not admin or a seller of the drops nor am i the best speller in the world but i have found the drops have helped in some way to lose weight and keep it off 🙂

  17. Well i dont know about u lot or if anyone from watchdog did the diet n drops for themselves and if they didnt then hiw csn they ” reject them ” i did yhe diet without the pills and it nearly put me in hospital so i did the diet with the drops and never felf better, to date ive list 3 s 7 lb , not sayin the drops made me lose weight its obviously the diet but the drops did supress my apitite and tbh ive nevet felt better in my life , quite frankly i cudnt give a rats behind what anyone else thinks. Dont knock it till uve tryed it both ways !

  18. Rumbled
    I think there is more to it than that, customs and excise and police were involved, everything taken from them, now I cant wait until they are taken to court because I for one am going to ask for all my money back, i lost weight sure, but now i am heavier than i was when i started, my own stupidity i guess!

  19. just wondered if you would like to know that the secret diet drops supplier was visited my trading standards 3/09/2013 and there web site is now down…

  20. Just had medical advise, was told living on 500 calories a day is extremely dangerous. And if you survive it then your put back on as quick as lost when start eating properly. Yes its the diet not the drops that makes dramatic weight loss!

    1. I have used 2 bottles of SDD and I felt good throughout. My acid reflux disappeared, I was able to stop taking prescription drugs to keep it under control, my achy joints (knees, ankles, wrists,) all felt more comfortable within the first few days of taking the drops. I totted up my calorie intake over a few days and I’ve no idea where people get 500 from as mine were between 800-850 daily. My Dr read the diet sheet and was quite happy for me to continue as she said “It’s obviously working for me and if anything I was feeling healthier” I had very good support from a smaller support group, away from the main page which helped immensely. But, it seems no one can get hold of SDD to order anymore so maybe there will be no more anyway… Who knows?!!

  21. OMG I’m so glad you all spoke up about SDD . I was foolish and order a bottle yesterday. Wish I did my research soon. Was wondering why only good comments, so Google bad and found here! I’m so shocked by the ones who have suffered at this. I will ask my dr, but I’m out off trying it now and a friend. This needs to be stopped! Its attempted murder! My health is paramount already on a normal diet anyway. But thought it was too good to be true. Omg omg

  22. And SDD using several different names on here to appear to be several people with “success” stories!! That’s desperation. Something really isn’t sitting easy with me on this. I’ve considered the drops but I’m too scared they’ll make me ill judging by some of the things I’ve read.

  23. Yeah Helen is admin and the advice and information on the Facebook page is rubbish. So many people have said anything remotely negative gets deleted and that’s totally true. If they were genuine would they not respond to this with positive responses to put people’s minds at rest rather than deleting?? Something isn’t right.
    And yes, their spelling is atrocious.

  24. I’ve been thinking about doing this but do still come back to the question that’s yea if u did just eat 500 cals a day alone you would lose the weight,if there are so good and recommended by gp’s surely your gp’s would start piscribing these to reduce obesity in this country???

  25. I’m on the sdd and it’s the best diet I’ve ever try and I’m on my 2nd bottle people shouldn’t judge unless they have try it the food has gone up since this was written its not. Abad diet it’s good and I’ve been on loads off diets the last ten years and this one has been the best even for me it’s easy to stick to I for one staying with it

  26. I have just purchased a bottle of these drops, but after reading all of these negative comments, i am wondering if it is worth starting them at all. I think i will take the bottle to my chemist or drs in the morning to see what they say about them. If it is a scam, i feel totally ashamed for falling for it. I am a single mum of 4 and was desperate to lose weight as fast as possible, but now i have lost £35 which i could have spent on other things. I will report back to let u know what the drs/chemist says tomorrow!

    1. Lindsay (If you are real?) what did your doctor and chemist say about the drops you purchased. hope everything is all ok. As you have not posted back!

  27. This is a total laugh a minute. I just have to come on here if I’m in need of cheering up, as reading all the comments from the mindless M……….. on here always brightens my day.

    Thanks for all the laughs, and keep them comming, as I’m splitting my sides at the moment. lol

    All the best Billy

  28. I don’t know what other folks problems are with these drops. I personally have never tried them as I don’t need too, I can’t see nothing wrong with them and there is nothing wrong with selling a product like this. I sell a similar type of diet drops (not secret diet drops though). What’s that wrong with selling a product that people want to try. It may work for the majority and not work for a few. What’s the point of slating something you know nothing about!

    1. You’ve really never heard of the Consumer Protection regulations? False advertising? Fraud? You seriously have no problem with conning people by lying to them and selling a product that does nothing?

    2. IF (and a very big IF at that) Secret Diet Drops did break all these regulations (which they have not) don’t you think they would have been reprimanded and ordered to stop selling by now, they (Secret Diet Drops) have been actively selling this product since 2011! The authorities in the United Kindom take a very serious view of people and companies commiting fraud and clamp down hard on offender

  29. I could not agree more Holly. The drops are achieving results, they are just pure magic. This why I like them and sell them.

  30. Does it matter if you think people who do the diet are gullible and wasting their money?!
    We’ve all waster £35 on worse crap and at the end of the day whether there a placebo or not it’s achieving results.
    It could all be state of mind and people believe the drops work therefor they are 100% on the diet or it could be that they are se kind of miracle drop. Probably the first but if its making people happy and lose weight who are we to judge how they do it??!

  31. I am in day 5 of sdd and all my muscles ache like I have pulled them. I don’t feel sick any more. But ache like mad. Cant believe I wasted my money.

  32. I have used these drops with my dr advising me and have found them to work well x if u dont like or want to use the drops fine if others do then fine it is a personal choice for an adult to decide for themselves x
    I got my friend who is a police officer to check each bottle of drops and none of mine contained any illegal drugs x

  33. I have been taking ‘secret slimming drops’ and love them. I am losing weight I could never lose on other diets. These “side effects” people talk of are mainly felt when the body is adjusting I had a headache for a few days but I now feel great!! I think some people just haven’t got the “will power” because thats a part of doing the drops too and will find any excuse for their failure so many people have done and are currently on secret diet drops and very happy and seeing amazing results and actually keeping the weight off when reached their goal weight.

  34. A post made by Helen…

    “Helen Parker-Buchan
    We have been working hard over the past few months with the scientists in America to bring in some changes to our current diet plan. They have been testing the new plan for the past 10 months and it is working very well!

    The new diet plan we introduce will be considerably more lenient than our current one. We are just adding the finishing touches to the diet plan and making sure it works well along with our drops before we introduce it. Changes will be coming into operation very soon x
    Like · · Follow Post · Yesterday at 10:43am”

    Do they think people are stupid? What scientist? I highly doubt that!

  35. This has got to be the best diet I have ever clapped my eyes on. I have lost more weight that I thought I could ever think about. After failling on WWand Slimming world, what weight I lost I put it all back on. So I tried the Secret Diet Drops and I have reached my goal and more. I have not suffered any bad or nasty side effects while on the diet as you learn to eat correctly buy eating only proper well balanced foods and no junk or prepacked meals, like in the Weight Watchers Diet! Learn tho be healthy and eat proper again and start this FAB diet that is sweeping the country by storm. Go for it girls you will never look back again.
    I owe my new me to Secret Diet Drops.

    1. i too was guilable like you and did 18 you i had no side gives you the discipline to follow a regime,thats all.the side effects that others endure is far from normal.just 2 days ago a lady was advised to stop taking high blood pressure tabs because the drops contained grapefruit juice and not compatible with the tabs.are they going to be responsible when ,god forbid,she has a stroke/heart attack.the dr puts people on bp tabs for a reason.i have followed the sites for months and the side effects are you think that its normal to have rectal bleeding,breakthrough bleeding,post menopausal bleeding.and thats just a few of the more serious comments.the advise they give is astounding,not for your good but for their pockets

  36. According to their Facebook group, they will be adding more foods to their diet very soon. Given that they’ve spent the last couple of years seizing on any tiny deviation from their published plan as an excuse for why their product doesn’t work, there can’t be many foods they can now allow without exposing their previous claims as fraudulent.

    1. Sure enough, their new list of allowed foods includes several that they had previously claimed had been tested and scientifically proven to stop the drops working. So they were lying and they’ve incriminated themselves yet again.

  37. I’m on the secret diet drops! After trying several other big name diet clubs with very little success I decided to give these a try £35 for over 3 wks supply is by no means expensive, the diet is very very strict and there is no coming and going but the results are amazing! In just over 2 wks I have lost over 1 stone, I’m not guilable enough to think the drops are some magic potion and not anywhere in their site have the claimed to be I do realise that it’s the good food choices and controlled diet that is the main factor, however I do feel the drops help to suppress my appetite! I let my gp see the list of ingredients and the diet plan and he agreed that the diet was fine to follow for the short term as advised by SDD! I will continue to follow the plan and use the drops as I can see the good it’s doing for me, I haven’t felt unwell at anytime infact have always felt so much better less bloated and stuffed feeling when eating my meals! I agree this diet like all others is not for everyone, you new great determination and willpower to succed! 😉

    1. But you are gullible enough to fork out money for drops that do nothing for you, just full of illegal crap! Plus I can prove you’re gullible cause you cant even spell!!!!! Check it next time SDD before you post!!!!!!

  38. Just been blocked off a diet drops selling page on facbook for posting this link- think its crazy this girl selling them is ‘advising’ people what to eat, when to eat and what to do when (and theres a lot) of people are feeling faint, sick, dizzy. Funny how these posts are deleted soon after they are put up and the ‘advise’ is given- more often than not ‘eat an apple or some steamed veg and youl be fine’. She is not a doctor nor a dietician. Money making scam and playing with peoples health is not on.

  39. The lack of a full ingredient profile and clinical evidence to support these secret diet drops. ( Rejected by the diet pills Watchdog )

    Now, what do u think of that?

    I, 100% agree with Joanne. These drops aren’t doing the magic rather u r the one doing the magic urself. infact, i an’t buying these drops again. lol, was just about to make payment but decided to visit Watchdog.

  40. I just wanted to leave a comment as I have bought these drops and was using them for 5 days and had to stop as the fact i wasn’t eating was making me ill… I didn’t compain about it or say anything negative just stopped taking them. But then I started noticing people posting on the facebook page complaining about how dangerous they are and asking why all negative comments were being deleted. I posted on the page saying i have nothing bad to say about the drops (just so my comment wasn’t deleted) but all of the comments that were being deleted was making them look bad and they deleted my post anyway. I then posted again and asked where my post went and they deleted that too and also banned me from the group. So i started emailing the company to complain about why they will not show ANY negative reviews of the drops and was annoyed that i was banned from the group. I got a reply that said the admins of the group do not tolerate “disruption” on the the group and therefore delete it. What a rediculous reason. All companys should have some negative reviews about the product. And the replies i was recieving from them by email was the lowest standard of customer service i have ever seen. I replied and replied asking for an apology for the appaulling customer service but never get an apology just constant generic replies. And the last email i sent i have not since recieved a reply and have been banned from the facebook group a second time… how immature is that!? I paid money to these people! They don’t care about your weightloss or any side affects or complaints, they just want your money! I highly reccommend anyone to STAY AWAY from this scamming company… rant over!

    1. Well spotted Kate, the plot does indeed start to thicken.
      It would be great to know whether this was taken down by Facebook or by those behind the page. If anyone has any further information then please let us know.

    2. Have you got a link to it please? The private group is up but the public group has disappeared as far as we can tell, this was the one with 90k members.

    3. They’ve put up a new

      It’s not clear whether this is a temporary one or not. They’ve posted on the group that the old one is just offline for a few days, but no inidication of why. Apparently new posts on the group have to be admin approved now as well. Just think, if they had any genuine evidence to back up their claims, they could simply post it rather than having to resort to intimidation and censorship. Such is the inconvenience of lying for a living.

  41. I’ve received my SDD today. I’m going to give it a try, looking forward to weight loss. So what’s one bottle to give you that kick start ! If i do feel unwell, then i would stop. A friend of mine lost 22 lbs in 2 weeks !! She looks fab, healthy & slimmer. Well done to all those, whom have the will power to continue on SDD.

    1. I’ve tried getting onto facebook, to join SDD & it won’t allow me to ? Why’s this ? I have’nt made a bad comment..looking forward to my weight loss on SDD

  42. Try following the diary drinking green tea and guarana extract and both would also suppress your hunger and boost your energy with just £12 a month price tag

  43. Can I just say I tried these drops using a healthy eating plan which was slightly under my calorie goal. I did two weeks without the drops and healthy eating and 2 weeks with the drops healthy eating. I lost 2 pound a week without the drops and a total of 1 pound using the drops. PROOF that these drops are a PLACEBO and you only lose weight from the VERY LOW CALORIE dangerous diet that no one will be able to maintain. The weight will slowly creep back on to you as soon as you stop being brainwashed by this ridiculous scam. If you really want to lose the weight save yourself some money and follow the diet instead. I questioned this on theor facebook page and the vile comments I got back from admin and members were unbelieveable. All I said was ‘ I tried these without the diet and I didnt get the weightloss promised’ I got abuse but I also got other members sticking up for me. Our comments got deleted and we got blocked for challenging them in a non aggressive way. The people sticking up for the SDD on this thread are in fact the same people who delete your comments and abuse you on facebook. (Lovely people) I do not understand anyone who knows this info and still continues to buy and stick up for it. And before you reply and say ‘Well I lost weight’ of course you did because you was eating like an anorexic!!! So stop being aggressive sheep and WAKE UP! I have lost a total of 2 stone in just under a year using maintainable healthy eating bringing me to a size 8-10. Wonder what will happen when you can’t maintain your diet? Good luck to everyone else on their weight loss journeys and SDD I hope the truth is outed in the media very soon.

  44. I am on diet day 9 now guys and I have lost 11lb all together. So far so good! No bleeding or anything like that. I had a slight headache on diet day 6 but I just drank lots of water and it soon went away. Lets hope I have lost some more tomorrow. I will keep you posted on how I do!

  45. Thats strange cate because I took my drops and the diet plan they hand out to my doc and he said that the diet and drops would be great for me. my manager at work took them last year and didnt have any bleeding or anything. I am slightly worried now as I am on dd5 but I have researched every ingredient in the product and they are all natural and there isnt anything in there that can cause this. I recommend that your friends get tested for some other things cate because it could be much more serious

    1. Aye the drops are the problem, no doctor in the land would ever approve them unless you have one of them doctors with the fake medical certificates Kathrine, the NHS is rife with them at the mo. I was taking them and I failed a drugs test because of them and I have never to illegal drugs in my life.

  46. well i have been blocked from SDD Facebook page tonight Mmmmmm they answered my query just by doing that…………..SCAM!!!!

  47. I love these drops iv lost 6 pounds in two days I feel happier and I’m not too hungry , even if the drops don’t work and its just the diet it gives you a goal to reach the end of the bottle but I belive they do work iv never lost weight like this before and iv been on soo many diets , this is the only diet and diet supplements that have ever worked !!!! Not knock it till you tried it £35 to help you lose the weight you have alwAys wanted to is a cheap price to pay . For now I belive in them if I get any bad side effects or I don’t lose much more weight il comment again with my experience .

    1. My sister went on them alon with a few more people from the secret drop site,she was fine for 3months,she started getting severe pain,she went to her gp,she said these drops were doing damage and confirmed once her blood works came back,she had damage some to her liver,thank god now permanent once she stopped them straight away,when she brought it to the attention of the Facebook page of the secret drop,Ahe was band!! As was another lady who also got severe nose bleeds and other bleeding?! This site when told about the side affects they got blocked them and band ten so no one else would read or see it so please be careful when taking these drops she had lost 2stone,but now with out them she’s almost 4stone lost but just with a good diet

  48. Hey if secret diet drops can get rid of my fat ass, I don,t care if its placebo effect, mind over matter or any other psychological guff. I’ll give them a try and I will be honest in my evaluation of them. I agree that it’s probably more the very strict diet that causes the weight loss but there is probably something in the drops that will help you cope with this.

  49. Don’t believe these drops r doing anythin from wat I read and wat happens when u eat again u can’t stay on drops forever … Ive lost 3stone 31/2 pounds in 3 months doing ww and working out 6 days so in reality u don’t need to pay 35 pounds for nothing !!!!!!!!

  50. Wouldn’t people just be best cutting carbs down or following the dukan diet I was always on the understanding the human bodies need more than 700 cals a day to function properly ….. Lets face it there is no easy way to weight loss a bit of determination balanced diet ….. And exercise

  51. My wife was using them and she always looked on edge and jumpy all the time. So I took the drops to a friend of mine who works in the Force, he tested them and hey presto the came back positive of amphetamine. This is really scary that these diet drops are out on the street like that. So not only is this company trying to sham you on a dangerous diet they are also drug pedlars too boot! Very dangerous indeed I think they need to be stopped and fast!

  52. It hasnt came from the drops Iain. I work for the customs at manchester airport and when my wife came home with a bottle of these i took a drug test out of my kit and tested the drops. gladly the test came back negative. Dont know if she has lost any weight on the drops. Just know that there is no drugs in them……

    1. Yes this page is genuine! One thing I need to point out to all you folks out there, dont buy these drops! I was on this diet until a week and a half ago, I had to go and do a Network Rail Medical as I work on the railways and on the medical they picked up traces of illicit drugs in my system ( it was amphetamines to cut a long story short) I have never taken illegal drugs in my life. Now due to buying these silly drops ans taken them, I have lost my Job and will be in the process losing my home. So a word of warning to people that regulary get drug screened at work, dont take these drops it will ruin your career and your life. The people behind these drops need to be shut down and have a term in prison! so please please dont do it……..

  53. you negitve folks have not got a clue. the drops that you refer to is HCG and homeopathic drops, these drops are 100% natural and 100% legal to sell. please do your research properly before you come out with comments like that

    1. Yes they are natural, and yes they maybe legal to sell, that doesn’t change the fact that they do nothing to support the diet. Like people have said before, they have never been tested in the UK, so there’s no proof of what ingredients are actually in the bottles, only what they tell you. They don’t even know themselves, they believe what they are told from the fraudsters who manufacture them in the US. Unless some one can provide proof and scientific studies of the ingredients and what the drops do, rather than copying and pasting extracts from Wickipedia’s definition of each ingredient, then we have all rights to believe the drops are complete rubbish!

    2. Got all the scientific proof that the drops are gen, and not as you stated from Wikkipedia, plus its not fraudsters manufacturing these drops. Where is you’re proof of that I may ask?

    3. Dear Ruskie,
      Could you please stick with one name when replying here as you seem to be using three names (Ruskie Dieter, Mazzy or DM). This makes it easier for commentators to know who is responding.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    4. Oh really, DM again using a different name? Got to laugh really! The catchphrase ‘The secret protocol they don’t want you to know about’ is the catch phrase everybody knows was used by the fraudster Kevin Trudeau. And it also appears that Carol Wiseman is following his page on Facebook, coincidence? I think not. Of course I don’t have proof. I’m just a member of the public trying to stop friends being conned. Where as you are a business selling to thousands of people, you should be able to provide all proof and evidence to support your claims, which no one can ever seem to do!

    5. I am a practicing Attorney here in the US, I have heard a few people talking about these-mostly friends and family that live in the UK. After my mom decided to go onto this vlc diet I looked into the testing and ingredient s that were supposedly helping people lose weight. I friends that are very high up at the FDA facilities, they said and I quote.. ‘the sdd have so far seen more negative side effects than what we would like to see at such an early testing stage. There is so far no SOLID evidence that these drops were not creating a placebo effect for users. Henceforth we cannot approve this drops on the US market without more extensive research as manufacturers were not able to give exact quantites of some substances found in said drops.
      A british medical researcher has also come to the same conclusion, which means that Secret Diet Drops are very much liable for all side-effects found in patients, which leaves them open to law suits both here in US and in UK.
      After more reseach and speaking to pharmaceutical reps in NY I have found myself going back to a personal trainer rather than risking my health with a fad they may result in health issues later in life. In my legal opinion I would advise both the company directors wnd its resellers to consider hiring a very good attorney of their own… you may need it once the british medical association has finished their testing on sdd and your colon cleanse pills.

  54. where have all you resellers get your info – they are not legal,,, and there certainly were not clinical trials with them – this is absolute ….. They have never tested them in the UK nobody even knows what is in the bottles because the labels differ from month to month,,,, also is what is in the bottle what it says in the label for all we know its cats …

  55. They have placed a video on their group page from an Irish TV show claiming a man lost weight using their drops.

    No mention of their drops being used on the show, surprised they can make such a false claim?

  56. i’m on the SDD i did a comment on the sdd group and they blocked me just because i don’t do the diet like they said and i still lost 14lb in 7 days ……my worry’ is if there isn’t any kind of drug in it what i can see is people complain with (head ache, insomnia,etc) i read a question of one lady asking if the head ache she have is because she isn’t on sdd and if is better to her to go back to it……DOES THIS SDD CAUSE DEPENDENCE WHAT IS THE SECRET INGREDIENT???? No one can give the answer

  57. Hehe, before i get jumped on – speaking of typos and spelling errors, i was typing my note above, one-fingered on an ipad while trying to feed my baby. So don’t try to score points by ponting my errors out.

    My point was that the same error was being made again and again by people either admitting they sold the product or by others singing the products praises (one and the same if you ask me!)

  58. This is hilarious! I was looking up feedback on another product entirely and out of interet started reading this. Firstly, it is so obvious which posts have been put up by SSD – most likely the vast majority of these ‘different people’ are actually only 1 or maybe 2 people – you can tell this by the tone and language in their responses – and the repeated spelling errors (eg you’d think a company selling a weight loss product would know how to spell ‘lose’ – it’s not ‘loose’ or worse still ‘looze’, and you can’t explain that away by claimng typs, as it’s frequently done! On that, would you buy let alone consume a product made by people who can’t even spell? I certainly
    wouldn’t be trusting their science!

    Secondly, any product backed by research and science with legitimate clincal trials etc would not fear queries and would be able to rationally respond to any negative feedback or concerns. The fact that they don’t should be your #1 red flag!

    Thirdly, anybody on such a stupidly low cal diet would lose a shedlad of weight – it’s not rocket science but instead a basic maths equation. Energy in- energy out = weight gain or weight loss. If ‘energy in’ is as tiny as recommended as on this diet, and energy expenditure is normal, let alone any additional excercise, than you’d lose weight.

    Perhaps (if you’re lucky, ha!) this product may contain some vitamins that would make you feel better on this vlc diet, than taking nothing at all – but, if you’re going to down the road of going on a ridiculous, unhealthy vlc diet, then i think you’d all be better off spending your money on a good multi-vit to supplement all the vitamins that will be starved from your system

    Good luck to all you dieters out there and hope one day the law catches up with you other fraudsters

    1. I just don’t understand how so many people have fallen for it! The people behind SDD have absolutely no idea what they’re doing, other than making money. Someone asked why they couldn’t drink sparkling water, the reply ‘because you just can’t.’ How professional?! I really do hope they get their comeuppance soon. I have a few friends on Facebook using them and they have been totally brainwashed by the whole thing, I was made to look like a complete idiot for trying to warn them it was a scam. I give up trying now, they will find out the hard way!

  59. They are now also saying this site isn’t a real watchdog site and they hv only put a bad review to try and sell their own product, lol.

  60. Well well, it seems SDD have made a very big mistake! Someone has noticed the ingredient l:carnitine clearly labeled on their website, the ingredient which is supposed to suppress your appetite and is an essential ingredient to this product to support weight loss, isn’t labeled on the bottle of drops. They asked SDD why the bottles didn’t contain this ingredient, Helen’s answer was that the last 2 months they haven’t contained this ingredient but dieters have not been effected. The person commenting was then deleted and blocked. Hmmmm explain!!

    1. That’s interesting, though whether either the ingredients list on the website, or on the bottle, is actually correct, is another matter. Does this change of ingredients apply to Activ8 X Drops (which I believe are the same product under a different label) as well?

    2. Yes that’s what I thought, someone said they had it tested in a lab and it was just distilled water, so don’t know if that’s true or not, but they could be making the whole list of ingredients up. I haven’t heard of Active8X will have to look into it. They have removed l-carnitine from their list of ingredients now, I doubt it was ever in there in the first place!

  61. I did notice that they delete things and some people have not been happy with the drops , but in the facebook group there are thousands of people who are losing and are happy , i have seen people get banned but only a handful and they say the group is a support group which i do agree with , it’s not an opinion page , i think pages like this watchdog page are for opinions and so everyone has the right to voice their opinions on here , i actually went into manchester to see one of the doctors there before i went on the drops and he approved them , he said that they didnt have anything in them that would harm me so he told me to give them a go , i suppose each doctor has an opinion on them , many people on the support page have said that their doctors recommend but i know many doctors may not agree, so although i do agree with some of your comments about deleting people joanne , i also agree that the page is a support page for the members , nice to read everyones opinions though .

    1. I.know what my GP told me. No doctor would give they drops and diet the ok. Carry on being ripped off. As for they’re page on Facebook, how are people meant to get any info about this scam? So your saying it’s fine for someone to be blocked because they have an opinion. People want to get there heads out of the sand and see that they’re getting ripped off by these women.. The diet would work without the drops its not rocket science

    2. No it would not joanne, without the drops, you would become weak and feeble and would looze brain mass. you could never sustain an extrme diet without the drops, trust me!

    3. HI, Im not a director or have any ties to the SDD company. This is not a copy and pasted message. I have been between 20 and 22 stone for years. i have paid over a thousand euro in the last 3 years for gym membership. also money wasted on diet products that are sold in chemists nothing has worked… I started the drops on monday 29th april weighing 21st 4bll. I now weigh 19st 10bll. yes i could have done this without the drops and lost 5/6 bll in a few days but that would have been it. cos i would have been craving more food and would have certianly caved in…I would swear on my life that i went to my GP this morning with my son. he commented how well i was looking (as I would normally be in cronic pain in my hip and knee)These havent gone completely but are much more bearable. I told him about 500 calorie diet and the SDDs and showed him the bottle. He said there were no harmful ingredients and as long as i was happy with them and feeling well carry on ( I will gladly supply my GPs name and address to Watch Dog Official) to confirm this. I also work in a large supermarket on the checkouts with handleing food all the time with out temptation. I dont believe that my head is in the sand or anywhere else (maybe in the clouds with my results so far) I have just ordered my 2nd bottle and am praying they come before my first is finished..I did get a headache on the 4th day. but i took 2 paracetamol as advised it went. I drink my 3 litres of water and Tea and coffee. I havent felt so well in years so thankyou SDDs whatever or who ever you are you have my vote.

    4. its because you not eating so much nothing to do with the DROPS stop wasting you money and cut out the junk food its not rocket science

  62. I have asked numerous, legitimate questions on their website and on other forums and not one honest answer have I got back. If they do comment they become very personal and offensive. People have genuine fears and want honest answers when questions have been asked. They delete comments, and god forbid you have an opinion you will only be blocked. I have sent e-mails asking for somebody to answer my questions and they haven’t. Why? They are still posting pictures and secret diet drops bull on my Facebook page, I have reported every photograph and comment these con women keep putting on and will continue to do so. Its the gullible desperate people who are being conned by these scumbags that I feel sorry for.

  63. not sure what all these comments on here are about or who’s watchdog page is who’s , all i know is that i have lost weight on secret drops and have managed to keep it off since just before christmas , i can only speak for myself and although i do think that the company could improve in some ways , i also think that the product works very well , i also see why you guys think the drops are a placebo but in the end i have lost weight with taking them and whether they are water or not , i couldnt care , good luck to everyone in their weight loss journeys whether its with weight watchers , slimming world or secret drops , all we want is to be thin .

    1. You would have lost the weight by following the diet without the drops. I can assure you I was tempted to do the drops and diet but when I asked questions that they didn’t like or said something negative I was blocked and all comments deleted. I took the diet sheet and info about the drops to my doctor he was horrified. If they were that wonderful and worked wonders, every GP and obesity clinic in the country would be giving these out, not charging people £35

  64. KATE TO YOUR NEG RESPONSE ON THE OTHER PAGE OF THIS SITE! The drops do work KATE. I’m living proof of that, I lossed 5 stone on this diet and never put a single pound back on . Also may I point out to you the drops are 100% legal and so is the advise that is given on the support page in FB, as there is a fully qualified doctor and a dietitician in the group, who have also done this diet YES, done this diet also KATE! And say these drops work. People like yourself should not throw stones in glasshouses. Dont know these drops until you have tried them!
    I too am a reseller of the drops and would recommed them to anyone who wants to loose weight. They have been clinically trialed in the US before the wonder ladies from Fraserburgh brought them here to the UK, 20 people of from obese to cinically obese conducted the trial, 10 people were given the Secret Diet Drops and the VLC diet and 10 people given a placebo with a VLC diet. Hey presto the ten that took the Secret Diet Drops lost staggering amounts of weight, including inches of fat lost from areas like hips, tums, bums and legs! And kept the weight off. While the ten that took the placebo with the VLC diet, three of them lost some weight, but afterwards put the weight they had lost back on and some more, so ended up heavier. Five of them stayed the same weight and never lost anything. and the two of them put weight on. the two that put the weight on and the five that lost and then put the weight on would have been due to the starvation mode the body appears to do if you try and starve yourself, and will store fat for a later date. All that took the placebo also reported very bad headaches, nausea, mood swings and the constant feeling of feeling hungry all the time, while the people on Secret Diet Drops had the same side affects as reported as the others, these side effects died off after fours days of taking Secret Diet Drops, as the drops had fully entered their system, and made them feal fuller for longer and had a feeling goodness and happier than they were pervious, all because of the drops.
    I must admit the drops are not for everyone, thats why people are asked to go and see there GP before embarking on such a diet like this.
    So please dont knock this diet, I done the diet and I’m living proof it works, and my doctor is very happy with my results and I’m very happy too. So Kevin go find something else to complain about as this diet is not anymore of a scam than the government taking taxes off you>

    1. That’s funny, I’ve seen this exact comment before from some one else, more copy and pasting, what a surprise! Just to add, it takes 3-4 days or your stomach to shrink, that is why you feel less hungry, any one with a clue about dieting and nutrition knows that. There is no scientific proof and the SDD director has even said that herself on her made up watchdog site. Why did she make this again? To fool people ito thinking it has been approved? Or is there another reason? If you’re going to try and argue with me, at least write it yourself and not copy and paste from a previous comment, you’re just as bad as the rest of them!

    2. I’ve read it before too. They think people are loved to have had spoke to their qualified doctor. Why is he not answering peoples questions? Doesn’t exist I’m thinking. And I hope whoever is sending the threatening emails sends one in my direction. Feel some emails coming on now that their saying they have a qualified doctor on their page. Mmmm interesting

    3. DM paste and copy must be your middle name…………..A member of my family is in the Health and Fitness industry ( VERY HIGH UP INFACT AND VERY WELL KNOWN TO THE CELEBS) I have spoken to him regarding SDD he just laughed, told me to ditch the SDD and save your money…………….A good balanced diet containing meat, fish, eggs, salad, veg, and fruit, small amounts of carbs and exercise will help you loose weight at a sensible amount per week and keep it off……………

    4. Copied and pasted from above but this time you have ‘lossed’ a different amount.
      Can I just say the word you are looking for is LOST.

      Everyone who endorses this product has terrible spelling and grammar!
      Saying that you do have to be stupid to embark on this scam after reading all the customers experiences. Absolutely hilarious!!

  65. SDD are the best drops in the world, why don’t you give them a try. you will never look back plus you will have a new body for the summer. don’t knock it until you try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 60k dieters and not one person is allowed to post a bad review on any of their Facebook pages, yet lots of bad reviews for their product elsewhere on the web.

    Also I have never seen any watchdog on earth approve their own product before, have you anyone?

    It is so comical, you approve your own product with a fake watchdog site. The fake site is owned by one of your company directors Carol Wiseman.

    Scammers always have their day, make your money, enjoy it while it lasts as misfortune will soon be knocking on your door.

    This is not hot negative air talking so before you point the finger at other genuine people being liars, make sure your own hands are clean.

    1. I do not believe what I am seeing now. Helen Parker-Buchanan is Secret Diet Drops Director and Carol Wiseman is her sister. How stupid do you think people are?

    2. Yeah what’s wrong with that joanne? there is plenty of companies out there who have family members as directors of the companies they create. my god where have you been living the past three hunder years!!!! go get a life

    3. I think it’s more a case of pointing out that Helen has posted above her slating SDD. Oh dear!

    4. what’s wrong with it? she’s one of the women behind this scam and she’s on here slating them!!!!! I’ve no been anywhere, you are obviously one of her “admins” or friends. I’ve noticed that every admin who is on this page defending these drops have not answered one of my questions. Why? and as for you D M why are you being so defensive and offensive eh?

    5. I don’t think any of them know what they are doing. I’m guessing D M is the same person sending threatening emails to people on Facebook that I have heard about before. They are so defensive because they don’t know how else to get their point across without any proof! It’s a shame so many people think they are lovely, supportive people when it’s the people that question them that get the real side of them!

  67. No diet should make you ill! And a ‘medical person’ saying it’s normal and she just needs to fight through it is completely wrong!! A healthy balanced diet should be giving you energy and making you feel refreshed. Even if it does supposedly pass after a few days, you shouldn’t feel like that at all, and to be physically sick is definitely not normal! It amazes me how gullable people can be, they get sucked in by SDD and then turn out just as bad, giving out wrong advice when they don’t have a clue about what is behind the drops and what they actually do. They think because they’ve used the drops themselves they know all about it. Give me scientific proof that these drops are good for you, back up the claims that are all over Facebook. Tell me why the owner of SDD has made her own watchdog website to make it look like they have been approved??? Any decent doctor or nutritionist will tell you to stay well away from anything like this.

    1. Also, do not bother reporting them to Trading Standards Aberdeenshire, they own it. It is the name of their webserver.
      Ask yourself why a company has a mail address
      Join thbefearlesscrew and help us fight them. thank you.

    2. That should have read: thefearlesscrew. We are on facebook and will fight SDD to the bitter end.

  68. Nicola – your just weak person, you need to fight thru the sickness that only lasts 4 days max then its all plain sailing from there and you will see the lbs fall of yah!!! dont think neg think pos and it will work 100% trust me I’m a medical person.

    1. This is going to be good. Exactly what type of medical person are you? What is your job title? And what hospital or doctors surgery do you work in? Just curious.

    2. @Karen J Warren – What kind of “medical person” speaks like this??? after that comment I am more inclined to believe that you are an admin or reseller with a vested interest in promoting these drops – I wouldn’t take any advice from you or any “medical person” that has such poor grammar, sounds uneducated and down right rude. As Joanne has asked – what kind of medical person are you?? that kind of talk in highly unprofessional for a start…

    3. I agree with you Karen I having took them yet but I will defo try them it sounds like a drug called speed it’s not aloud but it works and it’s not good for you but I will defo b giving them ago can’t wait now

  69. Just facebooked them. (via messages) Here’s the messages:
    Hello I was wondering how Secret Diet Drops work. I know there’s a diet plan with them, but what do they do exactly & how?

    Secret Diet Drops

    The drops do work 100% for everyone who follows it ,,You take the drops three times a day, in mouth hold for two mins then swallow,,they fast fruity . we have the food plan in our group,, chicken, veg , fruit etc ,,If you want to read all the dieters amazing losses, which average 1lb a day, read all the recipes and see the before and after pics join our Facebook group [link removed]

    My opinion is that I agree it’s a scam. They blocked me after I sent this..
    “Wait you never said how they worked?’
    They said this back,
    ” Secret Diet Drops no one can lose 1lb a day on any food plan and be healthy ,without the diet drops they would be weak , tired and lose muscle instead of body fat, our dieters do this diet for 6 weeks and feel healthy fit and have more energy, and when they get there body stats from doctors it is fat they have lost”

    Then I was blocked! Wtf?

    1. Cause thats what they do best, ban and block anyone who has the intelligence to question the drops in anyway. I dont think they can explain what the drops can do anyways(which is nothing, only a placebo) the majority of the comments they make are all cut and pasted. They dont know how to react if someone has a problem on the drops apart from have an apple day or keep going, it the body detoxing from all them bad carbs ect.
      All the two ladies are interested in, like any business shady or not is you’re money and nothing else, they dont care if you are seriously ill because of the diet.

  70. So I was due to start dd2 today.. Yesterday I lost 1 lb which I thought was brilliant but the smorning I feel SO SICK infact I’ve actually been sick, I’ve been up all night going hot and cold and generally I’ve not felt myself since I started this. I wrote on the SDD Facebook page expressing my concerns about how ill I feel and a member wrote bk telling me this is normal and not to give up.. 2 minutes later my comments were deleted. This all just feels wrong, there’s something their hiding and this is not healthy, I bet money on there being lots of other people like me that they keep brushing under the carpet. I am not impressed and am physically sick to the stomach. Something has to be done about this.

    1. I totally agree. I asked why comments were being deleted and I was jumped on!!!! At this point I was still tempted because of the rapid weight loss; but I knew no respectable GP or Dietitican would back these and I was right, my GP was horrified so when I see people saying their doctor was all for them, first I think bullshit and then I think, aye witch doctor!! I’m the same as the next person who all they want is a quick fix, I want to lose a stone and a half, some people might think that’s not much but it is when you have a chronic painful back and spinal condition. I’m soo angry at these woman, targeting vulnerable people who will do anything . One post that horrified me was when a young girl was panicking because she had no meat or fish she could eat and she wasn’t getting her benefits until the next day. Do the apple thing she was told or ask a NEIGHBOUR!!!! That is just not right and deep down people know this isn’t right but their seeing good results but don’t want to do it the healthy way and lose 1 to 2lbs a week , they can lose up to a stone in 10 days. It’ll all go back on of course but they’ll only buy more drops. They have to be stopped and I have the bit between my teeth lol

  71. Well I took the diet sheet and the drops to my dietitican at the fat clinic I was at, and she was ok with it all, she has since been very pleased with the weight loss to date. and she is a cometent medical proffesional registered with the NHS and not some back street quack from Calcutta. I wud highly recommend these drops to anyone that needs to loos extreme amounts of weight.

    1. What’s her name? Id love to speak to a dietitican registered to the NHS. Why then if that is true why is”your” dietitican not on the bloody telly promoting them then? Because it’s bullshit . The director as she calls herself wouldn’t answer a legitimate question from somebody who had a concern, why? Because it’s a scam and she’s not clever enough. They even sent me a friend request 5 mins after blocking me; now C’mon surely their no that thick lol I hope they send me a threatening e-mail I cannae wait !!!! Bring it lady, you know who you are I told you you wouldn’t shut me up

  72. im on drops and on day 1 after loading days .i dint6 pay £35 for em so imnot nso fussed about the money im jst rele concerned with the diet.. before i had them i see all brill feedback since gettin thm everyone complaining .. i have not had a period in years yet this mornin i got one ;.. they r sayin this is normal its my body tryin to regulate its self .. am i jst thick as s**t for believing !!! ….xx

  73. If you’re feeling unwell it’s probably best to see your GP if you can, and take the bottle of drops with you to see what they say. A few people have been the same as you but got banned from the page for asking why they felt so ill, some support group huh?!

    1. Not just the drops, but the diet sheet too. GPs are not generally nutrition specialists, but if you’re trying to follow a diet that’s 400-500 calories a day for six weeks, that should really be ringing alarm bells with any competent doctor.

  74. Im bit worried I took mine first thing yesterday mornin on loading day within ten mins felt sik and went to toilet 3x in 20mins I couldn’t eat alday never mind eat as much as I can I’m worried as I only ad one dose n nearly 38hrs later I still feel sik headache alover the head and weak n tired y is this I’m panicky anyway I’m frightened n don’t no wether tho to hospital

  75. I had been reading into these drops for months and decided to take the plunge, I lasted 2 diet days. I took the drops and followed the strict plan but I was starving. I suffered headaches, weakness, I was aggressive and teary and I did not like the person it made me, you are literally starving yourself on this diet. Yes I wasted £38.50 but sometimes you just have to try these things for yourself. I too believe its not the drops that allow such a rapid weight loss, it’s the fact you are practically starving yourself. For me… It wasn’t worth it, wasn’t worth what it did to my health and state of mind. I was told I couldn’t dilute my water with orange juice, I did and still lost 2 pounds in the 2 days so I 100% believe the reason you are losing weight is the calorie controlled diet. I still have pretty much a full bottle left but I will not be putting myself through this diet again.

  76. Can I just add, when they say it takes 4 days for the drops to be fully in your system, that’s actually just the amount of time it takes for your stomach to shrink. Which is why you don’t have a big appetite. Also, no one has actually proved that they are a qualified doctor or dietitian on there, people just believe them. There is a Facebook page called ‘Secret Diet Drops Official Scam’ just take a look at some of the stories on there that they don’t want you to know about. Many people have asked for proof or have questioned them, their comments are deleted, they are banned from the page, and are sent threatening emails by the owners. That’s definitely not the right way to run a business. Any legit business would take criticism and have an answer for everyone if they actually knew what they were talking about. These idiots don’t have a clue, they know nothing about nutrition or diets, they just know their ‘secret protocol’ makes you lose weight.

  77. So are these drops illegal and can the seller be held accountable for anything? Surely if they were that bad they wouldn’t be so easy to get, thousands if people would not be purchasing them and the seller would be forced to stop?! Yes it’s a strict diet but would you manage to do without the drops? It wouldn’t matter to me if it was a placebo or not, if I was getting the results I wouldn’t mind.

    1. They are only available on Facebook and yes if your only consuming 500 cals a day of course the weight would fall off anybody with half a brain would know that. Your being told to starve yourself basically. If they are so great and wonderful why can’t you buy them in boots or any health food shop? Why are they not being given to people who otherwise would be getting gastric bypass surgery ? Would be saving the NHS thousands.

    2. Secret diet drops are available in alot off hair and beauty shops in Ireland and England, maybe some people could do with finding out abit more information about them before stating facts. Why such bad reviews when there workin for hundreds and makin them alot happier about themselves. Ive just started them and im findin them very easy to stick to cause unlike the shake diets that cost alot more, u can eat on these.

  78. Hi I did the diet last September. Yes the diet plan is strict but you know that from the outset. A diet plan comes with the drops and more importantly there is a members support group on Facebook. I found the diet to be brilliant the only diet I have done where the weight came off and stayed off. It’s now nearly the end if march and not a single pound has been gained.! I eat a healthy 1800 calories a day diet now and continue to maintain my weight. The support I received on this diet was second to none. The group has over 50.000 members surely these members are not stupid.!! The diet works as I have personally tried please don’t reject something without actually doing proper research by trying it. Don’t knock what you havnt tried.

    1. And the drops do nothing. The weight falls off because of the diet. The drops are a con. And that “support” consists of being constantly lied to. If the conwomen behind this scam aren’t in jail for fraud by Christmas (and you too, Shazia, I know you’re making money off this scam too) then the law is worthless.

    2. The drops do work Kevin. I’m living proof of that, I lossed 16 stone on this diet and never put a single pound back on like Shazia (you go gurl). Also may I point out to you the drops are 100% legal and so is the advise that is given on the support page in FB, as there is a fully qualified doctor and a dietitician in the group, who have also done this diet YES, done this diet also Kevin! And say these drops work. People like yourself should not throw stones in glasshouses. Dont know these drops until you have tried them!
      I too am a reseller of the drops and would recommed them to anyone who wants to loose weight. They have been clinically trialed in the US before the wonder ladies from Fraserburgh brought them here to the UK, 20 people of from obese to cinically obese conducted the trial, 10 people were given the Secret Diet Drops and the VLC diet and 10 people given a placebo with a VLC diet. Hey presto the ten that took the Secret Diet Drops lost staggering amounts of weight, including inches of fat lost from areas like hips, tums, bums and legs! And kept the weight off. While the ten that took the placebo with the VLC diet, three of them lost some weight, but afterwards put the weight they had lost back on and some more, so ended up heavier. Five of them stayed the same weight and never lost anything. and the two of them put weight on. the two that put the weight on and the five that lost and then put the weight on would have been due to the starvation mode the body appears to do if you try and starve yourself, and will store fat for a later date. All that took the placebo also reported very bad headaches, nausea, mood swings and the constant feeling of feeling hungry all the time, while the people on Secret Diet Drops had the same side affects as reported as the others, these side effects died off after fours days of taking Secret Diet Drops, as the drops had fully entered their system, and made them feal fuller for longer and had a feeling goodness and happier than they were pervious, all because of the drops.
      I must admit the drops are not for everyone, thats why people are asked to go and see there GP before embarking on such a diet like this.
      So please dont knock this diet, I done the diet and I’m living proof it works, and my doctor is very happy with my results and I’m very happy too. So Kevin go find something else to complain about as this diet is not anymore of a scam than the government taking taxes off you>

    3. What is the qualified doctors name? Why then is the qualified doctor not answering peoples questions? Because it’s ******** that’s why. I cannot wait to find out this qualified doctors name, probably witch doctor and before I forget, speaking to somebody at trading standards and they know all about this company they have been inundated with complaints and are dealing with them

    4. You are one of the people who jumped on me for having an opinion on their facebook page. Not one thing I asked was answered and the minute I said id been to my GP one of the women behind this scam made personal comments that were un called for. Why didn’t she answer what I asked? Because they haven’t got a clue and don’t know how to answer. That’s why people are blocked and comments are deleted. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were another of their minions.

  79. Ever so strange that the people commenting and fighting SDD corner on here are the same peeps on FB page who are using the EXACT same words. More copy n pasting….
    500 cal per day….ur gonna loose 6/9lb anyway…and be £35 better off without buying the drops

  80. Now here is something for everyone to consider,Chromium is indeed a very interesting ingredient, not least because it’s illegal to sell a supplement containing it without specifying the amount in a dose. No if’s, no buts, it’s a criminal offence throughout the EU. And does Secret Diet Drops list the amount of chromium in a dose? NO THEY DON’T. This socalled company is breaking many law’s within the UK and also throught the EU, this is just one of them.

  81. I have just heard about these drops. It seems quite obvious to me that a very restrictive diet will result in weight loss! What happens when they stop taking them? At a guess all the weight and probably more on top will go back on! I read all the reviews on diet pills provided by Watchdog before I decided to try Superfruits Slim. I am not on any kind of diet but thanks to these tablets I am losing a sensible amount of weight every week as they suppress my appetite and make me feel full for longer as well as increasing my metabolism. So if you really want to give something a go try Superfruits Slim! They are one of the few approved by watchdog!

  82. Dont knock it until you’ve tried it!!!!!! nah don’t thinks so. So will nock it since it is a placebo. Its a scam, reseach done, so can nock it. drops have been tested and only found very small traces of some of the things metioned in the ingredients. not enough to warrent the magic of these so called wonder drops. your so called doctor and dietician are on a hiding to nothing, as these drops will never get MHRA approval, and the advertising is illeagal the ASA. I take it this diet has got your mind wondering hahaha your GP must be a quack, is it Shipman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Well whoopee, the placebo effect worked for you where it failed for so many others (you know, the 39,000+ of those 40,000 customers who you *don’t* hear about because the sellers don’t allow “negativity”). It doesn’t make the drops any less of a con.

  84. To Gaz Kirby, you may think i’m gullable but that is YOUR opinion NOT mine, if you go to the chemist and buy Alli or any of the other slimming solutions out there you’ll find they cost about the same. As i’ve already stated i’ve lost 3 stone so far on this diet, prior to finding these drop I attended my local obesity clinic with the idea being that they would help me lose 10% of my body weight and then I would be eligible for a gastric band. The dietician there placed me on a vlcd himself and I was monitored every fortnight. I spent 6 months with that clinic and only lost 2lb in that time. When I found out about SDD I asked the dietician about it and my local gp, their response was it couldn’t hurt to try it. They both agreed to monitor me fortnightly again and both have been astounded by my weight loss, in fact they’re both looking more into it ( the gp is even doing it herself now!) with a view to recommending it to others who have a problem with losing weight. With regards to the fan page – I don’t actually go on the page as i’m a member of the closed group, I do know however that there are only a few admin on these sites and if they’re not about people take it upon themselves to answer other peoples questions which often result in the wrong advice being given! I am a real person and I did my research before buying, if you look hard enough you’ll find negative information about any diet including WW and SW. Reading a few reviews does not make you an expert, don’t knock what you haven’t tried.

    1. I saw you on the Facebook page and you have practically given the exact same statement.I was blocked that day for asking why they were only on Facebook and why delete peoples comments. I am not a fool either and researched every bit of info I could read. The doctor and nurse at my obesity clinic told me id be as well just putting water under my tongue and saving myself money. You are probably admin lady and brainwashed but if I were you id change my doctor because he obviously hasn’t got a clue and see these woman for what they are, con artists and thieves who are targeting vulnerable people who’d do anything to lose weight. Go on one of the woman who is a director for this company and look at the success photos they are not the same people and when people are congratulating them for losing the weight not ONE person named in these pics replied. Sucked in I’m guessing.

  85. I am so glad to finally read this. I have been trying to tell people this is a scam but they won’t believe me as they have become brainwashed!!! The admin on the Facebook page gives different answers all the time. Two different people asked about usin the drops after having a baby. One of them had a reply that told them to wait 6 weeks for their doctors check up, the other was told to start them whenever she wanted. 90% of their answers are copied and pasted. One woman was told not to take them whilst breast feeding because ‘the baby will lose weight.’ How ridiculous?! If you are on a VLC diet you won’t be able to produce enough milk to feed the baby, it’s nothing to do with the drops! And in other answers they say the drops don make you lose weight, they just give you the nutrients you need so you don’t feel ill. I’m getting so frustrated with the page appearing on my news feed every day because so many gullable people are now spreading it to their friends. The sellers have no idea what they are talking about. I also read earlier that they supply some shops with the drops, but they don’t know what the shops are called. Most of the people on the page have to ask over Facebook how to use them, surely instructions should be given on the bottle?! Some one needs to put these [word removed] in their place, so many people have been taken for a ride and then defend them because they have been completely brainwashed by the bull!!! Argh!! Rant over.

  86. Hello ive used sdd i have lost the wieght but i was also very negative, i was always weak and constipated, when anybody did coment bad on them they did get slated it did make me think why. Im so glad ive read this now, i saw somebody now telling the group that secret diet drops r on the watchdog page and they denied it saying its all natural, i will be loosing wieght naturally from now on

    1. if you lost the weight why are you knocking it they did work for you.. yes they are on this page we know they havnt been certified but with people like me and 1,000’s of others that find it very hard to loose weight the drops have helped a lot im saying this for the last time people shouldn’t knock something that works, if you don’t feel well on them they advise you to stop and seek medical advise, plus they do advise you to get a complete clearance of health from the doctor first,, oh and incase any body is thinking im a seller im not im just a dieter that believes in the drops,,..

    2. its the diet that works……….anybody watch IM A CELEB they are in the jungle with not alot of food and in 2 weeks some of them loose up to 2 stone weight loss and guess what no SDD in there……..Its not rocket science……………Its the diet not the drops……….have a tuna salad for 7 days only with lots of water and 2 fruits a day see how much weight you loose………..What happened to Breakfast being the most important meal of the day????????? SDD = SCAM

  87. I have to agree completely with Ursula’s post. Having tried unnsuccessfully to lose weight through traditional methods for the last 7-8 years I thought long and hard about using the drops. I also have found no side effects from the diet, having now lost 3 stone I am the happiest and healthiest I have felt in years. I do agree the diet is strict but I completely disagree that the same weightloss (and ‘feel good’ feeling) would be the same without the drops,as I say I have dieted for years so know what I would need to ‘survive’ on to complete a busy working day. Again, like Ursula I am 100% delighted with the product and results and would recommend them to anyone after they consider if the diet plan is for them, their lifestyle and their own food preferences.

  88. Any so called company that sells a diet product should also not give out misleading information to peeps, as SDD did tonight on their fan page on FaceBook. Someone was asking about excess skin after weight loss. To which SDD replied ” Only if your stomach muscle has split”
    Now if thats not misleading, I dont know what is. Soon afterwards someone replied back to SDD comment, about being misleading both the SDD reply and the reply from the commenter were both removed.
    I wouldnt trust a company like that if you gave me a Million USD. Simples stay clear snake oil pedlars like this how spout lies.

  89. Hi Linda O’dell, I acutally think you are a gullable, spending that amount of money on a product that has no offical claims of weight loss. It is a total scam. Its the vlc diet you have been on that make you loose the flab and not these so called drops, that have no amounts of what is suppose to be in the so-called active ingredients, . do some journalistic research on VLC diets and scamming diet drops and the lies that is spouted, (thats if you really are). Mind you we all know how much low lifes the press are and the lies they spout. So you should fit right in there!

  90. These drops are not a scam! I have used three bottles now and to date have lost 3 stone in weight, both my local gp and a dietician at my local obesity clinic told me it was ok to take them. I am on my second round of maintenance now, on my first I completly maintained my weight. Please do not dismiss something that you don’t know about. It is in no way related to the HCG drops and unless you have complete proof it is wrong of you to say it is. These drops work! I would recommend them to anyone, I am proof of this and once I have finished this round of maintenance I will be going back to lose some more weight using the drops.

    1. I don’t believe for a minute your GP said these drops were ok. He certainly wouldn’t condone eating 500cals a day;anorexics stick to that. You’ve lost weight because of the diet your doing and yo hungry because of the water your consuming. No Doctor or diet clinic would be horrified to hear of “apple” day. Why are these wonder drops not on the front page of every newspaper or on the news. Even getting talked about by MPs? Because it’s a scam. Why else wouldquestions be deleted off of facebook ? I myself have been blocked because I had an opinion . They won’t answer any negative comments left so what are they hiding? I then had the piss taken out of me and got told by one of the woman behind these drops to go and do weightwatchers. Well she picked on the wrong lady, she won’t shut me up. I DID take these to my GP who was speachless and was a bit puzzled that I was even asking. But each to their own and people will do whatever to lose weight but a can of worms has been opened and I’ll keep posting my opinion unless they can prove these drops work .

    2. people you need to stop picking on linda.. I didn’t get these confirmed fro my doctor but I am doing them the last 6 weeks and they do work, im a diabetic and I tell you now they are working wonders for my blood sugar and if I feel weeki or hungry a have extra fruit, it is a hard diet ye but if you want to loose the weight you will stick to the diet, people should not knock something before you try it.

    3. Its not the drops making you lose weight, its the diet. You are starving yourself, anybody who thinks losing a stone in 10 days is normal needs their head looked at. I get how people are defending the drops because they are losing weight rapidly but I can tell you I know somebody who is doing the very same diet and is losing weight just the same as people taking these drops, before I get jumped on again by people who say the drops have all the natural ingredients that the body needs, read what people who have the proof that the drops aren’t beneficial to the body have to say. They areripping gullible people off, why else do they delete comments and block people on Facebook when they ask questions or say something that they don’t want other people to see. I’m blocked for saying id been to my GP and I wouldn’t be doing the diet and the people who were saying their doctor had said they were fine and okay’d this diet were either lying or admin.

    4. The drops work so well that you are now embarking on another round of the drops?
      Just proves that you will pile the weight back on and more once you stop sticking to the unrealistic, unhealthy 500 cal a day diet.

      I used to feel sorry for anybody falling victim and getting pulled in by new shiny scams but after reading some of your mindless comments I can’t say I feel sorry for you now. These drops are not a magical diet elixr that ‘Magically’ melt fat. It is a bottle of useless liquid. In 5 years time when you are still probably overweight and have developed an unhealthy relationship with food you may see how blind you was.
      Eat healthy. Never ban foods. Eat only when hungry and stopping when you’re full is the way forward. (From an ex overweight girl who has tried every diet and scam pill/liquid in her life but by following simple healthy eating lost 3 stones gradually and have kept it off for 3 years!)
      I can’t imagine SDD customers keeping the weight off can you?

    5. Hi im so happy a lot ov ppl agree that these sdd diet drops Dont work i carnt comment on sdd site anymore as i 2 have been Blocked but i can read pppls comments and were i can msg them telling them 2 google these sdd and read wat Watchdog have 2 say an let them then make there own minds up they have over 70’000 ppl taking these drops and there wasting there money

    6. if they worked do you think people would still be going in to hospital to have surgery don’t think so its just you cutting out all of JUNK FOOD

  91. I think this is a skewed review and shows that immediately by bringing the name of a fraudster into it almost immediately.
    I have been trying for a long time to drop a bit of weight and had been stuck at the same weight dropping and regaining a few pound constantly. I saw the results a colleague got from using the Secret Diet Drops and thought I’d try it.
    When I bought the drops and considered the eating plan, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve just wasted £38.50’ but I tried them. I found the diet a wee bit hard the first few days but I soon found my food cravings were gone and weight was coming off at 1lb almost every day. I know such a Spartan diet would help drop weight but I would be craving other food and would feel extremely hungry if I was to do this ordinarily. There is something to this weight loss programme. I have been dreaming about losing weight for a good few years now and I’ve dropped 1st 10lbs so far with the drops. I’m not a gullible person, I’m actually a journalist and used to being sceptical. However, I saw the results firsthand and when I tried them, I got the same results. I have never looked back since. The best £38.50 I ever spent. And, the longterm positive effect is that it has really made me change my attitude to food. I could never go back to eating as much as I used to or the kind of foods I used to. Eating so little for a while naturally gives you a smaller appetite following the three weeks the bottle lasts. I can only speak for myself but I would recommend them to anybody.

    1. You have lost 3 stone by starving your body you would still
      Have lost 3 stone following the diet with a good multi vitamin this very low calories diet is not good for liver heart fertility bowel stomach mentality

    2. i thought i too would give these drops a go as i had seen first hand the results on other ladies at work and was impressed. they worked really well for me but then after a couple of weeks i collapsed at work and was rushed into emergency dept with severe abdominal pains. i ended up having emergency surgery which was due to the diet being so restrictive. So i do have to agree with you sam, this diet is not good for you, please be warned that there can be serious side effects to this diet as i have learnt the hard way.I am now recovering slowly and dieting sensibly and still losing weight gradually and safely.

  92. totally agree when i said anyone could lose weight on 500 cals a day combined with 3 ltrs of water my comment was deleted , even when ppl say they feel faint, tired, constipated headachy they are told to carry on it will pass, wonder what the weight loss would be doing the diet without the drops for a week

    1. Hi I have been taking the diet drops for a little over 3 weeks… I started to take them when I felt in a state about how I looked and how I believed others saw me… after 1 week I had lost 15lb… yes I was thrilled and have carried on, \i tried the diet first before getting the drops mainly to see if i could do it, and as the food choices are few I wanted to see if i got tired of it real quick… or picked due to hunger. I did it for 5 days before the drops arrived and during the 5 days I lost 4lb… yey I felt like I could have eaten my own arm every day I was so hungry.. I have no hunger now whilst taking the drops and I have no euphoria or low mood , just feel as I did without the extra weight.. I wont be buying any more drops, as I will be trying to maintain after this but I know genuine friends on this plan and I am thinking even if it is a placebo being used, its telling their brains its real and its working for them. I did take these to my local pharmacy and they advised that it should be used with great caution and if in doubt to speak to your doctor.

    2. So they worked for you then I really want to try them now if u lost that much in a week it has to be worth it and would u take them again b honest now

    3. I have taken 3 rounds of this drops, lost an whooping 17kg… I am now eating normal and the weigh is constant… only put back 1 kg, after 4 months since I stopped

      They did work for me and will work for anyone that is committed to a strict diet. Of course you will experience headaches in the first week as the body is not used to this regime ( i sorted that with paracetamol lol). I would recommend to take daily multivit with the drops.

  93. I have just been blocked from the Facebook page because I asked what the drops actually do; do they speed up metabolism, give you energy etc. I was referred to a note placed on the fb group page by someone who I was told was a dieter. The seller knew very little about the product yet many people jumped to the defence of the drops. When I asked if the weight loss effects may simply be a cause of the low calorie diet I was told that you couldn’t survive on so few calories. Ultimately I believe it is the placebo effect going on here – people want to believe the drops work and when combined with eating so little they do.

  94. Anytime i said anything even a little negative on there facebook page i got lynched and comments got deleted. some people were saying they felt weak, tired,shivery or really down. i was only asking why this seems to be. The admin took my comments down i even put a link on their page about the effects and that was taken down. which begs the question what is this company hiding.

    1. I have been up half the night trying to tell the foolish people who are taking these drops just how dangerous they are. I woke this morning to find that I have been banned from every page on facebook belonging to them. I took these drops for just over 2 months and I suffered with massive headaches and the sudden lack of vitimans, calcuim, nutrients and so on has caused long term bowel problems as well as eye problems. I showed my doc the drops and he sent me to the hospital where they took blood and they nurse said I was lucky that I had stopped taking them. My iron levels were rock bottom and sugar levels too, before taking these drops I was overweight but healthy and now even though I lost over 1 and a half stone it is not worth the problems I am left with. I came off the drops and kept to a strict diet and I have lost over 2 stone with NO SDD so please people be very careful

    2. They have blocked me to its all over facebook an ppl r just throwing there money away its so anoying to watch i comment but it just gets taken off they r showing ppl who have lost weight but u carnt talk 2 them and wen ppl ask why no 1 ansaws them

    3. i have purchased these drops 1st may 2013, the site states 3-5 working days. i have now waited 17 days. i have made numerous attempts to telephone them with excuses blaming royal mail for the hold up. i have tried to inbox helen buchen vis facebook who is 1 of few who runs the business with no returned messages. i have left comments on there official page and they keep deleting. i am losing patience now as they have my money, advice would be very much appreciated. thanks 🙂

  95. You mention Kevin Trudeau – it is in fact known that one of the directors of Secret Diet Drops Ltd is a member of his MLM scheme, Global Information Network. I don’t know whether Trudeau is personally behind the product, or if GIN is just a go-between for the manufacturer and the seller (while of course taking a fat old fee from both parties), but I do know that GIN supplied the Secret Diet Drops advertising video which was hosted on Vimeo for most of last year.

    Also of course, the “Secret protocol they don’t want you to know about!” line which you quote is a bit of a giveaway: it’s Kevin Trudeau’s catchphrase.