She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement

One of the problems with buying a meal replacement Shake is that you might not like the flavour you have chosen. With She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement you can try a taster pack before you commit to buying the full supplement. In addition, the full sized option is available as a refill bag or in a snazzy full sized storage jar. We take an in depth look to find out.

She Supps is a UK company based in Manchester and both the company and the products have a current on trend look definitely aimed at younger women, although many may struggle to match the slim youthful looks of the models pictured on the website. The She Supps Meal replacement is available as a Taster pack (only available to customers in the UK) or you can also purchase the full sized option. Be aware that with She Supps supplements you are encouraged to sign up for auto-ship, where new products are delivered to your home every month and your bank or credit card billed automatically.

She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Pros

  • You can try a taster pack first; an inexpensive way of trying the product before you buy
  • Comes in four different flavours
  • Unlikely to cause side effects

She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Cons

  • Easy to sign up to auto billing, but not as easy to cancel the agreement
  • This protein shake seems very basic
  • Incomplete ingredients profile
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What You Need To Know About She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement

She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement is a protein powder which comes in 4 different flavours, but it is pretty basic compared with many on the market. However, you can try a taster pack first with a sample set of the flavour range. Alternatively the Slimmer Meal replacement comes in 1.2kg packs packaged either in an attractive glass storage jar on in a refill bag for subsequent purchases.

We are never keen on sample packs but the She Supps offer looks genuine, and looking through the terms and conditions, it seems that this is a one off purchase that won’t sign you into a long-term agreement. However, She Supps do encourage customers to sign up for auto ship with their subscription service should you decide to buy a full sized pack.

What Are The Side Effects Of She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement?

This is a food supplement rather than a herbal medicinal supplement and side effects are unlikely. However, you may experience increased bowel movements, abdominal discomfort, bloating, nausea thirst, headaches or constipation. Beware if you have allergies. This supplement may contain nuts, soya, gluten, egg and peanut. It is also unsuitable if you are lactose intolerant.

How Much Does She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Cost?

The She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Taster Pack costs only £2.99. However you must bear in mind that it is a “taster” pack so contains only 4 half-size servings. It is only available via the She Supps website and open to UK customers.

The full sized serving pack contains 30 servings in the 1.2kg pack. Buy in the attractive storage jar and it costs £25.99. Buy as a refill pack and it costs £22.99. All four flavours are available.

Our Verdict On She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement

When it comes to the quality of this supplement we have our doubts. Despite the glass storage jar and the novel idea of the taster pack, She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement seems very basic and lacking in any real information regarding ingredient quantities or vitamin profile. There are no guarantees that it will help you lose weight either. Many people struggle with meal replacements and with an estimated 350 calories per serving, this so-called slimmer meal is just not that slimming.

Although the taster pack seems to be a genuine offer, if you do sign up to buy the full product, you will need to take care that you do not sign up to auto billing as it may be hard to cancel. You have to give She Supps 30 days at least before they will cancel the subscription agreement, so you could find that you are stuck with buying this supplement for longer than you would like.

We like the concept of the taster pack and we like the storage jar but in our opinion the She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement is not really worth the hassle. There are far better protein shakes on the market.

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She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Review

The She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement range is comprised of four different flavours; strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla. If you can’t decide which to buy you can try the taster pack first where you get 4 different sachets, each containing 20g (half a serving) of each flavour to help you make up your mind.

Alternatively, you can buy the full sized 1.2kg bag of your chosen flavour. This contains 30 x 40g full sized servings and is available either in a glass storage jar or as a refill pack.

She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Facts

  • There are 30 servings per 1.2kg bag
  • There are four flavours; chocolate, vanilla, banana and strawberry
  • Each full sized serving contains around 357 calories if mixed with milk

If you haven’t used meal replacement shakes before, they are easy to use. You simply add the powder to water or milk and drink in place of a meal. Some people find that this method of weight loss is easy because it saves thinking about calorie counting for one of your meals.

In addition, a meal replacement drink contains protein powder, so it should be a filling meal substitute. The problems come if you drink your meal replacement and then eat food. All that protein and flavouring, and milk of course, is fattening, so you need to stick to your diet in order to succeed or your meal replacement drink will add to your weight.

How to Take She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement

Add 2 Scoops (20g) into a shaker or blender with approximately 300ml of milk or water. Try creating new recipes by adding fresh fruit and ice.

She Supps Slimmer Meals are comprised of a protein blend containing whey protein concentrate (derived from milk) and Soya Protein Isolate. Other ingredients include dextrose monohydrate, a simple sugar that quickly raises blood sugar levels. It contains oat flour, maize starch and a multivitamin along with flavourings, colours and Sucralose.

Some meal replacement shakes contain a comprehensive vitamin and mineral profile and added weight loss ingredients to their formula. This one doesn’t and, compared to many others on the market, She Supps Slimmer Meals look pretty basic. That said, if you use as recommended, the 177 calories per full serving provides a reasonably low calorie meal if you add to water. If you add to milk, as most people do, the 300ml of milk will add around an additional 180 calories, making it 357 calories in total.

She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Concerns:

  • Incomplete ingredients profile
  • No real customer feedback
  • The subscription agreement (auto ship) takes a minimum of 30 days to cancel

The sachets in the Taster pack do not provide a full size serving. Each 20g pack contains 86 calories per serving. You are advised to add this to 200ml of milk so this will add up to an additional 120 calories per serving. (206 calories in total).

She Supps is a British company based in Manchester. They market three ranges of products; the Slimmer range (including She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement), the Energy range and the Muscle range, which is made up of various protein powders.
We covered She Supps Fat Burner, part of the Slimmer range in a previous review.

What Does She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Claim To Do?

According to the product information,

Not sure what product of flavour you want? Try our Taster Pack! The Slimmer Meal Replacement Taster Pack offers 20g (half a serving) of each flavour.

The Slimmer Meal Replacement provides a balanced ratio of high-quality protein, carbohydrates and essential nutrients in one delicious and easy-to-mix shake.

This sounds good but we would have liked to have seen some real ingredients information to prove this point. The nutrients (vitamin complex) are not disclosed and the quantities and the “balanced ratio “of the protein sources are equally unknown.

There are four key features:

  • Tastes Great
  • Low in Fat
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Convenient for storage

She Supps are very keen on storage jars. The idea is that you buy the original product with a storage jar and then order refill packs via an auto ship contract.

As the product information puts it,

Once you have figured out which is your favourite flavour you are in a much better position to order the Slimmer Meal Replacement Jar or Refill Bag.

Does She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Work?

Protein Shakes can work for some people but it all depends on your own habits and will power. It is hard for many people to give up food for a meal and instead just drink what seems like a milkshake. In addition, you are not really saving anything here. A full size serving will be in the region of around 357 calories, so you could find proper food that is less fattening and a lot more nutritious. For example, a boiled egg is only around 78 calories, so an egg salad is real food, would be better for you and is less fattening.

What Are The Ingredients of She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement?

Each serving contains 40g of ingredients. There are four flavours; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or banana.

Protein Blend:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk): This is the most common form of whey protein and the cheapest. Whey is a by-product of cheese production. Remember Little Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey? This is the same stuff and is often used in bodybuilding and replacement meal supplements because it is a cheap and reasonably effective source of protein but it does contain fat.
  • Soya Protein Isolate: Derived from Soybean flour, Soy protein isolate is highly refined form of protein which has had most of its fats and carbs removed and it is a complete protein because it contains all of the essential amino acids needed for health. Some people have health concerns about taking soy protein isolate long term (over 6 months) because of a perceived hormonal effect. It contains natural chemicals called isoflavones which mimic oestrogen in the body.
  • Dextrose Monohydrate: Common ingredient in the food industry and used for sweetening, preservation and viscosity. Can quickly raise blood sugar levels.
  • Oat Flour: Oat flour is gluten free (although this shake is not gluten free) and is a source of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs are the types of carbs found in wholegrains, veg and pulses and are satisfying, filling and good for health.
  • Waxy Maize Starch: Form of corn starch which is sometimes included in bodybuilder supplements because it is high in Amylopectin, a highly branched polymer of glucose found in plants which is quickly absorbed by the body. It may help glycogen levels recover post training.
  • Multivitamin Premix: No details provided.
  • Other ingredients: Flavouring, Colouring, Stabilisers, Sweetener: Sucralose.

Does She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Have Any Side Effects?

You may experience mild side effects such as:

  • Increased bowel movements
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Allergies: may contain: nuts, soya, gluten, egg and peanut

This is a food supplement rather than a herbal medicine so there are no specific concerns. However you should never try to lose weight while pregnant or breast feeding and some people advise that long term use (over 6 months) of soy can adversely affect foetal development. There are also some concerns about long term use of soy if you suffer from an hormonally sensitive condition such as breast cancer. Check with your doctor first to keep on the safe side.

ALLERGY WARNING: For allergens, may contain: nuts, soya, gluten, egg and peanut.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement?

There are no customer reviews for She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Taster Pack.

Does She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

She Supps do not offer a money-back guarantee on any of their products.

Where Can I Buy She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement?

The She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement is only available from the She Supps website and is open to only customers who are based in the UK.

She Supps Slimmer Meal Replacement

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