Siken Investigation

Siken is a Spanish company that provides a range of dietary products and weight loss plan called the Metodo Diet Line. Siken is predominantly aimed at customers in Spain and Portugal, but you can also buy some Siken products in the UK. It looks pretty good at first glance, so armed with some dodgy Spanish and a translation program we take a look at Siken to find out more.

Siken is a weight loss company based in Spain, and also operating in Portugal. We don’t usually cover supplement companies based in Europe and aimed at their own local customers, but as Siken products are available to buy in the UK, it could suggest that this company is popular in Spain with private sellers marketing the supplements abroad.

Siken comes from Barcelona based company, Laboratorios Diafarm SA. According to the official website, you can find Siken products on sale across Spain; however most of this company’s business seems to be conducted online. In recent months, Siken products have been showing up on UK based sites such as Amazon and eBay.

What is Siken?

Siken is predominantly a weight loss plan supported by ready to eat (and drink) products, as well as drinks in powdered form.

The Metodo Diet Line Plan

Siken Investigation

First up, we will look at the diet plan because it seems that the Metodo Diet Line is key to the company, and there are three personalised diet plans you can follow. They are essentially the same, with only difference being that you stay on the diet for longer if you want to lose more weight.

You can use the Siken website and complete a questionnaire to find out which of the three diet plan is most suitable for you and your requirements.

The diet plans are simply named. These are; Plan 3 in which you lose 3 kilos, Plan 5 to lose 5 kilos, and Plan 9 to lose up to 9 kilos.

It is important to remember that the diet plan reflects the Spanish diet, which is already considered healthy as it does form part of the Mediterranean diet. Throughout the diet you buy Siken products as support.

The plans follow set stages. For example, with Plan 3 for under 40 year olds it should last just 12 days. The over 40 age group should take 24 days to lose 3 kilos.

For the under 40s The Initial Phase lasts 3 days, the Slimming Stage 3 days, Transition Stage 3 days, and the Stabilisation stage at least 3 days.

During the Initial Phase you are advised to consume 5 Siken products, 4 diet preparations, and 1 snack, along with your own vegetables, avoiding meat, fish, eggs, legumes, bread, cereals, and potatoes.

The vegetables are strictly controlled and include; Free quantity of: chard, watercress, broccoli, spinach, escarole, lettuce, zucchini, lamb’s lettuce, cabbage, green and wild asparagus, cucumber, green pepper, radishes, celery, mushrooms, and leeks.

The Slimming stage allows some fruits and a serving of fish, meat, or eggs for your evening meal. All quantities are strictly monitored and you can choose between:

150 g of lean meat (chicken without skin, turkey, rabbit, pork tenderloin, or beef fillet), 200 g of white fish (fresh cod, sole, hake, monkfish, grouper, or ray), 200 g of fresh sardines, 150 g of sea bream, sea bream, or sea bass, 100 g of fresh tuna or salmon, 2 eggs (2 egg whites and 1 yolk), 2 slices of ham or turkey or 150 g of shellfish.

The Transition Stage adds additional fruits and vegetables, and dairy products such as cheese. Some of this sounds exotic, with cheeses such as manchego and goat cheese recommended.

The Stabilisation Stage is the final stage, which looks to introduce a greater variety of natural foods and fewer Siken products.

Throughout the diet you are supported by Siken products. In truth, the weight loss plan does look healthy, even if you did not bother with the Siken products. However, if you are outside Spain and Portugal you may struggle to find the high quantities of fresh veg required for the diet.

Siken Products:

As with most diet plans, the product range is how the company makes money. In our opinion, these do not look quite as impressive as the diet. We were disappointed. The Siken website is sleek, and comes with plenty of beautiful pictures of fruit and vegetables. The models look healthy and glossy, and there has certainly been a lot of money spent on the site. So it is a big disappointment when you actually get to see the products on offer, because they are not impressive.

The Meal Substitute Range – Sustitutivos de comida

Siken - The Meal Substitute Range - Sustitutivos de comidaThe meal substitute range for example, does not provide protein powders. Instead there are a range of snack bars such as orange flavoured biscuits, cookies, and yoghurt bars.

According to the product information, two of these “barritas” are a substitute for a meal. In our opinion, two small snack bars are not an equivalent of a meal, especially when the advice is to eat all those vegetables on the healthy sounding diet plan.

However, we imagine that the women in Spain are as time pressed as everyone else so this is seen as a convenient alternative.

There is meal replacement drink too. This is in chocolate flavour and contains 279 calories per serving. However there is no ingredients list, and it seems unlikely that it contains much protein. We cannot see this drink providing an adequate replacement for a meal.

Rich in Protein – Ricos en Proteina

Again, these so called protein rich products do not seem high in protein. You can choose between delicious sounding health drinks, with flavours such as Mocca and Agave Smoothie, and Turmeric and cinnamon smoothie, but although these drinks seem healthy and delicious we cannot see just when you are supposed to have them.

There are also a range of products such as biscuits and energy bars such as crackers, orange biscuits, bacon flavoured tortilla chips, and apple biscuits.

None of these seem particularly rich in protein, or anything more than occasional snacks. The prime focus of the advertising seems to be based on the calorie count and in truth; they seem no more slimming than any other type of biscuit or snack.

Siken Extras – Complementos

The company sell a few specialist supplements to address various health and weight loss issues. These fall into one of two categories, and are either detox teas products such as Pure Detox Acai or Pure Detox Matcha, or bizarrely sports supplements based on L Carnitine. There is also a range of diuretic supplements designed to help you look thinner by losing water weight.

Siken Breakfasts – Desayunos

This range comprises of energy bars, the drink range which we already mentioned, and some packs of oats. Chocolate drinks feature, including one that looks pretty good and is called Cacao con fibre de Avena, or chocolate with oatmeal.

The focus of weight loss

Siken - The Meal Substitute Range - Sustitutivos de comida - weight lossThe problem with Siken is that this company is predominantly focused on calorie counting. In our opinion, the Metodo Diet Line plan is there to look good and to imply that you will be preparing healthy meals. However, the reality seems to be that most users are just replacing their food with diet snack bars and novelty drinks.

There is no real program to the weight loss plan. There is no effective meal replacement as such.

Unusually, you cannot buy a ready pack of diet products to support the plans. It seems that the idea is that you download the diet plan, and then simply buy additional products to support it.

Siken Products on Sale in the UK

A range of Siken products is on sale in the UK via Amazon and eBay. We took a look at Amazon and found many of the so called protein products on sale. At the time of writing, there is no customer feedback for any of these.

Products include;

Siken Diet Coffee Bar

These are currently on sale via Amazon UK for around £8.20 for a pack of five bars, each weighing 36g and containing 130 calories. The product information describes this as rich in protein and low in carbs and fats, and ideal for a snack. The advertising on Amazon claims that the bar is probiotic, but this is not what is says on the Siken website. You are advised to eat 2 bars a day as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Other flavours have much the same profile and include;

Siken Diet Bar Vanilla, Siken Diet Bar Turron, Chocolate, and Siken Diet Bar Coco Banana.

Prices vary depending on seller and flavour.

Other Siken products include chocolate bars, some of the detox range and assorted breakfast products such as Siken Oat Flakes at a whopping £6.51, and essentially the same as you can buy as porridge oats.

So is Siken Worth a try?

No. In our opinion Siken seems like a waste of money. The various diet plans look good on paper, but there is nothing we haven’t heard before. We all know we should eat more vegetables and restrict our calorie intake in order to lose weight, but the dietary advice has not made this easy for users.

The Siken diet plans rely on lots of food preparation and after running through a list of vegetables and healthy options, the dietary advice seems to be to replace all this with a couple of snack bars in order to keep your calorie count under control. How can eating bacon flavoured tortilla chips really be good for our health or weight loss? How can a two biscuits really be considered an adequate meal replacement?

We certainly would not recommend Siken to the Watchdog readers.

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