Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff

SimplyBest Burnoff is a weight loss supplement that contains just one ingredient; a branded compound called Sinetrol which is based on citrus extracts. So, will Burnoff really help you burn fat off as the name describes? We take a look.

Simply Supplements is a UK supplements retailer dealing solely online selling their own brand of supplements. According to the “about us” information, the company was established a decade ago with all supplements formulated by Simply Supplement in-house nutritionists.

Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Pros

  • Side effects are unlikely
  • Clinical testing suggests it may help weight loss

Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Cons

  • May not work as described
  • The money-back guarantee looks tricksy
  • No independent customer feedback
Watchdog Rejected

Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff

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Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Overview

What You Need To Know About Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff

SimplyBest BurnOff is a weight loss supplement that contains a French proprietary blend of citrus extracts and guarana called Sinetrol as the sole ingredient. There has been some limited clinical testing into Sinetrol and it may help the body break down fat, although it is unlikely to have a very strong effect. SimplyBest BurnOff comes in a choice of package sizes; 180 capsules (3 month’s supply), or alternatively 60 capsules which is enough for one month. It is important to ask your doctor for advice before using if you are taking prescription medication because this supplement contains grapefruit extract that could cause interactions.

What Are The Side Effects Of Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff?

SimplyBest BurnOff is unlikely to cause side effects. According to the clinical testing, there were no adverse effects and there are no warnings in the product information for this supplement.

However, you should take advice from your doctor before use if you are taking prescription medication. This supplement contains grapefruit extract so may interact with many types of prescription medication.

How Much Does Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Cost?

SimplyBest BurnOff is not overly expensive. Buy from the official Simply Supplements website and 1 x 180 capsule bottle (3 month’s supply) costs £35.35.

You can also buy SimplyBest BurnOff via Amazon UK where it costs £45.49 for 180 capsules, or £17.09 for a packet of 60 capsules.

Our Verdict On Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff

SimplyBest BurnOff contains only one ingredient, so success or failure will largely depend upon whether Sinetrol actually works as described. It might work. The clinical evidence is positive and we like the fact that it contains only a few simple ingredients. However, we do have some concerns. It is not stated whether or not BurnOff contains caffeine, and there is no information about the grapefruit content. Grapefruit is well known for causing interactions with prescription medication so if you take medication and have ever been told to avoid grapefruit, you will need to speak to your doctor first.

We like the price – in our opinion £35.35 for 3 months supply offers good value. We are less impressed by the money-back guarantee which is advertised, but seems unlikely to be honoured should you be dissatisfied.

Overall SimplyBest BurnOff looks OK and some users may find that it helps, but we don’t think that this one is really good enough to approve.

We do not recommend Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff to the Watchdog readers.

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Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Key Features

Simply Best BurnOff is a weight loss supplement that may help support weight loss if used in combination with a diet or/and exercise plan.

It contains just one ingredient, a branded supplement called Sinetrol which is based on citrus extracts. Sinetrol is not available to buy – it is only on sale to the supplements industry and it does sometimes show up in other products.

Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Facts

  • Simply Supplements is a UK company based in Peterborough
  • Customer phone line: 0845 8630 622
  • 180 capsules are sufficient for 90 days supply
  • Capsule size: Length 21.4mm, Width 7.66mm

Sinetrol is made from Mediterranean citrus fruit combined with Guarana – a natural bean high in caffeine. The formula comes from France based company Fytexia and according to clinical testing, the formula helps break down fat cells in what is described as fat shredding technology. Check out the ingredients tab to find out more

How to Take Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff

  • Take one capsule at breakfast and one capsule before lunch daily

We have covered supplements containing Sinetrol before.

These include Sinetrim, an American supplement on sale from places like GNC and Lucky Vitamin. UK based supplement, Trim Secrets, and British made fat burner, Pharmamuscle Metaburn.

Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Concerns:

  • The capsules are large. Some customers may struggle to take this supplement
  • May not work as described. Although there has been clinical testing, it seems very limited
  • The money-back guarantee seems tricksy

Simply Supplements is a British company based in Peterborough. The company sell a wide range of health and weight loss supplements online, and also via a brochure in a more traditional method of mail order. As well as health supplements, Simply Supplement also sell a range of pet health products called VitaPaws.

What Does Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Claim To Do?

The product information does not make many claims and it is hard to see just how this supplement will help you. Although the BurnOff name suggests it will help burn off fat or calories, we are not really told how it will work or what it will do.

According to the product advertising,

“The key ingredient in Burnoff™ is Sinetrol®, a premium-quality compound which consists of 100% natural Mediterranean citrus fruit extracts, including red orange and grapefruit.”

The key features:

  • Popularly taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime
  • 100% natural citrus fruit extract
  • With red orange and grapefruit
  • Suitable for vegetarians

According to the product information, Sinetrol is new on the market.

“This innovative formula had previously been used in research settings only, where it has produced some exciting results. However, we are now proud to inform you that this product is available to our customers.”

Does Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Work?

Sinetrol is the sole ingredients of SimplyBest BurnOff. We looked into the clinical testing carried out by the Fytexia the makers of this supplement and although it has not been carried out on a large scale, results seemed favourable.

According to the clinical research, Sinetrol has a strong lipolytic effect, which means it breaks down fat cells, which leads to the breakdown of triglycerides stored in fat cells (adipocytes) and the release of free fatty acids (FFAs) and glycerol. According to the clinical information, these results suggest that the lipolytic effect is made possible by inhibiting cAMP-PDE (the messengers in the body that regulate sugar and lipid metabolism).

There have been three clinical tests at the time of writing. First, a placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted in 20 subjects. After 3 months, the Sinetrol group lost an average of 5.6kg and 22% of body fat compared to the placebo group.

The second clinical study was performed with 95 overweight subjects over 3 months who consumed a normal diet and limited their physical activity to 30 mins/week. Sinetrol® helped to enhance body composition with abdominal fat significantly decreased by 9.73% in the Sinetrol® group, and waist and hip circumferences were each reduced by an average of 5 cm (p<0.05).

The third clinical study, conducted on 77 overweight and obese subjects, confirms the benefits of Sinetrol® over 4 months.

It looks as if Sinetrol may help support weight loss. Effects are unlikely to be particularly fast or extreme, but you may find this supplement helps you lose weight, so it could be useful as a support to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

What Are The Ingredients of Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff?

Serving size is equal to one capsule;

  • Sinetrol (450mg): This proprietary blend contains: grapefruit extract, guarana seed extract, and orange extract. Sinetrol was developed by Fytexia a French company based in the South of France that offers natural ingredients to the international foods supplements industry, based on the Mediterranean diet.

According to the Fytexia “about us” information,

“Fytexia headquarters stand in the middle of the southern French countryside. Legitimately established as the world’s biggest vineyard, this privileged location allows a unique access to prolific olive groves, grapevines and citrus trees.”

Fytexia supplements are based on natural produce from the South of France such as olives, citrus extracts, grapes, and more. Source

Does Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Have Any Side Effects?

Simply BurnOff contains only Sinetrol as the sole ingredient. According to the clinical testing, there were no adverse effects and there are no warnings in the product information for this supplement.

However, you should take advice from your doctor before use if you are taking prescription medication. This supplement contains grapefruit extract, so may interact with many types of prescription medication.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist before use if you are taking prescription medication or suffer from an underlying medical condition.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff?

There is a lot of feedback for Simply Supplement products on the official website. However, it is impossible to see which product is being reviewed. We did find just one customer for SimplyBest BurnOff review via Amazon UK.

This customer reported,

Keeping my weight down…. diet not very good ….3rd lot…

This is not easy to understand, but it seems that the supplement is helping and that the buyer is a repeat customer.

The customer feedback on the Simply Supplements website is generally favourable but not specific to any particular supplement

Great service. Brilliant product. Happy customer. That’s how it’s meant to be.

Various products and I particularly like the prompt delivery service.

This product is not as good as it’s supposed to be very disappointed.

Does Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a money-back guarantee on some Simply Supplement products, but this is not always valid for all of the supplements all of the time.

To find out more you should contact the customer care team via email, telephone, or live chat. You must have your order reference number, full name, and contact details ready.

Claims can only be made within 30 days of purchase and you must provide a valid reason for the claim. Your postage costs are not covered by the guarantee.

Where Can I Buy Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff?

You can buy SimplyBest BurnOff via the official Simply Supplements website. It is also on sale via Amazon UK.

How does Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaSimply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff.

Simply Supplements SimplyBest Burnoff

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