Skinny Bunny Tea

Detox teas and herbal blends are big right now with many customers attracted to the idea of detoxing and losing weight by tea. Skinny Bunny Tea is not quite the same as many others on the market. The Skinny Bunny tea blends do not contain laxatives and dangerous ingredients but instead are full of natural extracts and tea blends to promote good health.

We take an in depth look at Skinny Bunny Tea to find out more

Skinny Bunny Tea Pros

  • Safe teas that should not cause dangerous side effects
  • There are health benefits to including more tea in your life

Skinny Bunny Tea Cons

  • The Recover tea contains caffeine. Not good for a bedtime drink
  • Inadequate information about the origins and quality of the teas
  • The price. Skinny Bunny Tea is very expensive
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Skinny Bunny Tea

Skinny Bunny Tea Review

Skinny Bunny Tea Facts

  • One of the principle ingredients is Pu Ehr tea
  • Teas contain additional flavourings
  • Skinny Bunny is a US company who are fully engaged with social media

When we were asked to review yet another so-called miracle tea, our hearts sank. The market is full of detox teas that look healthy but in most cases, they contain a range of harsh laxatives and diuretics designed to increase your bathroom time and as a result weight loss.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that Skinny Bunny is offering something different. This company produce four teas that you can buy individually. Alternatively, you can choose one of the two combined packages for weight loss.

None of the teas contain laxative ingredients. Instead, the idea is that the programme will support health and weight loss. Both packages come with a free eBook to support your efforts.

The most popular option is the Weight loss + Detox bundle, which you can take for 14 days or 28 days. This comprises of two teas, Weight Loss AM Tea, which you take in the morning, contains organic black tea Pu Erh combined with chocolate. The other tea in the bundle is Detox; Tropical Chamomile which is to be taken at night. This tea contains chamomile that may help you feel calm and sleep, linden flowers and holy basil a natural Indian plant that is often taken to remove stress.

There is nothing actually “detox” about this tea but the ingredients seem natural and gentle and ideal for helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Alternatively, you can choose the Weight Loss Bundle and Work Out Plan. This comprises of the same AM tea combined with Recovery: PM Tea. Recovery contains Valerian – a natural plant known for inducing sleep. It also contains tea blends, which is surprising as tea contains caffeine.

How to Take Skinny Bunny Tea

Just make the tea in the usual way (add hot water to the tea bag).

Each canister contains sufficient tea for one cup in the morning and one in the evening.

The Detox tea should be taken every other evening.

Although the Skinny Bunny website looks glossy and slick, we found it hard to navigate. There is very little information about how and when to take the teas or anything about their origins. The Skinny Bunny website is very big on style and social media but we feel it lacks substance. However all Skinny Bunny Teas are said to be natural, vegan, and packaged in the U.S.

Skinny Bunny Tea Concerns:

  • Skinny Bunny is expensive and many customers feel it is a waste of money
  • Very confusing product website. Not much real information
  • Although it probably will not do you any harm, it probably will not do much good either

What Does Skinny Bunny Tea Claim To Do?

According to the product information, when you take the combination of AM tea and Detox Tropical Chamomile ‘Your body starts a 24 hour Skinny regimen’.

This will help you:

  • Reduce Tri-glycerides
  • Helps in Burning Fat
  • Boosts Immune System
  • High Levels of Antioxidants
  • Promotes Skin Health
  • Promotes Digestive & Dental Health
  • Metabolizes Fat Cells

There is no proof to any clinical evidence to back up these claims. Skinny Bunny appear to be running a constant sale with ‘special offers’ you can redeem on the website and this seems like tricksy advertising to us.

For example, the so-called ‘recommended’ price of $140 for the 28-day detox bundle is slashed to $52.00!

You have to ask yourself whether anyone would really pay $140 for 42 teabags! It seems a lot. However, this price cut does make $52 seem more acceptable.

So What Is Skinny Bunny Tea and What Are The Ingredients?

Skinny Bunny Teas are herbal tea blends that you use to support weight loss. Teas are packaged in teabags and ingredient quantities are unknown. You take the A.M tea in the morning and choose from two options for your evening tea, depending on whether you want Detox or Recovery.

Weight Loss AM Tea:

  • Organic Pu –Erh Black Tea: This is the principle ingredient and is a variety of tea that is unique. It is aged slowly and fermented through the action of moulds, bacteria and yeasts and this causes an earthy flavour.
    Quality can vary depending upon the lengthy production process. Some clinical studies suggest that Pu Erh may suppress fatty acid syntheses and reduce triacylglycerol. However, the weight loss claims have only been tested on rats. In one clinical test carried out in China, results found that “gains in body weight, levels of triacylglycerol, and total cholesterol were suppressed in the tea-treated rats”. Does this mean it will work in the same way for humans? There is no evidence that it will and scientist advise that it needs further testing. Skinny Bunny also claim that this tea will help dental health. Some Pu Erh tea contains high levels of fluorine (Fluoride) a chemical known for preventing tooth decay.

This tea also contains a chocolate flavouring.

Detox Tropical Chamomile:

This tea also contains Mango and passion fruit flavouring.

You can also combine the AM tea with the Recovery Tea.

Recovery Tea:

  • Chinese Oolong Tea: Partially fermented tea and often used to promote mental alertness. Contains caffeine.
  • Chinese Green Tea: Green tea is unfermented and as a result retains more antioxidants than other tea types. Can help support weight loss because of the effect of antioxidants on the metabolism. Contains caffeine.
  • Valerian Root: Well known herb that can promote sleep.

This tea also contains orange, lemon and vanilla flavouring.

So What Does All This Mean?

Although the Skinny Bunny teas look safe, we cannot see them having much to do with weight loss, recovery or detox beyond a placebo effect.

The AM tea only contains one active ingredient the Pu Erh tea and although this black tea variety is well known, the weight loss claims are unproven. If you did want to try Pu Erh, you could find it on the shelves of a speciality tea shop, Asian store or even some supermarkets. According to tea experts, quality can vary so it is possible that the type in this tea is not the highest grade.

It seems odd that a tea, which is prized for its taste, is masked with a chocolate flavour. That said if you enjoy this flavour you will like the tea but drinking one cup a day for two weeks is not really going to have long-term health benefits.

We like the Detox tea. It looks calming and it may help you sleep but we cannot see it doing anything more than that.

There appears to be no reason at all why you should only take this tea every other night. It looks safe and it will not act as a laxative. We are slightly concerned about the ‘herbal tea’ mentioned in the ingredients list. This could be a wild card.

The Recovery Tea contains caffeine so is unlikely to help you sleep despite the Valerian. This tea does not seem appropriate for night time use because it will probably wake you up.

Does Skinny Bunny Tea Have Any Side Effects?

Skinny bunny tea contains a range of herbal ingredients and some people may have specific reactions to these although they should be safe for the majority of users. Tea contains caffeine so if you are sensitive to caffeine in normal tea, then this will not suit you either.

Potential side effects are mainly related to caffeiene and may include:

  • Jitteriness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Racing heart
  • Headaches
  • Some users have noticed a diuretic effect (possibly from drinking caffeine before bedtime) in Recovery
  • Detox Chamomile contains lemon myrtle a mild diuretic
  • Stomach upset


Not suitable for individuals under 18 or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Avoid if you are sensitive to caffeine or any of the ingredients in the list.

Skinny Bunny do not provide any health advice for customers.

Any Skinny Bunny Tea Reviews From Customers?

There is customer feedback for Skinny Bunny teas. However not all of it seems genuine and Skinny Bunny also seems to be manipulating their social media pages. Worryingly one customer reported,

I bought the tea from the skinny bunny website, but when I leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram they delete it. I have been drinking the tea for 20 days and working out. I have seen no loss or change.

There are some fake looking positive comments too left by people who have not even purchased it and have never left reviews for other items. However not all positive comments are fake.

One reviewer said,

I started using skinny bunny tea and I have to say its been working pretty well. Definitely, a better good night rest and my system is definitely clearing up. I looked into skinny bunny because I am trying to avoid supplements and go a more natural route…

Not everyone is satisfied. This customer noticed the effects of the caffeine,

First off it tastes really bad. Second, the only difference I noticed was my racing heart and jitteriness. Unfortunately not a fan of this product and will not purchase again.

Many customers have not noticed any effects at all.

Honestly I didn’t see a difference at all don’t waste your money…


This brand is all hype and I’m dissatisfied with this product.

Some people enjoy the flavour of the tea but haven’t noticed any effects

It does taste good but not worth the money.

is a popular viewpoint.

So Does Skinny Bunny Tea Work?

No, this won’t really work in the way as described. If you fancy trying the teas for the taste, you may enjoy it but there is no evidence it will do much for your health and weight loss.

It will not do you any harm (unless you are sensitive to caffeine or the other ingredients) but just drinking two cups of tea a day is not going to bring about a miracle. The weight loss claims of Pu Erh are based on limited clinical animal testing.

That said changing some of your daily drinks to natural tea may have real benefits for both health and weight loss, especially if you use tea to replace sodas.

However, there are much cheaper ways of doing this than buying Skinny Bunny Tea. Most supermarkets and stores sell speciality tea blends like Pu Erh and you can easily pick up herbal teas such as Valerian or chamomile too.

We are inclined to agree with the customer who said that this brand was ‘all hype’.

Where Can I Buy Skinny Bunny Tea?

You can buy Skinny Bunny teas direct from the product website. The 28-Day Weight Loss and Detox Bundle costs $52. It includes 28 days supply of the AM tea and 14 days supply of Detox tea. It comes with a free eBook work out plan and diet guide.

You can also buy the 14-day plan for $32. This comes with a free eBook detox guide. You can also buy the teas individually for around $30 a pack and the eBooks for $19.99 each.

Skinny Bunny do not appear to sell the Weight Loss and Recovery Tea Bundle via the website.

At the time of writing, this is option is only available from Amazon. USA
The 28-day bundle comprising of the AM tea and Recovery costs $52.00. Shipping costs are not provided.

What About A Guarantee

Skinny Bunny Tea does not come with a guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

Our first impression of Skinny Bunny Tea was very positive. We liked the fun glossy image of the brand and were pleasantly surprised by the laxative free detox supplement. We see many so-called detox teas and in the majority of cases, they come with some pretty unpleasant side effects. This one does not so that is a real point in its favour.

Skinny Bunny looks safe and the various teas and herbs in all the products look extremely reasonable. We can see that if you enjoy the flavours you may feel the tea range is worth having. Some of the ingredients have general health benefits too. The downside is that there is no real reason why any of these teas will really help you lose weight in the way as described.

In addition, there is nothing here that you couldn’t buy over the counter at a delicatessen, tea store or supermarket for much less cost.

This tea brand is very expensive and in our opinion, it just isn’t worth it. It seems to be mainly hype and comes with a shocking lack of any real information that is covered up by the fun social media inspired image of the website. We hate the tricksy ‘money off’ advertising too.

We would not be worried about trying this supplement because it does look safe. That said we certainly cannot recommend our readers to part with their hard-earned cash for it. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

It is an easy decision. We reject Skinny Bunny Tea.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Skinny Bunny Tea

2.2 out of 5
Skinny Bunny Tea
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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    I ordered products from Skinny Bunny May 19th, and only received HALF my order June 16th. I don’t know how many times I tried contacting them about my order and rarely got a reply and when I did it was OH we had a problem with our manufacturer but your product should ship out within 2-4 days. When I finally got fed up and told them to cancel my order I miraculously received half my order. How I am suppose to use their product to begin my diet with only half the products??? This company is ridiculous! Guess I’ll wait an extra month to receive the other half and return my order and hopefully get a refund. My fault thou I should have done better research before ordering form them.

  2. Please do your research on this company before ordering. This is the worst company ever. It will take at least a month to receive the tea. You will never be able to reach customer service. They constantly post on Instagram the good reviews of course. If you leave a bad review they will delete it and block you. I would’nt recommend anyone to order from this company.

  3. Worst customer service!!! They don’t reply to your e-mails or phone messages. Oh but they sure have time to remove your comments/bad reviews from Instagram. Long ass lead times for shipping. I am sure you get better customer service & better qualily if not the same elsewhere!

  4. I think that this is like anything else it depends on your body it will work for some and not for others its a 50/50 risk that you take when you purchase it.

  5. Skinny bunny tea admin blocked me from their Instagram page because I told someone their tea is not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women

  6. I am on anti depressants also medication for high blood pressure,chlolesrol, and diabetic. Could wants in these teas harm me.
    It would very much appreciate a response. Thank you