Skinny Fiber

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out the ingredients that have a reputation as a weight loss supplement, and the ingredients that actually have clinical support to prove this, especially with diet pill companies all claiming that they use the most effective ingredients. The manufacturers of Skinny Fiber have made some dramatic claims about its ingredients, so we decided to see which category they fell into.

Below we take an in-depth look at Skinny Fiber, to see whether or not it can aid weight loss by suppressing the consumer’s appetite and supporting the metabolism.

Skinny Fiber Pros

  • Glucomannan has some clinical support

Skinny Fiber Cons

  • Majority of ingredients have no clinical support
  • Lots of reports of side effects
  • Expensive supplement
Watchdog Rejected

Skinny Fiber

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What You Need To Know About Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber is an appetite suppressing weight loss aid that also supports the metabolism, according to its manufacturers. The manufacturing company operate as a multi-level marketing company, and we have concerns about the company’s customer service, as they have an ‘F’ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

What Are The Side Effects Of Skinny Fiber?

There are numerous reports of unpleasant and even serious side effects from customer reviews. Side effects appear to include trapped gas, increased bowel movements, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, bloating, vomiting, constipation, nausea, and acid reflux.

We also found one report of a woman who had a blocked colon, who had to be prescribed laxatives and ultimately have a colonoscopy, and another report of a woman who had developed polyps after taking this supplement.

How Much Does Skinny Fiber Cost?

Depending upon where Skinny Fiber is purchased from, the supplement can be very expensive. When ordering through the official website, a single bottle costs $59.95, plus delivery charges. Each bottle contains 120 capsules; consumers are instructed to take two capsules before each meal.

If taking the product before two meals per day (four capsules per day), a single bottle would last for 30 days, but if consumers are taking the supplement before three meals a day (six capsules per day), a single bottle would last for as little as 20 days. There are discounts available on bulk purchases.

Our Verdict On Skinny Fiber

We are not impressed by Skinny Fiber at all! The product is incredibly expensive when purchased directly from the manufacturers or from a distributer. There are some concerns from some distributers that amazon sellers are actually selling fake versions of Skinny Fiber, and not the authentic product, but we were unable to verify these claims.

Glucomannan does have clinical support for its use as an appetite suppressant, but it appears that the amounts used in Skinny Fiber are less than the amounts used in successful clinical trials. There is far less clinical support for Caralluma Fimbriata, and no clinical support at all for the use of Cha De Bugre as a weight loss supplement. The use of digestive enzymes could aid digestion, but they are not necessary.

We found lots of reports of side effects, which were mostly digestive and temporary, but some people did report more serious side effects that required medical attention, such as a blocked colon.

We dislike the Multi-Level Marketing Model that the company operate on. MLM companies often focus more on recruiting new distributers over actually selling the company’s product range, and this seems to be the case, at least on the official website. We advise our readers to not sign up to become a distributer for any Multi-Level Marketing company, especially if signing up involves a sign-up fee or the need to purchase a ‘starter pack’.

Glucomannan may be a good option for some people who want to reduce the hunger they feel when trying to eat a lower calorie diet. However, it is available at many health stores at a fraction of the cost of Skinny Fiber, without the addition of numerous other ingredients that have little or no clinical support.

Overall, we do not recommend Skinny Fiber to our readers.

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Skinny Fiber Review

Skinny Fiber is an appetite suppressing weight loss aid that also supports the metabolism, according to its manufacturers. It contains glucomannan, a fiber that absorbs water and expands in the stomach, making the consumer fell fuller, quicker, and helping them to eat less overall. Because glucomannan affects the stomach, and is not a chemical appetite suppressant, it can only support dieting efforts, and will not affect emotional eating. Whilst the product is caffeine free, it does contain Cha De Bugre, which is a stimulant ingredient.

Skinny Fiber Facts

  • Manufactured by Skinny Body Care
  • 120 capsules per bottle
  • Manufacturer operates as a Multi-Level Marketing Company

The most prominent information given on the Skinny Fiber website seems more concerned with finding new distributors to sell this diet pill, rather than any sound advice about how to use it and what it actually contains.

The company appears to operate as a Multi-Level Marketing company, with distributers receiving commission on their own sales, bonuses for recruiting new distributers, and commissions and bonuses based upon the sales of the distributers in your ‘downline’, i.e. the people you have also recruited to be distributers. Again, on the page explaining how distributers can make money with Skinny Body Care and their products, the enroller bonuses are mentioned before commissions on general sales.

How to Take Skinny Fiber

Directions for use are as follows: Take this product (2 capsules) with at least 8 ounces (a full glass) of water or other fluid, 30 minutes before meals. Taking this product without enough liquid may cause choking.

The Skinny Fiber website is mostly restricted to the casual visitor, with product prices and many of the pages being hidden unless you sign in. This can be awkward, and we dislike the fact that prices are initially hidden.

When you attempt to buy Skinny Fiber direct from the product site,, the website requires you to enter the name of “the distributor who referred you”. Even attempting to register with the site and become a site member takes you back to entering the name of your distributor. The prices are not visible until you enter the name of a distributer; we were able to access the full website by going to a third party website set up by a distributer and clicking on the buy now button, which led us back to the official website, but now signed in with full access to pricing.

Skinny Fiber Concerns:

  • Manufacturer has poor reputation – F on Better Business Bureau
  • Expensive supplement
  • Majority of ingredients lacking clinical support

Skinny Fiber has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau website, the lowest possible score. They have ignored multiple complaints on the BBB website, and the only complaint that they did address was not dealt with to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skinny Fiber is one of numerous weight loss products manufactured by a company called Skinny Body Care. The manufacturers of Skinny Fiber are based at 423 Bussen Underground Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63129. Their contact information is available on their official website, but consumers may be encouraged to contact their distributer first, and only seeking help from the company directly if the distributer is unable to help.

What Does Skinny Fiber Claim To Do?

The manufacturers of Skinny Fiber claim that the supplement has the following benefits:

  • All Natural Weight Management
  • Supports Normal Detoxification Processes
  • Support Healthy Digestion
  • Provides Antioxidant Support
  • Digestive Enzymes

They also go through the main ingredients of the supplement, detailing their supposed benefits, but not citing any studies or sources:

What if you could eliminate the #1 enemy of weight management…overeating? With all natural Glucomannan, it just got easier! Glucomannan is a unique all natural soluble dietary fiber believed to expand in your stomach to help make you feel full and eat less!

Caralluma Fimbriata
Known as the Natural Appetite Suppressant, Caralluma has been used for centuries in countries around the world to help manage appetite and eat less. In fact, some call it “famine food” for its incredible ability to suppress hunger and appetite and enhance stamina.

Cha De Bugre
Known as “The best kept Brazilian Secret,” Chá de Bugre is not as commonly known as many other ingredients, but is just as powerful. Believed to help suppress appetite, Cha de Bugre has many other benefits as well. In fact, many people use it to help reduce cellulite, increase overall health, and even gently stimulate healthy metabolism…a key for healthy weight management!

Does Skinny Fiber Work?

The clinical research for Glucomannan is very promising, suggesting that it is an effective appetite suppressant, but all of the available studies suggest that the optimum dose for maximum weight loss is 3000 mg per day, spread out over several doses. It appears that the dose of Glucomannan in Skinny Fiber is lower than this, even when taking three servings per day!

Caralluma Fimbriata has some limited clinical support, but it appears to take a long time before it starts to work, with studies suggesting that appetite suppression is only noticed after a month of use. However, participants in studies also reported no weight loss. Source

Cha De Bugre has no clinical support linking it with weight loss at all.

Overall, we are not convinced that taking Skinny Fibre will contribute significantly to weight loss. Consumers may notice a slight decrease in appetite thanks to the glucomannan, but as the dose is less than recommended in clinical trials, it is not as effective as it could be. However, due to the presence of other ingredients, including a stimulant, adjusting the dosage to meet the recommendations of trials is a bad idea, as it could lead to other side effects developing.

What Are The Ingredients of Skinny Fiber?

The ingredients used in Skinny Fiber are listed below. No individual ingredient quantities are listed, as the product contains two proprietary formulas. This makes it more difficult to establish the potency and effectiveness of the supplement. The quantities listed below are per serving of two capsules.

Proprietary Blend 1100 mg

  • Glucomannan (tuber) powder: Glucomannan is an ingredient that is derived from the root of an Asian plant called Konjac (Amorphophallus konjac). Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that has the capacity to absorb as much as 17 times its own weight in water. This means that it swells as it absorbs water, creating bulk in the stomach. It is this effect that causes a suppression of appetite. As it is considered a dietary fiber, Glucomannan is often used to treat constipation or to improve bowel movements.Several studies have suggested that Glucomannan causes a notable reduction in weight, prompting the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to definitively state that it can cause a loss of body weight when taken. However, one should note that not every study claims the same effect, and that weight loss can only be achieved when combined with a healthy diet.
  • Caralluma Fimbriata (whole plant) powder: Although touted as an appetite suppressing weight loss aid, this plants appetite suppressing qualities seem to take time to manifest (a month of use or more), and even when appetite was reduced in studies, no weight loss has been observed. This may be because of the relatively short period that the clinical studies observed participants for.
  • Cha de Bugre (leaf) powder: There is a lack of clinical trials or definite medical knowledge about this Brazilian plant. It is often used in Brazilian diet pills for appetite suppression. Also known as Cordia salicifolia, this fruit may have some health benefits but remains unproven for promoting weight loss.

Proprietary Enzyme Blend 180 mg

Does Skinny Fiber Have Any Side Effects?

There are numerous reports of side effects in the customer reviews we found, including trapped gas, increased bowel movements, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, bloating, vomiting, constipation, nausea, and acid reflux. The ingredients used in Skinny Fiber can cause a range of different side effects. As individual ingredient quantities are not listed, it is difficult to establish the likelihood of side effects developing.

Glucomannan works by absorbing water in the stomach, making it very important to drink plenty of water when taking the product and adjust the dosage if problems occur. Consumers who do not drink enough water when taking glucomannan may experience constipation and stomach cramps. As glucomannan is a fibre, it is likely that its usage will increase the rate of one’s bowel movements. Diarrhoea may also occur. Those who experience diarrhoea should cease using the product immediately. Glucomannan also affects blood sugar levels. Diabetics should consult their doctor before taking any glucomannan-based product.

Caralluma Fimbriata might cause some side effects such as stomach upset, intestinal gas, constipation, and stomach pain.

There has been almost no clinical research into Cha De Bugre, and so there is a lack of information available about what side effects could be caused by the supplement. This does not necessarily mean that the supplement is side effect free, especially as the product is often described as a stimulant ingredient.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Diabetics should consult their doctor before purchasing this or any other glucomannan product. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you have difficulty swallowing. If you experience chest pain, vomiting, or difficulty swallowing or breathing after taking the product, seek immediate medical attention. Do not exceed the recommended serving. Do not use if inner safety seal has been broken. Not suitable for anyone who is sensitive to stimulant ingredients. Consult your doctor if you are unsure about the suitability of this or any other supplement.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Skinny Fiber?

There are hundreds of customer reviews for Skinny Fiber online, including on amazon, where the majority of the customer reviews are rated one star.

This product is amazing! I have lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks. I have had nothing, but the best experience while taking Skinny Fiber. It does everything that it states. I will definitely purchase this product again and again.. I’m very happy!

I have been been taking this product for a while but when I saw how much less it was at Amazon I jumped on it! The product works well with taking off the inches more than pounds but also with making you healthy from the inside out. Well worth the money! You have to take about a month before seeing results and after that you can really tell a noticeable difference!

Helps with my in between snacking! Haven’t lost any lbs as yet. Will keep working at it a little longer.

this product did not make a bit of difference. I had no weight loss, no metabolism change, no extra energy, nothing in the reviews I read on this product were accurate. DONT BUY

Below are some of the reviews that have been left by our readers in the comments section:

I recently bought the buy 3 get 3 free Skinny Fiber. I tried it for two months but nothing happened, it did nothing for me. Tried to return it but I had mistakenly thrown away the first bottle and they absolutely refuse to do a refund. Because of (one empty bottle) they will not help you at all. So if you do try this, “Be sure to keep all the bottles.” Not impressed with product or company.

I took this tablet prior to lunch and dinner for a month. I was feeling rather sick before the final weekend (nausea and loathe to take the tab) so much so, that I didnt take the last three days of tabs. After ceasing the tabs I became very sick with chronic pain in my abdomen. I had an xray to discover a blocked colon. I spent two weeks taking heaps of laxative solutions and still not out of pain. Nine weeks now and I have a colonoscopy booked in a couple of weeks.. this will determine if Skinny Fibre has left residue in my bowel, I believe this is the case but we will see. I will write an update after the examination, which requires a general anesthetic, so its no small deal. In the meantime, if you have read this far, hold off taking this stuff until you hear back from me about the results (or not) of taking this tablet. PS .. absolutely no change whatsoever on the weight loss factor for the entire month either.

I had a very bad reaction to Skinny Fiber. I followed the directions and was on it for about 2 weeks when I stated getting trapped gas and very bad reflux with nausea.

The reflux got so bad it flared up my Asthma giving me a bronchial infection. I started coughing and the cough lasted 3 weeks. I had to go on an expensive acid blocker and even more expensive Asthma drugs. The entire mess cost me a few hundred dollars. The SF was given to me to try by a couple friends who had not had any luck with it. So at least I was not out any money there. I asked the person online selling it if it interacted with meds, if certain people should not take it etc and I was assured it was perfectly safe. I drank a ton of water, that was not hard because I am a big water drinker anyhow and I took it as directed so I know I did nothing wrong.

How this unregulated crap is sold without any testing or proof is beyond me.

I strongly suggest that people avoid it.

Anyone who says it works and is oh so wonderful is either selling it or getting paid to say so.

Does Skinny Fiber Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Skinny Fiber set out the following refund terms and conditions:

The Company will refund the purchase price of Product or exchange it pursuant to the following.

1. If the Distributor (and/or his or her Customer who ordered directly from the Company) is not completely satisfied with the First Product Purchase, he or she may send to the Company the unused portion of the First Product Purchase within thirty (30) days of the original purchase date and the Company will refund 100% of the purchase price (less shipping and handling). If the First Product Purchase is returned after the thirty (30) day period, no refund will be given.

2. Any Commissions paid to the Distributor and his or her Upline for the Product returned by the Distributor or Customer will be deducted from the respective Upline Distributors’ accounts or withheld from present or future Commission payments. A Distributor agrees that he or she will not rely on existing Downline Organization Volume at the close of a Commissions period, as returns may cause changes to his or her Title, Rank and/or Commissions payout.

3. All shipping or courier costs for the return of Product will be borne solely by the Distributor unless otherwise prohibited by law. Any damage or loss that occurs to returned Product during shipping will be the responsibility of the Distributor.

4. The Company will exchange Product if the Product is damaged in shipment, incorrectly sent due to a Company error, or of substandard quality. However, when an exchange is not feasible, the Company will refund the amount of the returned Product. If Product is damaged or defective, a Distributor should contact the Company within ten (10) days of receipt of the order.

Customers who order multiple bottles should be aware that the company will refuse all refunds where there are missing bottles, even if they were completely empty. We have found many reports of customers being refused refunds of hundreds of dollars, because they had thrown away an empty bottle!

Where Can I Buy Skinny Fiber?

Customers who want to order direct from the official Skinny Fiber website need to have a referral from a distributer. Customers cannot view any pricing information or sign up to be a distributer, without entering the username of the distributer who referred them. This incredibly frustrating for anyone who does not personally know a distributer. However, there are numerous websites that have been set up by distributers that allow potential customers to access the website, including the pricing options.

A ‘starter package’ of a single bottle costs $59.95 plus delivery charges. A ‘bonus pack’ contains 3 bottles, and costs $119.85, being marketed as a buy 2, get 1 free offer. The largest pack is the ‘premier value pack’, containing 6 bottles, and marketed as a buy 3 get 3 free offer; this pack costs $179.70 plus delivery charges. Delivery charges can be as much as $11.64, which is obviously significant! In comparison, many other companies offer free delivery on larger purchases.

There is also an auto-ship option; unlike other companies that offer an auto-ship option, this is an opt-in service, where customers need to click the button to add this to their order. The auto-ship button states:

OPTIONAL: I would also like to join the hassle-free autoship program and have one new bottle of Skinny Fiber shipped to me each month for the same low price of $59.95 plus shipping. I understand I can cancel my autoship at any time.

The product is also available on amazon. Here a single bottle costs $22.95 plus delivery charges. We have seen complaints from some distributers of Skinny Fiber, stating that they are not allowed to sell on amazon as a part of their contract, and claiming that any Skinny Fiber sold on amazon is a fake product. One distributer went so far as to state that consumers should never pay less than $60 per bottle, so that they can guarantee that they are getting the real thing.

How does Skinny Fiber compare to Phentatrim?

Criteria Skinny Fiber Comparison Phentatrim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee
Skinny Fiber Rating


Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Skinny Fiber.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

#1 Consumer Choice 2019: Phentaslim

Phentaslim is Diet Pills Watchdog Approved


Thousands of customers have cut the fat with this fast and powerful thermogenic fat burner. Can suppress appetite, boost energy levels and elevate mood without the jitters.

  • Over 100,000 satisfied customers
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and buy 3 get 1 FREE offers!
See our Full Review here

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

193 comments on “Skinny Fiber”

  1. MARLENE says:

    Im sorry but there isnt anything in skinny fiber that will hurt you its 100% all natural no added stimulates at all has tons of health benefits you dont have the jitters or racing heart. might want to do ur research a little better. i have lost over 40 inches and 25 pounds and have gotten off of 3 of my meds.

  2. JoAnn Lancaster says:

    I have been on Skinny fiber for two months and have taken two pills twice daily as recommended. I have lost 10 pounds and 19 inches all with no side effects, except more energy, less headache, better sleeping, lowered blood pressure ( back to normal) and an overall feeling of well being. My daughter in law started taking it along with my son and husband. My daughter in law gas lost weight, my son is taking it to improve his overall health which it is doing and my husband has his diabetes and high blood pressure under control. These are all side effects I welcome and love. They also have an amazing support group that answers any and all questions. As far as it not being FDA approved, they do not approve vitamins and herbs as they are all natural and do not need approval. HMMM, skinny fiber must fall in that category. This is not a diet pill, it is fiber and a healthy way of life.

    1. Lin says:

      Read your review/comments on Skinny Fibre. Are you still taking the supplements?

  3. Jocelyn Marks says:

    My husband and I take up to 6 tablets a day each and we have lost 6kgs (13lbs) each in 2 months. We have had no side affects and we really dont feel hungry. My husband suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, high cholesterol and is obese. His specialist has told him to keep taking skinny fiber as its working. 🙂 I suffer from IBS, acid reflux, stomach ulcers and my acid reflux and ibs have settled down to almost nonexistent. SKINNY FIBER WORKS!!! I love my skinny fiber

  4. Chrissy says:

    I don’t feel like you have provided accurate information here. Skinny Fiber is only available through a legitimate distributors website, it is available in numerous other countries in fact there are very few places it is not able to be shipped to. It does have a money back guarantee and I would love for you to talk to people who are currently taking it and are NOT distributors and provide some of the positive feedback on the product rather than the few negative feedbacks you have which are probably from people who didn’t take it consistently. I have lost almost 60″ off of my body in 3 months and I haven’t been working out, I feel amazing

  5. Tina says:

    I started Skinny Fiber after losing 65 lbs on my own and hit a plateau that no matter what I did or didn’t do I could NOT get the scale to budge!! With the very first dose I noticed a change in my appetite. After 5 months I have lost 40 lbs. I’ve tried everything, and this is the first product that worked and that didn’t make my heart go crazy.

  6. Patty Graham says:

    I am a very satisfied user AND distributor of Skinny Fiber. I take exception with this “review”. First, your cons – 1. “Product website very confusing” – What is so confusing about the site? It includes a lot of great info. 2. “Lack of advice and clinical proof” – Skinny Fiber is available only through distributors for a reason – that is so you have ongoing support and advice from your distributor. As for clinical proof, all you have to do is ask your distributor for that information. We all have it. 3. “Lack of money-back guarantee” – Again, incorrect. We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you do not see results. 4. “Ingredients not approved by the FDA” – Skinny Fiber is an ALL-NATURAL weigh loss supplement. The FDA does not regulate supplements.

    As for the claim that there is a choking hazard, there is such a potential issue with ANY pills. If you cannot swallow pills, Skinny Fiber can be opened over foods and ingested this way.

    Skinny Fiber works like no other product on the market. It first detoxes your system to prepare your body to lose weight. Yes, you may experience as part of the detox process, diarrhea, gas, etc. BUT it is temporary.

    I am curious to see if my comment will be posted. Typically, these “reviews” are written by people who have an ulterior motive, such as promoting another product. If you are going to “review” a product, may I suggest you actually research it before posting your “review”?

  7. Debbie King says:

    Skinny fiber has stopped my IBS and I am losing weight and inches since I started in Nov 2012 and I feel great no jitters… no stimulants all natural ingredients I Love my skinny fiber

  8. Trisha Payne says:

    Hello, my husband and I have both been taking it for over a month and lost weight. He just made another hole in his belt loop this morning! It seems like many pills that have great reviews on this site have stimulants. Those are so bad for you especially if you have high blood pressure. So many overweight people have it because of their weight so why try to push these unnatural chemicals off on them Diet Pills Watchdog. Let’s stick to buying all natural things like Skinny Fiber. I can go to GNC and buy all of the ingredients separately, there are no hidden ingredients.

  9. Wanda says:

    Skinny Fiber does work, and you do not even have correct info posted. You are more than welcome to add me as a friend on facebook, and go through my progress pics as well as my family. Stop trying to put down on a product that you have never used because you want to promote that other JUNK you have posted that looks like it is in a bottle full of chemicals

    1. sharyn says:

      I’m very interested in trying skinny fiber.
      Can you friend me on facebook so I can see your progress?
      You can find me under sharyn hammond-lucarelli
      Thank you

      1. Krista says:

        Did anyone get back to you about skinny fiber

  10. Lauriecrook says:

    I have taken skinny fiber for a year and have lost lots of inches and weight and happy with my results I love my skinny fiber

    1. Lauriecrook says:

      35 lbs down and 4pant size

  11. AnneMarie Duggan says:

    I have been a professional dieter for 30+ years…..I was very hesitant to try Skinny Fiber, did the research (I am an RN with an MSN and MHA) and decided to give it a try….especially with the money back guarantee. I am SO glad I did! Within the first few days it took away my cravings for sweets, and helped me feel full with no side effects!!! YAY!! I also have more energy with NO feelings of anxiety or nervousness. I have gratefully given away several inches without craving or denying myself. My hubby started taking it a week ago and also has lost inches!! WE LOVE SF!!!!!!

  12. Janice says:

    Very disappointed in this review. The site does offer a money-back guarantee, valid for 30 days after purchase and listed right on the website. I’ve also had great success with it and lose an average of 2 pounds every week.
    Not a great review, given that your “facts” are false and incredibly one-sided.

  13. Angie says:

    I have taken this for five weeks and have lost 16 lbs. and two pant sizes. There are plenty of clinical trials on each main ingredient. The main ingredient is even praised by Dr. Oz publicly on his website and show.

    Most supplements are not FDA approved as we don’t have the funding to govern every single thing we put in our bodies. The money back guarantee does work – I know this one first hand and their customer support is AMAZING!

    Just like with any “weightloss” product, you have to be consistent. There is no easy miracle out there. I beg to differ on the website, it is as easy as can be and tells you everything. They disclose every thing you could need to know. I don’t know who wrote this but I wonder if they are just bored and negative. I have had nothing but a good experience with this product and will continue to purchase it and take it as I have never felt better!!!

  14. Jacquie Bernhardsson says:

    I love Skinny Fiber, I tried ” ItWorks” it is temporary and you have to keep wrapping and wrapping at about $100 / month. I am losing the actually fat, last night my husband said he noticed my belly shrinking,YAY! Remember have these sights are one or two negative nellies versus 2 Billion people using it! What does that tell you

  15. Debbie King says:

    Here is some information on the product: Skinny Fiber

    *Sales content copy pasted from elsewhere has been removed*

    Editor: Please post original content only and not promotional material provided by the company, thanks

  16. Laura says:

    There IS a money back guarantee, And, I have felt better than ever taking these. My aches and pains are gone, I have lost 15 + inches, and 10 pounds, I have no more headaches, sleep better, and have way more energy. These DO WORK!!!! I have tried everything, and THESE WORK!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ruth Cain says:

    I started taking Skinny Fiber on June 11, 2013 … 1st it took away my cravings. I no longer crave Fr Van Cappuccino/Coffee, Dr. Pepper … just drink water now. At my 2 week measurement time i was down 7 3/4″, at 21 days i was down 10″ & 7lbs … all my clothes that were tight are much looser today, some too loose to wear. I LOVE Skinny Fiber!! I am VERY glad I bought it & will continue to take it!

    1. mohankrishna says:

      is there any diet to be followed or excercise to do.please reply me asap.i will wait for your reply

      1. Susan Young says:

        No diet or exercise required, but guidelines are given to exercise 20 minutes a day and try to eat healthier food. You naturally do and the weight falls off. You can find me on FB if you need help

  18. Susie says:

    I LOVE Skinny Fiber, I have been using it for 10 months and yes it does work, I have not lost a single lb, but…. I have lost 45 inches all over and feel so good, The pounds are starting to come off now, but I am not ready to weigh just yet. I know sf does work, anyone that says it does not work is just not ready to lose weight, its not a magic pill, it will not make u eat less, only u can do that, but it will help u feel full even if u eat less. its the best thing I have ever found.

  19. Debbie King says:

    Skinny Fiber’s unique fiber blend Expands 50x it’s size in your stomach, which can help trigger your brain to feel it’s full to help you eat less.

    Simply take Skinny Fiber ( 2 capsules) before your largest meals of the day and you will be amazed at how much less you will need to eat yet feel satisfied.

    *Content copy pasted from elsewhere removed*

  20. Vikki says:

    I had tried everything short of gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, and with my medical conditions, nothing worked. I take my skinny fiber as directed every day and in 2 months, I have lost 20 pounds, 16.5 inches overall, and 3 pants sizes, this is my miracle!!!!

  21. Jane says:

    I have been taking Skinny Fiber for a little over a month. Not only have I lost 20+ lbs and 4 inches off my waist, my normal blood pressure at that time was 250/105. I know, that’s a heart attack waiting to happen. I checked it yesterday at the store and it was 130/80. Before I found Skinny Fiber my doctor had increased my medications to try to get it down. In fact he said at my last appt he wanted me to loose 5 lbs and drop my pressure 5 degrees. Wait till he sees me. I am so grateful for Skinny Fiber. I feel it has given my life back to me.

  22. Randy Judd says:

    Skinny Fiber does what it says it will do. I’ve been on it almost a month and I was wearing a 46 waist in pants I now can fit into a 40 waist. Just yesterday I put on a pair of swim trunks that I haven’t been able to wear in 4 years. We have support groups to be a support to others. Every testimony is actual customers and not photo shopped to make them look better. This is the real deal. Skinny Fiber doesn’t need FDA approval because it is all natural with no side effects. Not only does it help with weight loss it also helps with many other medical issues. My Doctor believes in the product as well.

  23. Carly says:

    My husband and i both take skinny fiber, and we love it…. not sure why everyone is complaining!!! if you eat right and drink a lot of water, it works great!!!
    You cant expected to take a pill and go to eat crap!! it doesn’t work that way!
    Think positive, stay positive!!!

  24. Jill says:

    This product does work….I have been on it myself. And now have my husband on it. The choking hazard are for people like my husband who like to take pills with out drinking anything. And since they promote water as the healthiest drink and most effective with the Glucomannan they say drink with water. There most certainly is a money back guarantee. But I will say you must look for the Skinny Fiber in the pink bottle. And Do not buy from amazon or sites other then the skinny fiber site. *Link to this persons sales page removed* I am surprised how a watch dog group (as you call your self) Did not spend more time in your research and your spelling. Very shameful really.

    1. Genie Groetken says:

      I wish id done my research before I ordered mine ftom amozon 🙁 darn.
      Can you tell me how id know if mine are fake ?? How do they look n taste??

  25. Lynn Holland says:

    Your report is wrong for various reasons. Skinny Fiber for 1 bottle is $59.95 plus shipping. You can not purchase REAL Skinny Fiber from Amazon, Ebay and etc. Your risking your health buy doing so. Many are Fake from those sites.

    90-Day Challenge is available regardless of purchasing 1 bottle, Buying 2 get 1 Free, or Buying 3 get 3 Free. Autoship is NOT a requirement.

    There is a 30-day money back guarantee on the product.

    As for the glucomannan – This once was in a different form years ago before Skinny Fiber which cause choking. It’s now in a capsule form.

    FDA does not approve any NATURAL supplements ever. All Herbal supplements are like this. Do your research.

    Skinny Fiber works great! I have lost 32lbs and 66 1/2 inches in 12 weeks!! Do more research because there is way more positive than negative.

    1. Susan says:

      So how do you order it if it requires a distributors name and you don’t post one. The only thing everyone does is talk about whether or not it works for them but they don’t give any info on how to order it from the website.

      1. Lore says:

        You don’t have to have a distributors name to order. You can order straight through the site but then you won’t have all the support you can. If you have facebook several dts are on there and you can find one by searching skinny fiber or skinny body care.

      2. Cheryl Matthynssens says:

        I didn’t have to enter a distributor’s name when I ordered mine??

      3. Christa Maletta says:

        Susan you can go on Facebook and look for ” getting skinny with Courtney” she is a distribitor, and she is an awesome lady. She has 100’s of 1000’s of followers. She never pressures anyone to purchase the Skinny Fiber, anyone can join her site and benefit from all she puts up ( including lots of receipes) it’s a real nice site for help and encouragement.

  26. Alisha says:

    Skinny Fiber works period! I have lost over 60 inches and 32 lbs in months! I have more energy and get things done I wasn’t able to before Skinny Fiber. The people doubting obviously didn’t follow directions or ordered off eBay or amazon. Skinny fiber is only sold through distributors, so when you order them some where else you never know what you are getting!!!

    1. Genie Groetken says:

      I just ordered my skinny fiber should be arriving tomorrow,but I notice complaints of theres fakes out there . My question is how will I know if what I ordered is fake ???

  27. Emily says:

    love this product, it really works!! so many healthy benefits, it has helped me a lot!

  28. Jackie says:

    LOVE ? Skinny FIber
    I have 20+ years in the health and nutritional supplement industry—researched for 4 months before I took the chance- YES big skeptic!!!!– But Skinny Fiber works for more people than any other product I have tried or even sold in all the health and nutrition stores I managed owned. Skinny Fiber really has helped me finally lose weight after gaining from thyroid disease and pre-menopause! I am also just about pain free from arthritis— Fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease with sciatic nerve damage!! Before SF I dieted and exercised a lot and still could not lose a pound!!! With my issues took like 4 weeks to lose- but had great effects in other areas right from the start!!! With SF no diet or exercise and I have gone from a tight 14 to mostly size 10. Have lost 4 inches from my waist and do not have painful IBS anymore. I have more energy and now I am going to start working out–oh yeah–I did not even change my diet or work out to lose it! It took me 4 months to finally give in and take the chance–with the 30 day money back guarantee I had nothing to lose if it didn’t work!!

    1. Debbie King says:

      Hey it took care of my IBS too !!!!!! I would take it just for that but it is doing so much more 🙂 So glad to hear your report !!!!!!!

      1. Laura Robinette says:

        I too was a skeptic. I’m a skeptic about anything that seems too good to be true. I followed people that were taking it and saw with my own eyes the results they were having. I decided to split an order with a friend because I am cheap and it has been a blessing to us both. I became a distributor because I believe in it so much.

        1. paula evans says:

          I am after a nz distributor of the product skinny fiber. can you please recommend somebody close to Christchurch new Zealand

          1. Jenny Batten says:

            Hi there,
            I am a New Zealand Distributor. Please feel free to contact me through my email address.
            I look forward to hear from you 🙂

    2. Margaret says:

      AFter reading many reviews decided to take SF – not to lose weight but for the well-noted side-effects for reduced pain, etc. my fibromyalgia pain has reduced gradually over the past 4 months and I am virtually pain-free compared to before. Weight loss wasn’t the goal but I did lose some weight, however I only take 2 in the AM. Although I cannot attest to any weight loss management, I fully believe it’s a mindset and willingness to change your eating lifestyle.

    3. shawna maier says:

      I like how you put this same exact lettering onto the scam bored while skinny fiber was being claimed it was a scam! Fake review!!!

    4. Denise says:

      I wanted this to work so bad for me but after taking it twice I haven’t lost not 1 lb???? my friend lost 20 lbs after 3 mo. I even up my dosage a few time to see if it would curb my appetite. But it didn’t. So I continued back to 4 a day. I dank 1/2 my body weight in ozs of water, I weigh 150! I’ve never been over weight until now, since menapuse! SF didn’t help w/ my hot flashes like it has for others. I’m not bashing SF but I want to find a possible reason why it doesn’t work for me. I’m starting my 3rd round of SF cause I ordered it as a distributor. I’ve quit being a distributor because I can’t tell people it worked for me when they ask. Please help with any info or suggestions on what I might do to make it work or a reason why it doesn’t!

      1. tasha says:

        Hi, I’m in the same boat. Not only have I been taking skinny fiber, going on month 2, but I’m also doing Atkins. Still the same weight that I was day 1 on SF & haven’t lost an inch. I was told by my distributor that my body is full of toxins & SF is still working to clear my body of those toxins before I see results. I’m starting to think I’ve just wasted money.

        1. Crystal says:

          To those who have not lost weight. I’ve had this same problem I went to a doctor and had my thyroid checked and yes that was l the issue. So no matter what diet I was doing or what I was eating or exercising I was doing because my thyroid was slow, I wouldn’t lose any weight. Once that was corrected. Skinny fiber has been working for me.

      2. Sharon says:

        They say if you are going thru menopause its very hard to loose weight even if you join the health club! Well, its true once I became menopausal it was so very hard to loose weight and was depressing. I took Skinny Fiber for 3 months I didnt loose any weight but it has other wonderful health benefits. It stopped acid reflux and my high BP went to normal and I had more energy. I’m seriously thinking of ordering it again just for the health benefits of it. Now it did make me feel like I was gaining weight cause I knew I wasn’t drinking enough water and will clog you so its vital to drink plenty of water with it.

    5. Carol says:

      What type of ibs…constipation or diarrhea?

      1. Carol says:

        Have had severe diarrhea which is not good for my ibs.

    6. Stacey says:

      Jackie what kind of thyroid problems did you have? I am considering this product but am concerned it could exacerbate the problem. I have Graves’ disease with hyperthyroidism.

  29. Debbie King says:

    There is only the choking warning that it is possible when taking any pills– nothing more and no one has ever choked—just and extra precaution so peeps drink their water to get it down! For those afraid of choking on SF—It is with tablets—that have been banned not capsules In a few cases, glucomannan tablets have caused obstruction of the esophagus when they expanded before reaching the stomach. In response to these reports, tablets of this type have been banned. Capsules, however, do not seem to pose the same risk because their casing prevents the glucomannan from contacting water until it reaches the stomach. The dramatic expansion of glucomannan has also raised some concerns that it could cause an obstruction in the intestines; nonetheless, as of yet, there have been no reports of this actually happening.

    One option to offset all expansion risk is to mix glucomannan powder in water so that it expands before it is ingested; however, this strategy defeats the convenience of this form of fiber.

    -back in the 80’s they had it in tablet form–takes tabs forever to dissolve— they took those off the market and now in capsule form for faster break down and there has never been aan issue with this form— the company still puts the caution on because any pill taken with too little liquid could cause choking . I bet we have sold over a million bottles and no one has had that issue–some still just open the capsule and sprinkle in food if they are concerned or have trouble swallowing pills.!!

  30. Debbie King says:

    Skinnyfiber has a 30 day money back guarantee I have been using this product since Nov 15 ,2012 and I have been cured of IBS and I am losing weight and I have not been sick one time since I started taking this product.. I am also in a great support group to help with changing the way we eat to make us healthier come join and see they have over 100s of testimonies and you can even talk to the people it has helped

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