Sleep N Slim

Euro Botanicals Sleep N Slim is a supplement that you take as a drink before bedtime. According to the product advertising this will help you lose fat and build muscle while you sleep.

The thought of losing weight while you snooze in bed is appealing but will it work and is this supplement safe? Added to this the product website looks a bit dodgy and is raising concerns.

We take an in depth look at Euro Botanicals Sleep N Slim to find out whether this supplement.

Sleep N Slim Pros

  • There is not one good reason to consider buying this supplement.

Sleep N Slim Cons

  • Euro Botanicals are not a reputable company. The website is linked to malware and it probably is not safe to buy from this company.
  • Potentially very dangerous side effects.
  • No evidence whatsoever that it will work in the way as described.
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Sleep N Slim

Sleep N Slim Review

Sleep N Slim Facts

  • Very dodgy website linked to malware.
  • No background information to Euro Botanicals. No address or contact details.
  • Supplement based on quack medicine.

Sleep N Slim is a weight loss drink that you take before bedtime. It comes in the form of a liquid which you dilute in a further 8 oz of water, in the same way as you would drink a fruit cordial or squash.

This is unusual in the supplement world but maybe this should not be surprising when looking at anything to do with Sleep N Slim.

The formula is based on the work of so called “anti ageing expert” Dr Ronald Klatz described as a physician, medical scientist, futurist, and innovator.

He is a self styled authority in the new clinical science of anti-ageing medicine and has written several books about this. He is popular in the USA with many people following his teachings in the hope that they can avoid ageing.

Dr Ronald Klatz is a believer in taking Human Growth hormone for anti ageing. This growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, a tiny gland located in the brain which controls, growth, sleep patterns, sex drive and other important functions.

Sleep N Slim contains a blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are claimed to stimulate this important gland into producing more HGH as a natural way to stay more youthful looking. Effects are supposed to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, improve skin and help promote healthy sleep patterns.

Sleep N Slim comes from an American company called Euro Botanicals who despite the name is based in the USA.

According to the “about us” information, all supplements are manufactured in an FDA approved facility in Texas. The registered address is based at a PO Box in Arvada Colorado so there is very little real information about this company.

The Euro Botanicals website is extremely basic and dated looking. The company information states that Euro Botanicals was established in 1997 and it appears that the website has never been updated since this time.

Clunky and hard to navigate, it does not create a very good impression. Even more worryingly, the site is listed as a threat site and has been listed as having malware. Web security experts urge caution.

We looked into Dr Ronald Klatz and found that he was fined $5000 in 2000 for passing himself off as a doctor in Illinois. His degree from the Central America Health Sciences University School of Medicine in Belize was not recognised by the state.

Looking into this it seems that a MD qualification can be awarded after just 88 weeks of training so it seems that Dr Klatz may not be the medical genius he claims to be!

How to Take Sleep N Slim

Add 1 tablespoon of the Sleep N Slim liquid to 8 oz of water at bedtime. It is important to shake the bottle for 15 seconds to thoroughly mix the ingredients before adding to the water. Take before bed 3- 4 hours after eating.

Sleep N Slim Concerns:

  • The website looks dodgy. We advise you not to trust this company with your money or bank details.
  • The side effects could be serious.
  • No customer feedback. Has anyone actually ever taken this supplement?

What Does Sleep N Slim Claim To Do?

According to the Sleep N Slim product information, the aim of this supplement is to encourage the release of the body’s growth hormones:

The goal of Euro Botanicals was to develop a nutritional supplement product that would work in much the same way as other growth hormone releasers – but naturally.

The information continues:

Stimulating the pituitary gland with natural supplements gives you the benefits of replacement therapy without the high cost.

While it is true that some Hollywood A Listers are believed to take Human Growth Hormone injections, this expensive treatment is not exactly mainstream therapy for most of us!

The advertising claims many benefits:

Sleep-N-Slim can work while you are sleeping to help you:

  • Lose fat & build lean muscle
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

So What Is Sleep N Slim and What Are The Ingredients?

Sleep N Slim is a supplement that is based on the theories of Dr. R. Klatz in his book and is believed to help increase HGH for weight loss and anti ageing.

Serving size is equal to one tablespoon. Ingredient quantities are not specified.

Amino Acids

  • L-Glutamine: According to the product information this helps the immune system and increases energy and mental alertness.
  • L Lysine: This amino acid is important for healthy bone formation and helps growth and genital function. Despite these claims, don’t bank on L-Lysine having these effects. There is just no evidence to prove it.
  • L-Arginine: The product information claims L-Arginine helps improve exercise performance, boosts immunity, healing, fat burning and male fertility. Some of this is true. L-Arginine is sometimes taken to treat erectile dysfunction but you do need to take at least 5g for this effect to be noticeable.
  • L-Carnitine: According to the product information, this amino acid acts as a fat burning supplement and helps to reduce blood fats.
  • L-Ornithine Glysine: This amino acid is supposed to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce HGH but there is no evidence that this is even possible. It can be effective as a treatment for Schizophrenia when used with conventional medicines.

Other Main Ingredients:

  • Aloe vera: According to the product information this natural extract promotes external healing but there is no evidence that taking aloe vera internally will help your skin. It is effective as a skin lotion but not when taken internally and it can cause side effects.
  • Ascorbic acid: Natural form of Vitamin C with antioxidant properties.
  • Citric acid: The form of vitamin C found in citrus fruits and a natural preservative. Included for the lemon flavour.
  • Honey: Will add to the flavour of the drink as well as being rich in vitamins and nutrients.
  • Vitamin B3: Niacin is present in many foods including green veg and eggs. It is important for health and weight loss as it may help lower cholesterol levels . The RDA is 35mg. Exceeding this can cause side effects such as skin irritation and facial flushing.
  • Collagen: Most abundant protein in the body because it is contained in the skin, bones, muscles and tendons. Collagen supplements often are derived from marine sources such as shell fish – type not specified here. Collagen can cause hypersentive reactions and can overload the body with calcium.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is involved in many aspects of the metabolism and vital for the breakdown of lipids.
  • Magnesium Citrate: Magnesium is a mineral required by the body for various processes. It is sometimes supplemented in the short term as a laxative, encouraging the absorption of water into stools, making them easier to pass and relieving constipation.

So What Does All This Mean?

We cannot see how this supplement will increase your body’s supplies of Human Growth Hormone.

The problem is that a person’s natural supply of H.G.H. declines with age and we cannot see this supplement putting back the clock. If this supplement really was the elixir of youth we would certainly all know about it!

A 20-year-old will produce more than twice as much H.G.H. as he or she will at 40 and the losses continue from there, at the rate of about 15 percent per decade. Taking HGH injections may temporarily delay this process but this supplement is very unlikely to do anything at all.

The amino acid blend is based on the findings of the so called doctor Dr Klatz who is not actually a real doctor and although some alternative medicine fans may believe in his theories, scientific evidence just does not agree.

Does Sleep N Slim Have Any Side Effects?

Sleep N Slim may cause side effects. We don’t know the ingredient amounts so have no way of assessing the strength of this supplement.

Potential side effects may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Bone pain
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Skin irritation
  • Rash/ facial flushing
  • Heart disturbances
  • Kidney problems
  • Muscle weakness

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Aloe is known to cause birth defects so it is important to avoid this supplement if there is any chance you may be pregnant. Speak to your doctor first if you suffer from an existing medical condition or are taking prescription medication.

Euro Botanicals does not provide any health advice or warnings which is of concern.

Any Sleep N Slim Reviews From Customers?

We have been unable to find any independent customer reviews.

So Does Sleep N Slim Work?

Sleep N Slim will not work in the way as described. It will not help you sleep and it will not help you get slim or look younger. Although it is supposedly based on the work carried out by Dr Klatz this is no real recommendation.

Dr Klatz has founded the American Academy of Anti Ageing but despite the impressive title and the fact that the organisation awards certificates to so called practitioners and anti aging experts, it has been dismissed as quackery by the medical establishment.

Where Can I Buy Sleep N Slim?

You can only buy Sleep N Slim direct from the Euro Botanicals website.

1 x 16oz bottle costs $39.95. This should be sufficient for around a month’s supply.

Shipping and handling to US addresses costs an additional $7.95

You can also buy 2 x bottles of Sleep B Slim ($79.95) plus a vitamin supplement called Auralife for the combined price of $112.80 including shipping.

Sleep N Slim is not available to customers outside the USA

What About A Guarantee

Sleep N Slim is not covered by a guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

Sleep N Slim is a very unimpressive looking supplement. We haven’t seen a website like the Euro Botanicals website for decades but today it looks poorly maintained and out of date. Even worse it has been listed by web security experts at having malware. None of this gives the customer any confidence that this company knows what it is doing or is safe to buy from.

When it comes to the supplement, it is equally bad. There is zero information about ingredient quantities and some of these are a risk to health. Aloe Vera and Collagen are very dubious ingredients that are known to cause serious side effects when taken internally.

Finally, this supplement is not going to work in the way as advertised. It will not help you sleep. It will not help prevent ageing, build muscle or any other of the claims. Sleep N Slim is based on the work of a man described by many as a quack who uses a pretend medical qualification to pass himself off as a doctor.

It is an easy decision. There is no way we would take this potentially dangerous supplement ourselves so we would never recommend anyone else to try it. We reject Sleep N Slim.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Sleep N Slim

1.2 out of 5
Sleep N Slim
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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5 comments on 'Sleep N Slim'

  1. I had great success with this product too. It really did what it said it would do. I felt good and looked great. Maybe it had something to do with not eating 3 hours before going to bed ie intermittent fasting then taking your shot of sleep’n’slim. If anyone has an update on where this powerful product can be bought in the uk please leave a message.

  2. I took Sleep N Slim for help with my horrible insomnia. It worked better than anything I’ve tried. Now I can’t find it. Their Facebook page seems to be corrupted. Are they out of business? Any suggestions on a comparable product?

  3. I had the same experience as Grace. My beginning started a little different though. I had taken fertility shots and felt great from the HGH. A few years after my fertility shots had ended I saw an ad talking about Sleep n Slim. I didn’t care if I lost any weight I just wanted to have the energy I had while taking the shots. I didn’t change anything in my daily routine except following the instructions exactly no food 3-4 hours, teaspoon mixed with water at bed time. In six weeks I lost 37 pounds. And after 11 years of trying to get pregnant it finally happened. I showed my OBGYN the bottle of Sleep n Slim. He said there was nothing in it to worry about and he may pass the information along to others. My daughter is a beautiful 16 year old smart athletic girl. I’m not affiliated with Eurobotanicals either. I would love to find another bottle of this great product!

  4. About 10 years ago I started drinking sleeping slim I was about 42 or 43 years old. The product stated that I would see a change in the way my clothes fit ( for the better ) before I seen any weight loss on the scale. I did not eat anything three hours before I went to bed. I drink a glass of water mixed with the 1 tablespoon of sleep and swim in it, and after one month, I started noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit ( for the better ) and about two weeks later I noticed my weight starting to disappear on the scale. I did not change the way I ate nor did I exercise or do anything more than usual. I started losing weight daily. I felt great. I looked great. I had no side effects. This product does exactly what it says it will do. For some reason (maybe I got to my desired weight) I quit drinking the stuff and 10 years later I need to use it again but can’t find where I can buy it anywhere. I don’t understand why anyone would talk bad about this product. In my opinion it’s a miracle diet without dieting! It doesn’t get any easier than that. I give it two thumbs up. For the record, I never leave comments or vouch for anything that I don’t truly believe in. I don’t do Facebook and I’m not affiliated whatsoever with eurobotanicals. I’m just a true fan of the drink and will continue searching for this product as soon as I’m done typing this message.