Slim Fast

Slimfast is a meal replacement diet plan that has found great success internationally, especially in the UK and US markets. The range has been selling since the 1980s, and has undergone several adjustments to the meal replacement plan that it offers.

Slim Fast logoIt currently promotes a 3-2-1 diet plan which allows for convenient dieting, thanks to their large range of shakes and meal replacement bars, as well as snack ranges.

SlimFast Shakes

There are two options for users who want to consume the shakes as a dietary substitute for breakfast and lunch. These are the pre-made milkshakes, available in bottles. These provide around 200 calories per portion, and are available in chocolate, strawberry, banana, café latter and vanilla flavours, which means that dieters have a large selection of flavours to choose from. This variety means that there is likely to be a flavour for everyone, as well as offering choice, which can make diets less boring. This makes users less likely to deviate from their diet out of culinary boredom. Bottles of pre-made shake are available on their own from supermarkets, as well as shops such as Superdrug and boots, for convenience, but they are also available in multipacks, which work out cheaper in the long run.

The shakes are also available in a powder form, to be made individually by the dieter. This option works out the cheapest, as the powder tins hold 20+ servings of shakes, with the user only having to add milk. These are also available in the full range of flavours.

These shakes have been reformulated over the past few years, and now have a much lower sugar content than the original recipe, as well as being supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Each bottle contains around a third of a person’s daily nutritional needs for vitamins and minerals, meaning that following the slimfast diet should not cause any nutritional deficits.

Meal Replacement Bars

These are also a part of the “2” stage of the diet. Users can eat either 2 shakes, 2 meal replacement bars, or one of each per day, to replace breakfast and lunch. The meal replacement bars also contain around 200 calories each, but as they are a solid food, they may feel more substantial to the dieter. Similar to the shakes, the bars are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

SlimFast Snack range

The “3” element of the slimfast diet plan is to eat up to three snacks per day.

The online free 7 day meal plan suggests that some of these snacks can be fruit such as pears and apples. The slimfast range does include plenty of snacks that have 100 calories or less. These include snack bars in a variety of flavours, as well as snack bags that contain either pretzels, tortilla chips or cheddar flavour bites. Unlike the shakes and meal replacement bars, slimfast snacks are not fortified with vitamins, but are still nutritionally balanced.

Normal Evening Meal

This is the only meal of the day that needs to be prepared as a normal meal. Guidelines recommend that the meal contains around 600 calories for women, or about 800 calories for men, and the official slimfast website features recipes that fit this description, as well as being nutritionally balanced.

Dieters are encouraged to eat plenty of vegetables as a part of this evening meal. This will help to provide fibre to the diet, as well as adding plenty of bulk to the meal without dramatically increasing the calorie count of the meal.

Customer Reviews

There are lots of customer reviews and success stories available on the official website, complete with testimonials about how slimfast has improved lives through aiding weight loss. Elsewhere online, mostly on forums such as mums net, there are lots of reviews and comments about weight loss success. Many people find the lack of counting calories, other than in the evening meal, refreshing. Using the shakes and bars is also convenient, removing the sometimes lengthy preparation of special diet meals that other diets sometimes encourage.

Those who do not have a sweet tooth may dislike the slimfast diet, as the meal replacement products available are invariably sweet, other than a few crisp style snacks. The company used to produce soups and pastas that could be consumed instead of the shakes, but these have been discontinued. There is the reoccurring comment from past users of slimfast that as the diet did not re-educate them about their food choices, once they resumed a normal diet, much of the weight loss initially was regained. Some also felt that the liquid nature of the diet was unsatisfying, as they felt as if they had not consumed a meal, but rather just had a large drink.

Cost of SlimFast 321 Diet Plan

As slimfast is available from a large range of retailers, including many supermarkets, there is a healthy amount of competition on prices of the slimfast range. Visiting and searching for slimfast products brings up a price comparison between large retailers, including Tesco, Asda, Superdrug and boots, allowing the user to locate the cheapest deals at the time. In relation to other meal replacement diets, slimfast is relatively cheap, making it a viable weight loss program for many people.

The slimfast diet does not require any subscription charges, and membership to the website is free, which sets slimfast apart from many other diet plans, which generally require an initial financial investment to gain access to the diet plan. The official website has made a calorie counter and diet tracker available for free, which means that there is still some support available for dieters. This also makes it easier for dieters to track their weight loss and how close they are to their goal weight.

Our Verdict on SlimFast

Because of the nature of the slimfast diet, it is likely that it works best as a short-term diet plan. Whilst convenient, the diet plan offers a very low amount of calories per day, around 1200 for women and 1400 for men, which is not necessarily sustainable in the long term.

Users who exercise frequently may also struggle with energy levels due to the low calorie count, and so it is recommended that any exercise undertaken whilst using the slimfast diet plan is moderate.

The user reviews and success stories available online make it clear that with dedication, it is possible to lose a significant amount of weight on the diet. Users will have to remember that to maintain weight loss, they cannot return to their old excessive eating habits, and should adopt a balanced and healthy diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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