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Although some supplements are sold on slickly-designed websites and backed by impressive advertising campaigns, others are the kinds of mysterious concoctions we find in dollar stores or on shady websites. Although most customers feel comfortable finding out basic information about mainstream products, few but the most dedicated researchers have the chops to figure out whether these cheap, foreign and poorly labelled diet pills are worth the price tag. Here’s where Diet Pills Watchdog steps in!

Below we take an in-depth look into Slim Fit USA, to see whether this mysterious weight-loss product is worth a try.

Slim Fit USA Pros

  • Relatively inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk
  • Contains ingredients that should work in theory

Slim Fit USA Cons

  • Customer reviews indicate that the product does not work and has side effects
  • Ingredient quantities not listed
  • Manufacturer has reputation for making poor products, with quality control issues
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Slim Fit USA

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What You Need To Know About Slim Fit USA

Slim Fit USA is a weight-loss product that is sold primarily in the USA and Vietnam. The manufacturer claims that this supplement offers a rather dizzying array of benefits, from weight-loss to a “detox effect” that can reportedly protect the body from radiation(!) The main weight-loss effect is also said to be significant for such a cheap product, helping customers to reportedly lose up to 15lbs a month.

Slim Fit USA is manufactured by Bacai Ltd., and sold by numerous online and in-store distributors. Bacai is based in California but can trace its manufacturing origins to Vietnam. The company was accused by the FDA in 2014 of selling contaminated supplies of its then-flagship product, LitFit USA. Bacai has since apparently solved the problem that resulted in batches of its stock being infected with the dangerous drug sibutramine, and has since re-packaged and re-branded the same product under its new name: Slim Fit USA.

What Are The Side Effects Of Slim Fit USA?

Slim Fit USA contains cactus extract, which can sometimes cause nausea, more frequent stools, diarrhoea, bloating and headaches. The use of uva ursi and dandelion often results in more frequent urination and occasional dehydration.

Some customers may also experience indigestion, gas, constipation and sexual problems (due to the use of beta-sitoserol), and others may experience mouth ulcers, dizziness and digestive issues (due to the use of French maritime pine).

How Much Does Slim Fit USA Cost?

The high-street price of Slim Fit USA (where it is most often sold) is unknown, although there are clearer prices for the product online. On the one website where we still found Slim Fit USA being sold (, one 30-capsule box costs $18. Customers can also make bulk purchases of 3 boxes ($48) and 5 boxes ($70) or more.

Our Verdict On Slim Fit USA

Slim Fit USA is the kind of cheap knock-off that is best avoided entirely. Its manufacturer, Bacai Ltd., appears to have a serious problem with quality control, resulting in old versions of this product being withdrawn due to being contaminated with a dangerous drug.

Despite some promising ingredients, the newer Slim Fit USA still has serious issues. The only customer comments we could find online (that weren’t blatantly faked) showed that the product fails to work and comes with a set of concerning side effects. The spelling mistakes in the ingredients list and the lack of important information on the box strongly implies that the manufacturer threw this product together rather hastily, with little concern given to whether it was actually useful.

Most websites or retailers selling Slim Fit USA are unlikely to offer a real money-back guarantee, with most giving the impression that they are desperately trying to shift their largely useless stock as soon as possible. Don’t end up in the same situation; stay well away from Slim Fit USA!

We would not recommend Slim Fit USA to our readers.

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Slim Fit USA Review

Slim Fit USA is a weight-loss product that claims to help dieters to lose up to 15lbs in the first month of use. This supplement appears to be a simple re-brand of an earlier product called LiteFit USA, which was dogged by controversy and lawsuits in early 2014 due to its use of banned and unlabelled ingredients.

Slim Fit USA Facts

  • Manufactured by Bacai Ltd.
  • Contains 30 softgels per pack
  • Thermogenic weight-loss product

Slim Fit USA and its predecessor LiteFit USA are manufactured by Bacai Ltd., a California-based company that maintains strong ties with Vietnam. In the past, the company has faced accusations of putting the banned ingredient sibutramine in their products without informing customers or the authorities on the label. The sibutramine controversy is almost entirely focused on a single batch of LiteFit USA that was given to customers in late 2013-early 2014, and there is no suggestion that the problem still affects current batches of Slim Fit USA. Unfortunately, Bacai Ltd. do not currently have a website and their contact details are hard to find. Their registered business addresses are 16 Ovation Ln Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 and 16165 Brookhurst St Fountain Valley, CA 92708 for those who wish to contact the company by snail mail.

How to Take Slim Fit USA

The directions for use are as follows:

Take 1 pills daily in the morning before breakfast with water. After you have achieved your ideal weight, take 3 pills per week for maintenance. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Read the entire label before use.

Slim Fit USA Concerns:

  • No ingredient quantities listed
  • Manufacturer has a history of poor quality control
  • No money-back guarantee or returns policy likely

What Does Slim Fit USA Claim To Do?

Slim Fit USA is a weight-loss product that is also said to “detoxify” the body. The weight-loss effect supposedly comes from a thermogenic fat burning effect, alongside a mechanism whereby non-fat cells are blocked from converting into fat cells. Certain ingredients found within the mix are said to additionally act as appetite suppressants.

Along with the weight-loss effects, Slim Fit USA is also said to “smooth the intestines”, relax the bowels and cleanse the digestive system. This means that the body can discharge the unabsorbed fat and toxins through the bowels. Finally, Slim Fit USA is said to reduce blood fat and blood pressure, clear free radicals and cholesterol, and act as an anti-aging medication. Somewhat bizarrely, it also supposedly absorbs radiation and protects the body from radioactive substances.

Does Slim Fit USA Work?

Slim Fit USA has a few ingredients in the mix that have been associated with weight loss, most notably green tea. The use of cactus extract and beta-sitoserol may help to reduce blood cholesterol, and uva ursi/dandelion extracts will have a diuretic effect that will help dieters to lose temporary water weight. Apart from these, most of the claims made by the manufacturer are false.

The evidence provided by the available customer reviews suggest that even the weight-loss benefits provided by the mixture are weak or non-existent (maybe due to a poor ingredient balance or Bacai’s longstanding issue with quality control). No real customer comments praised this product, suggesting that it may not be put together professionally enough to work at all.

What Are The Ingredients of Slim Fit USA?

The ingredients included in Slim Fit USA are listed below. Readers should note that ingredient quantities are not listed, which can make it harder for us to estimate how effective the product is. On most websites selling Slim Fit USA, the ingredients list ends with the ambiguous phrase “and so on…”, implying that there may be more ingredients within this product that are unlabelled!

Does Slim Fit USA Have Any Side Effects?

Slim Fit USA may come with some side effects. Though effective, prickly pear cactus can cause issues on occasion, resulting in mild diarrhoea, nausea, more frequent bathroom visits, bloating and headaches. The diuretic effects that ingredients like uva ursi and dandelion produce can sometimes lead to dehydration if not managed properly.

Another useful ingredient with a handful of potential side effects is beta-sitosterol, which may sometimes cause indigestion, gas, diarrhoea, constipation and sexual problems (such as erectile dysfunction or loss of libido). French maritime pine can also cause headaches, mouth ulcers, dizziness and digestive issues.

Readers should remember that previous batches of an identical product called LiteFit USA were found to have the banned ingredient sibutramine in the formula. If this product has been contaminated in the same way, the product could seriously increase the risk of buyers suffering heart attacks or strokes. We believe this product and manufacturer should be approached with caution for this reason.

Do not exceed recommended serving size. Use only as directed. Not intended for use by persons under 18 or by those with a serious medical condition. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Please consult your physician before using this product. Do not use caffeine whilst using this product.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Slim Fit USA?

We were able to find a few customer reviews on an old website selling Slim Fit USA, but it was obvious that the comments were faked and likely generated by a computer (many were referring to the wrong product or occasionally descended into computer nonsense-speak!) We found two comments on another site, both of which complained that the product failed to work or came with side effects.

Rubbish. Took as instructed for 21 days, spent $100 and put on weight. Just another diet hype pill set.

I’m 17, I’ve only used these pills for 3 days and now I have bad headache and can’t sleep…

Does Slim Fit USA Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Slim Fit USA is not sold directly by its manufacturer, Bacai Ltd. On the only website where we found it for sale (, the official returns policy states that items may only be returned within 14 days of purchase if the item is faulty. As similar policies probably prevail in the high-street dollar stores where items like Slim Fit USA are sold directly, it’s reasonable to assume that the product is never protected by a money-back guarantee.

Where Can I Buy Slim Fit USA?

Slim Fit USA is likely available to purchase in random high-street stores throughout the USA, as it was only ever available to buy wholesale on the Internet for the longest time. As of 2017, there is one website still selling Slim Fit USA officially (A Slimming), although some sellers on eBay still sell Slim Fit USA or older stocks of LiteFit USA. Vietnamese customers should also be able to find Slim Fit USA available to buy in their home country, although we are unsure whether it is available to buy online in Vietnam.

On, one 30-capsule box of Slim Fit USA costs $18. Discounts are available for bulk purchases, with three boxes costing $48 and 5 boxes costing $70. Dieters who hate money and love having boxes of cheap diet pills cluttering up the house can spend $120 for 10 boxes of Slim Fit USA and $200 for 20 boxes.

Diet Pills Watchdog rejects Slim Fit USA.

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