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Slim Light Diet Pills

I ordered these by phone after seeing an infomercial with the promise that I would loose large amounts of weight daily without changing my eating habits or exercising. It said I could return them for a full refund if unhappy but arrived with no invoice or return address and I don’t seem able to trace them online. How do I find how to contact them?

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52 comments on “Slim Light Diet Pills”

  1. janet says:

    I got a charge on my bank statement for $99.95 from slim light Paddington slim light. I never got any product in the mail. I never order the product. My bank & I tried reaching them to request a credit to no avail. Two weeks later I received a package from them, I immediately took it to post office and returned it. I got a tracking number when I sent it back. All of this took place in June of 2012. I have sent several letters requesting a credit and still have not gotten anything. I even sent certified mail letter and I got that back 2 months later with it stamped “unclaimed”. VERY BIG SCAM!!!!!

  2. Darleen Goosen says:

    I went on this web site because I sent my DNA off to a Naturalpath in Detroit MI. He sent me these pills ( $25.00) and some liquid drops to take 3 times a day $50.00 to loose weight. I really felt the pills were working, but after 4 pounds loss, nothing worked and I am up 7 pounds. I was actually looking for more pills. Thanks for your site. Maybe the Naturalpath was the person you have been talking to. I got his name from a friend who did have results with his drops for something she was dealing with.

  3. Beverly Riley says:

    I had been charged $141.12 and returned my unused Slim Light capsules within the time allowed for a refund. After many phone calls to the poor people just taking orders who couldn’t really help and letters with no results, I finally filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey against both Slim Light and Fortis Marketing Direct because I was told they managed the returns and refunds and Fortis had not responded to me either. Lo and behold, with a month of filing the BBB claim, I received my refund! It was two days before one year since they had received my pills back. I should have filed early on. I never got refunded for the certified and registered mail costs I had included in the claim, but at least the full $141.12. It came in an unmarked envelope with a simple letter and a postal money order, not a company check, but the money was good! If you tracked when you called or wrote them, when you returned the stuff, etc., you should try getting a refund by reporting them to the BBB.

  4. Debra Price says:

    I rec’d a brochure in the mail with this guys name on it for ClearSlim. Is it the same person?

  5. Dana Ruff says:

    Ordered this months ago just recieved it last week wanted to send ii t back but didn’t know how.
    Somehow I figured it was a scam when it took so long to come I had completely forgotten about it. Oh well you live and you learn but if anyone takes out a class action suit I am definitely in.

  6. Sharon says:

    I ordered one bottle in June ’13 and took all of them. Did not lose any. Wrote three times for a refund, Nada. Some money back guarantee.

  7. Shanna says:

    I also ordered three bottles and when I sent them back the package arrived back at my house three weeks later and the address had been scribbled through so u couldn’t see it! Then on July first they took another $100 dollars out of my account unauthorized after I had spoke to a representative and cancelled the order so this company or watever it is, is scamming a lot of people out of hundreds of dollars! I called the phone number today and it says that slim light no longer has customer service that u were to mail in your inquiries! Well I imagine if you mail anything it’s gonna come back because the address is fake it’s all a scam and I reported them for fraud!!!

  8. Sharon Higley says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this product. You have saved me $$!!

  9. DORA says:


  10. Robin says:

    Thank you for your posting..saved me the heartaches. Thought it was too good to be true. So good old fashion diet I guess will have to do.

  11. Terry says:

    Want to thank everyone.When I alled n put my order in he kept trying to sell me more products.I thought it may be a scam n asked many questions.Thank you so much as I just cancelled my order through my bank.God will punish all of theses people.

  12. ken galloway says:

    I ordered this product on march 12-14 for $99.95 have not received
    it yet today 4-4-14

  13. Vickie says:

    I ordered a six-month supply in October. Since I paid $230 for them I have taken them even though they obviously don’t work as advertised! On my credit card, the charge showed up under the name SLIMLIGHT. Then, today I went to check my credit card and found a $230 charge from a company named BLUE PILL based in the UK. This company is so slimy it even changed the name on the charge! I am definitely going to dispute this and hope for the best! Good luck to everyone else who has been scammed by this company – trying to disguise itself under a variety of names to boot!

  14. Bobbie says:

    I also ordered slim light have taken it for a month and it did not work. I have been given this address Slim Light Customer Service PO Box 10570 New Brunswick, NJ 08906-0576. I of course order this with out checking it out and now believe that this is indeed a scam but I will be sending the remainer of these pillsback in hopes of receiving my money back. I too fell this is mail fraud and will be inquiring into this will the post office.

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