Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules

Slimina Weight Loss Capsules come with the claims that this supplement will help you lose weight fast without exercising and without even changing your usual diet.

According to the advertising, it will help you achieve your target weight without side effects as well. Sound’s great but is there any truth in these claims

We take an in-depth look at Slimina Weight Loss Capsules to find out more.

Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Pros

  • There is no good reason to buy this supplement

Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Cons

  • Slimina Weight Loss Capsules are made in China but this supplement does not conform to Chinese safety legislation
  • May contain added unlisted ingredients
  • Likely to cause side effects
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Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Review

Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Facts

  • Slimina is only on sale from a company based in the Philippines.
  • Each bottle contains 30 capsules. 1 month’s supply.
  • You are advised to avoid caffeine and drink 20 glasses of water each day.

Slimina Weight Loss Capsules are distributed by Philippines based company Magic Potions. However, the company ship worldwide so if you do not live in the Philippines yourself, you can still buy Slimina weight capsules as well as the other supplements and beauty products on sale from this company.

Slimina Weight Loss Capsules are made from four herbal ingredients. These are Perilla leaf extract, Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome extract, Tuchkakoe extract and Cassia seeds. Apart from the Cassia seeds, none of these ingredients are well known in the West but they do show up in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

According to the product information, this combination will reduce fat accumulation and accelerate fat metabolism.

Perilla leaf is a variety of mint that is known across Asia as a culinary flavouring and Chinese medicinal herb. Perilla leaves are rich in dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins and may have anti-inflammatory properties.

Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome is sometimes used to treat bladder and urinary tract conditions. The root (rhizome) is actually toxic but this is removed in preparation (heating) and is a Chinese medicinal herb. It is a diuretic so will increase urination.

Tuchkakoe is the third ingredient and is used in traditional Chinese medicine where it is often called Fu Ling. It is a mushroom (Poria coca) and is used in some countries as a food. . It is sometimes used to treat memory loss, anxiety and diarrhoea.

Cassia seeds are well known as a powerful laxative so this will be the principle effect. Overall, we can see that this supplement will probably cause you to spend more time in the bathroom.

How to Take Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules

Take one capsule a day before breakfast. If you find it very strong for your body, take on softgel every other day.
You are advised to drink a lot of water while taking the capsules. The product information advises a whopping 20 glasses of water a day.

Slimina Weight Loss Capsules are manufactured in China. According to the information provided on the manufacturers site (also based in the Philippines)

Slimina weight loss products are a high quality, safe and effective. The capsules have passed Chinese Drug Certification and are Manufactured by a SFDA approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factory.

Although this certificate is available to see on the Slimina website, it may not be as reputable as it looks.

We covered Chinese supplements in a previous Watchdog investigation. According to Chinese government legislation, all approved supplements must carry an accredited “blue hat” logo to show that they have been made in adherence to safety regulations. Slimina does not have this logo which makes any claims made by the advertisers look very questionable, including the so called certification.

Slimina make weight loss capsules, which are available in soft gel capsules or hard shell capsules. Otherwise, the products are identical. There are also Slimina coffees and weight loss drinks in the range.

Magic Potions is an online supplements retailer also based in the Philippines. The company sell a range of products related to beauty including skin-lightening creams, diet pills and eyelash thickeners.

Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Concerns:

  • Are there additional ingredients contained in this supplement? The health advice seems to suggest that it may.
  • Taking laxatives and diuretics can cause dehydration. Will customers realise they have to drink 20 glasses of water each day?
  • No customer feedback. What is the true life experience of this supplement really like?

What Does Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Claim To Do?

According to the product information, Slimina does not have any associated side effects:

It’s a diet suppressant so expect decrease in appetite and food cravings. Slimina has been verified to be safe and successful, it has no harmful side effects such as palpitation, nausea, diarrhoea and rebounding.

The advertising does not mention who had verified these claims.

There is some explanation about how the ingredients work:

The ingredient of Perilla in the product contains Vitamins B, C, E, selenium and ultra oxygen mutase (SOD) which can eliminate excessive free radicals produced in the process of metabolism and can also help rejuvenate the skin, moistening intestines and relaxing bowels evacuation.


The ingredients of Cassia Seed and Rhizoma Alismatis in the product have diuretic effect and can relax bowel activity, which aids in the elimination of waste products from increased metabolism. Unabsorbed unnecessary fat and toxin is also expelled out of the body accordingly, cleaning the intestinal track.

Magic Potions are looking for international distributors for Slimina Weight Loss Capsules. However, this does not seem to have been very effective. This supplement is not available to buy outside the Philippines and is not on sale via eBay or Amazon.

So What Is Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules and What Are The Ingredients?

Slimina is a weight loss supplement. Each capsule is equal to one serving.

  • Perilla Leaf Extract (80mg): Also known in Japan as Shisho, Perilla leaf is used in traditional Chinese medicine for a wide range of ailments including as an antidote to food poisoning, as a cough treatment, respiratory ailments and more.
    In laboratory testing, the leaves appear to have an anti-inflammatory effect. In testing on mice, the leaves reduced inflammation of the ears and in another test, reduced depression. However, Perilla does not appear to have undergone testing on humans and this extract lacks evidence and safety information.
  • Oriental Water plantain Rhizome Extract(50mg): Also known as Asian Water Plantain Alisma Rhizome, or Mad Dog Weed, this common water plant is supposed to be effective for treating urinary tract or bladder diseases but there are concerns about possible side effects. Alisma Rhizome is toxic in its raw state and this combined with a lack of clinical testing for efficacy and for safety, makes this ingredient an unknown quantity.
  • Tuchkakoe extract (45mg): Chinese medicinal mushroom (Poria coca) also known as Fu Ling. According to reputable Chinese medicinal advice, this ingredient may be effective as a support for patients undergoing cancer treatment like radiotherapy or chemotherapy because it may help strengthen the body, improve appetite, and increase body weight.
    However, it should not be used without supervision. Long-term use can damage eyesight. It is also a diuretic and will cause increased urination.
  • Cassia Seed Extract (35mg): Cassia is a form of Senna and is a powerful laxative that should be used only with extreme caution. It is known for gastro intestinal side effects and for causing the uterus to contract.
    Cassia contains a chemical called sennoside, which irritates the lining of the bowel. It is effective for treating constipation but not safe to take long term.

So What Does All This Mean?

We admit to having serious concerns about this supplement. Cassia is a strong laxative and Tuchkakoe a strong diuretic so you will probably be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Taking laxatives and diuretics can easily lead to dehydration, which is potentially dangerous, as well as other side effects.

Although all these ingredients may be known in Chinese traditional medicine, they remain fairly unknown and untested by conventional medicine. If you wanted to go down the Chinese medicine route, seeing a qualified practitioner would probably be much safer.

One of the points about traditional Chinese medicine is that each patient is treated individually so a supplement that is mass-produced for everyone does not really fit into this ethos.

In addition, this supplement does not come with the Blue Hat logo that guarantees that supplements, which are made in China, are safe. There may be added ingredients and they may have additional side effects.

Does Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Have Any Side Effects?

According to the product information, there are no side effects to taking this supplement. However, we feel this is an optimistic view judging by the ingredients list.

Potential side effects may include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Abdominal pain
  • Risk of Poisoning
  • Contractions of the uterus
  • Menstrual bleeding outside of your usual monthly cycle.
  • Increased urine output

Slimina may cause dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations – such as sensation of pounding heart or rapid beat
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Inability to sweat or urinate
  • Weight loss
  • Fever

The product information provides the following warnings:

Not applicable for below 18 years old, for women in pregnancy and lactating mothers, Patients of cardio-vascular disease, high blood pressure and cerebrovascular disease; drug or alcohol addiction; hyperthyroidism, liver or kidney dysfunction; prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma.
If you have any existing medical conditions, consult your physician before taking any drug or medicine.
You are advised to “Avoid skipping meals, avoid drinking coffee and alcoholic drinks” You are also advised to drink at least 20 glasses of water a day.

Any Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Reviews From Customers?

Despite extensive searching, we have been unable to find any independent customer reviews for Slimina.

So Does Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules Work?

We would not advise you to try this supplement and find out whether it works or not. The ingredients list is a matter for concern and the explanations about how this supplement will work do not seem to make much sense.

The warnings provided by the company about avoiding in the case of cardio vascular disease and high blood pressure might indicate that there are added stimulants in this supplement, which do not show up on the list. These could be dangerous ingredients such as Sibutramine or Ephedra.

The ingredients that are listed do not come with sufficient clinical testing to prove whether they will work or even if they are safe for consumption. We cannot see Slimina working for weight loss in the way as described and judging by the ingredients list, the principle effect will probably be from the laxatives and diuretics.

Chinese diet pills are notorious for being dangerous and substandard and Slimina does not come with any guarantees it is safe. The absence of the official Blue Hat logo makes this supplement look extremely suspect.

To find out more about the dangers of unregulated Chinese diet pills take a look at our previous Watchdog investigation.

Where Can I Buy Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules?

You won’t find Slimina on the shelves of any shops and stores within the USA or the UK. In the Philippines, it is available from some stores across Manila.

Slimina is available online via the Magic Potions website, which is based in the Philippines.

Prices are provided in US dollars and Philippine Pesos.

One box of 30 capsules (1 month’s supply) costs $30.00 USD

You can also find deals on larger orders.

3 bottles of Slimina (3 x 30 capsules) costs $80.00.

6 bottles of Slimina (6 x 30 capsules) costs $150.

International shipping costs are calculated at the point of sale.

What About A Guarantee

Slimina does not come with a money-back guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

We have serious concerns about the safety of Slimina. This diet pill is made in China and although it may seem that we are making unfair assumptions based on race, Chinese diet pills do have a terrible safety record. They are well known for containing dangerous unlisted ingredients and for being made in substandard facilities.

Had Slimina had the sought after Blue Hat logo that the Chinese government is awarding to supplements which adhere to safety regulations, at least the customer would have had some guarantee that the supplement was reputable and would not make them ill. Without this guarantee, Slimina could actually contain added ingredients or have been made in substandard facilities that don’t live up to basic hygiene and safety standards.

Leaving the issue of manufacture aside, we still would not have approved this supplement. The listed ingredients look pretty dangerous and may lead to dehydration. They all lack adequate proof of effectiveness and safety and we cannot see how this supplement will act in the way as described beyond a very basic laxative effect.

Therefore, it is an easy decision. We reject Slimina Weight Loss Capsules.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
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1.3 out of 5
Slimnia Weight Loss Capsules
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. So far I like it. It definitely suppresses my appetite and makes me avoid snacking. Although I really end up drinking maybe 9 litters of water when I’m on it and go to pee about 20 times a day. I see effects immediately. Would I prefer a pill with less side effects? Yes. Do I like the results I see with Slimina? Yes.