Slimtone Plus

We have recently been inundated with complaints from consumers in the UK who have fallen for one of the “free trial” scams, in particular Slimtone Plus. We have written about this several times and warned people not to go anywhere near them, however the scam is relentless and thousands more people everyday get suckered in.

A reader asked us to look at Slimtone Plus as they are running a “free trial”, so we thought it was time to dissect how they are doing it.

UPDATE 19/12/2012: The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have confirmed the marketing and claims made by Slimtone Plus breach their codes of conduct. In response, Slimtone Plus have agreed to end the promotion shortly. See the five upheld rulings in more detail by clicking here.

Slimtone Plus Pros

  • Nice colours on the website

Slimtone Plus Cons

  • Uses fake news sites to advertise the product
  • Site would be illegal in the US
  • “Free trial” sign up, though on the site this changes to “trial”
  • Breaches ASA Regulations
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Slimtone Plus

Slimtone Plus Review

Slimtone Plus Facts

  • Uses dubious advertising to drive visitors
  • No evidence offered it could work
  • Lacks ingredient profile

Normally we like to start our product reviews with a little bit about the diet pill we are looking at, but in this case the most important aspect is not the diet pill itself but the methods being used to flog it. As such, we’ll deviate from our normal diet pill review style and see how one merchant in particular is making their money.

Let’s take a closer look at the whole scheme from start to finish, and hopefully it will show you what to avoid in the future. Or if you are doing your research into Slimtone Plus itself, then it might just convince you that everything is not quite what it seems.

Slimtone Warnings:

  • Uses fake news sites to draw customers in
  • No option to try the product without signing up for £75 per month recurring billing
  • No address or other details given for the company

Part 1: The Initial Advert

First off, these product owners or their affiliates need to get your attention. What better way than good old Google? Why not use the search engine that millions of us use every day, and simply buy some advertising space?

Slimtone Plus Google Ads

As you can see its one of the adverts, you see every day if you use Google to do your research into products.

They have a pretty powerful title; “Lose 2.5 stone in 2 Weeks.

That’s sure going to grab your attention! And there’s more, “Read Our Shocking Report.

Who wouldn’t be tempted to click through to see what its all about if you are looking to lose some weight?

So What Is The Shocking Report All About?

Part 2: The Fake News Site

After clicking the advert you are taken through to a fake news site, where a fake newsreader will give you a fake rundown on some miracle products she has used to lose a fake amount of weight.

Slimtone Plus Fake News Site

In this case they are using an attractive female reporter, supposedly from UK Health Alert called Susan Jeffers. In actual fact the picture is Alycia Lane who is a real news reporter in Philadelphia, and has absolutely nothing to do with this scam. They have simply stolen the picture and passing her off as Susan Jeffers.

Susan Jeffers is the best-selling author of Feel the fear and Do It Anyway and again, has absolutely nothing to do with this scam.

There is then a long story of how “Susan” has tried Slimtone Plus and another product, BodyCleanse in combination to lose 2.5 stone in 4 weeks.

At the conclusion of the 4th week, I was absolutely amazed at the results. I had lost 2.5 Stone in 4 weeks using SlimTone Plus and BodyCleanse! Everyone, from family to friends to the people here at UK Health Alert, have noticed the change in me, I think many of them are getting their risk-free trials even as I write this! I also find myself getting more “attention” from men than I ever used to – another great benefit of this diet! I can report to you that considering the amazing weight loss and additional health benefits I will continue to use these supplements indefinitely.

It’s very unlikely that ANY OF THIS IS actually true! Unfortunately, if you have never read this site then you still might be interested, its got to be true right?

Well, this is the next part of the scam in motion, you are still very interested and because it looks so honest then of course you can trust what “Susan” is saying.

And what have you got to lose; it’s a free trial, right?

Slimtone Plus Free Trial Offer

There’s only one way t find out, let’s see where the link takes us.

Step 3: The “Free Trial” Site

Now it’s time to get our free trials of these miraculous products that helped Susan Jeffers lose 2.5 stone in 4 weeks… or was that 2.5 stone in 2 weeks? Even the scammers themselves get mixed up sometimes.

So now you land on the nice looking sales page for Slimtone Plus.

Slimtone Plus website

Content wise, it’s the same old story. There’s no actual scientific proof offered for what they say. The trick is to keep pushing the “trial bottle”, everything is designed to push you along to simply fill in your details and claim your free bottle.

So What Happens If I Fill In My Details?

Well this is where they have you hook line and sinker. If you fill in your name, address, and so on, you are taken to the next page to fill in your credit card details.

Slimtone Plus confirmation box

You see that text? If you squint really hard you can just about make it out on their site.

“By clicking Rush My Order, I confirm I am over 18 and agree to the Terms of Service”

That is exactly where they trap you in to signing up for a recurring billing.

By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of SlimTone Plus and a 30 day supply of SlimTone Plus patches (you just pay P&P). If you feel SlimTone Plus not for you, cancel within 14 days from the day you order to avoid the purchase fee of £37.50 per item and enrolment in the auto-shipment program, which sends you a fresh supply of SlimTone Plus every 30 days, starting 30 days after your trial period starts, at the low price of £37.50 per item. By ordering you agree to the full terms and conditions shown here. To cancel anytime call 0844 745 9698

Limited Quantities Available! Sign Up Today!

Not only are you now signed up for Slimtone Plus at £37.50 per month, but also Slimtone Patches for another £37.50 per month! Yup, £75 per month hidden away in the small print, and you have no option of getting the “free trial” unless you agree to these terms.

Surely This Is Not Legal Is It?

Well here’s the other sneaky part. This format is completely illegal in the US, and anyone running this would be facing millions of dollars in fines if they were caught. But to get around this they have registered a UK company and are pushing it hard to UK customers.

The Office of Fair trading are a little bit behind their American cousins (the FTC) with regards to tracking down and prosecuting these guys, but despite this there are still some regulations that apply to what they are doing.

This website breaks virtually every rule in the book with regards to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 and later amendments.

They do not supply a valid physical address for the website or the product, and the terms and conditions do not meet with the DSR. These terms and conditions are pretty much worthless, and could never be imposed as they break so many consumer laws in the UK.

Can I Get My Money Back If I’ve Fallen For It?

The good news is, yes, if you are the victim of dubious practices and as such are entitled to your money back in full… every single penny in fact.

Ring them up and politely ask for a full refund.

If they get funny with you then just tell them you are reporting them to the following organisations:

  • Office of Fair Trading (Distance Selling Regulations)
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • VeriSign for illegal use of their logo
  • Geotrust for illegal use of their logo
  • TRUSTe for illegal use of their logo

Want some extra help getting your money-back?
You can see a full guide HERE to how you can claim all your money back in full

What About Slimtone Plus itself?

Well, we would prefer if you never dealt with a company that employed such tactics to sign you up to these trials. It is illegal in the United States for a reason, so we don’t understand how it’s fine to push it to UK customers.

Anyway the product itself is made up of the following.

  • Raspberry Ketone: Plenty of research to back this up as a weight loss aid.
  • Green Tea: Helps burn fat by stimulating your metabolism
  • Bee Pollen: Contains Lecithin which is claimed to help the body excrete excess fat
  • Guarana: Contains a natural form of caffeine.
  • Citrus Aurantium: Used in Chinese medicine. Also known as Synephrine.
  • White Kidney Bean Said to reduce the amount of starch converted to sugar in the digestive system.

The exact ingredient quantities are not shown, or how many tablets you take. It is therefore impossible to say if Slimtone Plus could have any effect on weight loss.

What About The Slimming Patches?

There is no mention of these anywhere on the site, except for in the “terms and conditions” you are tricked in to signing.

There is no evidence presented on the site to support any of the claims regarding weight loss.

Consumer Report: We have recently had a report from a consumer called Keira who has reported bad side effects whilst using Slimtone patches (see comment 17 below). She has reported “The slimtone patches started to literally dissolve little patches of my skin, causing painful and infected wounds”. So we advise caution if you decide to use these patches.

Does Slimtone Plus Have Any Side Effects?

It is impossible to say, as there is no indication of the exact composition of the tablets.

Any Slimtone Plus Reviews From Customers?

There are three reviews on the sales page but these look very suspicious. Based on what we have shown you so far, would you think that they were true?

The only other reviews for Slimtone plus we can find are from people complaining about being ripped of from the “free trial”.

Christopher said:

“This company are using a misleading method to hook buyers. The terms and conditions are placed right at the bottom of the page in tiny font in a shade of grey that can easily be missed.
To state that it is a free trial is misleading. It is not free. Firstly you have to pay postage, which is where they get your debit card details. Then they set up a recurring payment method on your debit card without your knowledge.
Most UK banks are now changing their rules on these types of transaction and you can call your bank and have them block payments.
I have been caught out with this method and I found that they did not reply to four emails, two support emails sent via their own website and they never answer their telephone line.
Now they have moved to Ireland to avoid UK jurisdiction.
I suggest you contact the OFT and have these people stopped fom advertising in the UK. You should email your complaint to :-
[email protected]
You can also email your local MP and complain about the activities of this company.”$75.00

The reply to Christopher was from “jcol” who looks like he works for Slimtone Plus:

I haven’t ever seen it advertised as free ? i Wouldn’t suggest that anybody complains as these trials work perfect for me and anyone else willing to actually read the terms before clicking that they have read them. i get the opportunity to try something and if i don’t like it i don’t have to pay. Its common sense to read the terms and conditions instead of just ticking the because you cant be bothered

Hmmm… highly dubious reply, as for “common sense” such trials are far from it!

First off, they ARE advertised as a “free trial” as proven above.

Secondly, the option not to tick the terms does not exist.

So Does Slimtone Plus Work?

We have no idea; it is impossible to say due to the massive lack of information!

Where Can I Buy Slimtone Plus?

Please don’t fall for these tricks. There are far better options available that do not rely of tricking you out of £75 per month.

What About a Guarantee?

Good luck with that one, these types of companies do not offer any sort of guarantee!

Watchdog Verdict


Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Are you trying to get your money-back from the Slimtome Plus free trial?
Read our FREE GUIDE to getting refunds from free trial diet pill scams by clicking here.

Slimtone Plus

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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195 comments on 'Slimtone Plus'

  1. I GOT A REFUND!!! I am so pleased!! (see my above 2 comments!)

    I sent a complaint letter detailing everything I was advised to include by the Citizens Advice Consumer Services and sent it signed for delivery along with the remainder of the bottle of product – no RMA number.

    I had been told I would get a call from management but this didn’t happen in the 24-48 hours they said so I then copied and emailed the letter along with proof of the signed for delivery (as they seemed to mysteriously not know about it when they first replied to my email) and I told them someone called “Young” had signed for it with this in the email:

    “I am still awaiting a call back that I was promised in under 24-48 hours on the 5th August. Today is the 8th August and I’m sure you’re aware this is over 48 hours.

    Please find attached the letter of complaint which I have confirmation and proof of delivery for on 6th August and a signature of who it was signed for by.

    I have also contacted my bank and have filled in the necessary forms to retrieve my money from this “company” as they participate in the charge back scheme and will be doing everything in their power to ensure my money is refunded. I’m sure you’re fully aware that if things come to that point, you will then also be charged for the privilege.

    I have also contacted the Citizens Advice Consumer Services and have a reference number for my issue in addition to the Advertising Standards Authority. I will take this further and further with Trading Standards and BBC Watchdog next on the list until my letter is acted upon at which point I wish to have no further dealings with this company. As per the letter you have 14 days within which to action my request for a 100% refund based on the reasons listed in this letter. ”

    I was then told a refund would be issued and may take up to 30 days and I check today and have it!!

    I am MORE than happy to share and send a copy of the letter I sent to this company to the dietpillswatchdog management to help others get the same refunds!!

    I have also actually contact the ASA as well as BBC Watchdog.

    Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  2. ALSO –

    The company in question are now known as SLIM LEAN rather than Slim Tone. I haven’t received anything relating to Slim Tone but all the above website and references are for me under the name of Slim Lean. Clearly a change in tactics being used by the scammers.

  3. I too have been sucked into this SCAM and want to advise others on what I am doing about it.

    I ordered the pills on 16th July and it took a few days to receive them (obviously eating into the 14 day trial period) and knowing I was going away on holiday and would miss the 14 day period for any problems I called up to cancel the subscription before I had even received the pills. I thought I had read enough of the website etc. to think this is what I should be doing.

    BUT NO!

    The “free trial” bottle which I thought I would keep is NOT FREE! If you do not send this back you will be paying the subscription fee of £69.97 14 days later!!! I thought I was covered as I asked the customer service representative for confirmation of no further payments. Clearly there was a “lying through omission” going on on their part as in their view there are no further payments AFTER THE TRIAL PAYMENT. I asked for an email confirmation of this which I received but looking at it after I was then charged I see they are lying through omission on there too as it states I am cancelled from the “auto subscription” process, i.e. after their un-free SCAM TRIAL.

    I saw the payment on 5th August and was FUMING. I called them up immediately and was given the token rubbish reading from a script by someone called Farrukh. Definitely an American accent if this in any way shows where their call centre and operation may be based or even legal etc.

    I was asked about an RMA which I didn’t get and I asked why I was not told I needed this by the first rep I spoke to within the 14 day period. Again, LYING THROUGH OMISSION. I had kept all original packaging and delivery note and this rep was referring me to the T&C.s I told him I had read some spurious info which was unclear and unfair to the consumer but I did not accept that I had supposedly read their T&Cs.

    After 26 mins of heated conversation I was offered a 50% refund. I told them I would not accept this and was entitled to a 100% refund. 50% was all the rep could offer and said I could escalate this to management and expect a reply within 24-48 hours. We are almost 48 hours later and I haven’t had this yet.

    On seeing the charge I then also called the CITIZENS ADVICE CONSUMER SERVICE on 08454 04 05 06 and told them the story. They are clearly familiar with these JOKERS. I now have a reference number and was advised by them to send a letter recorded delivery stating the case for a 100% refund and to give them a period of 14 days to action it.

    I stated in a 2 page letter all of the above mentioned lack of clarity and illegality in their advertising and to state I felt it “was misleading under the consumer protection regulations and had been referred to trading standards”. It is a breach to not have a proper address on their site, they do not, only a PO BOX in Scotland.

    I then also called my bank to ask if they participate in the “charge back scheme” as advised by the CACS and this helps you recoup losses taken fraudulently. Barclays do and are sending me a form to fill in to go about doing this. Also they are familiar with these scamers.

    I then also sent info to the Advertising Standards Authority with the above info.

    In all about 4 hours of my life were lost yesterday dealing with this utter rubbish. I am totally embarrassed and wish I never clicked on the original ad. As I saw it on my phone via the Daily Mail news website I thought it was legit. NOPE.

    I am willing to do anything possible to get this £69.97 back and get this scam obliterated.

    As a note – I was also advised that paying by credit card rather than debit card affords you more protection online. I didn’t ask more about this but thought it may be another angle others could look into.

    I seriously hope to get this actioned and refunded back to me and can supply a copy of the letter I sent in to them – which they should also have received by today with the remainder of their Slim Lean bottle – to anyone who is interested in doing the same. As I say, I hope I am successful and that my input may help others.

  4. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I really found you by accident, while I was surfing on Bing for something else. I like with what you said in your article. I never looked at it that way. Thanks for sharing.

  5. have recently recieved the keytone pills/slimtone,the are using a different name now tried to get a hold of them did some research and they have a domain that is only registered and is only valid for a year also they are running through another proxy so it is near impossible to trace the true ip address. I recently cancelled my visa debit card so hopefully they dont take the re occurring 42.50 and will monitor my account to see if any standing orders or direct debits are taking out,this is an easier way to stop them taking money out of your account instead of going through the whole process of chasing them for your money

  6. Hi, I went to order this. Put in detail and pressed the button to rush order. An error message however came up saying there was a problem with country details, to ring their customer service team. I didn’t. Does this mean I have made an order or not. It didnt go past that or never pressed anything about confirming order like other things you might order.I hope not!!

  7. Same story here.
    I sent for the ‘free offer’ for my Daughter on the 1/9/12 to help her lose her recent baby weight. I received them on the 16/9/12. There was nothing else in the package but a leaflet extolling the product by the Daily Mail.
    30/9/12 I received another pack – this time having a leaflet which said I had seven days to return the product or would be charged the full amount of £37.50 and £75, and that I had to ring for a return number. I immediately began ringing them but as everyone else more or less experienced. there was no answer. So I emailed them and said that I had not requested these products and that they had to send me the return number and pre paid return label…… I received no reply….
    Unfortunately my Husband became ill at this time. He collapsed and was rushed into hospital on the 6/10/12.. so, because of this ‘distraction’ I did not check our bank statement until 20/10/12, and almost collapsed with the shock… when I saw that they had stolen. £237.50 from me in ONE MONTH..
    I immediately rang my bank – Santander – who informed me that they were aware of the bad practice of this company, which prompted me to ask ”Why were they doing nothing to stop them?” I cancelled my card there and then, and the Fraud Department sent me documents to fill in, to pursue a claim against Slimtone.
    I telephoned Slimtone endlessly again, for the whole day and eventually got through to a very unpleasant woman, who refused to speak to me after I told her that I believed they were running a scam and that I was going to involve the Police… to which she scathingly told me to go ahead?
    I have spent an extremely upsetting, frustrating four months filling in documents, making telephone calls, and sending emails to my bank, resulting eventually in them telling me to contact the Ombudsman?
    To be honest, I am not in the best of health myself and I felt as if I was being driven round in circles and was going mad.. and I will never ever understand how I was duped so badly.
    As a last resort I emailed the CEO of Santander appealing for assistance, because quite frankly I felt that they were simply treading water and trying to obfuscate to such an extent that I would just give up.
    Yesterday I received a telephone call from the CEO’s Assistant assuring me that they would investigate this matter fully.

    Today I had a call saying that as a goodwill gesture they would reimburse my money…. adding that I should understand that the Bank had done nothing wrong.

    I can’t thank them enough and am really grateful, because I was at the point where I have become really ill over it, was not sleeping, and was obsessively checking my account every day?
    Although this is now concluded for me, that still leaves the fact that this unscrupulous Company,(and the people working for them, who are complicit imo, because they take the calls and emails from people and are fully aware of what is happening) is continuing daily to get away with scamming and stealing money from people.
    I think it is very important that ALL OF US email the various controlling bodies outlined in the various posts above, and make a loud noise to get this company prosecuted and stopped in its tracks.
    Incidentally: I have since found out that the products Slimtone/Bodycleans are selling can be bought at any health store for a minute fraction of what they are charging…….
    My condolences to everybody else who has suffered as I have; and Good Luck to all those trying to get their money back.

  8. I also have fallen foul of this scam. BUT they picked the wrong woman to mess with. I have spent the last 7 days gathering evidence that I intend to use or pass on to the relavent authorities. I have reported and made official complaints about them to various consumer bodies, I am in the process of following their terms and conditions for returning the product to them so as they will not have a leg to stand on when I go after them via the law. I have a friend who is a solicitor and he is guiding me through this. Very few people on this website have mentioned that IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE PRODUCT BY DAY 7 email them to tell them because in their Terms and Conditions they say to contact them immediately if you have not received the product by Day 7 of ordering them so they can alter the TRIAL PERIOD!!!! Even if you don’t get a response from the email keep it as proof that you did notify them. I am now on EMAIL number 11 and have managed to get confirmation of cancelation (, my RMA number (for BOTH products). My advice is print off their T&C and follow them to the letter. I will not let this matter go until I am get this matter resolved. B

  9. Just read all these post and relised I’ve been scammed also, contacted my bank and cancelled my card they said this will stop anymore further payments they try and take. Should I be alright now or do I still need to contact them and cancel?

  10. Above comment obviously works for them… I was suckered into this last night. After reading the reviews I went down to the bank this morning and told them I have lost the debit card and that I need it cancelled. I have now emailed the company and informed them that I do not want the pills and have requested a returns number. I have printed a copy and saved it to the email system. In clouded in my letter in capital letters was this, YOU DO NOT HAVE MY AUTHORISATION TO TAKE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT AS I HAVE REQUESTED A RETURNS NUMBER 1 DAY AFTER ORDERING AND AS SUCH, EVEN BY STANDARD MAIL YOU WILL RECIEVE THE PRODUCT 3 DAYS AFTER I DO.

    Go immediately to your bank and get a new card, the method you used to pay was the long card number and security code, as such, when that card is cancelled and a new one is issued the numbers will be different. This should prevent any monies being withdrawn. I have also alerted the National Consumer Agency here in Ireland and hope for swift action.

  11. I signed up for this trial before i read reviews, however i did read the small print.
    The pills work and are amazing.
    However, i only tried them for 14days and sent the rest back like it said to do. I got a full refund!!

  12. Hi to all,

    I have been on various websites over the course of today and two prominent websites that carry this advertisement are EBay and drugs. com. I know these are not the only two websites on the internet that carry their ads but I am actually quite shocked that the website choose to carry this advertisement as there is important information on this website about real medications and their side effects never mind these illegal idiots coming on there with their scam pills. Their advert is very well placed at the right hand side of whatever you are currently reading about on the site. You will have seen the usual ad, alternating pictures of someone with a flat belly to someone with a fat belly, and then that all important caption “try this one 1 weird old tip and lose a bit of your belly every day” blah, blah, blah. They are quite smart the way they operate. EBay has alot of traffic passing through it on a daily basis and these guys know it. I ALMOST got sucked in because it’s one of those things when you’re feeling at your lowest ebb and suddenly this almost God-like miracle comes out of no where promising you everything you want. Unfortunately, not this time either! : ( The only thing you’re losing by these guys is your hard earned cash.

  13. Hello I really dont know how the company SlimTone Plus tricked me into signing up for anything. All I did was like on facebook and they somehow managed to get hold of my paypal details and sent me these diet pills which I didnt want. I am a 43 Year old disabled woman who has had my colon removed through cancer so diet pills are not much good to me anyway. I am already on 15 prescribed medications as it is and would never take anything like that just incase it reacts with them. Slimtone have took 2 payments of £75 out of my account 1 on the 20th December 1 on the 8th january this is devastating for me as I only get £80 per week sickness benefit as is it. Could you please help me i am at my wits end i am already under the mental health with depression from my illness without this added worry I cant lose £75 per month if i cant stop it it wouldnt be worth living this miserable unbearable life anymore. I would really appreciate your help please please reply thankyou.Yours Sincerely Cheryl

  14. Made the massive mistake of taking a free trial of Raspberry capsules and patches they took £150.00 out of my account a month later there in no returns address as suggested no live telephone and no way of contacting them I have cancelled any further supplies but have to contact my bank to try and stop any further payments.

  15. I saw advert for this Slimetone plus and ordered, but after only 10 minutes realised it could be a con. I cancelled the order immediately and received confirmation of this. However they sent the tablets and upon receipt I returned to sender. Again I recetved confirmation that the order and any future orders had been cancelled. They took two paynments from me, one for £75.00 and one for £37.50. I am at the moment having great dificulty getting my money refunded. Please beware of this scam as once they have your details they WILL fleece you.

  16. The Mail online have published an article on how this company have used Kate Middleton’s picture to “con slimmers into signing up for miracle weight loss treatment.
    You can read the full story here.

  17. Hi everyone! I too fell for this scam grrr I am so annoyed at myself!! I would advise the first thing you do is phone your bank and explain what’s happened, they are really helpful they advised me to cancel the card and I will hey a new one in 3 days! They assured me that the money will not be taken and if it is they will give me a refund and the fraud team will then investigate. Make sure you email slimtone plus and body cleanse demanding immediate cancellation as the fraud team need this to prove you cancelled. If you have more than one bank account I advise you put all your money into the bank account you DIDN’T use for these companies (this is what my bank told me to do) and that if they do try to take money they won’t be able too and the bank won’t charge you for an unpaid debit as you have made them aware of the situation!

    Next, if like me you have cancelled before dispatch (my order was Sunday they don’t post on Sundays and I cancelled within 30 minutes) demand that if you do receive these products you need a freepost box/envelope as you clearly cancelled before they sent them! If they refuse or you don’t hear anything keep hold of them till you get your way as you are not in the wrong and chances are you won’t hear from them and that will be the end of it (what the bank said)! PLEASE make sure you tell your bank this is the most important thing!!! I was SO worried and now I am not as I know they can’t take a penny from me just the £5 postage I paid but I can live with that! Really if like me you have cancelled before dispatch they legally owe you a refund the product they have sent and charged you for that you didn’t want!

    In your emails tell them you are going to report them to trading standards etc it will all help….all this advise was from the bank PHONE THEM!!!

  18. I have been emailing slimtone for the past couple of months trying to get a refund for the £75 that was taken from my account in september! They have recently emailed back saying they would refund 50%. I have tried to ask for a full refund and even 75% but they wont budge!! I have finally given in & they have said that thr 50% refund will be in my bank in the nexyt 5 days …… lets hope this is the case!!
    Very annoyed that I didn’t receive the full refund but its nearly christmas and I have finally lost the will to keep up the fight.

    Just keep on being persistant & even if you dont receive a full refund you may receive half!

  19. Ashamed and annoyed to have fallen for this too. Once “trial” pills received (6.68euro) I did more research and realised I was misleadingly signed up for autoshipment program. Contacted Slimtone by email. Given RMA returns numbers and returned unopened product to Shannon address within the timeframe required. Also cancelled my subscription with them which was confirmed by them via email. Also contacted by bank credit card services who can’t help me until Slimtone debit my card again. Cancelling credit card won’t work they say. This weekend I have just been charged €37.50 by slimtone plus after all procedures above undertaken. I have emailed them again, they are now looking for proof of postage before they credit me. Called bank and I have to fill out documentation including proof of email from Slimtone that my account with them was cancelled before the charge was made to my credit card. Sent off paperwork today whereby bank could take 2-3 weeks to resolve ! I have emailed Slimtone again demanding a credit back to my card and included reference to this website/thread. Unbelievable. Thanks so much for highlighting this mess.

  20. Update, rang the bank (Natwest) and they said there is nothing they can do until they take monies out, but I dont have the money to give! Has anyone else been able to block them before they have taken money out with thier banks, by blocking the post and package transaction? x

  21. Hi Chelsea,

    Im sooooo worried do not have a penny to my name to be spending on these jokers.

    I ordered these last week and did not realise till recieveing what a scam this is.

    I have emailed them twice saying I want to cancle and i will report them to oft if they take a penny from my bank.

    What should I say to the bank tomoz when I ring to stop the payment and have another card?

    I also cant afford to sen the pills back but am worried they will bill me 🙁

    Also i only ordered slimtone not body clense, but im worried if the bank stop slimtone could the not take the money through bodyclense instead as they have my details?

    Thanks x

  22. also… they can NEVER take legal action because what they are doing is ILLEGAL they would have no ground whatsoever in court so dnt worry about legal action peeps
    and i wouldnt take the pills if you do keep em, as god knows whats REALLY in them
    good luck all

  23. hi every1
    just writing to let u all know cancelling your card is fine, and just email them saying you have sent them back (but dont actually do it)
    they will confirm the return with you anyway, if u read previous reviews other ppl have done it and got away with it
    also warn your friends and family on facebook, twitter, myspace ect and ask them to retweet or pass the message on, these scammers are also targeting people on there aswell
    i have recently brought pump it up work out dvd and gone on a diet and lost 12lb in 4 weeks!!! i feel really good knowing i done it without help from “pills” and it only cost me £5 for the dvd
    i will never b as stupid to fall 4 these traps again!!
    good luck every1

  24. PO Box 111
    C. Clare

    Here’s the address they have asked me to send it back once I received it. I have replied back saying only if they send me a prepaid envelope.

    They not getting anymore money off me, my card has been cancelled.

  25. Lol lol I can’t believe it, I always do my checks first but this time I didn’t. Place a order at mid nite and in the morning at 7am they already shipped my order ?! Anyways I will cancel my card after I use my card on the weekend. If u don’t return the bottle back can they take legal action on you to make the payment. ? I am not willing to pay postage to return item that I have been ripped off on.


  27. have you spoken with your bank?
    when i rang mine they said if slimtone take money from my account to contact my bank, they will refund the money and the fraud team will contact slimtone to try and get the money back.
    Its worth a try…

    Good Luck

  28. I have been trying tirelessly for the past month or so to get my refund back from Slimtone Plus. I contcated the company as soon as I realised the money had gone from my account. They are refusing to give me any money saying that I signed up so basically it is my fault.

    What else can I do to get my £75 refunded?

  29. Like an idiot iv ordered the free trial last night, within about 30mins of placing the order i emailed them to request cancellation. I also rang them this morning to cancel.
    I have since received an email from them saying they are aware of my cancellation however my order has already been shipped.
    In the email they have given me 2 RMA numbers; one for the slimtone and the other for the bodycleanse.
    The return address they have given me is different to the one people have posted on here.

    > PO Box 111
    > Shannon,
    > C. Clare
    > Ireland

    i have sent them an email asking if this is the correct address.
    Just wondering if anyone else has been given this as a return address….?

    i have also been into my bank this morning and was told i cannot ‘block’ any payments yet as they have not began to take money from me. However i did speak to a very nice man on the phone who said if the money is not in my account then it is impossible for them to take it, also i will not be charged by my bank as it is an unauthorised payment and is classed as fraud. They did say there is no point in cancelling my card though.

    Hopefully i will receive these pills in good time so i can get them back within the 14days to stop them trying to take any money from me.
    I feel so stupid but it was a very convincing advertisement. Safe to say i will not be buying anything online unless it is a reputable site like ebay 🙂

  30. I too fell for this-I sent the tablets back within the 14 day period-was unable to send via “Signed For” as it is a PO box address but I have got a proof of posting certificate and have taken a photo of the package with the relevant reference numbers on the OUTSIDE of the envelope, directly below the address (another sly condition!). Have just called my bank (Barclays) who are very aware of this company’s antics-ordering a replacement card will not help as payment has been authorised against the account BUT if the payment is taken, it will be refunded when reported to your bank via the “Unsolicited Cancelled Order Payment” procedure. What a faff!!! I am usually soooooo careful! Hope this helps .

    (The other alternative is to close the bank account immediately).

  31. Oh dear… I wish i had red this website before clicking order now.
    So what do i do now? When i get the first trial bottles i call them up or email them telling them i want to cancel my further order? Will they actually cancel it? I am really worried now. Will they actually charge my card immediately for the 75 Pund or will they wait 14 days?
    REALLY worried now…

  32. I’ve just called them and got a totally different response they are now admitting it’s £75 a month not the advertised £37. Address I got was PO Box 111 Shannon County Claire Ireland. They did offer me to keep the remaining amount for £37 saving 50% was very quick and simple.

  33. Just called the number again and spoke to Faye who confirmed that all was correct. I will be keeping an eye on my Barclaycard account online to see that it is all refunded.
    Was really dubious as I got through on the phone straight away (twice), so now Im wondering that as I entered my home phone number as requested whether that is how I got through or Ive just signed up for some more cold calling.

  34. I fell for this scam and having read all of the notes on your site felt quite worried about how would fare with cancelling and receiving my money back. Was prepared to spend a long time emailing but thought Id give the telephone number a go. Got through pretty much first time and spoke to someone called Lucy Jones. I told her that I contacted Barclaycard and cancelled any further monthly payments and that I wanted them to stop sending any further product. I also told her that I wanted my money back as I felt that I had been scammed by this company. She mentioned that the terms and conditions were plain to see and that if I didnt see them then the company couldnt be held to blame. I mentioned that I would be reporting them to the organisations that you suggested and she told me that is fine as they are all aware of their terms and conditions. I was offered a 50% refund of the £125.50 that they had taken from my account. I was told that I would receive an email confirming this within the coming days and indeed I have now received said emails. However, it seems that they may have the original order date mixed up so will have to call again

  35. Hi there need help desperatley! I stupidly signed up to this and so did my partner (i k ow 🙁 ) i realised after i had paid for both ‘free’ trials the scam that it was. I have a new baby and wanted help losing the weight as you would i cannot afford to have this kind of money go out twice! I have rang both banks and cancelled the cards they are sending new ones! I will have to ring tomorrow as today as today is sunday to cancel any future payments going out to the company! I also emailed them straight away to tell them i didnt want the free trails and informed them that as it was a sunday ( they ship the next working day if you order on a weekend) then they have recieved enough notice not to send them out and cancel my order and give me a refund! I also made it clear that it had been cancelled with both banks amd it would be pointless trying to take the money! I also told them that if they sent the troals out i would not be resposible for sending them back as i ha e cancelled in due. Ourse! My question is do you think this will be enough! Does my bank have to stop any payments going out to this company! I am really scared as i dont have the money for this to happen please help!

    1. Don’t feel stupid the same thing happened to me and I am always the one who tells everyone NOT to click on links etc., but the site is so very clever. I only found out they had taken over £200 out of my account when I went to my my building society(Santander)for advice on my savings but they immediatley stopped my card and are pursuing an investigation which will get my money back, my advice is to contact your bank/bsociety and ask them to sent you the nesessary forms for fraud and also enclose the link to this site, email their websites and send copies and enclose phone nos etc., I think it is law now that you are covered by your bankers protection, Good luck and hope you get your money back!

  36. Hi guys,
    I sent an email to slimtone plus within the hour of ordering the trail to cancel it, after I read all these horrible stories. I received an automated reply, and they still shipped the package to me even though I had said quite clearly I wanted to cancel it.

    I sent the package back, but unfortunately lost the ‘proof of postage’ receipt from the post office, stupid me!! LOL

    I then got charged for the products, the full whack of £75 for slimtone and £37.50 for Body Cleanse. I sent an email to them immediately stating that I had returned the goods, and that if a refund wasnt sent, I would be reporting them to the Trading Standards Commision (TSC). Low and behold, I received a refund for Body Cleanse this morning. I have just called the number on their website (0844 745 9698), and kicked off a little bit more that I hadnt received a refund for the Slim Tone products, and they refunded it there and then on the phone. Even though I didnt have proof of postage, they must have received it, and have given me a full refund.

    The number for their call centre is a UK one, so you dont get directed to India or anywhere!

    Dont give up, when I placed the order I thought it was going to be a long and ahrd struggle to get my money back, but it wasnt. Please persist, and please dont give up.

    I had no problems at all,


  37. I have sent loads of emails asking for my RMA number & they will not send it to me as i have gone past the 14th day.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can get my £75 back?
    Many thanks

  38. i recieved these “pills” yesterday, and sent them straight back where they came from within 5 mins!! i have still had no contact from them AT ALL, except from talking to the automated message, and getting my 2 RMA numbers. so i used them numbers to send them back, i also took pic of recipet and emailed them a very angry, but civilized message with the picture attached. i also informed them that i will know if they recieve it has they have to sign for it. my bank has canceled my card and i can actually relax!
    i have also reported them to watchdog uk, so it might get aired on tv if a few more people do it!
    i have DEFINATLY learnt my lesson from this, and i hope anyone else going through this gets it sorted aswell

    1. Hi chelsea just wondering if cancellimg your card was enough? I have cancelled card but will be phoning tomorrow when they are open to cancel any paymemts do you think this is enough am worried! X

  39. no i am going to cancel today, as i had rent and money going in and out my account last few days, so i thought i would get that out the way, then i can cancel today and that give me few weeks to change all my details over. i have emailed both slimtone plus and body cleanse over 10 times in the last 4 days since i ordered and still not heard nothing back! i havnt had written confirmation of my cancelation either, only automated message. do you think that makes a difference? because i know you said that the man on the phone confirmed your cancelation and gave you rma number x

  40. Thank you for your reply Doritos, how long has it been since u made ur order? And has any other money been taken out? Apart from the postage you paid at 1st? Shall I just email them saying I sent it back like u did? I hadn’t received the product yet as I only orderd yesterday, but I rang the xpensive number but spoke to automated women, and after goin through the options (press 1 ect) it told me my order was canceled and gave me my rma number, I had to ring bck and press the bodycleanse option, and go through all the options again, then at the end it said my order was canceled and gave me my rma number for the bodycleanse, I have emailed them asking them to confirm the cancelation, but haven’t heard anything yet, so when I get the product should I just lie and tell them I’ve sent it? Or do I have to wait for them to email me saying its canceled? I’m going to cancel my card 2day xxxx

    1. it doesnt matter anyway whether u sent them back or not because they will still try to get money from your account like what the others are telling. for me i opted not to send back and would u believe it they told me they received them already even though i didnt send back. so it means they’re lying!!! its been 15 days since i ordered them and still close monitoring but no further payment were deducted!:)

    2. thanks again for your reply, did you get a email confirming your cancelation? or was it on the phone? because ive only had confirmation from a automated message so far, i have emailed them 5 times in past 3 days, but still not heard nothing, i got a shipment email today, so they definatly sending them,
      did you get your card canceled or just block payments from them?

    3. i cancelled my card and at the same time block slim tone plus and body cleanse from my account. they are just answering thru automated responses. do not bother calling them because its really expensive. anyway if u already reported to your bank they will be monitoring your account closely. did u cancelled your crd already?

  41. im so worried, i cant believe i fell 4 it, and i orderd slimtone plus and bodyclense, im going to end up losing weight through the stres of this how ordeal, not the pills!!

  42. omg i cant believe i fell 4 it!!! ive been so upset and so worried, i only purchased the pills about 45 mins ago but upon reading all this, i emailed them straight away asking for them to cancel my order, and threatend them with the fraud companys listed in this watchdog website, i then phoned the number and spoke to the automated american women, after going through the options it said my order had been successfully canceled and they gave me my rma number (very quickly) but i got it, i wrote down 18 numbers though? can any one confirm this is the right amount of digits? and does anyone know if i have done the right thing so far? i would really apreciate some feed back from someo ne else going through this horrible ordeal? when should i cancel my card? please some1 tell me if im doing the right thing so far? i have 2 small children and its coming up to christmas, i cant believe they can do this to people, i cant believe i fell for it even more!! do i send the body clense tablets back to the same returns adress as the slimtone? please helllpppp

    1. like what i’ve said, do not spend another money sending them back. just cancel your card and report to your bank asap so that they can investigate.

  43. hi guys… glad i found out this website

    15 days ago as i was surfing facebook, i encountered this SLIM TONE PLUS PILLS wherein a news anchor from channel 4 took it and found it effective. upon learning that its only for FREE and will be shouldering only the postage, i grabbed my card to try this product. the transaction went smoothly. the next day i was so excited to tell my hubby about the FREE pills i got. doubting the promotion he tried typing the name of the product and luckily found your site. surprised with the comments here silly me, i fell to their trap. i tried calling them and a rude man answered the phone. told me i need to wait for the items because they already dispatched them then TRY calling them again once received. my husband told me not to wait for the items because they might not come on time. i rushed that afternoon to hsbc to explain the situation. the staff were very helpful. they cancelled my card on the same day and banned the slimtone from getting any money from my account. the next day i received the products. i called them again and because what i have read here that they will put u in a long queue as i am paying a per minute rate and its quite expensive as well. the RUDE man kept on explaining to me Blah blah blah nonsense things and doesn’t want to give me RMA number. i RAISED my voice and got mad at him it seems that he was taken off when i told him that i will tell the authorities and he should not be putting me on queue and the conversation is recorded and i know his name because he mentioned it during the first minute. he became nice and gave me 2 RMA numbers. and the address. my husband told me not to send back the items because even though u send them back it wont guarantee that they will not be taking money from the account and you will be spending again for the postage. i decided not to. but i emailed them telling i sent the items already after 10 days they replied telling me they received the items even though i didn’t send them. supposedly yesterday they will be deducting my account but i kept on checking my account it is still intact. good thing i found this website and the action of bank as well was really quick and helpful. as for the products they are still here with me. i dunno what to do with them.

  44. Was sucked into this by an advert. Signed up thinking all I would pay was p&p. Been using for 6 days with no results. Emailed the company to cancel. Below is the response.

    “Dear Customer,
    Thank you for the request to cancel your subscriptions to the Slim Tone Plus auto ship program; this has now been done for you. Please note that you have to return the product before 03/11/2012 for us to process your returns.

    Please note you are still required to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period. The offer you have signed up for is to try Slim Tone Plus for 14 days before you pay. These are not free or a 30 day trial, it does not say this on our website.

    If you do not wish to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period, you must return at least half of the contents to us within 21 days of ordering. This is all in accordance with the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you placed your order. You can see the full terms by going to [Link Removed].

    We do however appreciate it’s not always easy to get to a post office and that some people sign up to our offers without actually reading the terms.

    We are therefore willing to offer you a 50% discount on the products you have received, meaning you will pay just £18.75 for the month’s supply of Slim Tone Plus capsules and £18.75 for the month’s supply of Slim Tone Plus patches.

    If you would like to accept this 50% off and keep your latest order to continue your weight loss program, please respond back by email within 21 days of shipment date to confirm you would like 50% off.

    If you would still like to return your order and not pay for it at all, please send it back to the address below and write the RMA number on the outside of the envelope. Please note payment will automatically be taken on day 14 but this will be refunded if you return it between days 14 and 21 days. If you return the product after 21 days, we are not able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you.

    Please make sure you include your name and address including postcode inside the envelope so we know who has sent the order back and we strongly advise you to use a recorded mail service which costs just a few pence more to ensure we receive your items.

    Your RMA number for the Slim Tone Plus capsules and patches is: 18355823387487415
    Write this on the outside of the envelope and post it back.

    If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the ticket number is left in the subject line.

    Many Thanks,
    Slim Tone Plus Customer Service Team”

    I am not at all impressed that they can get away with this.

    1. hi ruth, on reading your comment, i realized that your rma number has 17 digits and the 1 i got from the automated call had 18 digits?? have i wrote it down wrong? please help x

  45. i have also been scamed by this site and free trial offer. they have charged me twice for 37.50 nd 75 pounds. They also charged me another 10pounds .
    I am trying to get RMA number to send pills back. Should i wait for Number or should i sent inn right away.

  46. I too have been scammed by this so called free trial. I managed to phone the company but only to be put through to an automated recording. I have cancelled any future payments but I have been charged £75 to which I am trying effortlessly to get refunded back.
    I have emailed the company about 9 times since Sunday and I have only received an automatice reply back.
    is there a phone number I can ring to talk to any one or do I have to rely on the email? Im getting so tired of fighting what seems to be a losing battle on my behalf but I am not going to give up.
    I suppose its true what the people from the real hustle say “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” 🙁 🙁 🙁

  47. these guys are cones they charged 37.50 for the products that i did not even try and they say i should have called to let them know i hadn’t received the products. they are thieves. they are gna try take more funds from my account wat should i do??

  48. One month after purchase and three weeks since recieved product. only lost P&P, kept product no charge can be taken as i closed bank account. Play them at there own game and dont follow their rules!

  49. Hi.i too fell for the scam!i received products last week and checked my account today and no money has gone out.phew.have cancelled card so they cant take any money out.what should i do with products??am tempted to keep them…..they cant charge me???

  50. Stopped them taking any money from my account by closing bank account completely as noticed on their terms and conditions that they reserve the right to share with their affiliates details of customers bank account ( would think this highly illegal – but hey! – these people are right bastards) therefore they in position to defraud further down the line.

  51. Hi there i was another person to be ripped off by the slimtoneplus scam. i have contacted them..complained and also fowarded this website to them and they claim that this is a site purely made to make people invest in other diet products. I can clearly see the page you have about slimtoneplus does nothing but warn people of the scam so have every faith in this website. I just wondered how i can resolve my situation, get my money back and stop it happening to other.

  52. Has anybody not returned the product? And if so has anything happened, I have cancelled cards etc, but really don’t want to return the extra 2 weeks stuff as I only signed up for 14 day trial and they sent the 3o day.

  53. I was caught out by this scam! I saw the free trial and signed up after looking through their website for the catch and couldn’t see any problems with it. When I didn’t receive an email to confirm or anything I got a bit worried and did some research which is when I found this page. I was gutted to be honest and tried to get in touch with slimtone via email but had no reply, I emailed again and mentioned the union of fair trade as some people have advised above and still had no reply. I’ve had a busy 2 weeks though and almost forgot about the scam until today when I checked my bank (as its pay day) and to my horror there it was, £37.50 for body cleanse and £75.00 for slimtone. Greedy robbing liars! Can anyone advise me with what to do next as I’m clearly not getting anywhere with emails and I don’t want to be ringing Utah as its going to cost a bomb?! Will I be able to get my money back even though they’ve taken it? I did email them yet again this morning, not a nice email, even threatened to take it further and report them and told them they would hear from my lawyers but I’ve still heard nothing. Help please someone!

    1. Hi, I would ask my bank, when I cancelled my card I was but through to the fraud department and they were very helpfully, with worth a try but cancel your card before they get any more money from you, x

  54. Update: Like i said in older posts, i sent an email cancellling my order within 30 minutes of placing it, i then went on to close my bank account and opened a new one. I recieved two emails stating that my order had been cancelled and i had to send the items back if i recieved them (notice they said IF) or would be charged the full amount. Minutes later i recieved the standard email offering me 50% off the products. It has been 15 days since my order was placed and I have lost no money. I recieved the products but have no intention of using them or sending them back. I am at this stage very releaved.

  55. i feel really sorry for all of you and i hope Gods assistance will be with you all, i did not sign up with this yesterday as i i read theese reviews and im happy for what action i’ve took however im very sad for those who have fallen into this scam
    PLEASE CAN EVERYONE REPORT TOO [email protected]
    so furthur action can be taken ASAP
    we need more and more people to sign for this so the goverment can take quick action, i hope this helps.once again may gods assistance be with you all..and may god give theese people guidance for doing such a bad thing

  56. Another one conned by this website and fake news report, ordered on 12 received on the 14th, and read this page and cancelled via email on the 17th, I was immediately sen an out of office email and a waiting ticket, in the mean time I have phoned my bank to cancel my card which they one, but also put me through to the fraud department who assured me that no more money will be took from my account and they will keep an eye on it and not authorise any further payments to the company. When I asked what to do next and they told me nothing, I asked if I should return the part used product and they said not to bother, is this the correct information, ?

    1. Hi there Adele, you did the right thing by blocking further payments to the company. Dont bother sending the tablets back….it will cost you over £9.00 to do it anyway. And because youve already cancelled further payments, the company cant charge you anymore……and they certainly wont bother trying to get the tablets back from you. I did the same as you.Keep a hold of the stuff for a while, but dont waste an more of your money sending them back:)

    2. Thanks , good to know you did the same thing, still haven’t had a reply from the email so not much more I can do, but wait for them to reply no doubt it will be after my 14 days then they will be looking for their money but the can look elsewhere, luckily I just got done for the postage but others on here haven’t been so lucky 🙂

    3. Eventually got a reply to my email today after a reminder sent yesterday, they r now asking for the remainder of the tablets sent back, but I reluctant to send, as I signed up for a 14 day trial not a 30 so they sent the extra tablets I never asked for them, what happens if I don’t send back, I got the standard mail offering me 50% discount with my returns number.


  58. I would like to inform people that even thou I cancelled my order after 30 mins of placing it and then reporting my card as lost, I have still been charged for p and p so this does not work, I will now have to go into the bank embarrassingly and change my account details to stop any more payments luckily I have kept all emails I have sent and I should get my money back as they have took it out after I cancelled my order, hope this helps .

  59. pls i want you people to refund my money back to my account, i only paid £4.68 for posting you went and tolk £75 i didn,t order for anyother things. i told my bank i did not aware such traisation. thank u


    1. Sarah-Louise, Its awful the lengths we have had to go to isnt it? I have not closed my account because I refuse to. Ihave kept all my e.mails, so I am armed and ready, I check my account daily. (online) I have sent another e.mail asking why they are so rude in not acknowledging the receipt of my return parcel but have heard nothing.
      i could kick myself for being so deluded!
      Diet= eating less naughty foods and eating healthier ones 🙂 Its the only way.
      Fingers crossed we all have sorted this mess out.

  61. Sam, my bank told me that cancelling our bank card was of no use! This company can get hold of your new card number without a problem!!!!! My bank said I would have to wait for a payment to come out of my account before anything can be done to help!! EEEeeeeekkk. This scares me rigid. unbelievable really. I sent my pills back by ‘airsure’ cost £8.29!!! I have heard nothing from them at all so I keep checking my bank account daily!
    Surely that the last straw is having to open a new bank acc?? I am so fed up with it all.
    There must be something we can do to stop this, maybe open a facebook page and slay them with comments!

  62. So i have sent 5 messages to each company at this point and i am get rather angry at these stupid generated messages that i am getting back. If they do not reply and give me a RAM I will just send the items back, normal postage with my order number in it and state that my card has been cancelled and they will no longer recieve any funds from me, then they can do one and leave me to get on with my life, i wanted to lose a few pounds but not this kind. Can someone please tell me whether they think completely closing my account will work, they surely wont be able to take any legal action against me when their business operates in such an illegal way?

  63. I have spent all afternoon applying and setting up an new bank account which i will recieve in the next 5 days, in the next 5 days i will be completely closing down the bank account that the dreadful people have details for. In the mean time i have removed all funds from my account that they have details for so that they have no chance of stealing more of my money. They have already taken £7 for P&P however i feel grateful i have found this out on my day of purchase so i can stop it before they steal a further £75 + £35. I have email the bogus customer support that they provide on the website so if anyone does actually operate or read the emails they recieve they will be fully aware that they will not recieve more money from me! I am not going to accept the parcel and if it is put threw the letter box then they have no actual proof that i recieved the items. Consumer 1 – Theives 1000’s, theives is an appropriate word for this company, and i hope that eveyone scammed by this company get the results there looking for. UK Legislation needs to fix their loop holes.

  64. I haven’t fallen for this scam I’m glad to say but if you have here’s what I suggest, Stop all payments via your bank, see if you can get your money back via your debit/credit card. email or write to the company telling them you are not satisfied with the product and have cancelled your payments. Send the product back if you want to but that’s all you need to do. Ignore all their correspondence. This company is based in southern Ireland, not in the UK. They may make threats but they are not going to be starting any court action that they know they can’t win.

  65. Hi. I have done the same thing.I ordered these pills yesterday, haven’t read anything ab it until I placed the order. Withinn like half an hour I called them and wanted to cancel the order and they told me that i can’t.Have to wait till i get it and then call them to cancel. I phoned my credit card to tell them ab it and I asked them to block any further payments from them not to be taken out.I called the company again this morning to cancel it again and ask for returns number but they wouldnt give it to me saying that i have to wait for the order to be delivered.I can’t believe i fell for that.Once i receive that going to call them for this nr and address to send it back stright away…how they can do that to people?One more thing, customer service is not nice at all!!!Stay away from them.

    1. Also Alina, phoning that 08447459698 phone number is a call centre in UTAH.USA. so who knows what the cost of a call will be! I have sent an e.mail a day and have made them listen to me by saying that I will go to the Office of Fair trading and that any money taken from my account is unauthorised and that the bank wont accept their paymts. I got my return number and have sent items back @ cost £8.29 postage! Just waiting to hear now!! Crazy.

  66. Does anyone know that if you cancel your card they won’t be able/haven’t been succesful in taking any future installments OR do you have to cancel your account also.

    Thank you!!


    1. Sam, my bank told me that cancelling our bank card was of no use! This company can get hold of your new card number without a problem!!!!! My bank said I would have to wait for a payment to come out of my account before anything can be done to help!! EEEeeeeekkk. This scares me rigid. unbelievable really. I sent my pills back by ‘airsure’ cost £8.29!!! I have heard nothing from them at all so I keep checking my bank account daily!
      Surely that last straw is having to open a new bank acc?? I am so fed up with it all.
      There must be something we can do to stop this, maybe open a facebook page and slay them with comments!

  67. I am so sorry for all these people who have been scammed.

    I decided to canx my card before they were able to take the larger sumers from my account. I stupidly ordered both the Slim Tone Plus and Body Cleanser Plus.

    They have emailed me back saying I should return the product to the 222 Shannon Airport address or I will be billed. As I have cancelled the card they will not be able to take any money from my account. Should I send back the pills by recorded delivery – or just ignore them?

    Kind regards

  68. so glad i found this site when i did as i was seriously considering buying these supplements, i got as far as filling in my details on the first page and clicked to continue but before inputting my bank details i thought i needed to see some reviews from real people using this. well needless to say i did not buy and closed the page! well its now been about half an hour since i was on that website and i have received an email asking to continue with buying. at the bottom of this email there is a po box address for slimtone plus:
    PO BOX 4802
    S10 9FE
    hope no-one else falls victim to this scam

  69. Hi everyone, please don’t be intimidated by these bullies. I am so angry for you when I read your posts and really sympathise. Above I listed the address in Ireland to send items back and the address in the UK where your payments are going to. The phone number is 0844 745 9698 option 1 but when I got through I was told I had to wait until items arrived – you do not!!!!!!! You demand a returns number – RMA. I may be one of the lucky ones because I demanded the RMA by emai as soon as i received the email to say they had been shipped – use this rmail to reply to – I got one the same day before items arrived. It is important you do not let them intimidate you – you have done nothing wrong but boy they have. As mentioned yesterday in my earlier post, I sent them an email asking for my costs as they shipped 4 days after I cancelled and I also informed them the goods were on their way back. Today they sent an email asking for the barcode and stated I was obligated to pay the costs. I have sent them another telling them the barcode and informing them that they were obligated to heed a cancellation and they had breeched trading laws. I willl continue to fight for my costs and will let you know how I get on although going into hospital soon so may not be able to. I really wish you all the best with this. Just remember, they are operating very dubious practices and I’m furious with myself for falling for it but more angry that they are continuing to do this. Once the address is known where they are operating from I think this should be a police matter, it’s nothing less than gaining money by deception in my opinion which I thought was illegal. Please cancel all cards used. As someone mentioned earlier, this does not assure 100% safety because years ago, people would order things, take delivery and then cancel their cards to avoid payment. The credit card companies wanted protection from this so the law was passed where they could force payment through on new cards. However as my card supplier pointed out, there are very few companies can do this and I doubt this may be one. I would be very interested to know and others too, if after cancelling a card, this company managed to force a payment on a new card. I’ll be very surprised. Do let us know. So, please just keep calm and I know that’s difficult because I was in a panic yesterday and when that happens I try to calm myself with humour so I am sorry watchdog if I seemed flippant but it’s how I get through difficult situations. We all have our ways of coping. It is indeed a very serious problem. Just make sure you keep up correspondence with them at all times and do not let them tell you that items must arrive before they can give you a RMA – you don’t. Insist on this and start the ball rolling to be free of them. Send them the barcode for returns asap and notification they are on their way back to them. You are in control of the situation – be firm and forceful at all times. At least you won’t do it again, it’s a learning curve. Good look and oh yes, you are all entitled to a full refund and don’t let them tell you otherwise.

  70. I am distressed that slimtone plus has taken £75 from my credit account without my authorisation. I have tried contacting them, without success. I don’t understand how they have been able to take the money without my authorisation. They advertise as a free trial, which I believed was a one off. I have received nothing in the post since the first requested trial and I don’t understand what they are charging for.

    1. You are paying for days 14-30. only up to day 14 is ‘free’ However if you cancel within 14 days and manage to get an RMA number and return address you are not obliged to pay anything. Also if you do not cancel promptly you will be charged again for next shipment which is £37.50 per item so be careful. Speak to your bank they can cancel payments and get you refunds if they take any more from your account. I was one of lucky ones, persevered to get RMA number and return address and had a very understanding advisor at my bank. Good luck.

  71. Hi – well there’s one born every minute and I’m the one for last Friday. Need to lose a stone for surgery and can’t exercise so thought these might help. I ordered on Friday 24th then cancelled within 30 mins as unsure I could take them with my health problems. Waited 4 days to hear from them – item has been shipped!!! The penny dropped and as my ears grew to donkey size and shape, the steam erupted from the top of my head. Wrote an email to them and explained my very serious health problem, why had they shipped 4 days after I cancelled. I requested an immediate RMA so I could return as soon as they arrived which they did this morning. The email came straight back the same day with the same message as Peggy (Aug 23rd) I also cancelled my card. This morning I posted back the pills and patches with my address and RMA both inside and outside the package. I have sent them an email that due to the fact they proceeded to ship 4 days after cancellation which took place within 30 mins of ordering, they owe me 12.50 for return pp plus my pp of 2.49 and one phone call to 0844 745 9698 press 1 for customer services. Incidently, this dubious firm operates from a UK address also if you would like to write to them but do not send pills there if returning!!

    Send pill returns to :
    222 Shannon Airport House
    SFZ Shannon
    Co Clare.

    The address my card supplier has is :
    Slimtone Plus
    Cherrytree Union Road
    PO Box 4802
    South Yorkshire
    S11 9EF

    1. Thank you very much Sue for taking the time to write this informative, and what would be an amusing comment, if the matter wasn’t so serious.
      This information ties this company to the UK! Taking a look at the address is looks like just an ordinary residential street.
      As Sue highlights in her comment though, please ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines if you wish to return any supplements.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. hi admin with reguards to the address to return the pills, i found a website online SHANNONIRELAND.COM it lists al the buildings within the industrial estate. i found that all but three offices at the adress were aviation. The three that were at 222 were with the same woman, SHARON O’CONNOR CEO, the tree businesses were COUNTING HOUSE EUROPE LTD, A PAYMENT SYSTEM FOR i GAMING OPERATORS, CHEXX INC LTD, A WORLDWIDE BULK CHEQUE PRINTING SERVICES GROUP AND PACNET SERVICES LTD, SHARED SERVICES AND CALL CENTRE FOR PACNET CORP COMAPNIES WHICH ARE BASED IN CANADA.

  72. It has taken me an hour to read your comments. I am in the same position. What has struck me is that you all sound scared and frightened. Apart from Gemma, and another person whose name I did not catch, none of you have questioned why we should expend more unnecessary costs by returning the pills back to this dishonest Co. If you have cancelled your card,then surely you are protected and this rubbish Co. will be unable to take any further money out of your account? What can they do, take us all to court? I’d be interested to learn Watchdog’s opinion on this.

    1. i am the comment above u, i did speak to them today and ask what their procedure was if people did not return the product , and they said they would continue to charge me, i said i have cancelled my card and that it would not b possible for them to charge my card, so what would b the next step, and would they attempt to take me to court she jst kept saying i would b a thief if i did not return the items. im sure that if they had the ability to take further action then the representative would hve been more than happy to tell me this.

  73. hi, i have stupidly and regrettably been taken in by this aswell. i didnt see these posts until id signed up earlier this evening. i have emailed the company immediately sayin do not send me anythin out and i want to cancel my order with immediate effect. to stop them takin any payments from me i cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one. i will also mot b sending anythin bk if they do jst automatically send it out to me, as it does not clearly say that anywhere, also i can not see them trying to take me to court for any money due to their misleading website information, and illegal use of logos. hope everyone else gets their money bk quickly 🙂

    1. as an update, i did call and speak to the company today after havin an email to tell me my items had been shipped. the very rude representative starting to tell me that i would have to return 50% of the product, in order to not have to pay anythin, i said i would return the product if i was sent a freepost box to return them in. it also made me think as to whether they could then send my returned product out to someone else, which rang alarm bells in itself. i was also told they use auto shipping so it was not their fault i had cancelled and it still been shipped, i explained to the lady that i used their automated cancellation service and maybe they should interlink their automated systems. she was not amused. i have sent an email to confirm my offer to the company that as they MISTAKENLY sent me out items after cancellation i was willing to hold their items for 28 days in order for them to send me a freepost box or provide me with a freepost address so that i can return the tablets to them, i can not see me getting a reply (or a freepost box haha)

  74. hi i recently purchased slimtone plus products and just realised that it is a scam, please can you assist me further and give me the number and address and what to do further, im scared they are going to take more money out of my cc, please help.

    1. cancel your card and explain that your doin it because a recurrin payment has been set up. they will send u a new card and no payments will b taken, because of the dodgy website, advertisin and illegal use of logos they are unlikely to try and contact you for any money.hope this helps

  75. I really wanted to offer my experiences on here to try and help anyone else who has been scammed by this company.

    I consider myself to be fairly well educated and normally quite sensible but in a moment of madness signed up for the ‘free trial’ I immediately regretted this and went about trying to cancel.

    Top tips!
    1. Cancel your card you paid with immediately. My bank were very helpful and explained that this kind of company were unlikely to be able to take money as they would only have a system which allowed it to be done through the card number supplied

    2. Email the company and ask to cancel, this sets up a paper trail that your bank will need if anything does get charged.

    3. Beware the automated message. I called out of hours after my order had arrived and got an American women on a recorded message. She offers 50% discount on your ‘free’ trial order, obviously don’t accept this. You will then, eventually, get to the end of the message where they will give you a RMA number. This is delivered at high speed and you have no chance of writing it down, so don’t bother as they will try and get you to hit repeat several times and it is costing you more money.

    4. Call them back to confirm your RMA number, and persevere as it might take 20 minutes to get through but you do need to do this. When I spoke to someone she told me I needed 2 numbers as I had ordered the Slimtone Plus and the Body Cleanse, when I questioned that I had only got one RMA number from the automated system she said it was because I only called the Body Cleanse number. As there is only one number this is obviously another part of the scam, when I asked about this the girl on the phone couldn’t offer any explanation.

    5. Put your name and address on a sheet of paper inside the envelope, the RMA number of the outside and send it recorded delivery. It will cost about £8 to send it like this but again worth it.

    All in all it is likely to cost about £15 with the postage and the calls but this is a lot cheaper than taking the 50% option or getting fully scammed

    Lesson learnt, in future I will remember that if it looks too good to be true then it probably is and there is no quick way to being thinner other than eat less and exercise more!

    1. Hi I am ashamed to say that I got caught by this scam as well. I had no intention of signing up permenantly to the scheme. When I found out about the scam the day after I ordered the products, I rang the number to cancel the account. I was informed that my account would be charged but I don’t remember getting an option to reject this. Anyway, I sent lots of emails but only got the standard 72 hour message. I eventually lost it and sent them a very assertive email threatening them with every institution I could think of. An hour later I phoned them and amazingly enough got through!! The man I spoke to wasnt very nice, he coldnt believe that I had the audacity to ring up and demand to have them returned. He even tried to fob me off with a reduced rate which I flatly refused and demanded a return code which he eventually gave me after putting me on hold several times! I have now sent back the entire package with a detailed covering letter inside. I am just wondering whether anyone has had any problems with them denying that they have received the package (which I did sent via international recorded delivery). Can anyone advise me of what to to of they say that they have not received the package? , I have been sick with worry since this nightmare began. My bank told me that I couldnt cancel my card as there is no point. I will never do anything like this ever again! Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

    2. Hi Jaclyn,

      I also returned the package through a recorded mail the day i got the package.Then i emailed them the barcode of the courier with a strong mail that my account shouldn’t be charged as the goods are being returned within 14 days of order. After a couple of days i got an email from them that they have received the goods and my account won’t be charged. And my account wasn’t charged (relieved).

      So pls email them the details of the courier and strongly assert that ur account is not charged for the balance amount and ur subscription be cancelled.
      Hope it helps.

      Good Luck.

    3. Hi Faisal, Thanks for your reply. I dont have a barcode of the package, I didn’t think to take a picture of the package when I posted it. I do have the tracking number from it though. The company has of course claim to have not yet received it. I do have an email saying that my account has been closed and that I will not receive any more shipments. So I hope they dont charge me anymore, I just want my refund now, but I have a feeling that they are going to try and drag this out. as long as possible. Still, never mind I have emailed them the tracking number and will phone in a day or two, unless you could think of anything else I can do in the meantime.

      Thanks for your advice

  76. I was so close to ordering but I was once told there are no pill out there that acually make you lose weight. This is a fact regardless of what any doctor or website tells says. You can buy pills that help reduce appetite but at the end of the day execise and a healthy diet can loss you weight.

  77. I too have been scammed by this lot. Originally I rang and spoke to someone about a refund, They told me to return the unused goods to the address in Ireland which I did. Having heard nothing for several days I e-mailed the address quoted on their leaflets. I have had the delaying tactics about proving postage and them receiving goods etc., But as the tracking cannot be checked over to Ireland, it gives them the grounds to say that they have not received the goods. I have also had the offer of 50% refund which I am not prepared to accept. I have now sent them an e-mail telling them that they are in breach of contract by not stating their name and address on confirmation and shipment e-mails. Having done a bit of research it appears that there are about 4 companies that are registered to the address in Ireland. NONE of these has a company name that relates to any of those used on their products or leaflets. I am now pursuing the option of getting my Credit Card company involved and getting the Office of Fair Trading involved. I can only hope I get some joy from this.

    1. Still continuing to fight for my refund, but a response 31st August made me laugh at their nerve…………..’Thank you for your e-mail. Please note that we are prompt in issuing refunds and we will process your refunds as soon as we receive the products back.’ !!! I returned the products 23 days previously!

    2. I’m not getting too excited BUT….I have today received an e-mail to say that they have refunded me!! I’ve yet to see it in my account but hey! Maybe mentioning the breach of contract helped!

  78. Hey guys…as soon as I received my pills I rang them up straight away, cancelled my subscription, sent them back with the return numbers and still they took £75 out of my acc monday. Ive tried ringing them, can NEVER get through, so Ive emailed them. I rang my natwest bank up straight away and they refunded me the £75, passed the case onto their investigation team, and they said that any future payments from Slimtone Plus taken out of my acc will be refunded by the bank as they’ve put a stop to it. So anyone in the same situation, I advise you contact your bank ASAP bcuz they can help you and put a stop to future payments going out and maybe they will refund you.

  79. You do need to speak to them on the phone…..I waited 10 minutes but then got threw and they give you a reference number that you put on the envelope and inside with your tablets. They told me to send it recoreded delivery – which will help you bank fight the claim if need be. I urge people to not hang up the phone as it seems the only way to speak to them – email gets you no where.

    Slimtone plus
    222 Shannon airport house,
    SFZ Shannon,
    County Clare,
    Southern Ireland

    You NEED your references number though from them otherwise the return won’t work
    Contact: 0844 745 9698
    Also put your name, email and address inside with the packet.

    Hope this helps.

  80. I got sucked into this offer to!
    I didn’t realise it wasn’t a free offer till I had entered my bank details – I thought for postage and packaging. I rang them straight up and they said they would not cancell it and I would need to wait for it to delivered. It arrived yesterday and after reading all the stories in here this morning I rang back up and recovered the information from them to send it back to Ireland. They gave me my references numbers and I have sent it recorded delivery so I will be well with in the 2 week period as only had the tablets one day. I have however cancelled my card also as don’t trust the company due to so many horror stories on here about still taking the money out . II will let you know what happens and hopefully this fraud company doesn’t cost me anymore than the £7 p+p and £8.50 recorded delivery!!

  81. I thought I just must write to you regarding this company.

    I am a local business man who up to now has not purchased any product via an ad on the internet.

    The other day, I was attracted by an ad (I think on google finance) for a slimming product called Slim Tone plus.

    I followed the lead – it was brilliantly constructed – and ended up obtaining a FREE TRIAL of two products for the cost of the postage which I paid via a VISA card.

    The products duly arrived and I started taking one of the pills. I have to say they made me feel distinctly odd.

    A couple of days later I showed a friend of mine the products and we went on line to try and find their website – [URL removed]

    I started to get suspicious when I could see no way of contacting the company on the site. We then spotted this website.


    Taken hook, line and sinker by a very sophisticated SCAM.

    There is a Customer Services # 0844 745 9698 which just rings and rings – no doubt at vast expense to anyone calling.

    Needless to say I have contacted Barclaycard to block all future payments to the company. I have returned their shipping emails to me saying I wish to cancel the automatic shipping programme – because if you do not do this within 14 days they will ship product to you at considerable cost every month.

    I am happy to return the goods but where to????? There appears to be no way of making contact with the company.

    It would appear that in the USA this company would not be able to operate. However, I understand there is a loophole in our UK legislation that allows them to operate like this here.

    Perhaps you could investigate and raise this higher up the chain of command.

  82. I ordered them yesterday, but after reading this im simply not going to accept the delivery and tell them this too. Has this mthod worked for anyone as yet ?

    1. Adam they said to me it does not matter if i accept them or not as you have placed the order. Also mine were shoved threw the letter box so they do not need signing for. I would ring them back up and get your reference number so as soon as they arrive you can post them straight back. They will take the money as it is a scam unless you act.

  83. Oops!!!! Fell for it too!
    Got the same answer from the so call company.
    Phoned my bank(TSB) and got through to scam/fraud department.
    They are cancelling my so call subscription to their monthly fees for the pills. Hope I can believe it but what can I do? Will tell you if it worked after the 8th September.They told me it is not neccessary to cancel my debit card? Holding thumbs

  84. Just to say to all you poor folk trying to get through to the call centre – stick in there! I was on hold for about 10 minutes both times I called but I did get through to someone. Heading to the post office now to send off my pills… feel like a fool! I’m keeping 50% of them though, sod ’em!

  85. I too have fallen for the Slimtone scam, called up immediately and was given a returns number. If this scam is illegal and dosn’t comply with the various regulatory bodies are you legally required to send the pills back?


  87. I am so annoyed with myself for falling for this scam. I received my so called free trial today, that’s when I looked at the leaflet sent with it where it tells me I’ve agreed to pay £37 a month etc… It is absolutely disgusting how they can do this!!! It’s not free at all. I rang the, up to cancel and after speaking to a very rude girl, I asked to speak to her manager, she said she will put me through to someone, I was on hold for about 15 mins when I gave up and sent them an email, I haven’t heard anything back so I have cancelled my card with my bank, there is no way. Am letting them take anymore money off me…. And I won’t be paying to send them back either I’d rather bin them!!
    I want to warn everyone of this scam in the hope that many more people won’t fall for it like me.

  88. I feel such an idiot, can’t believe I fell for this scam luckily my credit card doesn’t have much spending left on it so they can’t get anymore money. Don’t you despise people who prey on you in this way. I will warn everyone about these [email protected]&£-/:;@£!?

  89. hi ive ordered the free bottle yersteday. when isit got arrave? and how often do i take it and isit free i have paid for delivery.

    1. The cancellation period is 14 days. It is a scam… you will be charged £75 a month. I have just been on the phone to my bank and they said they cant actually do anything until the payments go out of my account, so I have cancelled my card to prevent any payments being taken. I have also emailed the ‘company’. I will be annoyed if I dont receive the products after paying the postage for them, but would still rather loose £5 than £75!!

  90. I ordered off their website on Sunday evening, it is now Wednesday and I havent heard anything off the company. I have since read reviews saying they don’t actually send a confirmation email, therefore you wont have an order number. Can’t believe I fell for this scam! I am in 2 minds, do I wait until I receive the products then cancel my card (at least I will have had something for my postage money!) or do I cancel my card now?? I don’t want to phone the company as its not a free phone number and dont want them having any more off me. Also, after completing my order there was a link to round up to the nearest £ and donate to charity, I chose ‘Save the Children’ but after reading many reviews I very much doubt the charity will receive the money… it makes me sooo angry!

    1. …Another thing, if I do wait for the items to be delivered, the website states you will receive the items in 1-2 days, but since read reviews that people are not receiving them upto 14 days after ordering, bordering on the cancellation period! I think the best option is to just cancel my card today??

    2. You might want to check your spam box for the shipping e-mail with the order number on it. That’s where mine went.I ordered yesterday and received the package today. Unfortunately it didn’t need signing for, so I am sending it back today.

    3. Hi Peggy, no confirmation of shipping in my spam folder, although I have had an auto-responce email just now after cancelling this morning, so dont know whether im actually going to receive the products or not.. its disgusting what theyre doing, and should be illegal here as well as America.

    4. thanks peggy this helped alot, i checked my spam and it was in there. i am very angry about all this am i am a single mum of two and need all my money for rent and bills so i cant really cancel my card because i get paid every week and need the money but don’t know how long it will take for a new card to come through. do u? i have sent them an email but don’t know if i will get a reply so will have to try and call them in the morning aswell. thanks all for the phone numbers and addresses people have put on here. mandy xxx

    5. Hi Mandy

      I ordered mine on the 21st Aug and cancelled on the same day. I received the pills on the 22 August and posted them back ( unopened)on the same day by registered post which cost almost £9.00. I did not have any reference numbers apart from the order number so put that on the envelope and inside, together with my name and address.I have had two email responses from the company,Below is a redacted copy of the second one ( I have taken out any personal information and reference numbers)


      Thank you for the request to cancel your subscriptions to the Slim Tone Plus auto ship program; this has now been done for you. Please return the product back to us before 19/09/2012 in order to avoid being charged the full price of the product.

      Please note you are still required to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period. The offer you have signed up for is to try Slim Tone Plus for 14 days before you pay. These are not free or a 30 day trial, it does not say this on our website.

      If you do not wish to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period, you must return at least half of the contents to us within 21 days of ordering. This is all in accordance with the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you placed your order. You can see the full terms by going to
      [Link Removed]

      We do however appreciate it’s not always easy to get to a post office and that some people sign up to our offers without actually reading the terms.

      We are therefore willing to offer you a 50% discount on the products you have received, meaning you will pay just £18.75 for the month’s supply of Slim Tone Plus capsules and £18.75 for the month’s supply of Slim Tone Plus patches.

      If you would like to accept this 50% off and keep your latest order to continue your weight loss program, please respond back by email within 21 days of shipment date to confirm you would like 50% off.

      If you would still like to return your order and not pay for it at all, please send it back to the address below and write the RMA number on the outside of the envelope. Please note payment will automatically be taken on day 14 but this will be refunded if you return it between days 14 and 21 days. If you return
      the product after 21 days, we are not able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you.

      Please make sure you include your name and address including postcode inside the envelope so we know who has sent the order back and we strongly advise you to use a recorded mail service which costs just a few pence more to ensure we receive your items.

      Your RMA number for the Slim Tone Plus capsules and patches is:
      ***************** ( 17 digits!)
      Write this on the outside of the envelope and post it back to:

      222 Shannon Airport House
      SFZ Shannon
      Co Clare.

      If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the ticket number is left in the subject line.

      Many Thanks,
      Slim Tone Plus Customer Service Team

      Ticket Details
      Department: Slimtone UK
      Type: Issue
      Status: Closed
      Priority: Critical


      I have already sent the pills back and they will not be able to debit my account as I have cancelled my card. I bank with one of the big high street banks and they say it will take five working days to receive a new card. This has made things a bit akward but worth it for piece of mind.Before I cancelled my card I did conatct my bank and they said that as it was a scam and I had reported it they would cancel any payment that went through, but it had to appear on my account before I could do this which would mean checking my account on a daily basis, which is easy if you have internet banking. I found the bank really helpful.

      Note the hard sell again in the middle of the e-mail offering me 50 % off !!!

  91. I fell for this yesterday.Had second thoughts and cancelled straight away.Only automated messages on the phone number given and didn’t want to hang on with premium rate number.Cancelled by email and got automated response from them telling me they are 72 hours behind with e-mail responses.After I sent a cancellation e mail I got an e-mail from them telling me product had been shipped.I have cancelled my bank card to prevent them from taking any further payments and when the postage payment £2.49 shows on my account, the bank have said they will cancel it for me. I am really annoyed with myself as I am usually god at spotting scams.I responded to an advert that popped up on the right hand side of my facebook account and then the company bombarded me with e mails everyday, until I placed an order.I really should have known better. Can’t their adverts be removed from Face book etc.When the goods arrive I am going to refuse to sign for them and hope that this together with cancelling my bank card will be the end of it!

    1. Just received mine shoved through the letter box and obviously didn’t need signing for. So plan B is to post it back to the address others have given of 222 Shannon Airport House SFZ Shannon, County Clare, Ireland. Will track delivery. I have my order number so will write that and put inside the envelope.Fingers crossed that this will end it.

  92. Hi, I ordered these like everyone else wanting to lose a few pounds. As soon as they arrived I read id be charged the full amount of £35 each. I rang them up straight away and the man gave me a number and address to return them. I returned them the next day ( this was about 3weeks ago now) and yesterday they had taken £75 out of my bank! Ive emailed them and tried getting through on the phone all day today but its impossible to get an answer!! How do I stop any future payments going out? Can I just tell my bank to cancel my card as they only have my card details thank god they didnt ask for bank account details aswell!!

  93. I can’t believe I fallen for this scam I ordered the free trial last week and received within a couple of days. Something told me to look into this further. I found your watchdog site and read all the complaints. I was drawn in like everyone else now I have to try and cancel the blessed thing.

  94. I too have been took in by these parasites, i have medical probs and as a result have gained alot of weight as a result.So being desperate i orderd this rubbish on the free trial.But b3efore i knew it was a scam had decided i didnt want them as i couldnt afford the charges every month, it was only in the last couple of hours whilst looking for an address i found this website and have been knocked sick ever since. My Husband has rung the bank who has cancelled our card and is re issuing a new one so if they do manage to find our new card details ( bank warned some scammers somehow find new card details) we will get the monies refunded by the bank. I will be returning there products via reg post so i will have proof they have recieved them back. I have repackaged everything i recieved so have no email address inorder to get this number you all say i need for them to accept them back, If anyone has this email i would appreciate it but if i carnt get these numbers then i will return on reg post as with the proff of delivery back to them they cannot later say they did not get them.
    Just cannot believe ive got taken for such an idiot believing all the press stuff.

  95. I too have just been scammed this morning, i got through to them, but they say its aleady shipped so I have to wait to receive them, then return them. You need to have a returns number issued by them, that needs to go on the outside of the package, the lady would not issue me that number! but says she has cancelled my continious order. My bank say that cancelling your card, won’t make any difference as the authrisation you have given will be transferred to a new card. The only way to stop these payments is to return the goods to them and request a cancellation of the subscription. Im so unbelievably cross with myself for this

  96. Please help, I stupidly ordered some diet pills from slimtone plus this morning, I have since read your scam page. I have e mailed them asking not to send me the items and to cancle the order, I have tried phoning but there is no answer. I have just received an e mail from them telling me to click on the link to confirm my order, if I do not click on this link, does that mean I do enter into a contract with them and they cannot take any money out of my account, please advise me, I am so cross with myself. Many thanks Lisa Edmonds

  97. DO NOT use this product!!! I signed up for the “free trial”, completely understanding the terms and conditions but when I received the product it went from bad to worse. The slimtone patches started to literally dissolve little patches of my skin, causing painful and infected wounds. When I called Slimtone to complain they said all they could do was have me return the product at my cost. I said that was not good enough and I would not pay any more for products that were physically damaging. Their only response was that they could not physically take any action unless I returned the product. Customer care and service is shocking and they are out to SCAM you. the patches were not even originally in the offer!! STAY AWAY

    1. Thanks Keira for notifying us about your experience with Slimtone patches. This is rather concerning and we have updated our review to reflect your feedback.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  98. Hi,

    I was just about to buy this product as i liked the sound of it and it is very catching, but for what ever reason i think maybe my gut instinct i decided to see if there was ny other reviews bar the 3 on the actuall web pagei came across this site. Thank you so much for your research and tryin to help people before they buy the item, i am one of these people that just tick the term ans condtions box without actualy raeding so thank you so much before i made a big mistake, And i am sorry to all the people on here who did get scammed but thankyou to use as well as u are making sure other people dont get caught in the scam. Thank you all. Back to my research 🙂

  99. I have just been scammed by Slimtone Plus. i placed my order on 15/08/2012. then i received product after 2 days. but i m lucky i did not eat pills . i thought before i eat i found out more about does. then i saw on DIET PILLS WATCHDOG web about this scams. after that i immediately contact my bank midnight via phone . and i cancelled my bank card and stop all payments from my acc. i really thankfull for DIET PILLS WATCHDOG TEAM . coz i save my money , just i lost £10.
    thanx again all of u . thanx

  100. I have just been scammed by Slimtone Plus. Could you possibly give me a phone number for them as I seem to have lost it. I need desperately to complain about this and find out whether it is a monthly fee or what I can do.

    Rose Edy

    1. Hi Rose,
      Other consumers in your position have been using the number 0844 745 9698 that is displayed on the website. This is the ONLY contact details available for this company other than the web contact form on the site.
      We wish you the best in contacting them and resolving any payment issues you have.
      Thanks to all the consumers who have given us the returns address in Ireland, very helpful!
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  101. Silly me did this 2 weeks ago!! I was charged postage for both approx £5.00. I canx straight away by email and had confirmation of this. Called them the next day they were very rude (14 Pence per Min!!!!) told me that the product was canx but was already shipped, so provided I returned them -£75 would be removed from bank account but refunded. They told me that i would have to pay for the return shipping fee and that i shouldn’t think about not signing for the delivery as this would cause more problems. This is what I done!! Canx my bank card, told them to stuff it and i wouldn’t be signing for the product so that it would be returned to sender. Funny but the packaged never arrived !!! Did lose the £5 though . This company is a bully !

    1. Did it work for you not signing for the package; therefore in hope it was sent back to the sender? also i have closed my bank account and set up a completely new account so they have no way of getting my new details, do you think i will back this money stealing cycle that we have all entered?

  102. I realised I had fallen for the scam on receiving my credit card statement this morning. I presumed that the £75 charge was for the next months orders, but was confused as the way I had read the information I believed the charge was £37.50 for the full package, not £37.50 each for tablets and patches. I decided to research on the internet but on googling slimtone found referrals to scam webites rather than an official product page. At this point I realised I had been had!!!

    After much waiting on the slimtone phone line I did manage to get through to an operator. I explained that I wanted to cancel my order. She said this would be done, but that I was still liable for the £75 as I had not returned my “trial month” package within 14 days!!! Sounds double dutch to me.

    I am now going to contact my credit card company to make them aware!!

    1. Just back from speaking to Barclaycard. They say they cannot help with charge already made but will stop any future payments going out to slimtone now I have cancelled.

      I really hope other people do not fall for this scam and that they are stopped from advertising in this way. £75 is far too much to loose for nothing.!!1

  103. I think these companies prey on the vulnerable I saw the adds, thought to good to be true but as I’m getting married in a few months thought along with my exercise and healthy eating what harm could it do. I never had any intention of coninuing with the diet pills just thought a months worth would give extra impact.

    I have found after a week I actually feel more bloated on the pills but my appetite has been surpressed, not sure if these are normal side effects.

    With regards to cancelling the offer within 14 days, I started the process of trying to do so on day 6, so in plenty of time. I have been unable to get hold of anyone and the telephone number you are waiting for such a long time I gave up.

    I have been in contact with my bank who have raised a cancellation order to them on my behalf. They should not receive any further payment but as we can see this company has no morals and it is likely they will try and ask for the money. I have been advised to monitor my statements and any payment after the date of the cancellation notice will be refunded to my account as soon as I inform my bank.

    It is reassuring to know the bank is on my side. Cut the scam off at the source! I hope our regulators get their act together and don’t let scams like this get away with it. Even reading the small print I knew what I was getting into but trusted I should be able to cancel without all the aggrevation.

  104. i had same problem tried to cancel as soon as realised the scam and they told me my order had already been shipped so I would have to ring when I had recieved order.i had called my bank to cancelled my card an that has already been done but i intend not to also collect the product when is been delivered. I don’t know if this is alright and possible. and if i have the right not to collect th product from the delivery man. Please advise

  105. I was tempted to try Slimtone plus as their Web pages and advertising looked professional. After I ordered the product I did not receive a return email from them confirming receipt of my order. I telephoned their customer services Number but was told that they were very busy and to hold the line. As I noticed the line was a high cost line with no indication of how much the line was costing I did not hold for long. I have called the number at least 10 times now always with the same result.
    I have emailed this company several times and told them that I wish to cancel the free trail but have had no response.
    In light of the above I have cancelled my bank card and requested a new one. I have emailed this information to Slimtone plus. I have received a package from Slimtone with no return address to return the product.
    I am now preparing to make steps for a legal battle with Slimtone plus. My advice to anyone out there thinking of doing business With Slimetone Plus is Don’t

  106. I unfortunately ordered the month trial offer for this product but now find I am unable to take it as I have underactive thyroid, I’ve tried phone the number 08447459698 several times but cannot get a reply, I have e-mailed twice but have still not had a reply, so decided I would send back what I have but there is no address on the paperwork, How do I stop these people sending me anymore of these pills??

    1. Phone your bank straight away,and get them to block any more payments to the company,you wont have any success in getting in touch with them.So go to your bank straight away and also ask for your bank to take up a complaint to get your money back. This company will keep you hanging on and on,whilst taking your money.STOP IT WITH YOUR BANK.

  107. To all the consumers who have bought into the “free trial” we need your help.
    As is required when selling online company details are mandatory and should be clearly displayed on the website. We would appreciate any consumers giving us any further information on the company name and address.
    Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    1. I too have been caught by these products . Products arrived today but I have since read all the information and the details on how much money they will take . I have cancelled my credit card hopefully this will stop furhter money being taken £10 is ok but I don not want to pay a further £75 . Looking at the jiffy bag the produts came in there is in tiny print a returns address but I dont know if it is a vlaid address so for anyone who wants it – SLIMTONE PLUS SHANNON AIRPORT HOUSE SFZ SHANNON CO CLARE IRELAND. ? Not sure what to make of that but i think i will try it anyway . good luck

    2. I got told that address as well. I couldn’t really understand her. She said I had to do this international thing I couldn’t quite hear her. Do I send it back to the address she’s gave me? I’m not quite sure. After I ordered them I seen the small print so I rang them up he said he couldn’t stop the order and said that I can ring back when I receive them so I thought I would try them for a few days then I rang them today and got the address and I seen all these messages. I’m not sure whether to get a new bank card as hey might be as me to take more money. They said they would send me a letter to say that they have received them. Just hope no one else falls for this the way we did.

    3. I beleive if you pay by credit card you are protected and there is a law allowing you to cancel things ordered online-check with your credit card company

    4. I had same problem tried to cancel as soon as relised the scam and they told me my order had already been shipped so I would have to ring when I had recieved order. I have since managed to get through to them again to cancel.
      Was offered up to 68% off but refused offer and they gave me returns address but you have to returns number for each item on outside packaging and return by recorded delivery. Will let you know how I get on.
      Addres I’ve been given is 222 Shannon Airport House, 55z Shannon, County Clare, Ireland.
      Hope this helps

    5. Hello

      After my first post above I have received an email back stating they have cancelled my subscription but they have sent the products out to me even though I cancelled straight away. They have supplied me with the same name and address as above (222 Shannon Airport House, 55z Shannon, County Clare, Ireland) and a RMA number to send on the products. They did say however that if I dont send the product back by 12/09/12 they will charge me for them as the ‘trial’ tablets and patches are not free or a trial, quote below from the email I received

      “Please note you are still required to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period. The offer you have signed up for is to try Slim Tone Plus capsules, patches and Body Cleanse Plus for 14 days before you pay. These are not free or a 30 day trial, it does not say this on our website”

      My payment hasn’t shown on my statement so unsure of the name however when phoning my bank today they gave the names of the broducts – Bodycleanse and Slimtone, neither of which are registered companis with Companies House. I have managed to put a block with my bank to prevent any further payment being taken from them but to be on the safe side I will be cancelling my card but I wasn’t able to cancel the postage payments already made, I can live with loosing £7 though (would prefer it off the hips as I was hoping the tablets would help with). They are right in what they say, they help you lose pounds, just not the kind we all want!!!

      Can the website not be banned or any legal action taken against the company???

      Hope everything works out for everyone and hope Watchdog can make sure Slimtone/Bodycleanse get what’s due to them!!


    6. You’re right Laura…They do help you lose pounds!….Got suckered by the Daily Mail ad. ”Must be genuine” I thought! Placed my order two days ago and then read all the ‘anti-gumph’ on here so have cancelled my bank card and ordered a new one. Fingers crossed that it works. What a load of hassle…And all because of my vanity! Good luck to all the other suckers on here!

    7. Got this e-mail yesterday so hopefully alls good :

      email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

      If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    8. hi in reply to the above. i would like people to know that i informed my bank who put me through visa fraud. the woman explained they have had a number of people ring about slimtone and are aware of the, she cannot block payments until something has been tyaken where can refund you, you need to have evidence of emails for when you have cancelled if they take a payment after. she said cancelling you card or reporting it lost does not work as they can still request a payment from the old card, but asked me of any use for that day that i had made. i told her the last payment was slimtone, she said she doesnt think they will be able to take anything out as they may not have the system to do this but to report as soon as they do. With reguards to the address, i did a bit of research online and the sfz, stands for shannon free zone. It is on an indusrial estate, also the site gave a list of all the buildings and at 222 shannon airport house, it comes up as COUNTING HOUSE EUROPE LTD, CEO MRS SHARON O’CONNOR, AND THE BUSINESS IN THERE IS PAYMENT SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT FOR IGAMING OPERATORS. Hope this helps there is alsop a phone number 061-714360.

    9. Hi Tanx for ur feedback . Im going to send their product back . I called them and got the returns numbers for both products but the address they gave me is 111 Shannon and in all these letters above mention 222 Shannon ! What number should I use to return? Pls help!

    10. The company name and address that I have on my shipping envelope is SLIM TONE PLUS,222 SHANNON AIRPORT HOUSE,SFZ SHANNON,CO CLARE,IRELAND.

    11. Just for your reference the uk based directors name is juan rosa senior companies house or any other company based credit checker will provide his details his registered office ROTC

  108. I have fallen for the scam tonight and went ahead and paid the postage after looking at the fake news sight, I have just started to try and loose weight again and thought why not, I havn’t tried these kind of things before so I’ll give it a go.
    Afterwards I thought I would read some reviews about the product and then found watchdog. I have emailed them straight away stating I want to cancel my order before it is shipped and want my postage back that I have paid and do not agree to the monthly charge. I have also completed the form on their website and will call them tomorrow to try and confirm the cancellation prior to the goods being shipped. If they do not agree I will cancel my bank card and have a new one sent and see if my bank can stop the payment going through, has anyone tried this at all?
    Has anyone who has fallen for this scam managed to survive it and not get charged the monthly fee? I can live with the postage charge but cannot afford £75 coming out of my account in 30 days!!!
    Any further help would be much appreciated.
    I hope others read this site before purchasing them. Are Watchdog not able to get this site as the top page on Google when you type on Slimtone Plus?



  109. Hi,

    Hope you can help, ordered above pills than found your warning, tried to cancel order within 30 mins but told already being shipped but said they would cancel auto shipping. When I asked for returns address was told that could not give me this until I had received them. As soon as they arrived I again phoned for address but no answer, so I kept phoning and sent various emails but still no answer. Do you know of the returns address for these tablets? .Any help in returning these would be most appreciated.


    1. Hi Pauline,
      Thanks for getting in contact with us. Unfortunately we do not know the return address for the company behind this product. No company information or contact information other than the phone number 0844 745 9698 and web contact form is displayed.
      Under Companies Act 1985, which came into force in January 1 2007, companies must include their full company details on websites and electronic business letters or order forms including the name of the UK registered company; company registration number; place of registration and registered office address. If a company fails to comply it is liable to a fine.
      For more information see here:
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. I had same problem tried to cancel as soon as relised the scam I have managed to get through to them again to cancel.
      Was offered up to 68% off but refused offer and they gave me returns address but you have to returns number for each item on outside packaging.
      Addres I’ve been given is 222 Shannon Airport House, 55z Shannon, County Clare, Ireland.
      Hope this helps

    3. Sorry its SFZ not 55Z as above, I returned mine last thursday so hoping I don’t get charged.
      I was looking on website other day an found out 14 day trial starts on day of ordering also in email to me told I must return within 21 days of ordering which I have done but because its going to Ireland might be over when they receive it.
      In the email they also said they will automatitcaly take money out on the 14th day and put money back when they receive there goods back.!
      Cost me £8 for recorded delivery.
      Please be aware that you have to have a returns number on envolope and youur details inside.

    4. they told me the same regarding the returns being on the day the order was completed and this is how they get away with it as they know by the time it reaches you it gives no time to cancel before the 14 days.

    5. Like a fool I have got the free trial slimtone plus Iam trying to cancel order but I get cut off after I press the no.1 button as instructed.I have used the patches too and they have caused my skin to blister.I am now needing to seek medical advice.The reason I got this product was to help me to lose weight fast as I need a stomach op and they won,t do it if I do not lose enough. Worried now due to the mess of my skin on my tummy.

    6. Hi, i rang up this morning to get the return address, and a returns number, because i as well got wrapped up in this mess. the address i was given is
      Slim Tone Plus
      222 Shanon
      Airport House
      SFZ Shanon, County Clair Ireland,
      Don’t know if this is correct, but i’ve just sent my 2 unopened bottles back, recorded delivery, signed for, but being ireland its only recorded till it leaves England, (annoying).
      I’m gonna try ringing my bank to see if the can block any payments going out to them,
      Good Luck

    7. Am wondering was the number the long one at the end of the phonecall? Because I COULDNT catch it. Have cancelled my subscription with them and cancelled my card so that no further payments can be taken out. Need to get these numbers to send the bottles/patches back soon.
      Did you talk to a person on the phone or was it automated?

    8. Take care keep ringing Nancy, you are ringing a call centre in UTAH. USA.!! e.mailing is the best way and keep re-sending the same e.mail each day, I did.

    9. Pauline, their address is

      222 Shannon Airport House
      SFZ Shannon, County Clare,
      but you can only send these things back if you have a special code which they must give you on an e.mail.
      It cost me £8.29 to post mine back!!! Still waiting to hear from them too.

    10. Hi there, Dont bother trying to contact them anymore. Phone your bank straight away and get them to block any payments to this company,and if you have already paid something,request your bank pursue a claim to recover the money.I tried contacting them through email and phone,..but they just stall you,so they can take more money from your account. STOP IT RIGHT AWAY. The return address I have for the slimtone is SLIMTONE PLUS,222 SHANNON AIRPORT HOUSE,SFZ SHANNON,CO CLARE,IRELAND. But go to your bank first.

  110. When something looks to good to be true it normally is.

    That is what lead me to look for some feedback independant of their website

  111. Dear All,

    I have been scammed by this Bogus Company. They advert looked vey attractive and so was their offer. They had some promo code which I had entered and used my debit card for the transaction (just like the one the Watch Dog has mentioned). I paid £2.68 and £4 for a Slimtone Plus and Body Cleanse…

    Then they send me two Product’s with the pakaging details as in their website which has a Company Logo, Phone No. and an email address.(No PRIVACY POLICY, TERMS AND CONDITIONS were mentioned on their website)

    I tried calling their no. but of no use with the automated operator stating “their operators are currently busy and i am held in a queue”. Then they went ahead and deducted a further £37.50 and £75 from my bank account without my permission.

    I did not open the product as I suspected of Health Hazards (side effects). I went to the serch engine to find any address if I could send these product back but there were none.

    I then wrote to them via email and they wrote back stating that I need to request for an RMA number and I kept on writing requesting for the number but then again they wrote back with an excuse that I did not send them the package within 14 days period ???

    Where would I send the products without an address….????

    Please let me know if anyone has been affected by this Scam.

    1. Like you have lost about the same amount of money as you. am reporting to the police as fraud.

    2. I have also unfortunately been scammed, I am still in shock. I thought I had ordered the special offer pack, but while ordering that they said I should also take some other product with it, but just by chance I notice that I would be charged £37.50 for the trial. There is no way I would have committed myself to that, so I didn’t order that. I received the ‘special offer’ thinking this was the only supply I was going to get but two days ago I received another supply. I have tried phoning their ‘Customer support team’ but just get some American woman trying to get me to order more of the rubbish. I have emailed 4 times to [email protected] but have had no reply. My bank statement came a few days ago and they have taken 2 x £75.00 from my account – £150 !!! my bank say they can’t stop it as I agreed to their terms.

    3. I also got my bank to cancel.I emailed the company stating that I had left a phone message and still sent more pills for which i would not be paying for and that my bank had cancelled the direct debit.I would go back to your bank and tell them if they dont cancel you will close your account as they would definately have heard of this scam from plenty of other customers.I received no more pills and never sent any back either

  112. I have place and ordered and paid the shipping price of £4.68 after trying it for two weeks I have not lost the weight they say you can so I have decided to call to cancel. I was told to send back the remaining product and pay for a recorded delivery. THIS is DAY LIGHT ROBBERY and you should be aware. DO NOT ENTER INTO ANY AGREEMENT WITH THIS COMPANY. FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD.

  113. Am I glad I found your site. I was actually filling in my details for my “free trial offer” of Slimtone, when I decided to find out what other people thought. Thank you so much for saving me from what would have been a very expensive mistake. Anyway back to my futile elusive quest of finding that mythical diet supplement/pill without any effort on my part.

    1. [email protected]
      Keep e.mailing Sam until you get an answer, mention that you will go to The office of fair trading as well. Tell them you have advised your bank to cancel all payments etc…….this should work. Dont delay.
      Anyone who is phoning this company too, take care as their call base is in UTAH.USA. !!! if they put you on hold it will cost. e.mail is much better, also ‘flag’ your e.mail, try anything.