SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure

Two things that bother us most when we are trying to lose weight are the constant hunger pangs and the stubborn fat deposits that have built up over the years. The first is the reason why even the mildest of diets fail and we go back to binging. It’s not just a matter of discipline but real appetites and cravings.

The second problem is more serious because getting rid of the fat can be a hard task with even exercise at times. What is needed is a push in the right direction and some quiet support which can bring about results and motivate us to stick to the weight loss regime. That help comes from products like SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure which uses the goodness of nature to produce results.

SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Pros

  • Blocks fat from being stored easily
  • Curbs appetite effectively
  • Melts away stored fat through boosted metabolic activity

SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Cons

  • May have side effects for those under medication or suffering from a serious illness
  • May not be effective for users who do not restrict their diet at all
  • No money back option available
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure

SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Review

SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Facts

  • Made from powerful natural elements like pure Garcinia Cambogia
  • Fight fat and hunger together
  • Leads to long term health benefits

Filled with essential nutrients like potassium and calcium, SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure offers users the intrinsic goodness of Garcinia Cambogia to fight obesity. Developed after a lot of research and tested by experts, these have been deemed safer than many other similar products. The trials have also shown that these are way more effective with the special formula that not only fights the stubborn fat deposits but also suppresses appetite so well.

These all natural diet pills are 100% vegetarian with the key ingredient being Garcinia Cambogia. While this ingredient has been abundantly available in nature from time immemorial it is only in recent years that we have become aware of its weight loss benefits. They have been a part of Asian cuisine for a long time to make each meal more filling and also to add taste. The technical name for the extract derived from the fruit rind is HCA or hydroxycitric acid, often referred to as Citrimax as well.

Now the purest of that extract have been made available for this premium formula that contains no gelatin at all. These ultra-strength diet pills support normal fat metabolism and also stops the carbohydrate being turned into fat. With only premium grade natural ingredients used and manufactured in a cutting edge UK facility and to strict GMP standards, these pills are not just effective but also inherently safer than many other similar products. It is no surprise that they have been voted as one of the top weight management supplements of 2015.

The proven active ingredients work well for both men and women. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise regime it can really work wonders. As a fat blocker and a natural appetite suppressant it works in myriad ways to help the body slim down. As mentioned, it first prevents the carbs from turning into fat easily and getting stored. It boosts the metabolism and accelerates the fat burning process so that the stored fat can now be attacked and burned as well. Finally, it suppresses appetite by inducing a feeling of satiety. Since they have zero artificial ingredients in them, these pills supply all the above benefits without harmful side effects.

The lack of stimulants in the product is also a big plus since people overly sensitive to caffeine find most such products hard to take. User reviews show that people have begun to see results within a few weeks of intake and lost up to 6 stone in some cases.

How to Take SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure

Users are advised to take two capsules on an empty stomach with a full glass of water, right after waking up. This should be at least half an hour before breakfast.

The second phase is taking two capsules half an hour before lunch, again with a full glass of water.

The last time is half an hour before dinner, two capsules this time too with water.

One can start slow with one pill thrice a day and then move up to two each time as mentioned above, once the tolerance levels are established. Under no circumstances should one exceed the recommended dose of six capsules per day.

SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Concerns:

  • May have tepid results for those who don’t follow a healthy diet or exercise
  • There are limited trial transcripts available for information
  • There is no money back guarantee attached

What Does SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Claim To Do?

SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure helps people tackle that long time fat deposit and slowly melt it away. Produced from all natural ingredients, this supplement is perfectly poised to bring about major health changes for every user. The use of pure Garcinia Cambogia extract ensures that one gets all the goodness of this natural element and start benefiting from day one.

Since it is completely stimulant free it can be the right weight management solution for all those who have a caffeine sensitivity problem. It aims to curb hunger pangs big time and prevent unnecessary calorie intake even without stimulants. It prevents the body from easily processing and storing the fat from the foods we take and instead pushes it to chip away at the stored fat.

So What Is SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure and What Are The Ingredients?

SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure is a dietary supplement that uses the goodness of this super fruit to bring about major weight changes in the user. It helps to block the fat from getting easily stored in the body and melts the stored fat through a boosted metabolic system. It also curbs hunger pangs and prevents calorie intake between meals.

A look at the ingredients:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Pure: The HCA speeds up the metabolic rate which prevents the production and storage of fat leading to overall reduction in weight.
  • Potassium: Improves blood pressure and blood glucose levels which help prevent weight gain. Maintain proper electrolyte balance in the cells which leads to overall good health.
  • Calcium: Increases thermogenesis in small amounts and boosts metabolism which prompts the bodies to burn fat.

The other ingredients are Chromium Picolinate and Vegetarian Capsule Shell.

So What Does All This Mean?

All these go on to show that all the answers to our problems lie right there in Nature. As we shift more and more towards organic and natural ways to heal and improve our bodies, products like SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure have become very important for our good health. It offers us an opportunity to become a healthier and fitter person without the help of artificial ingredients.

Now there is a definite answer to the problem that has plagued so many of us for decades, how to lose weight without negative repercussions. The use of natural elements has made it possible to achieve that result and fast. The major benefit is that this is not a one time result that one can achieve for the fat loss is definitive and major. You can get a fitter body and maintain that as well with the help of this product.

Does SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Have Any Side Effects?

The active ingredient in the product, Garcinia Cambogia is extracted from the rind of the fruit of that name. This has been used in Asian cooking and some healing products for centuries now. No side effects have ever surfaced in those hundreds of year and are hardly likely to surface now.

The fact that the product has absolutely no caffeine in it goes a long way to assure users of the lack of side effects. Most dietary supplements suffer because many users are sensitive to caffeine but not this.

Not meant for anyone below 18 years of age. Should be kept out of reach of children. Not meant for anyone suffering from any illness, undergoing pregnancy or nursing at the moment. Under no circumstances should one exceed the recommended dose of six capsules per day.

Any SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Reviews From Customers?

There are a lot of independent user reviews online on Amazon that show a range of views regarding the product.

This is the best natural supplement that I have ever used it started working in 3 days and has been really good at reducing my appetite ever since I have recommended this product to loads of people already.

excellent product, helped me lost a stone in a month, stopped my cravings, didn’t feel hungry, second time buying it, will continue to buy.. works well with a diet and excerise and see pounds drop off… with no diet and excerise weight stays the same or lose very slowly… no side effects

Product arrived promptly and the ingredients are the same as more expensive versions – too early to say whether it works but all the evidence and reviews seem to suggest it will.

No sign that it works. Been on them for 4 weeks along with my diet and no difference.

One customer in particular felt some side effects even though the company claims there shouldn’t be.

I thought after reading the reviews that this would work me and I was skeptical but hopefull! After 4 days of taking this product along with a aloevera colon cleanse I ended up in hospital with a heart relate of 140BPM with every vomiting, diarrhoea, sweats, shivers, dizziness and the worst possible stomach pains and a banging headache!!!!!!!!! So I wouldn’t waste your time but this is me personally maybe they work for you or will,work for you but personally I am yet to find a diet pill that is safe and actually works

Overall, the response has been positive but we are particularly worried about the last review as we didn’t expect that.

So Does SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure Work?

Customer reviews show that the product has brought about positive weight loss results for lots. The use of a natural element shows that this is indeed a proven technique, one that has been used by humans for centuries even before the weight loss benefits came to the forefront. More than anything, it affects people and helps them lose weight without any negative repercussions due to the lack of stimulants in it. Regarding the negative review of the product, we feel that maybe this could have been an isolated incident but it still makes us wonder if it is safe for everyone.

Where Can I Buy SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure?

The product is available via several online retail sites like –

What About A Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee available for this product.

Watchdog Verdict

Ever since Garcinia Cambogia has been introduced to the masses, everyone in the weight loss market has jumped onto the bandwagon. Unfortunately, not many products have shown the results that they have promised which has given these products a bad name and made users wary. The difference between all this products and SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure is that it uses the ingredient in its purest form possible without any artificial additives whatsoever.

As a result, users can enjoy real benefits like appetite suppression and fat blocking which may not be apparent at first but definitely happens in the background. The active ingredient goes a long way to boost the metabolism and burn fat faster than ever before. It is absolutely stimulant free so those who are sensitive to caffeine can now rest easy for here is finally a product that can help them lose weight without side effects.

However we are worried that someone experienced negative side effects from the product, even if the majority haven’t. Coupled with the fact there is no money back guarantee, we have no choice but to reject SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
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2.2 out of 5
SlimZest Garcinia Cambogia Pure
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

#1 Consumer Choice 2019: Phentaslim

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