• SmartPlate – An Innovative Way To Stay On Your Diet?

    One of the hardest things about trying to keep to a healthy weight loss diet is trying to figure out portion sizes and the calories contained in the food that you eat.

    You have to weigh out food, look up the nutritional details and calories in a book or App and make sure you keep a record of everything that you have eaten over the day. Now an innovative company have come up with a way to make this easier and are looking for investors to develop the idea.

    Portion Plate

    The SmartPlate is the first ‘intelligent plate that instantly tracks and analyses everything that you eat’. According to the developers, it is works by ‘deploying advanced object recognition, weight sensors and artificial intelligence.’

    What is the SmartPlate?

    It is a plate that comes with built in technology. It is divided into three sections, each with a built in sensor that identifies the food and weighs it.

    It then sends this information to the USDA’s database of over 8,000 foods plus other Cloud databases for restaurant meals and more. You receive the nutritional breakdown back within seconds on your Iphone or Android via a free App, which comes with the plate.

    You simply put your food onto the SmartPlate and it is broken down by its nutritional components enabling you to see at a glance just what you are eating. You can see exactly how many calories, fats, carbs, sodium and protein are contained in your meal.

    The App will remember your preferences too, making it even easier. It journals your food so you do not have to remember to manually add it to your food diary.

    The End of Portion Distortion?

    The size of the plate and its three sections has been designed by a nutritionist. According to experts, the average size of an ordinary dinner plate has increased by 36% over the last few decades and research shows that the bigger the plate, the more you tend to eat.

    The three sections help ensure that you keep to sensible portions but according to the developers the plate appears to be ‘normal’ size, a psychological advantage when it comes to mealtimes.

    When Will the SmartPlate Become Available?

    The SmartPlate is still under development and the company behind it are looking for investors via the Kick Starter crowd-funding website. So if you think it is a good idea you can pre order your SmartPlate for $99.00. The developers say it should be ready by June 2016 and will ship anywhere in the World. Once the SmartPlate is launched, the regular retail price will be $199.00

    A Good Idea?

    We think it is a great idea. If you like using technology and are trying to keep to healthier diet or lose weight, the SmartPlate looks to be an easy way of helping you stay on track. However, you will still have to count some calories yourself.

    The SmartPlate does not count drinks so if sodas or alcohol is your thing, you will need to take this into consideration.

    That is until someone comes up with a SmartGlass to do it for you!

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