Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox is a weight loss/detox kit comprising of three different blends of tea that you drink in the morning, afternoon, and every other evening, and the idea is that it will help boost energy levels, weight loss, and general health. However, detox teas come with many health concerns and are usually little more than laxatives, so is Strip Teas Detox any better than the rest? We find out.

Strip Teas are produced by the Satori Tea Company (STC), a Saratoga-based company that sells wholesale and retail tea blends, as well as running a tea room in Saratoga offering afternoon tea experiences. According to the company information, The Strip Tea range is a “tea based regime to aid in weight management and digestive health.”

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Pros

  • PM Loose Tea seems quite appealing

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Cons

  • Will not work in the way as described
  • Will cause side effects
  • No guarantee and no customer feedback
  • Expensive
Watchdog Rejected

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit

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What You Need To Know About Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox is a 28-day detox plan that comprises of three different teas that you drink morning, afternoon, and before you go to bed. The claims are that doing this will improve weight management and your digestive health but in truth, you are more likely to experience side effects such as diarrhoea and dehydration. There is no evidence to prove the claims of detoxing; this practice is dangerous according to doctors and dieticians but because it is fashionable and popular, this craze is unlikely to go away soon. The Satori company has obviously jumped on this lucrative bandwagon with this overpriced detox program which appears to be an “add-on” to their normal business of selling tea wholesale and running a tea room in California.

What Are The Side Effects Of Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit?

Potential side effects may include diarrhoea, stomach pains, abdominal cramps, uterine contractions, reduced potassium levels, headaches, sweating, and insomnia.

Taking laxatives and diuretics can lead to dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations, confusion, fainting, inability to sweat or urinate, weight loss, and high temperature.

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox contains Slippery Elm, once taken in the form of tea in order to bring about abortion.

Medical advice is to use Senna for no longer than 7 days.

How Much Does Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Cost?

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox is very expensive. You can only buy it via the Strip Teas website where it costs $65.00 for the kit. This comprises of a 28-day supply of AM Loose Tea and Afternoon Loose Tea and a 14-day supply of the PM Tea also called Bedtime Cleanse or Night Time Cleanse. The company don’t seem to be able to make their mind up over the name!

Shipping is calculated at the point of sale.

Our Verdict On Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit

We are not impressed with Strip Teas 28-Day Detox. This overpriced detox program will cause adverse effects in users and although all that bathroom time may make you feel like you are losing weight, the truth is that you will be losing body fluids and running the risk of dehydration and laxative dependency.

Even if you believe in detoxing for health as some people do, taking this teatox for 28 days is far too long. All medical advice is to take Senna only for a maximum of 7 days in cases of constipation, yet you are supposed to drink the Night Time Cleanse tea for a full 14 days. Even worse, the product information advises you can take 2 teatoxes one after the other for a whopping 56 days. All we can say if you do this, good luck and let’s hope your bathroom is in good order. You are going to be spending a lot of time in it!

We actually liked the look of the Satori tea room, the Tipping Teapot, located in Saratoga California. But we certainly do not like this Detox plan and would never approve anything so useless and potentially dangerous. Overall, we do not recommend Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit to the Watchdog readers.

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Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Review

When we were asked to look into Strip Teas, we quickly noticed that there are quite a few detox teas on the market that have the same or at least very similar name.

There is Strip Tea from a company called ActiLabs that seems to originate from Paris. There is also a British company called Strip Teas UK that still shows up in searches but since 2015 does not seem to be still in business. There may be more, and we can imagine how pleased each of these companies were at coming up with such an original name! We had a little chuckle over it we admit because it is a good one.

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Facts

  • There are other brands of Strip Teas on the market. This one is by Satori an American company
    This product is essentially a 28-day supply of laxatives and diuretics
  • Satori address is: 14482 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, California
  • Satori Telephone number is +1 408-867-3606

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox comes from the Satori Tea Company, a US company. The Strip Teas range looks like an add-on to their usual business which is focused on wholesale and retail tea, and a tea room in Saratoga California called the Tipping Teapot, where you can enjoy afternoon teas with cakes.

According to the “about us” information, Strip Teas was devised as a healthy weight loss program to help you achieve optimal health. The Strip Tea range is sold via a separate website.

How to Take Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit

  • AM Blend: Infuse 1 teaspoon of loose leaves per cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Drink a minimum of 1 cup every AM with breakfast. Re-infuse throughout the morning
  • Loose Leaf Afternoon: Infuse 1 teaspoon of loose leaves in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes Drink a minimum of 1 cup after lunch each day. Re-infuse throughout the afternoon
  • Night Time Cleanse: Infuse 1 teaspoon of loose leaves in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Take 1 cup every other night (starting day 1) for the duration of the teatox
  • You are advised to use Strip Teas Teatox kit for up to 56 days (2 x 28Days)
  • You are recommended to take a two-week break to let your body fall into its natural rhythm. Following this, you are advised that you can continue for another 56 days

The Detox program consists of three tea blends. The teas are in loose leaf form, rather than tea bags, and are designed to be taken morning, afternoon, and before bedtime.

The AM Tea contains green tea and other healthy ingredients such as Goji berries. There are also diuretics, substances to make you pee more, dandelion, and nettle extract. Causing increased urination is often seen as a way to lose water weight and remove bloating, so can make you look and feel temporarily slimmer. AM Tea also contains milk thistle which is known for its laxative effect.

The Afternoon tea is a blend of teas plus coffee bean and cacao nibs, so it may help give you an afternoon lift. This formula also contains dandelion root so again this is a diuretic.

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Concerns:

  • You should not take laxatives and diuretics long term yet the product information advises you to take for 56 days periods. This is not safe
  • No customer feedback available
  • No guarantee on offer. Satori obviously does not stand by this product

PM Tea, also called Bedtime Cleanse, comes with the most concerns. This is the strongest tea in the range and contains laxatives including Senna, plus a blend of herbal ingredients including hibiscus leaf, hawthorn and slippery elm. Because of the risk of potential side effects, you are advised to use this tea every other night.

Check out the ingredients tab to find out more.

What Does Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Claim To Do?

According to the Satori Tea Company,

Strip Teas is a unique tea detox program designed to cleanse and nourish the body in order to achieve optimal health. Specifically formulated to “strip” the body of unwanted toxins, our deep detox supports weight control, balances digestion, and stabilizes energy.

The benefits of the three teas are explained:


  • Energizing blend with antioxidant properties
  • Supports metabolism
  • Offers sustained energy
  • Helps burn calories & highly thermogenic
  • Enhances mood
  • Aids in concentration


  • Helps manage cravings & suppresses appetite
  • Balances digestion
  • Blocks storage of dietary fats
  • Stabilizes energy
  • Promotes liver and urinary tract health
  • Helps prevent arthritic inflammations.


  • Assists the body’s natural detox pathways
  • Supports healthy colon and digestive tract function
  • Encourages relaxation

Does Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Work?

No. There is not a shred of evidence that will prove that taking this 28-Day Detox will work in the way as described.

Detox teas or teatoxes are fashionable right now, especially with younger women and celebs but there is zero evidence that they work in the way as described. They are billed as a healthy but medical opinion does not agree, and this practice does come with many health concerns especially around the use of the laxative Senna.

Although Senna is an approved herbal remedy for constipation, it should not be taken on a regular basis as with the detox teas and doctors are extremely concerned about the side effects. Check out our investigation into why detox teas are bad for your health.

In addition, this supplement contains ingredients to make you pee. Losing so-called water weight can help you look thinner but this is only temporary. Taking diuretics can lead to dehydration and to avoid this you need to ensure you drink plenty of water. So you may as well just save time and stay as you are and avoid taking diuretics in the first place.

All that said, we believe that the real tea used in this supplement, such as Oolong, Shou Pu’er, and Green Tea is probably good quality. But the addition of all those herbal ingredients is much more likely to lead to side effects than anything else.

It is important to know that the only way that Detox teas work is by causing your body to lose water and to increase your bowel movements. It can feel that doing this is making you thinner, but it is not a way to help you lose fat and it does lead to side effects.

What Are The Ingredients of Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit?

This is a 28-day program. There are three blends of loose tea packed in sachets. You just open the sachet and add to hot water.

Loose Leaf AM Tea:

  • Green Tea: High in antioxidants and other chemical compounds that are good for health. Some evidence shows that when used with caffeine it may help increase metabolism.
  • Guayusa: This is a type of Holly tree that grows in the Amazon. It is high in caffeine and antioxidants so will provide a stimulant kick to this tea which will be ideal for use in the morning.
  • Nettle: Natural garden weed that causes increased urination.
  • Dandelion Leaf: As above.
  • Milk Thistle: Touted for many health benefits but at present lacks evidence. Laxative.
  • Plantain leaf: Common garden weed that has long been used as a medicinal plant for many purposes including stimulating the uterus and treating urinary infections such as cystitis. Can cause diarrhoea.
  • Garcinia fruit: Widely touted so-called miracle weight loss ingredient. May help support weight loss but lacks evidence.
  • Goji berries: Exotic fruit known as a superfood because it is high in antioxidants.
  • Lemon grass: Culinary herb used in Asia and known for its mild lemony flavour. It is often used in tea and may have antifungal properties.
  • Other ingredients: Pomegranate arils, flower petals, natural fruit essence.

Loose Leaf Afternoon Tea:

  • Shou pu’erh: Modern tea blend invented in the 1970s as an easier way to produce Pu’erh tea which is prized for its earthy flavour but is time-consuming and costly to produce. Very popular in China.
  • Oolong: This tea variety is semi-fermented meaning it is not green tea ( unfermented) or black tea ( fully fermented) instead it lies somewhere in the middle. Prized for its flavour, it has all the usual benefits of tea.
  • Coffee bean: We are not sure about this? Is the coffee bean added whole to the tea mix? If so, will it add to the flavour or the caffeine content?
  • Cacao nibs: Pure unprocessed pieces of natural chocolate direct from the cacao plant. High in antioxidants and other health benefits.
  • Dandelion root: See above.

PM Tea, also called Night Time Cleanse or Bedtime Cleanse:

  • Senna: Powerful laxative that according to medical advice can cause some very real health problems especially if you take it regularly for longer than 7 days. It works by irritating the lining of the bowel in order to cause the laxative effect. You should only use Senna sparingly if you suffer from constipation, and seek medical advice if the condition continues for longer than a few days.
  • Hawthorn berry: Medicinal plant extract used for a variety of purposes, and believed to improve heart function by increasing blood flow. However side effects can be an issue.
  • Lotus leaf: Chinese medicinal ingredient used to treat diarrhoea
  • Papaya leaf: This is often used in herbal tea preparations. The leaf contains a powerful chemical called Papain and may be useful in the treatment of internal parasites and gastric problems
  • Slippery elm: Herbal remedy taken for a wide range of purposes including digestive issues and worms. It used to be used in traditional medicine to cause abortions.
  • Burdock root: Burdock is a native northern European plant that has long been used for medicinal purposes. One of these is as a diuretic (it makes you urinate) but it is also a source of antioxidants so it can have some health benefits
  • Sheep sorrel: More usually just known as Sorrel, this natural plant may have health benefits as it is rich in antioxidants but it does increase urine output. According to herbalists, it should not be used in combination with laxatives or diuretics as it may lead to reduced potassium levels.
  • Other ingredients: Rhubarb root, strawberries, apple pieces, pear pieces, hibiscus petals.

Does Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Have Any Side Effects?

The teas may seem like healthy and harmless, but side effects could be an issue.

Potential side effects may include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach pains
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Risk of miscarriage
  • Uterine contractions
  • Reduced potassium levels
  • Headaches
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia

Taking laxatives and diuretics can lead to dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations – such as sensation of pounding heart or rapid beat
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Inability to sweat or urinate
  • Weight loss
  • Fever

Take laxatives too long and it can cause dependency, where your bowels cannot open without the help of a laxative.


Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant, breast feeding or trying to conceive. Discontinue use if you experience side effects and seek medical advice. Drink plenty of water in order to avoid dehydration.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit?

There are no independent customer reviews for Strip Teas 28-Day Detox.

Does Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee for Strip Teas 28-Day Detox.

Where Can I Buy Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit?

Strip Teas 28-Day Detox only seems to be available from the official website.

How does Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee
Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit

1.2 out of 5
Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit Rating

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Strip Teas 28-Day Detox Kit.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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