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Updated May 17, 2019.
Published Oct 16, 2016.

Sugar Suppress 60 is a natural supplement which promises to curtail sugar, sweet, and junk food cravings to make weight loss more tangible. Since it is made from Adigam, it is mostly free from side effects. Although Sugar Suppress 60 seems to have some decent reviews, it can taste quite bitter. And whilst it comes with a money-back guarantee, the cost is fairly high. Sugar Suppress 60 does not aid weight loss directly.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Favourable reviews


  • Bitter taste
  • Only works with a diet and exercise routine
  • Quite pricey
Sugar Suppress 60
Sugar Suppress 60 is an appetite suppression supplement that promises to reduce appetite within 60 seconds and curtail sugar, fat and carbohydrate intake within the body.

We take an in-depth look into Sugar Suppress 60 to see if it follows through on these claims.

Sugar Suppress 60 Overview

What you need to know about Sugar Suppress 60

Sugar Suppress 60 is a natural supplement which promises to curtail sugar, sweet, and junk food cravings to make weight loss more tangible. Since it is made from Adigam, which is a plant and naturally sourced, it is mostly free from side effects. The supplement is quite unique in that the tablets are rubbed on the surface of the tongue to curb hunger pangs.

What are the side effects of Sugar Suppress 60?

Adigam, the main ingredient is natural and stimulant free. Side effects should therefore be minimal.

How much does Sugar Suppress 60 cost?

A bottle of Sugar Suppress 60 costs $29.87.

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Sugar Suppress 60 Key Features

Sugar Suppress 60 is a sugar intake reducing supplement which aims to curtail sugar intake within 60 seconds of consumption. The manufacturer claims to provide an effective solution for dieters, which if fails, money will be refunded.

Sugar Suppress 60 Key Points

    • 100% natural
    • Appetite suppressant
    • Taken by rubbing the tablet on the tongue

Sugar Suppress 60 is an all-natural formula and its main ingredient is Adigam, a herb which is used for curtailing appetite. Thus, the supplement is largely effective without any side effects. The idea being that it stops people getting addicted to junk food and helps obese and overweight people to deal with their weight issues. The supplement has a rather unique way of functioning. Users have to rub a tablet at the tip of their tongue for 60 seconds to feel the effects. The tablet is designed to disrupt the connection between mind and mouth in terms of sugar cravings.

How to Take Sugar Suppress 60

Sugar Suppress 60 is available in the form of tablets. It is recommended that one tablet must be rubbed on the surface of the tongue during food craving for 60 seconds to feel the results. This tablet is made up of natural ingredients, so taking more than one tablet a day is allowed.

Sugar Suppress 60 does not contain any stimulants and should be safe for most people. The FDA has approved the main ingredient in Sugar Suppress 60 as Generally Recognized As Safe. Another interesting thing to note about this supplement is that the manufacturers are letting potential customers use their product for a full year and then return the bottle with full refund if it did not meet anyone’s expectations regarding weight loss.

Sugar Suppress 60 Concerns:

  • Might cause gastric problems
  • Expensive
  • The bitter taste may not be easy to deal with

What does Sugar Suppress 60 claim to do?

Sugar Suppress 60 is an unconventional pill that is taken by rubbing a single tablet on the tongue in an attempt to curb appetite for food within 60 seconds flat. It claims to help cut down food intake, particularly sweet addiction and emotional eating in dieters.

Does Sugar Suppress 60 work?

Adigam, which is the key ingredient in Sugar Suppress 60, is known as the sugar destroyer because it interferes with the ability to taste sweetness. As far as we can tell, it does seem to curb cravings somewhat, but how much of this is just down to the bitter taste is a different matter. It should also be stated that this is only a short term solution at best, and not a magic pill that has any direct effect on weight loss or fat burning.

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Sugar Suppress 60 Ingredients

Sugar Suppress 60 has been made from a plant known as Adigam or Gymnema Sylvestre which grows in abundance in central and peninsular India. This plant has been known to possess anti diabetic elements and has been used in various kinds of medicines in India. Now, it is used in diet supplements for beating hunger cravings and cutting down on sugar intake. Adigam does not cause side effects and interferes with the ability of the taste buds to feel sweetness inside the mouth to curtail sugar cravings. One tablet contains 700mg of Adigam.

Sugar Suppress 60 Side Effects

Adigam, the main ingredient is natural and stimulant free. Side effects should therefore be minimal.


Sugar Suppress 60 should not be used by children below 18 years of age. It is not meant for pregnant women and lactating mothers. In case one is suffering from medical conditions, consulting a doctor is wise.

Sugar Suppress 60 Customer Feedback

Many people who found it difficult to curb their sweet cravings and did not have the willpower to say no, have managed to cut cravings in the short term by using Sugar Suppress 60. It is also mentioned by users that the product tastes very bitter and unpleasant.

Sugar Suppress 60 Money-Back Guarantee

The official website provides a money-back guarantee to the buyers. In addition to regular refund options, the manufacturer also lets users use the tablets for 1 year and return the empty bottle if not satisfied with the results.

Where To Buy Sugar Suppress 60

You can buy it from the official store.

Watchdog Verdict

Sugar Suppress 60 seems to have some decent reviews, but it can taste quite bitter. Whilst it comes with a money-back guarantee, the cost is fairly high. Additionally, the supplement doesn’t aid weight loss directly, so overall we do not recommend Sugar Suppress 60.

How does Sugar Suppress 60 compare to Phentatrim?

Criteria Sugar Suppress 60 Comparison Phentatrim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

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  1. I’m 58 and have had issues with sweets basically all my life. I’m ashamed to admit that I have no self control where sweet junk is concerned.. and it has derailed my efforts to lose weight and keep it off due to overeating calories.
    I got these tablets last week and I honestly feel they’re a miracle for me. I’ve been able to resist sweets and have lost 6 lbs this week.
    The taste is not bad at all.. and you only have it in your mouth for 60 seconds anyway. The results of wiping out the taste of sweetness therefore the food is just blah and gross is simply amazing. I actually spit out jelly beans.. I’ve never been able to do that! Once that yummy taste hits me.. there’s no resisting. With Sugar Suppress 60.. there’s no way of wanting to eat sweets without the pleasurable taste.
    I finally have hope I can get to my weight goal.
    I just wish I’d discovered it sooner!!
    I highly recommend this product!

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