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A hectic lifestyle and overwhelming responsibilities between work and home takes a toll on one’s health. While obesity is a common issue these days, cravings for fast and oily food add to the unhealthy cholesterol levels in the body. A remedy for those unhealthy cravings, Super Citrimax claims to reduce intake of excess food, which leads to accumulation of fats.

Super Citrimax claims to work wonders with a diet regime and exercises. The pills aim to expedite weight loss and promise to maintain a healthy weight for a long time. It is a fat-burning solution for those who have been trying hard to lose weight but unable to do so due to a busy schedule. It is brand that has been manufactured by InterHealth Nutraceuticals in California. Here we will review the product and see if it meets all expectations.

Super Citrimax Pros

  • Helps control appetite
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use

Super Citrimax Cons

  • Causes side effects
  • Not clinically tested
  • May have little effect if taken on its own
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What You Need To Know About Super Citrimax

The main ingredient of the supplement is Garcinia Cambogia, which is a plant extract. This extract is reported to have 50 percent hydroxyctric acid, which is supposed to be the main reason behind weight loss. According to the manufacturer’s website, the supplement is shown to reduce weight 3 times more effectively than diet and exercise alone. In fact, it is also shown to reduce the tendency to snack between meals by 40%. There are many brands available online offering a similar but the percentage of content or the purity of Garcinia Cambogia in them may vary.

What Are The Side Effects Of Super Citrimax?

While there are no reported long-term side effects of the supplement, some users have reported short term ones like severe headaches and stomach ache on its intake. However, most of these seem to disappear after the initial few days.

How Much Does Super Citrimax Cost?

It is moderately priced. For instance, many companies online sell it at $33.99 for 180 capsules. However, a bottle may last for a short time as some reviews suggest that it will work only if six pills are taken together. In that case, this may turn out to be more expensive for some.

Our Verdict On Super Citrimax

Some users have raved about this product. There are proven records of the effectiveness of the HCA, which is a key component of the Garcinia Cambogia, but there are no clinical documents available on the effectiveness of the supplement Super Citrimax as such. Moreover, some of the sites have also suggested that the pills work only if they are taken six in number. But that too will work only if one is on a diet and is exercising. So, on the one hand, the manufacturer claims that the pills work even when one is too busy to focus on one’s diet and exercise regime. On the other hand, reviews prove that they work only with a strict schedule. The entire purpose of the supplement is lost. Though the manufacturers have claimed it, it is hard for us to believe that a supplement comes without any side effects, especially when there are no proven testaments or clinical backings. Since there are reports of headaches and stomach ache attached to it, we are concerned about other unknown reactions. Also, they are not approved by the FDA or doctors.

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Super Citrimax Review

Super Citrimax is a non-stimulant weight loss supplement that claims to be a powerful weight loss supplement. It is designed to burn fat and also control the cravings for sweets and junk foods that often lead one to binge eating. It uses the power of Garcinia Cambogia, a South Asian plant extract, to aid in the weight loss process. This powerful ingredient is known to have great effects on obesity control and has been used for years in various Asian medications and cuisines. It has become quite a rage in recent times and is used as a key weight loss ingredient in many similar supplements. While its effects and its natural powers are proven, it is still not clear whether its inclusion in this particular formula works.

Super Citrimax Facts

  • It claims to reduce weight three times more than exercise and diet alone.
  • It reduces snacking by 40%.
  • It helps control appetite.

It is manufactured by Inter Health Nutraceuticals which is based in California and the ingredients have been certified by LabDdoor, an independent company that tests supplements for their quality and safety. According to the manufacturers, this supplement is supposed to help people lose weight even without diet and exercise, though it would definitely yield better results when paired with them. This could really be a boon for most of us who are pressed for time even when we want to lead healthier lives. Unfortunately, little more is known about the product and there are reports of side effects too. It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking this.

How to Take Super Citrimax

Unfortunately, the official website is lacking in detail. Vitamin Shoppe suggests taking two tablets, 30 minutes before a meal.

Super Citrimax Concerns:

  • There are no available clinical reports.
  • The reviews are varied and the manufacturer’s detail about the product is confusing.
  • It causes to side effects such headaches and stomach pain.

What Does Super Citrimax Claim To Do?

The supplement has claimed to have won the certification of LabDoor, which is an independent company reviewing the safety standards of a health supplement. The company claims to have manufactured it, using strict lab-controlled procedures for optimum results. The supplement also claims to be made of the same established ingredients that have been studied by Dr Harry G Preuss at Georgetown University Medical Centre. In other words, it claims to be true to its words by:

• Reducing weight
• Uplifting mood
• Reducing snacking habits

Does Super Citrimax Work?

Many claim of results after about a week. However, there are others who said they had to discontinue because of headaches and stomach ache. One reason to believe that the supplement could be ineffective is the fact that it does not have any clinical verification. Moreover, the HCA content, which is a key ingredient in it, is said to have risky results associated with liver cancer, if not taken in restricted quantities. The supplement works well when taken with Chromium and Gymnema Sylvestre. Apart from that, a strict diet plan including a lot of fluids, fruits, and vegetables, has to be followed. Exercise is also important.

What Are The Ingredients of Super Citrimax?

Let’s look at the key ingredients:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Burns calories and helps satiety.
  • Calcium: Leads to stronger bones, tissues and muscles.
  • HCA: Helps burn fat faster.

Does Super Citrimax Have Any Side Effects?

Some common side effects reported are:

  • Headache
  • Stomach ache

The HCA content in the supplement has to be checked for any health hazards as previous studies associate its excessive intake with liver cancer. The pills are considered to be large and can lead to choking if not taken carefully.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Super Citrimax?

The reviews are mixed, though mostly veering towards the negative side.

I have been taking this for a week and have lost a pound a day. I stopped craving carbs, get full very easily and just almost don’t need to eat. I almost have to remind myself to eat. I mean I could stuff my face if I wanted, I just don’t. It won’t do the work for you, you still have to eat healthy when you do eat and listen to your body telling you to stop. My portions are teeny at the moment. Long may it last.

I took this product as suggested and it provided no benefit as far as I could tell, it did, however, seem to give me a stomach ache.

I took for a few days and experienced a really bad headache. Stopped for about one week, and started taking again and headaches returned.

Does Super Citrimax Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no clear mention of refunds on the official site but other online retailers may offer it as per their discretion.

Where Can I Buy Super Citrimax?

It can be bought online from retailers such as Vitamin World and Vitamin Shoppe.

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2.4 out of 5
Super Citrimax
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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