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    Claiming to have helped over 43,800 men and women lose weight, Superfruit Slim has a new and improved formula to help you achieve your goals with the power of Green Tea, Acai Berry, African Mango and CoEnzyme Q10.

    It makes a lot of claims, but can it live up to them? We will assess all the facts and see if this is just another marketing gimmick or if it’s the real deal.

    Superfruit Slim Pros

    • 60-Day money back guarantee
    • Manufactured in GMP approved facility
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    • Free shipping options

    Superfruit Slim Cons

    • Few testimonials
    • Contains some caffeine
    Watchdog Approved Diet Pills

    Superfruit Slim Review

    Superfruit Slim Facts

    • 3 superfruit ingredients in one pill: Acai Berry, African Mango and Green Tea
    • Uses 4:1 extracts to be the strongest superfruit diet pill
    • Free worldwide shipping orders

    As soon as you go to the Superfruit Slim website you are greeted with bright colours and bold text that draws you in with the question “Struggling to lose those stubborn excess pounds?” If you are then they offer to help you do just that.

    Straight away you are told that there is a 60-day money back guarantee and discreet shipping so you know your details are safe. Sometimes companies enroll you into auto-shipment with people being unaware this has happened. The good news with this product is that there is no auto-ship option so you can be happy knowing that you are only paying for what you want.

    The manufacturer is Optimum Nutra, established in 2011, and they produce a few supplements and have distribution centers in the UK and USA for worldwide shipping. They work within Good Manufacturing Practices, which shows quality, safety and efficacy are important to them.

    It seems that this product has no scams attached to it, which is great news because some of the ingredients used are often linked to scams by less reputable companies

    Superfruit Slim Benefits:

    • Uses some of the strongest superfruit ingredients found in a supplement
    • Clinical references to support ingredient claims
    • Contact details clearly shown and no nonsense 30-day money guarantee

    How to Take Superfruit Slim

    On the website it states that you take two capsules daily with water just before eating breakfast, no later than 10am. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for one month.

    What Does Superfruit Slim Claim To Do?

    Superfruit Slim claims to help you, just like it helped 43,800 people. On the front page they boast that it will:

    • Reduce hunger cravings
    • Increase metabolism to support fat loss
    • Feel more alert and energized
    • Packed with anti-oxidants for health
    • Safe to take with no chemicals

    All the ingredients are 100% natural so they don’t take a toll on your body like other dietary supplements out there. Good news for vegetarians and vegans as well as it is suitable for them, making this a supplement fitting for everyone.

    One good thing about this supplement is that they don’t make outrageous claims about weight loss. They say that it all depends on how much excess fat you have to start with, as the more you have, the more you will lose.

    So What Is Superfruit Slim and What Are The Ingredients For Superfruit Slim?

    Superfruit Slim contains 7 active ingredients in one capsule, 4 of which are classed as superfruits, meaning they have potent antioxidants and nutrients. They don’t use small quantities of the ingredients and no fillers are used, which is common in most diet pills.

    As well as the active ingredients listed below, it also has the inactive clear vegetarian capsule and Magnesium Stearate.

    The daily serving of 2 capsules includes the following ingredients and amounts:

    • Acai Berry 4:1 Extract (350mg equivalent to 1,600mg): is a popular ingredient that is said to promote weight loss and contains potent antioxidants which is beneficial for cardiovascular and digestive health. There is 2-4 times more acai berry in the supplement, more than what most brands have.
    • African Mango 4:1 Extract (300mg equivalent to 1,200mg): Also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, it has been known to promote an average weight loss of 28lbs after 10 weeks and an average decrease of 3.2% of body fat, when 300mg is taken each day. The Superfruit Slim capsules have more than the amounts seen in the study.
      Source: http://www.lipidworld.com/content/8/1/7
    • Green Tea 4:1 Extract (125mg equivalent to 500mg): This ingredient is shown to have stronger antioxidant protection than vitamin C and E. It contains the perfect amount to promote weight loss by increasing fat burning with thermogenic and anti-oxidant properties.
      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea_extract
    • Caffeine (100mg): Often found in diet pills, it has been proven to boost alertness and energy levels. In 2 Superfruit Slim capsules there is the equivalent to one cup of coffee, which makes it unlikely to cause any jittery side effects. Studies have shown that it increases alertness and promotes a raised metabolism.
    • Panax Ginseng (80mg): It is a plant that is used for improving thinking, concentration and memory, as well as athletic endurance.
      Source: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredient
    • CoEnzyme Q10 (60mg): Is used to enhance physical and mental performance, as well as increasing energy and resistance to the effects of stress. Online Superfruit Slim stress that the dose in their capsules is what you normally find in products just containing this ingredient.
    • Black Pepper Extract (6mg): When this ingredient is used alongside other nutrients they can be absorbed up to 150% quicker. This is because black pepper extract can increase the bioavailability of nutrients in foods and supplements.

    What are 4:1 Extracts?

    There has been a lot of talk about 4:1 extracts with this supplement, but what exactly does this mean?

    Put simply, it’s a way of getting a more concentrated version of the active ingredients. So instead of having for example 400mg of the active ingredients as seen in other supplements, a 4:1 extract gives you 4 times the strength!

    So What Does All This Mean?

    Superfruit Slim has combined the best superfruit ingredients, which are extremely popular within the diet pill industry. By using the right ingredients in the right amounts to promote weight loss they have become a well-known brand.

    It doesn’t contain stimulants and only includes a small amount of caffeine that won’t have bad side effects like some supplements that contain the ingredient.

    Does Superfruit Slim Have Any Side Effects?

    On the site it claims that there are no negative side effects to using this product as they use 100% natural ingredients. But most diet pills that contain fruit extracts have less side effects in general.

    Even though there is some caffeine in the supplement it is very unlikely that you will suffer any of the usual side effects associated with the ingredient.

    Do not exceed 2 capsules per day. Always swallow with water.
    Do not take if pregnant or nursing. If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication, consult your doctor before use. Not for people who have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5 or are under 18 years of age.
    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Any Superfruit Slim Reviews From Customers?

    On the official site there are a few testimonials but we are unable to confirm how genuine these are as it is only sold in one place.

    So Does Superfruit Slim Work?

    There have been lots of clinical tests regarding these superfruits to prove that they do offer benefits that will help with weight loss. We take a further look into the main superfruits in this supplement.

    The acai berry is native to Central and South America and is a relative of the blueberry, cranberry and other dark purple fruits. It is the subject of health claims but hasn’t been verified by the European food regulator EFSA. Acai berry contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants as measured by the ORAC values (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which is the measure of antioxidant values of foods. The berries are rich in healthy omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 oils, with a great source of fibre to make them effective at fighting damage “free radical” toxins in the body.

    The second most popular ingredient in this supplement is African Mango. Studies have taken place to show that it may slow stomach emptying and reduce blood sugar levels, which can suppress appetite and food cravings. The University of Yaounde in Cameroon conducted a study on 100 overweight participants over 10 weeks. They found that an average of 28lbs of weight loss and 2 inches were lost from the waistline when they used the African Mango supplements.

    It seems that all in all this product has ingredients that really do work and could help you reach your goals.

    Where Can I Buy Superfruit Slim?

    Superfruit Slim is only available from the official website.


    We’ve been informed that there are time-limited offers being run during the Christmas and New Year periods. We would advise any reader wanting to purchase Superfruit Slim to check the website for real-time pricing.

    Current Offers

    • Two bottles (buy one get one free) costs £39/45€/$59.
    • The two bottle package for £77/87€/$99 now includes an extra bottle free
    • A five bottle package now costs £117/137€/$149.
    • FREE DELIVERY on all orders, anywhere in the world.

    You have the option to pay with credit card or paypal.

    What About A Guarantee?

    It’s always refreshing to see a product that offers money back guarantee as a lot don’t. Superfruit Slim offer a no-nonsense 60-day money-back guarantee on every order from the purchase date.

    Returns are accepted when only one bottle in your order has been opened.

    Watchdog Verdict

    It isn’t often we see a product that seems to be everything it says it is, especially one that claims it is the “strongest” on the market. At the beginning we were wary, but the more we researched this product we became pleasantly surprised that it does live up to the claims.

    By not containing any serious stimulants or fillers it is an all natural supplement that has a healthy approach to weight loss and uses superfruit ingredients that are seen in other supplements, just all in one.

    We love that it is cost effective, with different options for what you’re looking for. What’s even better is that it offers an amazing money back guarantee offer that not a lot of products have nowadays. At least if you do give this product a try you have the assurance that it is relatively risk free.

    With the chance that there a no side effects we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t give this product a try, with some ingredients that have had clinical studies take place.

    If you want to take a diet pill that is full of superfruits to help weight loss and provide a great source of antioxidants, then this is a good choice for you.

    We approve Superfruit Slim.

    Watchdog Approved Diet Pills

    Click here to Visit Superfruit Slim Official website

    Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

    408 comments on “Superfruit Slim”

    1. Can I take both pills at the same time. I have taken superfruit pills before and found that they hepled. If they would I will order both. Awaiting your reply

    2. Mandy says:

      I started using these to loose weight before i got married, I ended up loosing 3 stone in a year using these combined with a calorie control of 1300 per day. I would recommend them. I buy three months at a time and get the 4 pots

    3. Miss. K.J.Loveday says:

      I am a Type 1 Diabetic on 4 insulin injections daily,
      would I be able to lose belly fat by taking diet pills of any sort.
      I am 67 years old and was diagnosed age 11.

    4. Christine Byrne says:

      Hi I was just wandering is it safe to take these pills if i’m taking propranilol (beta Blockers) & rivaoxiban (Blood Thinners)?
      I did ask my GP but she wasn’t prepaired to answer one way or another!

    5. Jeanine says:

      I have completed the 1 month YOLI plan and did lose 10lbs however cannot afford $200 to $300 each month to continue so am researching and trying to find an alternate more cost effective option. Has anyone else tried this product to replace YOLI and how has it worked in comparison? I would really appreciate any input! Thanks!

      1. Watchdog Team says:

        Great feedback Jeanine and well done.
        Interested to know why you think the product costs $200-$300 per month when looking at the prices in our review is showing $60?

    6. TheManFromTaco says:

      Would this be an effective fat-burning supplement for someone trying to reach a very low level of body fat in order to enter physique/bodybuilding competitions?

    7. Jessica says:

      I was a loyal saba protrim user until I couldn’t afford it any more. Does this stuff have the same ingredients? I had gallbladder removed and it was the only stuff that kept me regular. I’ve been searching for the same effect in another brand. Please help I’m in my 40s and depression has taken up a life inside me. I’m currently 40 pounds over weight and registering as obese.

    8. GJ says:

      Hi just wondering if Advanced Superfruit is okay to take with Vitamin D tabs? (Vitamin D3 1000IU/day). I have just started my first dose of Superfruit today – so far so good!! not feeling at all hungry.

    9. Troy says:

      Thanks guys for the recommendation. Just finished third bottle and feeling great. Lost 29lbs in total and just 8 more to go and I am set. Awesome supp!

      1. Laura says:

        Happy for you, Troy!
        I’ve finished my first bottle. Quite gutted that it has not worked for me. Not lost even a single pound of my weight 🙁
        I was having several coffees on top as well, no issues. Although I have weak heart. So, not quite sure about the ingredients in the summer fruit slim bottle. I had to give it a go, because of people’s good reviews. Ah well, there’s first time for everything I suppose.

        Good luck on loosing remaining!

    10. Jj says:

      This sounds great, except the ginsing makes me nervous. Isn’t it bad for your brain?

    11. Matti says:

      It is so frustrating, so many companies telling about the correct pill for dieting, and most of these do not work. It is bad because consumers are wasting so much money. Is there a company that can give the honest opinion, not support a company because of any promises to the company. Help – Help – Help

    12. Lynda says:

      Was looking into a dietary supplement and had stumbled upon Bio X4 which lead me to your site. I am a type II diabetic currently controlled with medication and I have high cholesterol, also medically controlled. Are there any medication contraindications for diabetics? My true goal is to get off my medications and stop the “gut” ache I always seem to have from them so that I can be more active. Thank you.

    13. Nkem says:

      After beginning this product, i started to eat more at first for one to two weeks and had sudden cravings for sweets. I then noticed my appetite decreased and I was full on one meal a day. However, I cannot say that I lost weight, I actually gained 5kg in two weeks and going back to phentaslim to loose fast pounds and this time I will keep it off. Phentaslim helped me loose 5kg in one week and the same the second week after stopping it, so I lost 10 kg in 2 weeks on phentaslim and took it for only 2 weeks so saw the results after 4 weeks and yesca total of 10kg! I got stressed and been overeating with not much exercise so determined to get it off finally!

    14. john says:

      What happens if you take the pill during the day but not with meals specifically? Maybe after breakfast or lunch or something at some point?

      1. Watchdog Team says:

        Hi John,

        These guidelines are normally given as they will get you the best results from the supplement. While nothing might happen if you take them at different times, it is always best to follow instructions so nothing goes wrong.

        Watchdog Team

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