• Superfruit Slim

    7 mins.
    Claiming to have helped over 43,800 men and women lose weight, Superfruit Slim has a new and improved formula to help you achieve your goals with the power of Green Tea, Acai Berry, African Mango and CoEnzyme Q10.

    It makes a lot of claims, but can it live up to them? We will assess all the facts and see if this is just another marketing gimmick or if it’s the real deal.

    Superfruit Slim Pros

    • 60-Day money back guarantee
    • Manufactured in GMP approved facility
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    • Free shipping options

    Superfruit Slim Cons

    • Few testimonials
    • Contains some caffeine
    Watchdog Approved Diet Pills

    Superfruit Slim Review

    Superfruit Slim Facts

    • 3 superfruit ingredients in one pill: Acai Berry, African Mango and Green Tea
    • Uses 4:1 extracts to be the strongest superfruit diet pill
    • Free worldwide shipping orders

    As soon as you go to the Superfruit Slim website you are greeted with bright colours and bold text that draws you in with the question “Struggling to lose those stubborn excess pounds?” If you are then they offer to help you do just that.

    Straight away you are told that there is a 60-day money back guarantee and discreet shipping so you know your details are safe. Sometimes companies enroll you into auto-shipment with people being unaware this has happened. The good news with this product is that there is no auto-ship option so you can be happy knowing that you are only paying for what you want.

    The manufacturer is Optimum Nutra, established in 2011, and they produce a few supplements and have distribution centers in the UK and USA for worldwide shipping. They work within Good Manufacturing Practices, which shows quality, safety and efficacy are important to them.

    It seems that this product has no scams attached to it, which is great news because some of the ingredients used are often linked to scams by less reputable companies

    Superfruit Slim Benefits:

    • Uses some of the strongest superfruit ingredients found in a supplement
    • Clinical references to support ingredient claims
    • Contact details clearly shown and no nonsense 30-day money guarantee

    How to Take Superfruit Slim

    On the website it states that you take two capsules daily with water just before eating breakfast, no later than 10am. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for one month.

    What Does Superfruit Slim Claim To Do?

    Superfruit Slim claims to help you, just like it helped 43,800 people. On the front page they boast that it will:

    • Reduce hunger cravings
    • Increase metabolism to support fat loss
    • Feel more alert and energized
    • Packed with anti-oxidants for health
    • Safe to take with no chemicals

    All the ingredients are 100% natural so they don’t take a toll on your body like other dietary supplements out there. Good news for vegetarians and vegans as well as it is suitable for them, making this a supplement fitting for everyone.

    One good thing about this supplement is that they don’t make outrageous claims about weight loss. They say that it all depends on how much excess fat you have to start with, as the more you have, the more you will lose.

    So What Is Superfruit Slim and What Are The Ingredients For Superfruit Slim?

    Superfruit Slim contains 7 active ingredients in one capsule, 4 of which are classed as superfruits, meaning they have potent antioxidants and nutrients. They don’t use small quantities of the ingredients and no fillers are used, which is common in most diet pills.

    As well as the active ingredients listed below, it also has the inactive clear vegetarian capsule and Magnesium Stearate.

    The daily serving of 2 capsules includes the following ingredients and amounts:

    • Acai Berry 4:1 Extract (350mg equivalent to 1,600mg): is a popular ingredient that is said to promote weight loss and contains potent antioxidants which is beneficial for cardiovascular and digestive health. There is 2-4 times more acai berry in the supplement, more than what most brands have.
    • African Mango 4:1 Extract (300mg equivalent to 1,200mg): Also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, it has been known to promote an average weight loss of 28lbs after 10 weeks and an average decrease of 3.2% of body fat, when 300mg is taken each day. The Superfruit Slim capsules have more than the amounts seen in the study.
      Source: http://www.lipidworld.com/content/8/1/7
    • Green Tea 4:1 Extract (125mg equivalent to 500mg): This ingredient is shown to have stronger antioxidant protection than vitamin C and E. It contains the perfect amount to promote weight loss by increasing fat burning with thermogenic and anti-oxidant properties.
      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea_extract
    • Caffeine (100mg): Often found in diet pills, it has been proven to boost alertness and energy levels. In 2 Superfruit Slim capsules there is the equivalent to one cup of coffee, which makes it unlikely to cause any jittery side effects. Studies have shown that it increases alertness and promotes a raised metabolism.
    • Panax Ginseng (80mg): It is a plant that is used for improving thinking, concentration and memory, as well as athletic endurance.
      Source: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredient
    • CoEnzyme Q10 (60mg): Is used to enhance physical and mental performance, as well as increasing energy and resistance to the effects of stress. Online Superfruit Slim stress that the dose in their capsules is what you normally find in products just containing this ingredient.
    • Black Pepper Extract (6mg): When this ingredient is used alongside other nutrients they can be absorbed up to 150% quicker. This is because black pepper extract can increase the bioavailability of nutrients in foods and supplements.

    What are 4:1 Extracts?

    There has been a lot of talk about 4:1 extracts with this supplement, but what exactly does this mean?

    Put simply, it’s a way of getting a more concentrated version of the active ingredients. So instead of having for example 400mg of the active ingredients as seen in other supplements, a 4:1 extract gives you 4 times the strength!

    So What Does All This Mean?

    Superfruit Slim has combined the best superfruit ingredients, which are extremely popular within the diet pill industry. By using the right ingredients in the right amounts to promote weight loss they have become a well-known brand.

    It doesn’t contain stimulants and only includes a small amount of caffeine that won’t have bad side effects like some supplements that contain the ingredient.

    Does Superfruit Slim Have Any Side Effects?

    On the site it claims that there are no negative side effects to using this product as they use 100% natural ingredients. But most diet pills that contain fruit extracts have less side effects in general.

    Even though there is some caffeine in the supplement it is very unlikely that you will suffer any of the usual side effects associated with the ingredient.

    Do not exceed 2 capsules per day. Always swallow with water.
    Do not take if pregnant or nursing. If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication, consult your doctor before use. Not for people who have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5 or are under 18 years of age.
    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Any Superfruit Slim Reviews From Customers?

    On the official site there are a few testimonials but we are unable to confirm how genuine these are as it is only sold in one place.

    So Does Superfruit Slim Work?

    There have been lots of clinical tests regarding these superfruits to prove that they do offer benefits that will help with weight loss. We take a further look into the main superfruits in this supplement.

    The acai berry is native to Central and South America and is a relative of the blueberry, cranberry and other dark purple fruits. It is the subject of health claims but hasn’t been verified by the European food regulator EFSA. Acai berry contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants as measured by the ORAC values (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which is the measure of antioxidant values of foods. The berries are rich in healthy omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 oils, with a great source of fibre to make them effective at fighting damage “free radical” toxins in the body.

    The second most popular ingredient in this supplement is African Mango. Studies have taken place to show that it may slow stomach emptying and reduce blood sugar levels, which can suppress appetite and food cravings. The University of Yaounde in Cameroon conducted a study on 100 overweight participants over 10 weeks. They found that an average of 28lbs of weight loss and 2 inches were lost from the waistline when they used the African Mango supplements.

    It seems that all in all this product has ingredients that really do work and could help you reach your goals.

    Where Can I Buy Superfruit Slim?

    Superfruit Slim is only available from the official website.


    We’ve been informed that there are time-limited offers being run during the Christmas and New Year periods. We would advise any reader wanting to purchase Superfruit Slim to check the website for real-time pricing.

    Current Offers

    • Two bottles (buy one get one free) costs £39/45€/$59.
    • The two bottle package for £77/87€/$99 now includes an extra bottle free
    • A five bottle package now costs £117/137€/$149.
    • FREE DELIVERY on all orders, anywhere in the world.

    You have the option to pay with credit card or paypal.

    What About A Guarantee?

    It’s always refreshing to see a product that offers money back guarantee as a lot don’t. Superfruit Slim offer a no-nonsense 60-day money-back guarantee on every order from the purchase date.

    Returns are accepted when only one bottle in your order has been opened.

    Watchdog Verdict

    It isn’t often we see a product that seems to be everything it says it is, especially one that claims it is the “strongest” on the market. At the beginning we were wary, but the more we researched this product we became pleasantly surprised that it does live up to the claims.

    By not containing any serious stimulants or fillers it is an all natural supplement that has a healthy approach to weight loss and uses superfruit ingredients that are seen in other supplements, just all in one.

    We love that it is cost effective, with different options for what you’re looking for. What’s even better is that it offers an amazing money back guarantee offer that not a lot of products have nowadays. At least if you do give this product a try you have the assurance that it is relatively risk free.

    With the chance that there a no side effects we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t give this product a try, with some ingredients that have had clinical studies take place.

    If you want to take a diet pill that is full of superfruits to help weight loss and provide a great source of antioxidants, then this is a good choice for you.

    We approve Superfruit Slim.

    Watchdog Approved Diet Pills

    Click here to Visit Superfruit Slim Official website

    Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

    408 comments on “Superfruit Slim”

    1. Chris says:

      I have been taking them for just over a week and have gone from 17.8 to 16.6. am on calorie control but with out them i was losing about 3 pounds a week. with its almost a stone! sounds good to me! the appetite suppressant works really well and also i feel more energised. no complaints here and i will definitely order more when i run out!

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Well done Chris, sounds like you’re doing well. Keep up the good work and please do keep us informed.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

    2. peter says:

      Hello there from the start of the year jan 2nd i have lost 1st11lbs. just by eating healthy 1200-1300 cals daily and taking XLS after every meal. I was coming to the end of my XLS supply so have decided to take superslims im on day 2 ill let you guys know how i get on next wed on my weigh in day. Starting weight 19’5lbs

      1. emma says:

        I am currently not on any slimming aid as im trying to do some research what xls product was you taking and why are you changing after good results ? and which one is better ?

    3. Jen T says:

      can you take combinations of diet pills? what about all of you three recommended at the same time – desperate times!!!!

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Jen,
        We would not recommend taking all three. Although Superfruit Slim and Acai Plus don’t contain lots of caffeine we would urge caution when looking to combine products in case the combination of caffeine products is simply too much. For certain care is advised when taking Thermobol for it’s high caffeine content. Instead we would suggest choosing one of the products and trying this first.
        Let us know if you need further assistance.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

    4. Jane C says:

      I’ve been on these for a month now. For the first 2 weeks I didn’t diet, I just took the tablets as described. I didn’t lose any weight, in fact I put on 2lb. So then I followed a calorie controlled diet at 1250 kcals, I lost 5lb the first week and 2lb the second week which is pretty much what I’d expect from the calorie controlled diet. So, not entirely sure how well these work but I don’t feel too hungry before meals so the appetite suppression ingredient works. I’ll keep taking them as they’re full of good ingredients and I have another 3 months worth. I have 4.5 stone to lose so there’s a fair way to go! Good luck everyone.

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Great feedback Jane. You’re certainly correct, a low calorie diet will definitely be the reason for losing weight. It’s good to have feedback that the appetite suppression lives up to the claims made by this product. Please keep us informed on your progress.
        Diet Pills Watchdog Team

      2. Jo says:

        How did you get on?

    5. Laura says:

      I have been considering diet pills for a while now, but have been really confused by the vast amount on offer, I just read your review on XLS medical and was surprised because although not much is known about it I was drawn because it sounds very scientific. I am considering purchasing the superfruit slim, could you tell me ruffly how much weight I could expect to lose in a month (with a low calorie diet and regular exercise)

      1. Jo says:

        Hi Laura. In my experience I am losing three pounds a week. I am not following a low calorie diet but eat less due to my appetite being suppressed. Due to my arthritis I can’t exercise so my weight loss is purely down to Superfruits Slim. Good luck with your weight loss journey.

        1. Laura says:

          Thanks Jo I’m ordering them now 🙂
          good luck with your weight loss too keep it up

        2. Jo says:

          Any updates on the pills

        3. Connie says:

          Hi Jo
          Congrats on your success. I too have knee arthritis and walking for exercise is not an option at the moment. Also have meds for high bp, so this Superfruit pill will Work with minimal exercise and does it effect the bp?

      2. ellie says:

        Hi, I think putting weight loss aside, the ingredients in Superfruit sound very healthy and there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of side effects – however, I don’t think ‘slimming’ pills are the answer to losing weight. OK, so you lose the desired pounds or stones, great, but what happens when you return to normal eating and your appetite is no longer supressed by these pills?? Long term weight loss involves will power, any food you like but smaller portions as well as fruit and veg.
        Not trying to put people off, but this was advice given to me by my doctor a year ago. I lost two stone and reached my ‘ideal’ weight and have not regained it! It also didnt cost me any extra money either! Anyway, good luck to all you slimmers out there, however you decide to go about it.

        1. Emma says:

          Hi Ellie, congratulations! There is a book I could recommend, if you’re interested. “The Blood sugar solution,10 day detox diet. Dr Mark Hymen’ and the PGX fibre he recommends.

    6. Patricia says:

      Can anyone tell me where I can order these?

    7. Corina says:

      I have received a bottle of Superfruit Slim today. Taken 2 caps during breakfast and halfway having BF was feeling full. It’s too early to report it’s working; as the day go by am feeling wanting to drink water always. Will update on progress positive or negative.

      1. Corina says:

        It’s my day 7 on Superfruit Slim. Lost 1 pound, disappointed yes as am expecting 2 pounds. Appetite suppressant works. Side effects: my lips have tingling sensation especially half hour from taking them. Have been drinking lots of hot water. My coffee and tea beverages is almost non existent. My target is to loose 1 stone. Lots of energy during the day. No problem in sleeping.

    8. Jo says:

      Despite eating and drinking too much on Saturday When I did not take the superfruits I still managed to lose 3lb this week. I’m very impressed and still not hungry. 11lb in four weeks!

    9. Jo says:

      I will continue to update every couple of weeks. My husband persuaded me to not take them on Saturday to see if they really work! I tried and was starving! Ate too much and drank too much! Straight back on them Sunday! They definitely work on suppressing the appetite and I have lots more energy and feel generally healthier. Good luck to everyone

    10. Mark Adams says:

      Great news Jo. I am going to order Superfruit Slim before not too long; I’ve been taking Capsiplex Plus, and am very disappointed (and will leave a comment on the relative page of this site). But it’s my own fault. If I’d known of the existence of the dietpill watchdog beforehand, I would never have ordered Capsiplex.
      I know Superfruit Slim is working for you, but I’d still be interested in updates if you can be bothered providing them. Thanks and best wishes.

    11. Savita says:

      Sorry meant does NOT have these side effects.

    12. Savita says:

      Whenever I take any diet pills I always have two side effects 1 I can’t sleep at night 2 My forehead always feel fuzzy. Just want to know can you suggest any diet pill which does have these kind of side effects.


      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Savita,
        The common cause of most side effects in diet pills is due to the amount of caffeine in them. This supplement is low in caffeine and uses other natural ingredients to give the desired weight loss effects.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

    13. Jo says:

      Hi Mark. Another 2lb this week and considering what I ate and the wine I had last week I would say that’s very impressive. 8lb in 3 weeks is very good for me. It’s so easy no need for calorie counting and never feeling hungry. I dont pile my plate up like I used to. I have changed he way I think about food. I have yoyo dieted for years and always ended up bigger than when I started. Now I can put a sensible portion on my plate and feel satisfied at he end of the meal. I’m sure you will be impressed. As long as your in he right frame of mind to make changes to your lifestyle I’m sure they will work for you. Let me know how you get on.

    14. Jo says:

      To Mark Adams. I have not increased my exercise routine at the moment. I have bags more energy so will start walking half hour a day soon. I have arthritis in both knees and one hip so find it hard to do vigorous exercise. These tablets have suppressed my appetite. I now eat breakfast which I never used to do as they should be taken before breakfast. I do not eat lunch as I don’t feel hungry. I have a healthy evening meal. I have reduced my carb intake and can now do the alternative day fasting which involves having a quarter of my normal food intake (around 500cals) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I could not do this without these tablets reducing my appetite as I have tried to before! I still enjoy a Chinese at the weekends, a Sunday roast and still enjoy red wine at the weekends! So for me they definitely work! Good luck everyone

      1. Mark Adams says:

        Thanks Jo, for taking time to reply.
        You sound very happy with Superfruit Slim, and so far I have read nothing negative about these pills. I think I’ll try them!!
        Please keep us informed as to your weight loss.

    15. Mel says:

      P.s Starting weight. 10 stone 6 lb. height. 5 ft 1 ins. Frame small. See you in a months time. Mel.x

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Thanks for posting Mel, we look forward to hearing your feedback. We wish you the best of luck and stay in touch.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

      2. Shantell says:

        Did it work did not see the post of ur results

    16. Mel says:

      I’m on day two of superfruit slim. I have weighed myself and plan to keep my usual diet and excercise regime. I have two stone to lose, in order to get to my ideal, healthy weight. The reason I don’t intend to change my current diet and excercise plan is because I did this three weeks ago, I am on a sensible eating plan of 1200 cals per day and am power walking for an hour, 5 x a week. I’m steadily losing 2lb a week. I want to trial these slimming pills accurately to see if they have any effect without any calorie decrease or burning off cals with extra excercise. Obviously the less cals and more excercise,the more weight you lose, regardless of taking any pills! Hence I’m not changing anything to see what the true results are. I intend to weigh myself accurately at the same time of day, same clothes, same location in one months time. See you then for the results and here’s hoping this is not just another clever marketing ploy. Lets face it we are big business !!

      1. Rachel says:

        Mel , just wondered if they worked without changing your normal regime.

    17. Alison says:

      after being scammed by Slimtone plus (i did get refunded eventually) i have now ordered superfruits slim, fingers crossed and will update once received and tried.

      1. Steve says:

        I got scammed by Slimtone as well Alison. As a precaution I cancelled my credit card and got a totally new one. Just so they can’t continue to take any recurring payments even after cancelling.

        1. Sara says:

          I jus read about keytones I got the trail few wks ago paid with my credit card really really worried now need too ring credit card company tomorrow c if I ad money taken as well.. If so how wud I able to contact them get my refund???

          1. Watchdog Team says:

            Hi Sara,

            Its worth bearing in mind that not every supplement that has raspberry ketones in automatically charge your credit card if that is what you are worried about. This company only charge you for whats purchased and should be clear on this companies website or any other website that sells similar products.

            Let us know if you have a problem though.


            Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    18. Rebecca says:

      Hi, I’ve been taking raspberry Kenton plus for 30 days now I’m also on a low calorie diet . I have not lost 1single pound in the whole month . Should I try the superfruit .?

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Rebecca,
        It’s unfortunate that you haven’t gotten results with the Raspberry Ketone Plus product.
        Superfruit Slim does contain higher and more potent amounts of the superfruits compared to any other similar product. Feedback has been good from a few consumers suggesting it does indeed work.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

      2. Nicole Galbraith says:

        That exact same thing happened to me, although it stopped my cravings i found i didnt loose anything but am willing to try these maybe?

    19. dawn says:

      Could I take superfruit with the lighterlite programme.

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Dawn,
        You should be able to take this supplement alongside any healthy eating programme. We have contacted the merchant but if in doubt we would suggest getting in touch with the merchant directly.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

      2. Sam says:

        Hi, I saw your note about lighter life. I did that program about 5 years ago and lost 30lbs in 10 weeks. But boy! Did I suffer in the end. My hair fell out and my metabolism was all over the place when I went back to normal eating. It took me 2 years to regulate myself and get my hair back to normal. Don’t do it!

        1. Ali T says:

          I also did Lighter Life 6 years ago and lost 4 stone in 5 months. It was 2 years before i was back to the same weight I’d started at because the counselling sessions didn’t really give advice on maintaining my diet as I was diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder. I would NOT recommend it to anyone.

    20. Jo says:

      I have now been taking superfruits slim for 13 days and weighed myself for the first time. I was amazed to see I have lost 6lb! I am really pleased with this. The tablets have clearly suppressed my appetite as I no longer pick between meals. I just do not feel hungry. They definitely help me to eat more sensibly. I can highly recommend them.

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        That’s great news Jo. We like to hear success stories like this… well done. Keep up the good work.

      2. Mark Adams says:

        That’s fantastic Jo; I was waiting to hear how you were getting on. Are you exercising a lot (or more ) as well? I’m seriously thinking of trying Superfruit Slim (if I can find it here in Italy), Keep us informed of your progress!!

    21. Jo says:

      I started superfruit s slim 6 days ago. I have not weighed yet as I am away from home. I am sure I have lost a few pounds though and have bags more energy. I will weigh myself next week and post the results on this site. I shared my four month order with my daughter and in 6 days she has lost 6 pounds! I am looking forward to my weigh in next Wednesday

      1. Shilah says:

        Hey Jo, I was wondering how old is your daughter? My 15 1/2 year old is driving me crazy to get her some diet pills. She wants the Phytodren but I found the watchdog review and that led me here…I have emphasized I don’t feel comfortable getting her diet pills but she won’t let up…I’ve been in her shoes…You know a teenage girl wanting to lose weight and feel better about herself…Obviously for health reasons too…What are your takes on someone under 18 taking them…I mean the ingredients don’t sound like they would be harmful but IDK…Looking for another mothers opinion. THANKS

        1. Watchdog Staff says:

          Hi Shilah,
          We would strongly advise against anyone under 18 years of age taking ANY dietary supplement unless taken under medical supervision. All the diet pills we have reviewed to date have these manufacturer guidelines.
          Kind regards,
          Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    22. Ali says:

      I take grenade thermo detanator tablets which contain
      Per 2 caps: Green Tea 500mg, Bitter Orange Powder 420mg, Caffeine 225mg, Cayenne 200mg, Phenylalanine 25mg, Green Coffee 10mg

      Can I take the superslim along with it?

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Ali,
        We would be concerned with the amount of caffeine consumed if you took both products.
        Although we haven’t reviewed Grenade yet, we are aware of the product and know it has a fairly strong caffeine content.
        Whilst there isn’t much caffeine in Superfruit Slim (equivalent to around a strong cup of coffee), we would exercise caution if attempting to take multiple diet pills at the same time.
        Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    23. Denise says:

      Will. These work for people with an underactive thyroid on Thyroxid medication

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Denise,
        Thanks for your question, unfortunately this is one for your health professional or local GP to answer. We simply cannot give medical advice, speaking to your medical physician is best as they know your full medical history.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

    24. Jo says:

      I ordered these pills yesterday. I have also emailed the site to discuss the product with Andy. My pills will arrive today or tomorrow and I can’t wait to try them. If they work for me I will be straight back on this site to write another review. I have to say when I contacted the site via email I was told I would get a reply within 24 hours. I was amazed to get a reply within minutes. If the service continues to be this good and the product lives up to its reputation I will be a very happy lady. Thanks Andy

      1. Moka Blu says:

        Hi, Jo. Are the pills working for you since you last reported on January 3rd? If so, how much weight have you lost?

    25. Abigail says:

      After trying quite a few different slimming aids in the past I am pleasantly surprised by these ones so far. As per previous comment, it is still early days but the scales definitely seem to be going in the right direction. And now the new year parties are out of the way I’m hoping I can put a bit more effort into the exercise and healthy eating to see even better results.

    26. a.harvey says:

      are these pills suitable for vegetarians?

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        We have been informed by the merchant that the capsules are made from gelatin (bovine source) and so won’t be suitable for vegetarians.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

    27. tracy says:

      can you take these with phenacol

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Tracy,
        Did you mean Phenocal? If so, we have reviewed this product and unfortunately had to reject it for a number of reasons. By all means check out our review and get back to us if you need further assistance.
        Diet Pills Watchdog

    28. Leanna Jones says:

      I have been taking these for a few days and can report no side effects. Only lost a pound so far but am hopeful as its early days. How much weight should I expect to lose?

    29. Munira says:

      Wondering why they don’t ship to Kuwait!!!

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Good question Munira. We will get in touch with the merchant and ask. May be worth getting in contact with them as well to ask why and if you can have Superfruit Slim shipped to Kuwait.
        Kind regards,
        Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    30. Hanna says:

      Just ordered and really hope this works for me. Not said here so use the 10% code on the site until new year.

      1. Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Hanna,
        Thanks for bringing the discount code to everyones attention. It seems that they are offering a code at the checkout which we had not previously seen.
        If you put in NEWYEAR10 then you get the 10% discount. No idea how long it will last, but we guess it will be into 2013.

        Thanks again 🙂

        Watchdog Team

        1. melanie williams says:

          Just ordered a bottle to try, there is nowhere to put the discount code so I think it can be assumed that the discount has ended.

          1. Watchdog Staff says:

            Hi Melanie,
            We believe the discount code was only up to the 1st January 2013. As far as we know there is no other discount currently available.
            Diet Pills Watchdog

          2. patriciaflynn says:

            hello just would love to know how you got on . I am so fed up trying to loose weight

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