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Was taken by the flashy ad & bit the bullet. Received the bottles next day, #2 called Pure Cleanse which is simply a laxative. In fact I showed the products to my Pharmacist, she allowed all of the ingredients were forms of holistic herbal laxatives. Checked in at RBC to find charges already applied to my Visa for $288.00
for which I would be responsible. On a call to the number listed on the Visa I had, which showed the Postage Charges for the delivery of the bottles, I talked to a nearly unintelligible voice who had a set reply for any and all complaints, but seemingly no concern for detail. In the end, the charges were not reversed but ‘discounted’, those on the upcoming bill that I had vetted at the RBC, which showed a new total of $144.54. These being the bottles that were advertised as ‘FREE’, just pay P&H. In the bag when delivered was a ‘Thank You’ note, with no mention of continuing charges, but one afterthought line “and your ongoing subscription”, don’t have the exact copy at hand. No mention however of a 15 day limit to cancel. That was the one thing the voice on the phone reiterated. But of course, the billing for the order would arrive after the time limit. Clever. Nevertheless, the semi-reversal was some respite. Have now researched Consumer Protection Act & Truth in Advertising & will present those findings on my next call. Primarily, anything over $50 requires a contract IN WRITING to be legal. Since the vendors don’t in fact show anything but a PO box address, I suspect sifting through the layer of ‘cover’ will be difficult. But, though the return addresses mentioned on both products are in Canada, the billing & payment is in US funds. This would lead me to wonder if any charges, fraud etc. would be handled by a complaint issued through the RCMP, International Trade Laws.
Any suggestions, added info, or result history would be of help and much appreciated. Suspect the cost may be prohibitive in the long run, which the vendor may depend on to limit their liability or escaping charges altogether. Your opinion? DLMcM

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1 comment on “SUPREME GARCINIA CAMBOGIA complaint”

  1. L. Domsky says:

    I too have been taken in by this product. BEWARE!!! You will not get your money back!!
    You must cancel and get confirmation number to provide your credit card company for them to dispute any future billings! The fraud department told me “nothing is free” especially by these companies!!! Just DON’T do it. Lesson learned!!!!

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