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Sveltox weight lost program

They said with no obligation and entirely at your own risk. I want to try DR. JERSEY’S SVELTOX, the all new Weight Lose Secret of Hollywood’s Top Stars. It will make me loss at least 3.7 lbser day naturally, without ever gaining back an ounce. Plus I can EAT AND DRINK AS MUCH AS I LIKE. There are no restrictions and Ero exercise involved. 1YEAR GUARANTEE CONTRACT.
I wrote a check on 3-19-14, ck#7198. I called the bank and the check was cashed 4-3-14. I have not been sent any product and at this point I don’t want the product. I just want my $127.90 back. My problem is I cannot find an E-MAIL address, phone # or anything for this company. I placed my order over the phone so I’m screwed I guess. You are all I can find, could you please help me if at all possible. Thank you for your help in advance.

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70 comments on “Sveltox weight lost program”

  1. Kay Jones says:

    I ordered the product August 27, 2016 and have not heard from SVELTOX. I want them to refund $67.90 right now. The phone number I am calling only keeps playing music and no one ever answers. I hope all of us can find the solution to getting our money back, because they promised to refund if you had a problem with the product. Still never received the product.

  2. Vanessa says:

    They received payment of $97.90 on Jan 7 2016 and I have not received product, how do I get my refund?

  3. Myra Zidzik says:

    I ordered the patches and gained weight. I called this morning ( 5/11/15 after trying every number I could fine). Was told the computer would not issue a RA but she would make a note of that and offered me a 50 percent off to keep them. I refused and wanted my refund. She agreed and promised a refund. I’ll just wait and see!!
    I ordered 2 packs for a total of $59.95

  4. P. Baker says:

    I ordered it in June 2014, received it in July 2014, didn’t work, sent it back in August 2014, was supposed to have received refund no later than first of September 2014, called them like twice a month, here it is April 2015 still no refund. now they evidently have blocked my number, changed numbers, or something, for when I call the phone rings about 4 times then goes to busy signal(2 different numbers- Cust. Ser.1-888-627-1774; NO. I ordered from-1-877-358-3447). I have a tracking no. I gave them every time. Had a family member try the numbers, they did the same thing with them, didn’t work.

  5. Marsha says:

    I had ordered this product and it didn’t work for me so I sent it back with another 3 months patches .requesting that I’m getting all my money back from day one and haven’t heard from them and now I’m being charged on my credit card every 3 months and I can’t get it stopped no phone number. I did get a hold of them in august talked to a girl and she said she cancelled my order. What’s up !

  6. Sylvia says:

    I order the patches on 4-3-14 I got order in about 2 weeks I did not loss 1 pound they told me to keep using it But I did send it back to them and they signed for it on 6-9-14 every week they tell me it will be in my mail box in a week and it never comes I called today again and I wanted to talk to a Supervisor and they said I could not My husband said that I will never see my money of $89.95 I’m starting to believe him I will never believe again 100% satisfaction again I want my money I have waited long enough get it together and send me my money back I sent them $97.90 for the patches & shipping & handling And I know that I only should get back $89.90 but as long as I had to wait for my money they should have to pay late fees to all of us that are waiting so long

  7. Sylvia Mogensen says:

    Tried these patches didn’t work kept calling the phone number on trail coupon out of order. then tried this phone number 1-888-627-1774 for customer service and talked to Elsa was very nice and helpful gave information and told her I must sent to wrong address and she yes you did and she gave me the correct one at 2140 Hall Johnson Road Suite 102-354
    Grapevine, TX 76051 I made copies of everything so I could have prove of everything but sent it to the wrong address now I have the right information. Her Supervisor is suppose to call me Monday……

  8. Jo says:

    By reading many of the comments above–it sounds like we were all given different hokey instructions.& no $$ back. Don’t know about reporting to the Attorney General but I’m reporting to BBB as everyone else should. If there are enough complaints/reports maybe something good will come out of this. Good luck to all of us.

  9. Joanne says:

    Well, guess what. Like many of you I ordered this product stupidly thinking it might really work. I called 800-961-8961 like many of you did. I spoke to Eric & ordered it on 4/8/14 a 6 mos. supply for $119.95. After about 2 wks I had not rec’d it, so I called,the same #,don’t remember who I spoke to but she said shipments were running behind. A few days later on 4/29 I rec’d a small brown envelope with 6 packets of patches, no invoice/statement/directions-nothing. I figured that would probably come in the mail,which it did not. I started using one patch a day & noticed that there were only 20 patches, so I again called the same # .spoke to A.J. stating I’d not lost any weight & I’d not rec’d any instructions etc. He apologized, said he’d send me the instructions, said there were only 20 patches because you should use the patch 3 days on, 1 day off which he encouraged me to try. He also said there was a 30 guarantee which I was close to. I told him I saw in the ad that the way I understood it that there was a 1yr guarantee & he said that must be a new promo. On 6/20 I spoke to a rude lady named Dawn, I said I wanted to return the product because I’d not lost any weight and she stated I’d past the 30 days. I explained bout the 1yr. that I’d read and she stated that there was nothing she could do. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said no one was available & that I should write a letter & gave me an address to return it to. I did so & rec’d a signed return receipt on 6/30. As of today still no credit on my MC. I called 800-96!-8961 & it does not wring. I called 877-358-3447 that I saw above and they referred me to the correct customer service # 888-627-1774. Spoke to Crystal who said she’ never heard of the address that I was told to send it to–same as the lady above-180 Brighton Rd. Clifton, N.J. 07012. So bottom line this is nothing but a big run around & scam. I just turned 70,on social security only & can not afford to throw away $119.95. Guess I should know better. However, we can not let these people get away with steeling our money. Ladies–all of you report them to the BBB. Maybe we should call Joel Grover on NBC HE LOOKS INTO ALL KINDS OF SCAMS>

  10. Pat says:

    I started using the product 2-20-14. I actually gained 7 lbs in 3 weeks. Returned the product on 3-18-14, still waiting for refund. Last time I spoke to someone was on 7-21-14, now today phone numbers are not in service. I’m waiting for a refund of $ 119.95. I will keep pursuing this till I get my money. I will never order anything like this again. I have tried about a dozen different products and nothing works like they say it will.

  11. Carolyn says:

    It is a scam no phone number no decent address and no refund of your money turned over to attorney general of PA

    1. Carla Johnson says:

      Yep. Phone numbers are not in service. Glad I didn’t buy. Sorry for you guys that did.

  12. Brenda says:

    I have been on the patch for 2 days now, and I feel like shit. The headaches are so bad, has anyone had problems, or not feeling well?

    1. Carolyn says:

      No but you will not get your money back

  13. Jeanne Treece says:

    Thanks for all the information, it kept me from ordering and what sounds like allot of frustration.

  14. Rich Garcia says:

    I am an Investigator looking into this weight loss scam. My first Google search determined this product is a scam by just reading your posts. The addresses listed in Texas and ME are for a UPS store and a Post Office Box (First clue this is not a legitimate company). I could not find a Dr. Jersey listed who would match the guy they use in their advertisement. The Clifton New Jersey address might be where they came up with the “Dr. Jersey” and the address at 180 Brighton Rd., NJ is called “Jerry Lake Mailing Service”. Sveltox has no business address (so where are they? I hope I can find out.)
    My message to anyone trying to lose weight is to see your DOCTOR.
    Diet pills and patches advertising quick weight loss are for the most part scams.

    1. Richard says:

      Any recent info on finding Sveltox scammers Rich? Please send me email if any. thanks.

  15. Ed says:

    I received two mailers from Sveltox. One with a return address of P.O. Box 6803, Scarborough, ME 04070 and the other from 2140 Hall Johnson Rd. Ste 102-354, Grapevine, TX 76051!!!! Why the two different addresses? sounds fishy to me. Same literature in both mailings with the same unbelievable claims. Glad to read about the dissatisfied users. I will not be ordering. Here are the two phone numbers for those trying to get money back. (800) 961-8961 in Maine and (877) 358-3447 in Texas. Good LUCK.

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