T5 Fat Burner Patch

Updated May 8, 2019.
Published Sep 9, 2014.

The T5 Fat Burner Patch is marketed by Biogen Health Science, a UK company who specialise in T5 products. As well as the patch, you can buy fat burner capsules and a serum, and use these products in combination. The problem is that none of the ingredients are proven fat burners. Another problem is that even if they were, there is no evidence that they can work by being absorbed through the skin. The only positive about this product is that it is unlikely to cause side effects, but as this is because your body won’t actually absorb the ingredients, it hardly seems like a plus at all.


  • We can’t think of any!


  • Patch ingredients don’t seem relevant to weight loss
  • Unproven ingredients for use via a patch
  • May cause skin irritation or other side effects
T5 Fat Burner Patch
T5 Fat Burner Patch delivers 12 hours of fat burning support via magnetic technology through the skin. Sounds intriguing, but what does this really mean?

We take a look at the T5 Fat Burner Patch to find out more.

T5 Fat Burner Patch Overview

What you need to know about T5 Fat Burner Patch

T5 Fat Burner contains some pretty wacky ingredients, but we can’t see much here that will really promote weight loss, even if you took them in capsule form. However, the Goji berry is rich in antioxidants, is good for health and may help increase the metabolism, but it is unknown whether these benefits can be delivered through the skin.

In addition, it is important to remember that just because a plant extract may be natural it doesn’t mean it is safe. Plus, some of these ingredients are known to be toxic. Most are untried and untested when it comes to safety. Some, such as Elaterin, have well documented side effects.

Taking medication or health supplements transdermally (through your skin) is not always feasible either. The skin provides a very effective barrier and only medications whose molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin can be delivered by this method. Nicotine and some vitamins and minerals fall into this category, but it does not work for everything.

With the lack of clinical evidence for many of these obscure herbal ingredients, it is unlikely that applying them to your skin will affect anything other than your skin and the area around the patch. The so-called nano magnets appear to be pure invention. You will not magnetise your excess fat away by so-called fat magnets.

What are the side effects of T5 Fat Burner Patch?

The main side effects will be a risk of skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

How much does T5 Fat Burner Patch cost?

A packet of 28 patches – one month’s supply (28 days) – costs £18.49.

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T5 Fat Burner Patch Key Features

T5 Fat Burner Patch is a weight loss patch that you simply stick to your skin and forget about for 12 hours. According to the product information you can use it at night as well as day because the patch does not contain any caffeine so will not keep you awake.

Taking supplements transdermally, or through the skin, can be an effective method of delivery for some medication although it does not work for everything. Thousands of people have given up smoking via a nicotine patch so it seems to make sense that perhaps ingredients that help support weight loss can be delivered in the same way.

However, the T5 Fat Burner Patch product description and explanation is weird to say the least and not very easy to understand.

According to Biogen the patch employs new nano magnet technology which means;

the magnetic waves emitted from the T5 fat burner patch produces a similar effect to acupuncture treatment – speeding up the conduction of electromagnetic signals within the body.

Apparently, this increases the flow of endorphins, which are naturally produced by the pituitary gland during exercise.

T5 Fat Burner Patch Key Points

  • Marketed by Biogen a UK based company
  • Company address does not match the picture of the head office posted on the website
  • Each packet contains 28 patches – 28 day supply

So, the T5 Fat Burner Patch contains magnets? The ingredients list tells a different story.

According to the product information, the patches do not contain magnets but herbal ingredients including Elaterin; Honeysuckle; Aloe and Fiveleaf. None of these ingredients have magnetic abilities. In addition, it seems unlikely they will do much for weight loss and many of them seem dangerous.

How to Take T5 Fat Burner Patch

  1. Clean the skin around the area of administration.
  2. Open the package and remove the clinical backing of the Fat Burner Patch.
  3. Apply the patch to the skin.
  4. Wear the patch for 12 hours.
  5. Remove the patch after use and dispose of.

Biogen is a UK based company that at first glance seem to have all the right credentials including a fancy building as their head office. The company posts a picture of this on their website but sadly, it is simply a stock photo, which is used by countless other companies across the world including a drainage business in Canada.

However, the address is provided:

Biogen Health Science Beautiful Body Limited
First Floor Venture House,
6 Silver Court, Watchmead,
Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

We looked into this and found it was operated by a business hosting service, which enables small businesses to benefit from 24 hours answering service and share facilities. Biogen are certainly not manufacturing supplements from this address.

This confusion makes Biogen Health Science a lot less impressive looking than their website image implies!

T5 Fat Burner Patch Concerns:

  • If any of these ingredients DO work through the skin, there could be unpleasant side effects
  • Why did this company claim to be using nano magnetic technology?
  • No independent feedback. Has anyone actually tried using this weight loss patch?

Biogen specialise in fat burning products. Their most well known supplement is the T5 Fat Burning Capsule – a fat burner that contains synephrine, caffeine and Phenylethylamine (PEA). In addition, you can buy T5 Serum “an extreme fat burning agent” with exotic ingredients including Capsicum extract and Guarana. You can also buy bundles of the three products and use them in combination.

What does T5 Fat Burner Patch claim to do?

Biogen say that,

Many scientific studies have conclusively shown that magnetic technology has a positive effect on the body’s natural detoxification process.

They go on to state…

In testing, nano-magnetic technology has been recognised to have immediate and positive changes to the blood chemistry when nano-magnetic technology is applied to the navel, including energising the liver.

At this point, we felt we had entered into some kind of parallel universe. Nano magnetic technology? Energising the liver?

We could not find any record to this clinical testing regarding a weight loss patch. There is investigation into nano technology for wound dressings but this does not yet appear to be mainstream.

According to the product information the patch:

  • Controls excess appetite
  • Elevated metabolic rates
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Combats fatigue
  • The ideal accompaniment to all Biogen Health Science weight management supplements for unrivalled results!

Does T5 Fat Burner Patch work?

No it does not work. Most of the herbal ingredients do not have any application for losing weight and we have no evidence that any of them are suitable for use with a patch anyway. This patch does not employ nano magnet technology. It is all pure invention. At best this supplement will be ineffective.

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T5 Fat Burner Patch Ingredients

T5 Fat Burner Patch is a weight loss patch that you wear on your skin for 12 hours. It contains a blend of herbal ingredients. We can find no reference in the product information to nano magnets.

  • Elaterin: Plant extract derived from the Elaterium known as the squirting cucumber, which grows in the Mediterranean area. The fruit of this plant is toxic. It was believed to induce abortions and is sometimes used as a herbal medicine for sinusitis in Turkey where this plant grows. Apparently, you squirt it up your nose. No relevance to weight loss and it looks dangerous.
  • Honeysuckle: This popular garden plant is sometimes used topically in herbal medicine for skin irritations. However, it can cause an allergic rash in some people. No relevance to weight loss.
  • Aloe: This is well known as a topical skin treatment for psoriasis and may help reduce inflammation of rashes and cold sores. No evidence it will do anything at all for weight loss.
  • Fiveleaf: Creeping plant that was used in the Middle Ages for ailments and magic spells! According to research, in an old recipe called ‘Witches’ Ointment’ the juice of Five-leaf Grass, smallage and wolfsbane is mixed with the fat of children dug up from their graves and added to fine wheat flour…not sure this grisly concoction will help with weight loss!
  • Gynostemma Herb: This is also known as Southern ginseng. Gynostemma contains substances that may reduce cholesterol but there is no evidence that this ingredient will work via a skin patch. It comes with some potentially dangerous side effects too including causing birth defects and slowing blood clotting. Will it have these effects through the skin? This has not been studied.
  • Semen Cassiae Torae: Cassia seed as it is also known. This plant is used in Chinese medicine and promotes Yin. We do not know whether it does this by suppressing Yan. If you believe in Chinese medicine you would do better visiting a specialist practitioner.
  • Folium Nelumbinis: Also known as lotus leaf. No clinical evidence surrounding uses , safety and interactions.
  • Ginseng: There are different varieties of Ginseng and the product information does not make this clear. However, Panax Ginseng – the Chinese variety – is known as an adaptogen meaning it offers a general boost to health and well-being. Used topically it may help delay premature ejaculation and is a common ingredient in creams for this condition. There is no evidence that it will work through the skin.
  • Barbary: Not sure about this ingredient. Could be a plant extract derived from the fruit of the European Barberry which is believed to be effective for kidney problems and urinary tract disorders. Lacks evidence of efficacy even when taken orally.
  • Wolfberry Extract: Also known as Goji berry. This natural fruit is rich in antioxidants and has been labelled a superfruit. No evidence it will do anything when applied to the skin.

T5 Fat Burner Patch Side Effects

The T5 Fat Burner Patch may have side effects. It is possible that some of these ingredient molecules may be small enough to pass through the skin but there is no information that shows they have ever been tested for this application. It is highly possible that this information is totally unknown. More likely, you may experience skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

We were unable to find any independent feedback from anyone who had actually tried this patch.


Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding and do not take if you are trying to conceive. Some of the ingredients are known to cause abortion or birth defects. Some of the ingredients may cause drug interactions, that is if your body can actually absorb them. This weight loss patch seems completely untried and untested so we would not recommend anyone to try it.

T5 Fat Burner Patch Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any independent reviews for this supplement.

T5 Fat Burner Patch Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee on offer.

Where To Buy T5 Fat Burner Patch

You can buy T5 Fat Burner Patch direct from the Biogen website. A packet of 28 patches or one month’s supply (28 days) costs £18.49.

You can make savings on larger orders:

For example, two boxes of 28 patches costs £33. 28 (save 10%)
Buy 3 for £15.72 each and save 15% (£47.16)
Buy 4 for £14.77 each and save 20% (£59.08)
Buy 6 for £12.94 each and save 30% (£77.64)

Shipping is free to UK addresses. If you wish to buy T5 Fat Burner Patch from outside the UK, you will need to contact Biogen for their shipping information.

You can also buy T5 Fat Burner Patch via Amazon, 1 month’s supply of 28 patches costs £15.99 and includes free UK delivery.

Watchdog Verdict

We don’t usually come out and say it so bluntly but this weight loss patch looks pretty bad. None of the ingredients seem to have any application for weight loss and many of them come with the risk of side effects. That is, they would cause side effects if they were absorbed by your body but there is simply no evidence to prove that they are suitable for use via a patch.

Biogen also claim to be using something they describe as nano magnetic technology, which sounds fairly futuristic and exceedingly unlikely. This technology is in the early stage of development for cancer care and wound healing but is certainly not available to the supplements industry.

We would not recommend anyone to try this patch. It will not help you lose weight and there is a risk of unknown effects. We certainly would not try it ourselves so it is an easy decision.

We reject Biogen T5 Fat Burner Patch.

How does T5 Fat Burner Patch compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaT5 Fat Burner Patch ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. None of the ingredients mentioned are known to be poisonous. I have tried these patches recently and believe me they work! In fact they are quite unbelievable! Certainly the best thing I’ve ever found.

    TRY IT!

    You will not be disappointed!

  2. just started using these last night, there is a mild cooling burn feel, but i suggest you put it above the navel because it was too much on my actual belly button area, i’m also using other products from them as these patches came with the products, but i can say they have a magnet, a used patch sticks to the fridge, and the slide test showed it was a magnet and not just sticky (slides easy and doesn’t fall, no lateral restriction) but ya, other than a mildly pleasant smell and a wakening burning cooling feeling, i can’t say for sure that there is any merit to it, lost 4 pounds in the last 20 hours though, so that’s a thing (other things at play there, slimfast diet and avoiding food as much as i can, and mild exercise on the treadmill of less than 10 minutes running walking combined)

  3. If i apply the patch to where they say around the naval as i am a hairy man do i have to shave there as well before i put the patch on?

  4. I totally disagree with this article, my friends and I who all attend slimming world noticed dramatically increased weight loss results right after introducing these patches to our daily routine.

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