T5 Rapid Fat Burner

Updated May 8, 2019.
Published Jan 9, 2017.

T5 fat burners pretty much all used to contain ephedra, but most have now removed this ingredient as it was known to be dangerous and has been made illegal in various countries. T5 Rapid Fat Burner follows the rules by not containing ephedra, but it does contain citrus aurantium, which contains synephrine – another potentially dangerous ingredient. The amount used, however, is quite small, so there may not be much of a danger. On the flip side, it means the product may not be as strong as at seems either.


  • Good customer reviews
  • Uses clinically proven metabolism boosting ingredients


  • May not be as strong as the name suggests
  • No scientific studies of actual product
  • No money-back guarantee
T5 Rapid Fat Burner
There are many different T5 Fat Burner diet pills available on the market, all of which have a variety of different ingredients. Many have been reformulated to remove ephedrine, making them not only legal formulations, but safer as well. Slim Zest have their own T5 Rapid Fat Burner.

We take a look to see if this is a good option for boosting weight loss.

T5 Rapid Fat Burner Overview

What you need to know about T5 Rapid Fat Burner

Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner talks about how its product works by dividing it into two sections, mind and body, before going through the uses of each ingredient.

Essentially, stimulant based ingredients, caffeine and citrus aurantium, as well as green tea, increase the body’s metabolic rate. Many of the different ingredients included in this diet pill are known to interact with each other, increasing their potency. This makes the product stronger despite having smaller quantities of some ingredients.

The quantity of citrus aurantium seems to be quite low, and this will reduce the chances of side effects occurring, but may also reduce the effectiveness of the product itself. It would be better if the ingredients list revealed that quantity of synephrine present within the citrus aurantium, as it would be easier to tell how strong the product is.

As well as including metabolism boosting and fat burning ingredients, the product also uses ingredients that are associated with improving mood, mental performance and boosting energy levels and focus. If effective, this can help with dieting, as strict diets can feel draining emotionally, especially if the food is disliked.

What are the side effects of T5 Rapid Fat Burner?

Rapid Fat Burner contains a significant amount of caffeine, as well as narigin and a small amount of citrus aurantium. All of these ingredients are known to interact, increasing the chances of side effects occurring. For a full list, please see the Side Effects section below.

How much does T5 Rapid Fat Burner cost?

Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner can be purchased from the official website, Here a bottle of 120 capsules costs £45.00, or a bottle of 60 capsules costs £30.00.

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T5 Rapid Fat Burner Key Features

This T5 Fat Burner is manufactured by a company called Slim Zest, who are based in the UK. It appears that all of their products are manufactured in the UK, which minimizes costs compared to importing the product.

T5 Rapid Fat Burner Key Points

  • Manufactured by Slim Zest
  • 2 bottle sizes-120 capsules or 60 capsules
  • Metabolism boosting fat burner

Fat Burners are best used by people who are busy and want a boost to their metabolism, as well as a boost in energy from the stimulant ingredients. All diet pills are more effective when combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Even though this product is described as a rapid fat burner, customers can expect increased weight loss but not miracle results.

How to Take T5 Rapid Fat Burner

The directions for use are to initially take one capsule per day. If required, and no side effects are felt, this dose can be increased to 2 capsules in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The instructions on the bottle also recommend avoiding use after 3pm if the product interrupts sleeping patterns.

Slim Zest are based in the UK, and provide an actual address for returns, rather than the PO Box addresses that many companies are fond of using. Whilst it appears that they do not have a contact phone number available, the website offers both an email address and a contact form.

T5 Rapid Fat Burner Concerns:

  • No money-back guarantee offered
  • May not be as strong as name suggests
  • Not suitable for those with high blood pressure

Slim Zest can also be contacted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What does T5 Rapid Fat Burner claim to do?

The official website describes Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner as having the following properties:

  • Max Strength Fat Burn Formula
  • Instant Long-Lasting Energy Super Charge
  • Enhance Your Mental Focus

The website also offers the following product description:

Achieving your fitness goals is as much to do with your mind as your body and if you really want to achieve your goals fast you need to make sure that you pay adequate attention to both. Slimzest Rapid Fat Burner contains both physical and mental boosting ingredients making it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to see Rapid results.

Does T5 Rapid Fat Burner work?

It appears from the comments and the ingredients profile that Slim Zest’s T5 rapid fat burner does indeed burn fat and aid weight loss. However, it does not seem to be as strong as the name suggests, and so perhaps calling it a ‘rapid’ fat burner is a bit misleading. This could explain the customer review above where they found the product disappointing despite losing weight whilst using it.

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T5 Rapid Fat Burner Ingredients

Each T5 Rapid Fat Burner capsule contains the following ingredients:

  • L-Tyrosine (200mg): An amino acid that is a building block of protein, this ingredient is found naturally in many foods including meat and dairy products. Some people use it as an appetite suppressant, but there is little evidence that it is effective for this use. Large doses of tyrosine may be useful for increasing alertness, especially in people who are sleep deprived.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous Pure (180mg): Numerous studies have shown that caffeine boosts energy levels and alertness, as well as mildly boosting the metabolism, causing a small increase in the number of calories used by the body. The effects shown in studies are small, and some studies are inconclusive.
  • Narigin 99.5% (50mg): A compound found in grapefruits that accounts for its bitter taste, it is known to extend the amount of time that caffeine remains in the body. This would make the effects of caffeine also last longer, potentially making the ingredients of Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner more potent. Research also suggests that Naringin enhances lipid (fat) metabolism in the body, which again could have positive implications for dieters.
  • L-Tryptophan (35mg): This is an essential amino acid which is a building block of protein. It is used for improving athletic performance, as well as to treat insomnia, depression and anxiety. It can also reduce mood swings when taken in larger doses in women who have premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
  • Citrus Aurantium Whole Fruit (30mg): Also known as Bitter Orange, this ingredient contains synephrine. A review of numerous studies concluded that use of synephrine resulted in an increase to the participants resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure, and moderate weight loss was seen in studies lasting over 6 weeks. However, there are some concerns about its safety being under-researched and the numerous side effects that have been associated with it.
  • Green Tea extract 99% (30mg): Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins and caffeine both increase energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism temporarily. However, the metabolic increase caused by green tea is limited. One study found that the use of green tea was not enough to counteract weight gain following a very low calorie diet.
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) (1.4mg): This vitamin has several important functions including allowing the body to use and store energy from proteins and carbohydrates in food. It can be found in a wide range of foods, including meat and vegetables, and so it is possible to get enough from a balanced daily diet, without the need to supplement.

T5 Rapid Fat Burner Side Effects

Any diet pill can cause side effects, and many do. Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner contains a significant amount of caffeine, as well as narigin and a small amount of citrus aurantium. All of these ingredients are known to interact, increasing the chances of side effects occurring.

Narigin increases the amount of time that caffeine remains in the body for, which means that this product affects the body’s metabolic rate for longer.

The high caffeine content is quite likely to produce side effects, especially if dieters are also consuming caffeine from other sources throughout the day. Side effects from consuming excess caffeine include jitteriness, increased urination, dehydration, headaches, disrupted sleep patterns, increased blood pressure and insomnia. For people who regularly consume large amounts of caffeine, mild addiction can occur, with persistent headaches being the main withdrawal symptom.

Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner also contains another stimulant, synephrine. Some studies suggest that synephrine can increase blood pressure, and that this effect is stronger when combined with caffeine. It can also cause headaches, light-headedness and can increase the chances of cardiac problems in people who already have high blood pressure. There have been cases of stroke and heart attack in people who were healthy, and the Mayo Clinic has recommended avoiding the use of citrus aurantium, because they feel the risk of serious side effects outweighs any potential weight loss.


Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you are at risk of, or are being treated for, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease. Not suitable for those under the age of 18, or those who are sensitive to stimulants, including caffeine.

T5 Rapid Fat Burner Customer Feedback

The official Slim Zest Website does have a customer reviews section. Because the reviews here have all been published within the past few months, it is possible that the product is fairly new.

Some of the customers are very happy with the product, but do not provide details of how much weight, if any, that they lost, or over what time frame.

Really good on my second bottle of this now absolutely love it. Thanks.

Very good has definitely helped me to lose weight will continue to use until I reach my 10 % body fat goal. Thanks.

Very good impressed with this product thanks.

Only one of the 5 star reviews provides any specific details about the effects of the product:

Fantastic really fast delivery, used the product for 2 weeks now and lost over 6lbs have massive energy levels and feel great!!!

There is one customer who posted a follow-up review a few weeks after his initial review. Despite losing weight consistently, he did not believe it was due to the diet pill:

Been on them now a week, Not really noticing anything in terms of additional energy yet somehow lost 5 lbs in a week with no exercise and a balanced diet. First time on these pills but unsure if its the pills or the balance diet that has made me drop 5 lbs. only time will tell.

Whilst this initial post seems positive, the customer goes on to explain why he will not be repurchasing this particular diet pill.

5 weeks in and after a healthy diet and 2/3 days a week cardio im losing an average of 2 lbs a week. in 5 weeks i have lost 9 lbs. Unfortunately for me i wont be ordering these pills again as i don’t feel they have done anything for me. No energy and £50.00 short. If they work for you. Well done in finding your pill.

People who regularly drink caffeine and then use a caffeine based diet pill may not feel much difference to perceived energy levels, as they are already used to consuming significant amounts of caffeine. However, a diet pill contains far fewer calories than a Latte or an energy drink, and yet still boosts the metabolism.

The smaller bottle size of Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner has one review, which is the most detailed one we could find:

I purchased this size as I wanted to try it out but after using this I have bought the larger sized bottle as these tabs are amazing! I take them just before I go to work and then before I go to the gym after work. I can smash a hard session which normally I struggle with after work but they don’t keep me awake at night like others I’ve tried. it’s also worth noting they don’t give me a bad stomach like others I have tried so full marks for these bad boys!

T5 Rapid Fat Burner Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee offered for Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner, although the manufacturer does have a 30-day returns period for unopened bottles.

Where To Buy T5 Rapid Fat Burner

Slim Zest T5 Rapid Fat Burner can be purchased from the official website, Here a bottle of 120 capsules costs £45.00, or a bottle of 60 capsules costs £30.00. Customers in the UK get free delivery on orders over £25, but need to sign for the delivery, and so it might be best to have it delivered to their place of work.

Watchdog Verdict

Overall, this product promises huge boosts in energy as well as improved mood and significant weight loss. However, other than large amounts of caffeine, the other ingredients are used in relatively small quantities. This especially applies to the ingredients described as mood boosters. When these are used by athletes and bodybuilders, or used medically for treating mood swings, they are typically taken in much higher quantities than are present in this product.

The product may not be suitable for people suffering from raised blood pressure, which is often associated with an unhealthy weight anyway. The manufacturers do not offer a money-back guarantee. Slim Zest T5 Rapid fat Burner may not be as strong as the manufacturers claim, but customer reviews suggest that it does make a difference to their weight loss efforts.

Whilst it is not the best or strongest product we have ever seen, it is by no means the worst. Unfortunately for this product, we only approve the best diet pills that are available on the market, and this does not quite make the grade.

We do not recommend T5 Rapid Fat Burner.

How does T5 Rapid Fat Burner compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria T5 Rapid Fat Burner Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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    About using T5 in the morning,it’s not clear. Do you mean before breakfast like 30 min before eating or I can take a tablet and eat immediately???

  2. Useless, been on them a week eaten sensibly, worked out n not lost anything. Don’t waste your money, they’ve also given me nasty headaches and made me really constipated.

  3. I have only received these today through the post.

    I have taken 2 when received , only had 2 biscuits in the morning and haven’t nothing else.

    Not feeling hungry and I’m feeling great ????

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