T6 Fat Incineration

Updated May 7, 2019.
Published Jan 6, 2017.

T5 fat burners were all the rage for a while, but things now seem to have progressed, and T6 is now in. T6 Fat Incineration is one such product, and it does seem to contain some decent ingredients. On the other hand, the quantities are not provided, as this product uses a proprietary blend, which fails to disclose the full amounts. T6 products are really geared more towards bodybuilders and other gym enthusiasts. Consumer reviews generally claim that the product is strong, but can also cause a fair few side effects.


  • Some good feedback
  • Available from trusted bodybuilding retailers


  • No manufacturer money-back guarantee
  • Full ingredient profile not revealed
  • Product information lacking
  • Lacks clinical studies
  • Side effects reported
T6 Fat Incineration
With claims of being the “best fat burner on the market”, T6 Fat Incineration is a fat burner aimed at consumers looking to maximise fat burning, suppress appetite and reduce water retention. This new fat burner looks to replace the older T5 diet pills, but comes with a warning that you should be wary of its strength!

Should the new T6 fat burner be used with caution or is this just marketing hype? We take a closer to see if it’s safe and whether you can really lose weight with this supplement.

T6 Fat Incineration Overview

What you need to know about T6 Fat Incineration

There are some ingredients in T6 Fat Incineration that have proven to have positive weight loss benefits, most notably Capsicum Extract and Acai Extract. These have shown to kick start metabolism and could be beneficial if suffering from metabolic syndrome (low or underactive metabolism).

The frequent problem with diet pills that contain proprietary blends is they don’t tend to disclose the ingredient amounts. This means you don’t really know what you are taking and how effective the individual ingredients will be!

Caffeine is a key ingredient in T6 fat burners, but how much: the amount in a normal strength coffee, or more? We simply do not know.

What are the side effects of T6 Fat Incineration?

This fat burner is heavy on the stimulants and confirmed by the anecdotal reports by consumers who have taken it, saying they felt an energy buzz and a bit on edge.

Some consumers have also reported feeling a bit light-headed after taking T6 fat burner capsules.

How much does T6 Fat Incineration cost?

Prices vary according to retailer with the cost of 1 bottle of 60 caps of T6 Fat Incineration usually falling between £29.95 and £49.95 ($47 and $80).

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T6 Fat Incineration Key Features

T6 is manufactured by Weight Management Systems although we could not find their official website; it seems that T6 Fat Incineration is only available through 3rd party bodybuilding and supplement retailers based in the UK, the likes of Monster Supplements and Performance Foods.

T6 Fat Incineration Key Points

  • Recently developed fat burner
  • Only available from UK supplement and bodybuilding retailers
  • Lacks full ingredient information and clinical studies

We did our usual searches and could not find any consumers who have reported being ripped off or scammed by either T6 Fat Incineration or by the manufacturer, Weight Management Systems.

How to Take T6 Fat Incineration

Stockists of T6 Fat Incineration recommend only taking one capsule daily at breakfast for new users of this fat burner, whereas seasoned users are advised to take another capsule with lunch.

T6 Fat Incineration is not as well known as the range of popular T5 fat burners that have shown to work for both dieters and those looking for that extra boost when in the gym.

T6 Fat Incineration Concerns:

  • Only sold from 3rd party bodybuilding and supplement retailers – No money-back guarantee from manufacturer
  • Care should be taken if you are new to strong fat burners because of side effects
  • Lack of clinical studies, product information brief and no ingredient amounts revealed

What does T6 Fat Incineration claim to do?

T6 Fat Incineration diet pills claim to be one of the strongest fat burners available. So much so that it is recommended to start with a slow dosage to ensure you can tolerate them without side effects!

T6 fat burners claims to be work well because….

It burns fat by thermogenics (heats the body up) It does this to an extreme level so maximum fat burning takes place.

Along with boosting metabolism, T6 claims to:

reduce you cravings for food…suppresses your appetite

That’s not all; it also claims to reduce water retention so that you look more defined.

Does T6 Fat Incineration work?

It is difficult to say for certain whether T6 Fat Incineration works! Looking at some of consumer reviews would suggest it does but there is no clinical evidence that supports whether this supplement really does work.

Due to the amount of stimulants this product contains then it’s likely you could experience brief periods of increased alertness and elevated energy levels.

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T6 Fat Incineration Ingredients

T6 is marketed as primarily a fat burner but also contains ingredients that could suppress your appetite too. Although the ingredients are revealed by most retailers the ingredient amounts are not disclosed. This makes it impossible to determine if sufficient quantities are present to cause any positive weight loss effect.

So let’s take a look at what makes the 650mg proprietary blend in each T6 capsule:

  • Caffeine: One of the most popular ingredients in fat burners and is suppose to boost metabolism, improve alertness and increase energy levels. Evidence supports short term benefits but depends on the amounts consumed. No indication is given to the amounts used.
  • Capsicum Extract: Found in red hot chilli peppers and shown to be effective at boosting metabolism by helping to burnt up to 12 times more calories.
  • N-Methyltyramine (NMT): Claims to be a promising stimulant and potential cause fat loss. It’s reported to act similar to other stimulants such as Bitter Orange and Synephrine, which are legal alternatives to ephedrine. There are positive claims that it can help decrease appetite, increase metabolism and body heat, burn fat and increase energy levels. More research is needed to determine how effective this ingredient is.
  • Cranesbill Extract: More familiarly known as Geranium and is an herb grown in North America and is high in tannins, commonly used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, haemorrhoids and bladder inflammation. We are not sure what its function is in this supplement!
  • Cocoa Extract: Used to make cocoa products and chocolate. Have numerous health benefits as it contains lots of flavanols that have antioxidants effects. These include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, protect against heart disease and may help reverse blood vessel damage in people with diabetes. (Source:
  • Acai Extract: Contains high amounts of antioxidants that can promote cardiovascular and digestive health.

T6 Fat Incineration Side Effects

This fat burner is heavy on the stimulants and confirmed by the anecdotal reports by consumers who have taken it, saying they felt an energy buzz and a bit on edge.

Some consumers have also reported feeling a bit light-headed after taking T6 fat burner capsules.


These capsules are strong, if you suffer from side effects stop using them immediately and seek medical advice. If you are new to T6 fat burners then it is recommended you only take one capsule per day at breakfast. You are strongly advised NOT to exceed 2 capsules per day.

T6 Fat Incineration Customer Feedback

Consumer reviews on retailer sites tend to be very positive reporting “endless energy” to the “strongest and most effective fat burner”. Some consumers have reported not losing any weight at all!

T6 Fat Incineration Money-Back Guarantee

There is no manufacturer money-back guarantee.

Money-back guarantees are available from some stockists, but you would need to check this out independently as they vary.

Where To Buy T6 Fat Incineration

T6 fat burners are not available on the High Street or directly from the manufacturer but only from UK based bodybuilding and supplement retailers online.

Prices vary according to retailer with the cost of 1 bottle of 60 caps of T6 Fat Incineration usually falling between £29.95 and £49.95 ($47 and $80).

Watchdog Verdict

There is a real lack of detailed information about T6 Fat Incineration. All the retailers stocking this fat burner use EXACTLY the same description, which is lacking in how this supplement works.

We could find NO references to clinical studies and NO ingredient amounts disclosed.

Many of the positive consumer reviews are displayed on the retailers’ website. On a plus side though, some consumers in bodybuilding forums have reported weight loss, increased alertness and more energy.

T6 fat burners are marketing more towards the gym enthusiast who is looking to get that lean and defined look and not so much towards the everyday dieter. For many T6 will probably be too strong and take some getting used to.

Despite some good feedback there is so just too much information missing and so we have no choice but to reject T6 Fat Incineration.

How does T6 Fat Incineration compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria T6 Fat Incineration Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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55 comments on 'T6 Fat Incineration'

  1. Okay so i have had t6 before and i found they worked well and i had little to no side effects appart from at first i felt energetic, like id had 12 cups of coffee, but after 2 or 3 days it had no effect on me and if i wanted them again i wouldnt think twice about grabbing some

  2. I used to be a smug as those who tell us to get off our fat arses and go to the gym. For 57 years I had been a perfect weight 172cm 68kg for as long as I can remember. Then I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid which was treated by Radio Iodine therapy resulting in my overactive thyroid becoming underatctive. After treatment my weight rocketed to 98Kg in 5 months.
    I thought I would get off my fat arse and have been doing 2hours in the gym 6 days per week. Constant diet managing no more than 1800 calories per day for those 6 days. Since November 2015 , 1 year on my weight is now 97 Kg.

    It transpires that the NHS can manage underactive thyroid easier than overactive thyroid hence the dramatic treatment provided. If anyone is in a similar situation to me I implore you not to take the Radio Iodine treatment without having a 2nd or even 3rd medical opinion. It was the worst thing I have ever agreed to do.

    So please, don’t pontificate and tell me to get off my fat arse any more. I’ll give these magic pills a try because working out & dieting have resulted in sod all.

  3. Been using for 2 weeks, I get up at 5 and take with 3 glasses of water. Do a circuit or run at 6 for 45 minutes and then have breakfast at 7.30. Have noticed more definition and not as hungry all the time, I’m also having smaller meals.

  4. iv been taken T6 capsules for two weeks now and cand see any result they say it suppresses appetite i feel hungry all the time.doesnt seem to be shedding any fat what shall i do

  5. I have started these tablets this week. I only take one early morning. I ensure I take in plenty of fluids throughout the day. I try to eat around 10.30 which will be a small meal or fruits. I do feel hungry around lunch time but have noticed a few mouthfuls and satisfied. You do feel heated for the first few hours of taking but not uncomfortable. I have found taking the pills early will not interfere with your sleep pattern. I am not prepared to be greedy and take 2 or 3 a day like some people do. I lift the odd weights in the evening to tone and walk the dog 2 miles in the evening this is probably why my sleep pattern is not interrupted. I will be honest and say that I have lost 4 pounds in 4 days but that may be because I have cut out all fatty foods. It is worrying taking diet pills but I have felt very comfortable on these. Can’t wait to weigh myself again in a few days. Take responsible and drink plenty of fluids. Good luck

  6. I have been taking these for about 3 weeks as part of my personal training. I have started an hour PT session twice a week with a diet plan. I was told to take 2 in the morning and two before my workout. I have now stopped taking them as I felt awful! dizzy, boiling hot, embarrassing sweats that come on all of a sudden while I’m at work, trouble sleeping, blurred vision, disorientated, upset stomach and basically while doing a workout I thought I was going to burst into flames! I have now discovered, which I should have found out first, that I shouldn’t take them while on antidepressants! I am taking AD’s not for depression but to coincide and help with side effects with meds that I am taking for breast cancer. Be careful and consult your doctor first if on other medication.

    1. You must be mad, 4 a day!?!?!? no wonder you felt sick and all…..wouldn’t surprise me if you would pass out or die by being so irresponsible.

      New on the pill, take 1 a day. Once you get used to it you can take maximum 2. NOT FOUR


  7. I think you get a mad energy rush yes you get a lil heart burn at the beginning but did not want to leave the gym how even as I’m writing this I’m shattered so don’t think I will be having trouble sleeping but u would need to use all that energy when you can or you could be up all night

  8. DO NOT buy these. Took them for about 3 weeks first 2 i took 1 pill and then increased the dosage to 2 as suggested on the bottle, as many have said the side effects were feeling boiling hot, palpation’s, dizzy spells among others. After about 3 weeks into it I had a massive allergic reaction, thankfully I had antihistamines at home which stopped it and preventing me ending up in hospital. I would NOT recommend anyone buy these.

  9. I’ve been taking the T6 pill for 3 days now. Haven’t had a problem with them. They give me energy I haven’t had any dizziness or light headed and I been taking 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast.

  10. Took these pills for three days then had to stop. My heart, shoulders and head felt like they were on fire. I couldn’t stand properly due to wobbly legs. Also people would say I was talking far too fast and that I did not look well. Would not recommend them

  11. Where could i order the T6 from ? There are soo many online sites that are selling them ,can anyone recommend me which one plz thankyou

  12. These tablets have ephedrine in them and clenbuteral ???? Just thought I would let you know seen as they fail to disclose this on the bottle and to a first time user these two stimulants are very dangerous and can cause sudden death as they mess with your heart so please excersise instead of having a heart attack

    1. Because stimulants can make you depressed and also affect your brain so it’s best to not take something that will make you worse than you are already

  13. Hi Everybody
    I am seriously thinking of taking these T6 pills. I don’t do any form of exercise, so would they still work? I would be taking them to lose weight. Also what is the name of reputable website that you get them from?

  14. Hi
    Has anyone noticed red blotches on their skin or a burning sensation all over their face whilst taking the T6’s? This is the second time I’ve bought them and never noticed this the first time… Little worried.

    1. I’ve expreienced this! This is exactly what I was searching for. I wasn’t sure if it was because I take suppressant supplements with it or if it was too much caffine at one time but I’d like to know if this is just a side effect with them. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  15. I had a heart attack & stent fitted last Jan..Recently been going to swimming can I take these? I’m on a 5mg beta blocker will I be ok? Had one earlier feel fine

  16. had for 1st time today was very ill felt very faint and mega hot not well at all had to get my husband home from work

  17. got these 3 days ago i am a really big girl 30 stone ! so no messing i went in for big time took 2 with breakfast and 2 at lunch time, first day had a bit of bother sleeping but after that i was fine def got energy rush as usually totally knackered no headaches feel fine drinking plenty of water and not hungry

  18. Well got my t6 a bit scared to take them after reading this but still going to try them if i get any bad side affects there going in the bin lol

  19. Hi, why put your body through this possible paoin, bad enough doing gym work. Without any diet pill I lost 5 stone 3 lbs in 15 weeks, solid training and diet. NO PILLS! besides the odd protein bars, and chicken tuna gets rather boring. Unfortunately, this was 2 yrs ago, and issues cam up, and ended back on the kebabs crisps and wine. now 46 @ 18.4 st 5ft10. Back in the gym, looking for an easy way out, no way, determination drive and see the difference, 3 weeks lost 1.5 stone 🙂 Again without pills…So as I did get of ya fat asses and don’t think u can stuff ur face with pills, eat enough at mealtimes that a normal person has in a week, then wonder why they don’t work…

    1. Try putting on 7 stone with a baby.. having 2 children and a full time uni course.. then maybe you will see why people TAKE PILLS.. and an fyi not everyone is sat stuffing their faces.. if u didn’t have anything to say about t6 why did u even waffle on?

    2. Brian L. And you stumbled across a fat burning tablet forum for what purpose? Lol. Looking for a little boast were we 😉

  20. well I have my t6 pills and start them tomorrow after readi g all the info will definitely be drinking lots of water … wish me luck !

  21. How old do you have to be to take t6 I am nearly 17 and I am a fit girl I do go the gym and on jogs and I am I model and do fashion shows I would love to go thinner as I am not like a twig like most models I’m mostly toned could I take them? I will keep hydrated at all times I know the score so could I?

  22. Currently on on my 2nd day of taking the T6 fat burner. Taking 1 a day in the morning with porridge.

    Experience to far: After taking my first tablet yesterday morning I was wired. Absolutely buzzing, could feel my heart beating out of my chest.Titches, light-headed, wish I was in a club! I was home doing assignments hence quite body aware all day. Appetite reduced but still there.

    Today woke up on my first alarm bell (rare occasion) feeling good. Took 1 tab with breakfast and went to college. Was buzzing a bit but not as strong (possibly too busy to notice). Ate an apple at lunch and wasn’t hungry all day. My mind told me to eat when I came home so had a wholemeal pitabread and chicken and now, an hour later, I’m searching the net trying to find out why my stomach has completely cramped up. If this is what happens everytime I eat I’ll turn off food altogether! My stomach hasn’t been telling me I’m hungry all day which is odd.

    Anyway, struggling to concentrate with the pain, but I know it’s temporary(say a prayer!). Will definitely continue to take them and give you an update soon!


  23. I tried t6 for a month and they work extremely well but you must not abuse what your taking. Some of the reviews say that it the gym and good eating lost the weight not the pills and there is some truth in that as no pill will make you loose weight whilst still eating crap and sitting on the sofa.
    T6 is a great tool in the box as it does do everything advertised and combined with good eating and working out you’ll have amazing results.
    You MUST drink lost of water and keep yourself hydrated whilst using them otherwise you will get some of the side effects described and they really are harsh and can knock you for six!
    Bottom line :
    If you new to them take 1 a day in the morning after healthy breakfast (KEEP HYDRATED) for a week and if your getting on well with them gradually up the dosage to 2 every other day untill u feel you can take 2 a day everyday.
    Cycle them 30days on them 30 off

    I can’t stress enough to KEEP HYDRATED while taking them

  24. Took these for about 5 weeks, 4 with only 1 pill till i got used to it and 1 with 2 pills, got the general buzzing effect, sweating more often, hunger went away, didnt really notice a difference in my weight though but after about a week taking the second pill i had a major reaction, entire body was on fire, had red blotches all over me, vomited and nearly fainted. Luckily i had anti-histamine tablets in my house or i would of ended up in hospital, they calmed it down within half an hour of taking them.

    would not recommend them.

  25. Took these for the first time yesterday and let me tell you, for the first half an hour i felt brilliant but for the next 16 hours after i have never felt so terrible in my life ! Dizzy , sickness , couldnt stand properly . Felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable couldnt concentrate on anything , wobbly legs , they get your guts working ….every 10 minutes and much more . I understand everything reacts different to different people but these tablets are something i will NEVER be taking again . Put me off diet pills for life .

  26. been on them 4 weeks and lost 2 stone take 1 in morning 1 at 12 and 1 at 4oclock, felt dodgy for the first 3 days but nothing serious

    1. Hey Dave, 3 a day! What was your starting and finishing weight? Taking 1 a day is starting to lose its effects after 2weeks!

    2. That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard,if you want to completely damage yourself then you will taking 3 a day. I took 1 tablet and was in hospital very poorly,do you realise people have died with this drug through caffeine toxicity which has caused them death through cardiac arrest. You really should do more homework on these pills and I definitely wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

  27. I have been taking T6 limited black edition for three weeks first three days I felt light headed when standing but that passed I feel great lots more energy sweat alot more when cleaning and have lot more energy with children i don’t take these tabs with diet I only eat at night when tabs wear off lost couple of pound would b a lot more if changed eating habits but done diets on T5 in past lost 5 stone in year but had children an gain ten stone so don’t diet just to go back to ur normal eating habits coz all weight will pile bk on

  28. Ordered T6’s 3 weeks ago as I was in desperate need of losing some fat before my lads holiday next week. I followed a clean diet and trained hard aswell. I have felt loads more energy and its consistent. The best fat loss supplement ive taken.
    In 3 weeks ive stripped off loads of fat and gained muscle from training harder. Nearly a stone and a half in total :0).
    Only side affect I had at first was a headache but soon learnt to drink lots of water. Amazing, highly recommended.

  29. The WMS T6 are really effective. The ingredients you state aren’t even accurate. It does not contain Cranesbill anymore.

    I think you have a hidden agenda with this site.

    Beware there are fakes around though. I you want the originals, go to an official online retailer. I got duped but knew they were fakes when they arrived!

    Other than that great product if used sensibly…

  30. Just purchased today went to the gym same as the other comments one hour later light head , rushing feeling , sick. ,! No sweats in the gym hense to ill to train. Will try to wean on half tabs rest of the week !!! This is a great site for the info be warned. Haaaaa

  31. Hi all,
    Purchased and started my first supply of T6 about 3 weeks ago.
    Consuming one in morning on empty stomach(after 30 min I take a protein shake) and one after lunch is almost digested, 15:00)
    Great energy for sure, fat is slowly but surely melt away from whole body.
    I cant say I have lost weight, as muscle has been added, but the mirror does not lie, nor do the belt holes that have not been used b4.
    Usually the body gets used to the cafeine but the pills still work for me.
    “The T6 used to contain an ingredient that gave many users jitters, but the newest version does not include that unknown ingredient” These were the words of this underground looking store manager. He added that T6 was bought from the same supplier of his prohormone supps.
    Regarding the size of the pill, its just like other capsules, I swallow it with a mouth full of water and down it goes without any issues.
    Appetite is under control, usually eat because I am reminded by colleagues that its food break.
    I can admit visiting the wc often.

    I have tried a bunch of diet/fat fighting pills, from efedra to ripped freak. T6 is on the top together with oxy elite pro, maybe Animal Cuts is in top 5.

    Drink plenty of water!

    1. Cheers for the advice glad to hear the T6 as good as animal cuts without the 9×2 (18) tablets looking forward to the benefits now

  32. I find T6 work great.. aslong as you have breakfast before taking and keep drinking water as much as you can.. if you dont you will get headache.. they make me feel more alert and lots of energy so iv been exercising alot!.. make sure you take them early morning or you may have trouble sleeping. The only down fall i can think of is they give me a little heartburn when i take one. Youl also notice you sweat alot more then usual when working out. Iv been taking them for 3weeks lost alot of inches and 7pounds!

  33. I have taken t6 for 3 months at times felt week but that was down to weight loss I have lost 3 stone in 16 weeks along with eating good and training have all photos from week to week to prove they worked for me. Now have gone of them 2 months for a break eating everything again and put 1 stone back on going back on them tomorrow

  34. i am 29 years old, tried other diet pills, bought some t6 to get a quick result for a big night out, anyway, took my first pill in the morning with breakfast, an hour later i felt dizzy, tingly, had a bit of a rush feeling, i didnt feel right, my heart was pounding and i was sick,i couldnt drink or eat or even sit up right. i went to bed and stayed there for two days, in and out of a horrible state, not knowing what time of day or night it was. never ever again will i take a diet pill. its so not worth it. yes i lost 3 pound! in sweat and vomit and starvation. not good. please dont take them!