Thermo Fusion

Thermo Fusion is a thermogenic fat burner that contains natural ingredients. This supplement is made by sports supplement company Reflex Nutrition and is manufactured in the UK according to industry standards and EU legislation.

Thermo Fusion comes with a personal guarantee from the managing director so if you are not satisfied you should be able to get your money back. This all looks good at first glance so let’s take an in depth look at Thermo Fusion to find out more.

Thermo Fusion Pros

  • Good quality supplement made in an accredited UK factory.
  • Does not contain ingredients that are banned by sporting authorities
  • May help you increase fat burning by exercise.

Thermo Fusion Cons

  • Not all the ingredients are strictly proven to work.
  • Very little information provided by the company about what you can expect from this supplement.
  • Very little customer feedback.
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Thermo Fusion

Thermo Fusion Review

Thermo Fusion Facts

  • Thermo Fusion is made and marketed by Reflex Nutrition a British sports supplement company.
  • Each bottle contains 100 capsules
  • Serving size is 4 capsules.

Thermo Fusion is a high strength fat burner that will appeal mainly to athletes and bodybuilders looking to improve performance and enhance weight loss.

Thermo Fusion contains 500mg of active ingredients per serving and although it contains ingredients to enhance fat burning and energy, there is nothing particularly dangerous in this supplement.

The stimulant effect is provided by caffeine plus two forms of Carnitine, which helps convert fat into energy and may have cognitive benefits. It also contains DL-Phenylanine a synthetic form of a natural amino acid believed to be effective as a treatment for depression.

One important ingredient is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) a powerful antioxidant which is naturally present in animals and also manufactured synthetically. ALA is essential for aerobic metabolism –the chemical process that goes on in your body when you are under exertion. When your aerobic metabolism kicks in, your body burn off the fat derived from your food and make you sweats so is a natural thermogenic.

Thermo Fusion also contains green tea. There is some evidence that green tea combined with caffeine can enhance fat burning. In addition, green tea can lead to reduced body fat when used in combination with resistance training.

The supplement also contains some less important ingredients including black pepper extract and cayenne.

How to Take Thermo Fusion

Start by taking 2 capsules half an hour before meals (preferably only breakfast and lunch for the first 2 days to assess tolerance). Then take up to a maximum of 4 capsules before each meal. On training days, take up to 4 capsules half an hour before exercise.

Thermo Fusion is made by Reflex Nutrition – a British supplements company based in Brighton. Reflux Nutrition manufacture their entire supplement range at their own facilities and according to the company information, have one of the best supplement factories in the world. It is often visited by visiting sports delegations. All supplements fully conform to ISO9001 Quality Control and comply with EU legislation.

In addition, Reflex Nutrition is part of Informed Sport – a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition supplements. Athletes can buy Informed Sport supplements in the confidence that supplement ingredients will not get them disqualified for doping.

Reflex Nutrition provides everything for sports and training support including protein powders, amino acid supplements and clothing.

Thermo Fusion Concerns:

  • If you do not work out or go to the gym, you may not notice any effect from this supplement.
  • Why have the company not provided any information about this supplement’s effects? Is it because it lacks any real evidence that it works?
  • Surprising lack of customer feedback.

What Does Thermo Fusion Claim To Do?

Thermo Fusion does not come with any extravagant claims about how much weight it will help you lose or the sort of energy you can expect.

Although in the diet pill industry, this low stated approach is refreshing, we would have liked to have seen some explanation about what this supplement actually does and why you should take it. That said it is aimed at people who are presumably accustomed to supplements so perhaps it was felt that any explanation was unnecessary.

The four key features are:

  • High strength 500mg
  • Produced in a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing environment
  • Produced in Informed Sports registered site
  • Utilises Vegetarian capsules

So What Is Thermo Fusion and What Are The Ingredients?

Thermo Fusion is a thermogenic supplement that may help you burn fat more efficiently and as a result lose weight.

Serving size is equal to four capsules.

  • L Carnitine Tartrate (800mg): Carnitine Tartrate is a supplement form of Carnitine a substance that the body produces naturally and plays a role in energy production.
    Carnitine is similar to an amino acid and is present in all the cells of the body. It helps the body use fatty acids to produce energy. Some research suggests that Carnitine supplements can improve exercise performance by reducing muscle glycogen usage and lactate – an enzyme that accumulates during exercise and leads to fatigue.
  • DL Phenylanine (400mg): Synthetic form of Phenylanine an amino acid that is sometimes taken as a treatment for depression and ADHD amongst other things. It appears to affect the chemical messengers in the body but requires further investigation to understand how it works.
  • Acetyl L Carnitine (240mg): This form of Carnitine has cognitive benefits because it can be easily transported to the brain. It can be effective for some medical conditions including depression and elderly memory loss but there is no evidence that it improves weight loss or exercise performance.
  • Green Tea Extract (240mg): Contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which are proven to prevent damage caused by free radicals.
    Catechins found in green tea are proven to burn fat, especially when used in conjunction with caffeine, which increases fat oxidation.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (200mg): Antioxidant that is found in the body and popular as a supplement because it can support aerobic metabolism – fat burning that occurs when you carry out activities such as sport that make you sweat.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract (200mg): When taken in sufficient quantities, some research has indicated that high levels of capsaicoinds, the compound that causes the fiery sensation of cayenne, increases the metabolism and promotes fat burning.
    One clinical test carried out in Thailand found that after eating 5g of chilli peppers the metabolism was increased for 30 minutes after ingestion.
    Source :
  • Caffeine (160mg): Most diet supplements contain caffeine and it is ideal for giving you a quick energy boost. There is evidence that it combines well with green tea. Amounts here roughly equivalent to just under 2 cups of coffee.
  • Choline (120mg): Similar to a B vitamin, Choline is essential for many chemical reactions in the body and is present in many foods including sprouts, fish, eggs, dairy products and more, According to some research, Choline supplements may help improve athletic performance, reduce cholesterol levels, help with memory and concentration and protect the liver. However most claims based on animal testing so it requires more human clinical trials.
  • Piperine (Bioperine)(5mg): Branded supplement that contains Piperine the active component of black pepper. May help increase bioavailabilty of other ingredients, may help reduce cholesterol. Research is currently undergoing.
  • Chromium (100ug): Trace mineral that may help reduce insulin sensitivity and is being investigated as a treatment for diabetes.

So What Does All This Mean?

If you take your exercise seriously and use Thermo fusion to enhance your performance, you may notice improvement. Carnitine supplements can reduce fatigue and ALA may help increase your temperature and fat burning.

We like the green tea / caffeine combination because some evidence suggests it works, especially when combined with resistance training. You may also notice heightened alertness thanks to the acetyl Carnitine

However, this supplement will probably not help you if you do not take part in some strenuous physical activity and are already physically fit we cannot see it making much difference to your weight, if your activity levels are walking the dog or gentle gardening for example.

Reflex Nutrition specialise in sports nutrition and although this supplement is under the weight management category, this really only applies to people who are looking to burn off excess weight via the gym or other energetic methods.

Does Thermo Fusion Have Any Side Effects?

Reflex Nutrition provide clear warnings and advice. Potential side effects that are mentioned include:

  • Sweating
  • Hot flushes
  • Sleep disturbances

Carnitine may cause:

  • diarrhoea
  • nausea
  • abdominal cramps
  • vomiting

Caution: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. DO NOT use if you are pregnant or lactating.

DO NOT consume this product if you suffer from high blood pressure.

DO NOT consume more than 4 capsules at a time.

DO NOT consume more than 12 capsules per day.

Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product if you have any medical conditions.

Avoid taking this product in the evening as it may interfere with sleep. Avoid taking this product in conjunction with any other products containing caffeine or other stimulants. Taking this product may result in sweating and hot flushes.

WARNING: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18.


  • use if you are pregnant or lactating
  • consume this product if you suffer from high blood pressure
  • consume more than 4 capsules at a time
  • consume more than 12 capsules per day

Any Thermo Fusion Reviews From Customers?

Reflex Nutrition do not post customer reviews on the website but we did find a couple of positive reviews on Amazon.

One satisfied customer wrote

I was hesitant at first about taking a ‘fat burner’, this one though is incredible. I managed to drop 10lbs in 6 weeks!

The other reviewer simply wrote, “Yes!”

So Does Thermo Fusion Work?

Yes, we think this supplement will work if you are looking to increase your fat burning through exercise.

Some evidence suggests that L Carnitine can help recovery after exercise and reduced the amount of exercise-induced muscle tissue damage.

It may also play a role in lowering heart disease risk by improving dilation of the blood vessels.

The other ingredients seem safe and may help support weight loss that is if you are serious about exercising.

We cannot see it helping you if you are inactive or your exercise routine does not include activities such as sport or resistance training.

Where Can I Buy Thermo Fusion?

Thermo Fusion may be available from specialist sports supplement outlets.

However, you can buy Thermo Fusion direct from the Reflex Nutrition website.

1 container of 100 capsules (between 25 to 50 Servings) costs £30.59. At the time of writing, the company are offering 20% off all purchases. Shipping is free of charge to UK addresses. The company will ship to international addresses but you will have to contact the company for details.

You can also by Thermo Fusion though a network of distributors and it is also available via Amazon UK.
One pack of 100 capsules costs £14.95. Shipping is calculated at the point of sale. Thermo Fusion is on sale at Amazon USA

1 container of 100 capsules costs $37.20 and includes free shipping.

What About A Guarantee

Thermo fusion comes with a personal guarantee from the managing director James Phillips (Managing Director) – since 1996. He states:

I feel as passionate about sports nutrition today as I did nearly 20 years ago, so please, if in the highly unlikely event you are not happy for any reason I’d encourage you to get in contact with us so that you can benefit from our FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Here’s how to go about claiming it:

If you buy a Reflex Nutrition product from our online store that you are not 100% satisfied with, all you need to do is send the remaining product back to us with a covering letter telling us who you are, when you bought the product and why you are unhappy. We will have all records of your purchase. Once we have received your returned product, we will refund you your purchase price.

The guarantee also applies to supplements bought via Reflex distributors but not to purchases made via eBay.

Watchdog Verdict

We feel that Thermo Fusion is a good quality supplement. It may suit you if you are serious about trying to lose weight by exercise or trying to improve your sports performance. Many of the ingredients come with some evidence that they work and unlike many so-called sports fat burners Thermo Fusion does not contain dangerous stimulants or ingredients that are banned from competitive sport.

Thermo Fusion comes with a guarantee too, so if it does not work out for you and you buy from the company, you should be able to get a refund.

However, Thermo Fusion does not come with much customer feedback which is surprising, especially as it is on sale via Amazon UK and Amazon USA. In addition, this is a specialist supplement that will probably only suit people who work out and take part in strenuous sports and activities. We cannot see it doing much if your daily exercise does not involve intensive workouts in the gym.

Our conclusion is that this supplement is probably worth a try if you fall into that category but is probably too specialised for most people.

For that reason, we feel we cannot recommend it for everyone so have no other option but to reject it.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Thermo Fusion

2.8 out of 5
Thermo Fusion
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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