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Updated May 20, 2019.
Published Feb 27, 2017.

Thrive Premium DFT and Thrive Ultra patches are manufactured by Le-Vel, a fairly shady Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company based in Texas. The Thrive DFT patches are weight-loss supplements that work by absorbing the ingredients through the skin rather than the digestive system. They also claim that the patches help customers to lose weight over time, and many customers report that the formula also provides a significant energy boost.

Below we take an in-depth look into the main player in the market, Thrive DFT patches, to see whether the patch method is more or less effective than the more common pill/tablet method of taking weight loss aids.


  • Some ingredients might be effective


  • Mixed customer feedback
  • Unlikely to work
  • Poor customer service
Thrive DFT Patch
Diet patches such as Thrive DFT Patch seems to have swept the market in recent years, seducing dieters with interesting promises of dramatic weight loss results, with a minimum of side effects and fuss. Made popular following the commercial success of nicotine patches, weight loss patches have attracted interest due to their novel approach, although questions still hang over whether this method is more or less effective than just taking supplements orally.

Thrive DFT Patch Overview

What you need to know about Thrive DFT Patch

The Thrive DFT patches are weight-loss supplements that work by absorbing the ingredients through the skin rather than the digestive system. The patches claim to help customers to lose weight over time, and many customers report that the formula also provides a significant energy boost.

The product is manufactured by Le-Vel, an American Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company that sells health and weight loss products. Le-Vel has been dogged by repeated accusations of improper practice on its Better Business Bureau page, with former customers accusing the company of incorrectly sending products that weren’t ordered, and former distributors complaining that wages and royalties were deliberately withheld. The company has no money-back guarantee to protect consumers, and maintains an awkward selling system involving distributors that result in price variations between identical products sold by different distributors.

For the purposes of this review, we will be examining the Thrive Premium DFT and Thrive Ultra patches. The patches are identical, except for the fact that the ‘Ultra’ patches are slightly bigger and contain additional quantities of saffron and green tea.

What are the side effects of Thrive DFT Patch?

Many customers report that the Thrive DFT patches give a significant energy boost, likely in no small part due to the high caffeine levels found within them. In large doses, caffeine can cause a range of side effects, including increased headaches, heart rate, blood pressure, heart palpitations, urination, dehydration, jitteriness, dizziness, and insomnia.

Other ingredients contained within the mix could cause more serious, albeit rare, side effects. ForsLean can cause a stinging feeling in the eyes, an increased heart rate and headaches. Both white willow and Garcinia cambogia can cause stomach issues and headaches, and allergic reactions to white willow, in particular, can cause itching and rashes.

The more expensive Thrive Ultra patch also contains saffron, which sometimes causes drowsiness, nausea, a change in appetite, headaches, anxiety, and dry mouth.

How much does Thrive DFT Patch cost?

On Amazon, a single pack of Thrive Premium DFT can be bought for $46.84, and a pack of Thrive Ultra can be purchased for $76.96. Both packs contain 30 patches and come with free shipping. Other versions of the same two products (such as limited edition packs or packs containing patches with different colours) are often more expensive.

Customers looking to buy directly from the manufacturer are expected to purchase all products through a Le-Vel distributor. Due to this arrangement, prices can be higher or lower through the manufacturer’s website, depending on the deal and package that is arranged via the distributor. We recommend sticking to Amazon to avoid complicated deals and auto-ship programs, if you buy the product at all.

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Thrive DFT Patch Key Features

Thrive DFT Patches are a weight loss supplement administered through patches that customers apply to the skin (much like the nicotine patches that are often available for those quitting smoking). This novel approach to weight loss contains many of the same ingredients customers encounter in other supplements, except the formula is administered to the customers via a process the manufacturer calls ‘Dermal Fusion Technology’ (a fancy way of saying that it is supposedly absorbed through the skin).

Thrive DFT Patch Key Points

  • Manufactured by Le-Vel
  • Administered in the form of a patch applied to the skin
  • Contains 30 patches per pack

The Thrive Premium DFT and Thrive Ultra patches are manufactured by Le-Vel, a fairly shady Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company based in Texas. Le-Vel have a noticeably poor reputation on the Better Business Bureau, and have been accused of fraudulently sending unrequested packages to old customers and failing to pay their distributors. Previous customers have often highlighted that their customer service team is frequently hard to reach. Those looking to reach Le-Vel may have some luck trying their email.

How to Take Thrive DFT Patch

1) Clean and dry an area of skin, preferably in a lean area such as the biceps, shoulder, inside forearm or top part of buttocks
2) Peel off the DFT backing and press the adhesive side onto the prepared area
3) Try to rotate application areas every day or every other day

Leave the THRIVE Lifestyle DFT in place for up to 24 hours. Replace with a new DFT daily. Combine THRIVE Lifestyle DFT with a balanced diet, proper water intake, and regular exercise.

Thrive DFT Patch Concerns

  • No money-back guarantee.
  • Company has a very poor reputation for customer service.
  • The ‘patch’ method could be a poor or ineffective way of taking supplements.

What does Thrive DFT Patch claim to do?

On the official product PDFs, Le-Vel claims that the Thrive Premium DFT and Thrive Ultra patches can help customers to lose weight in a ‘clean and healthy’ way, whilst also promoting an ‘overall healthy lifestyle’. The following key benefits are also listed on the website, claiming that the patches support:

  • Weight Management
  • Mental Acuity
  • Appetite Management
  • Energy & Circulation
  • Increased Bioavailability

Does Thrive DFT Patch work?

Both of the Thrive DFT patches contain the usual fare found in average or poor-quality supplements, with most of its ingredients being entirely unproven or only somewhat proven in their effects. If taken orally, in a capsule in sufficient doses, we would generally suggest that the product has a chance of working as advertised.

However, the odds of this happening plummet even further when we consider that this product is intended to be administered through the skin. Put simply, only one of the ingredients has ever been proven to work when administered through the skin; we have no evidence whatsoever that the rest of the ingredients can be absorbed through the skin at all, or that they will work once absorbed, as reactions in the digestive system may be part of the process. The mixed reviews seen from customers also highly suggest that the product has only mild to non-existent effects on weight loss.

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Thrive DFT Patch Ingredients

The main active ingredients used in Thrive DFT Patch are listed below. Customers should note that ingredient quantities are not stated anywhere on the website or press kits, making it hard to estimate how effective each ingredient is within the mix. In any case, the utilisation of patches instead of more common pills or tablets would make it hard to estimate the usefulness of each ingredient regardless (as some ingredients may be weak or useless when absorbed through the skin). All ingredients listed below are found in both the Thrive Premium DFT and Thrive Ultra patches, unless stated otherwise.

  • Cosmoperine: Cosmoperine is both patented and trademarked by Sasbina Company, although it is essentially a compound called tetrahydropiperine (THP). The compound works by increasing the rate at which supplements are absorbed when applied to the skin. Unfortunately, the evidence proving this effect has only ever been tried out on rats, and only applies to Forskolin.
  • ForsLean: This ingredient is also patented and trademarked by the same company, although it closely resembles a common supplement ingredient called coleus forskohlii, which has achieved mixed results in studies on weight loss. The ForsLean version did achieve success in aiding weight loss in one study in 2005.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Whilst it was thought that this ingredient was a significant aid in weight loss, the relevant research has been discredited as fraudulent. Currently, there is no evidence that it aids with weight loss more than any other source of caffeine.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit, also known as the Malabar Tamarind. Test tube and animal research suggest that HCA, the active compound in Garcinia Cambogia, may be helpful in weight loss because of its effects on metabolism. However, studies in humans have found mixed results. Some studies have found it has no effect upon either appetite or metabolic rate, whilst others showed increased weight loss compared to the use of a placebo.
  • CoQ10: Cells in the body ‘use it to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules.’ It is also thought to boost energy levels and speed up recovery from exercise.
  • White Willow Bark: Willow bark contains salicin, which acts a painkiller, and is thought to be as effective as aspirin. There is some evidence that when taken in conjunction with kola nut and ephedra, it can cause weight loss. It does not seem to have been tested on its own for weight loss properties.
  • Satiereal Saffron Extract (Thrive Ultra only: Whilst there is stronger evidence that saffron can help to treat depression, there is one study that shows that supplementing 176.50mg of saffron per day over an eight-week period reduces snacking significantly and lead to a modest reduction in weight.
  • Green Tea Extract (Thrive Ultra only): Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins increase thermogenesis in the body, whilst caffeine increases energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism slightly for a few hours.

Thrive DFT Patch Side Effects

If the ingredients contained within the patches are absorbed at all, they may cause some side effects. Green tea and green coffee bean are a source of caffeine, which can cause side effects such as headaches, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased urination, dehydration, jitteriness, dizziness, and insomnia. Green tea can also cause constipation.

Adverse reactions to ForsLean can cause a number of more serious side effects, including a stinging in the eyes, headaches and an increased heart rate. Garcinia cambogia and white willow can also cause headaches, a sense of discomfort in the digestive tract, and other forms of nausea, and allergic reactions to white willow can additionally result in itching and rashes.

For those taking the Thrive Ultra patch, the saffron found in the mix can cause a dry mouth, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, headaches, drowsiness, and a change in appetite.

Caution: Not suitable for individuals under 18 years of age. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a doctor before using this product. If you are taking any medication, or have any type of medical issue, consult with a doctor before using this product. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If you are unsure about the suitability of this supplement for you, consult your doctor before purchase.

Thrive DFT Patch Customer Feedback

The existing customer reviews for the Thrive DFT patches on Amazon are mixed at best, with many customers complaining that the product didn’t work. Those that praise the patches often focus on the fact that they give energy, with relatively few highlighting that they lost weight.

I feel like I have more energy and am more focused with my Thrive patch on. I have also noticed that I don’t seem to be doing as much senseless munching during the day. I’ve tried several other appetite control products and most of them make me feel jittery. That is not the case with Thrive for me. So far, I’m loving it.

Help with energy all day! Great!

I decided to give this product a shot after everyone raving about it. These made me nothing but more tired. I would fall asleep and felt that I couldn’t wake up. Anytime I sat down, I fell right to sleep and slept for hours. I’ve never been like that before and the patches were the only thing different. I would not recommend these to anyone.

Don’t work at all! Leave a deep glue stick on the skin.

Thrive DFT Patch Money-Back Guarantee

On their official website, Le-Vel makes it clear that they do not offer any kind of money back guarantee. All customers are allowed to return unopened or undamaged products within 30 days, as long as they pay a 10% restocking fee. Those looking to resend opened or partially used products will also be able to return within 30 days, although they are only able to reclaim 50% of the amount that was originally paid. All customers looking to return their products to Le-Vel need to notify the company’s support staff and ensure that they include the original receipt in the package.

Where To Buy Thrive DFT Patch

Both of the Thrive DFT patches are available to buy through the official website, but only through one of Le-Vel’s many distributors. Customers visiting the website must be willing to visit Facebook first to link up with a distributor, before making their purchase through that contact. All products bought in this manner will likely be auto-shipped on a monthly basis from then on (sometimes without the customer’s consent) and may be charged at higher or lower rates depending on the distributor.

Customers can find a more reliable and easily-understood service on Amazon. One pack of Thrive Premium DFT (30 patches) can be found on Amazon for $46.84 with free shipping. One pack of Thrive Ultra (30 patches) can also be picked up for $76.96, also with free shipping. Customers should note that other versions with different coloured patches often attract higher prices on Amazon and through distributors.

Watchdog Verdict

Many customers seem to be attracted to patch solutions of late, perhaps due to the novelty of the approach, or perhaps due to the existing success of nicotine patches for those quitting smoking.

Despite any and all hype, many of these patches are completely useless. Researchers are still very unsure as to whether substances other than nicotine can even be absorbed into the skin; to make this work, all ingredients must be ground down into tiny molecules in order to be absorbed and then must be effective when placed directly into the bloodstream. Virtually no studies have been conducted into whether weight loss products can operate this way (with the exception of forskolin), meaning that all patches may be doing nothing at all. In fact, existing research on nicotine patches states that consumers that weigh more than 150 pounds may have too much body fat for nicotine patches to be effective: this is not good news for slimmers!

Even if the patches did work, the ingredients contained within this pill are unlikely to be very effective. Most of the active ingredients found in the Thrive DFT patches have a confusing history, with some studies suggesting that they work, and others suggesting that they don’t. Even if customers were to stick to the tried and true method of taking this same product in a tablet or pill, we would likely advise readers to stay away. Around half of all customer reviews state that they experienced no effects at all, and most others claim little more than an energy boost.

Finally, the manufacturer has a terrible reputation for customer service, attracting numerous complaints from customers and distributors alike on the Better Business Bureau. Le-Vel offers nothing in the way of a serious money-back guarantee and relies on a selling method that exploits both the seller and the customer, with customers often complaining of uneven pricing and being placed on auto-ship programs without first giving clear consent. The information provided on the website is confusing and often incomplete, and most of the products on offer are highly overpriced, especially when considering their likely effectiveness.

We do not recommend either the Thrive Premium DFT patch or the Thrive Ultra patch to our readers!

How does Thrive DFT Patch compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Thrive DFT Patch Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I did the Black Label Lev-el for 6mths. It was a wonderful “tool”. It provided my body with what I needed to succeed and to stay on my weight loss track. It is just that, a tool. You still have to eat right an exercise. The capsules, shakes and patches have so many nutrients in them, that it would cost a small fortune to buy them all separate. I researched the ingredients and could not find anything comparable. It even has a natural pain reliever for soreness from working out. I did not get any negative side effects from this product and I am thinking about trying it again for my next goal.

  2. Lorra is totally right…. yes it is on amazon but not because the company has done it or even allows it… it is against policy for anyone to sale on any site but unfortunately you have those who exploit the system and end up getting the product free and inturn sale it on amazon and ebay or else no longer takes it and sales it on there…. your being very bias Rich just as this review is, this is a 3 step program. the dft is not a stand alone product….. for anyone to give an honest review of thrive they need to actually TRY IT!!!! and give it a real honest try, to get a real review of it….

  3. Rich – Just like with ANY direct sales company, people can buy these products and sell online on stores such as Amazon or eBay. HOWEVER, it is AGAINST compliance, and any reps caught doing so would be reprimanded. Also it is a weight management product – what this means is that helps people live a healthy lifestyle. It isn’t going to advertise weight loss like so many other products because people think they don’t have to change anything about their lifestyles in order to lose weight. Typical society we live in today. Therefore, we say our products offer weight management as a benefit due to the products allowing your metabolism to work faster, appetite to be suppressed and cravings to change due to the nutrients your body is getting. Regardless of that if you continue to eat super sized burger and fries on a daily basis – you WON’T lose weight. Pretty common sense.

  4. Thrive patch is also a “multi-level marketing” company. In other words, a pyramid scheme like Amway. BEWARE.

  5. I just checked Amazon. It DOES sell the product. And I have a relative who is selling the product, so “Lorra” is incorrect. Thrive patch is advertised as a weight management product”. What does that mean? It’s a vague description. Most assume it is for weight loss.

  6. I think you need to get your facts straight! Thrive is not a weight loss product! Their aren’t price variations in pricing as everything is sold online through the same cloud base and not individuals. They are not to be sold on Amazon as this is against policy and will be handled by the founders. There is a money back guarantee!…. You obviously have a biased opinion, but need to share truth with people!

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