Depending upon your location in the world, it can be difficult to follow certain diets due to availability and affordability of the foods recommended by the diet.

Truweight is based in India, and combine a selection of superfoods with a more traditional Indian menu to aid weight loss and provide nutritional support.

What does the Truweight program involve?

Truweight Product RangeWhen following the Truweight Program, dieters will be given new and personalised meal plans each week, which have been developed by nutritional experts. Customers will also be sent a number of superfood-based meals and snacks by the company to work into their diet plan. The number of meals received per month depends upon which level of membership you sign up for.

However, customers still need to cook many of their own meals, and so Truweight should not be considered a meal delivery service. The product also promotes the reduction of sweets, sugary food, and grains (but it is not low carb, due to the significant vegetable intake).

The Truweight program also provides support in the form of counsellors and nutritionists, who dieters can contact through the Truweight app. Depending upon the package purchased, customers can also have several chats with their counsellor per month. This support could be used to develop new habits, realise what eating behaviours and unhealthy, and to increase motivation and staying power.

Does Truweight work to aid weight loss?

Following a calorie restricted diet plan will generally result in weight loss. There are plenty of customer success stories on the official website, and there are positive reviews of the program online, suggesting that it does indeed aid weight loss. In theory (when delivered successfully), counselling and support can help to maximise weight loss, as it helps to keep the dieter motivated and on track. Unfortunately, its impact here might be limited, as numerous reviewers found it an uphill battle to even get a hold of their counsellors, and they do not seem to be trained to a particularly high standard.

Where is Truweight available?

Truweight only appears to be available to customers in India. There are numerous Truweight Centres across India, including in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. They also offer free home consultations in selected cities.

What are the drawbacks of Truweight?

On there are numerous complaints from employees and former employees about the operation of the company behind the Truweight program. Two accusations particularly caught our eye; one commenter claimed that the food sold by Truweight was of poor quality and was infested with worms and cockroaches. Another claimed that the “dieticians” that clients of Truweight talk to are not actually trained and qualified dieticians or nutritionists; instead, they had merely been given a small amount of training to sound professional and as if they know what they are talking about.

There are also lots of complaints from customers who have signed up for Truweight programs, and it seems that every area of the company has lots of issues. It appears that the sales department of Truweight works on commission, and this has led to some people being signed up for larger packages than they thought they were getting, and others being told that they can cancel within a few days if they change their minds (and then being messed around by customer services). One woman who had a free at home consultation was harassed by phone to pressure her to purchase the products. Numerous reviews have complained about the short shelf life of the superfood products. There are numerous complaints about the support from the nutritionists, who customers are supposed to be able to have regular contact with. Missing appointments, reading off a script, and being generally unhelpful and unknowledgeable are all fairly common complaints.

How much does Truweight cost?

Truweight The Ultimate Guide To True Weight LossPrices are not revealed on the Truweight website, and we have struggled to locate any clear price structure. There is a video on the Truweight youtube channel explaining that the superfood products used in Truweight are not only premium quality but very expensive, making Truweight very good value for money overall. We feel that if the company need to try to justify their prices, then they are likely quite expensive.

The programs are divided into three tiers, silver, gold and platinum. Customers get a detox kit when signing up which contains 16 products. Customers will then get one kit for each month, with the size varying depending upon the program you signed up for (silver = 11 products, gold = 22 products, platinum = 23 products). Each program also comes with a different number of sessions with your mentor; silver members can have 2-3 sessions per month, gold members can have 4-5 sessions per month, and platinum members can have 6-8 counselling sessions per month.


Overall, we are not hugely impressed by Truweight. It seems like luck whether you get a good customer experience or not, and the company appears to have a very high turnover of staff. Even if you start off with a good nutritionist/counsellor, it is possible that they might not stick with the company for very long. It also seems that the “customised” food programs are not actually customised, which was one of the main pros of Truweight. Truweight is also only available in India, and its availability may be restricted to certain regions.

We do not recommend Truweight to our readers.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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