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Tummy Trim With Herbal Band Blend Review

Hi have you heard of Tummy Trim Pills? Claims all natural stomach lab band without surgery..Proudly made in the Usa…100 procent Guaranteed it works…

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38 comments on “Tummy Trim With Herbal Band Blend Review”

  1. LT. Corections says:

    seems to work for me, every one may not have the same results. I have spent more money than i want to say. One thing can work for person that will not work for another persons body type.I will let you know how i do.Its working for me. best money i spent.

  2. Paula Fraleigh says:

    Thanks for all of your info on this product. You saved me alot of money. I started checking all diet products about a year ago, found that none of them work,

    Thanks again!!!

    Paula Fraleigh

  3. Cmoore says:

    I think I must have Guardian angels around me. I have tried so many diets it is unbelievable. I will be 63 in December and only 4’6″ and 1/2 (can’t leave the 1/2 inch out). I got excited when I read through this magazine. I wish they would let us try the product and if it worked, then pay them. It would be a trust issue, I know. However, when we send in our hard earned money to them, we are trusting that the product we are purchasing will work. When something sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Good luck ya’ll.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Well, we ordered and actually received the bottles ordered. Only been using this several days.

    1. Tonya says:

      Hi I’m looking to try this product and I would like to ask do it really work

    2. Vicki Jean Byrd says:

      Have you had any luck with TummyTrim?

  5. Sandra Jones says:

    I ordered this product but only took a few capsules because it caused e

    1. Sandra Jones says:

      I ordered this product but only took a few capsules because it caused extreme stomach distress for me. Now I was planning to return it for refund but can’t find their address. After reading comments on your site my hopes are plummeting. Please provide their address if possible or any advice you could offer,

      1. Florence Day says:

        I ordered 3 bottles also on 5-6-2017 on the 8th called to check on my order I RECEIVED SOMETHING THAT SAID THEY WOULD SEND ME A EMAIL WHEN SHIPPED But they couldn’t find anything on me I paid 130.00 also. we will see if it comes and it better work I am so sick of Lairs. The address I have is Tummy Trim 9 Bartlett st Box 353 Andover, MA 01810 (1 866-412-0488)

      2. Janet says:

        I got their cataog today and the address is Tummy Trim, 9 Bartlett St. Box 353, Andover MA, 01810

  6. A.R. Norvell says:

    I sent this out fit a check for $130.99.02/11/17. It was deposited and cleared my bank 03/06/17. As of today, I still haven’t received anything from them! Who do I get in touch with?? Any help appreciated…..
    A. R. Norvell

    1. Tonya says:

      Thank you I am so glad to see your comment because I was about to order a bottle again thank you

    2. Vicki Jean Byrd says:

      It looks like these people need to answer for lying in their advertising…Attorney General or BBB or Federal Trade Association…?

  7. Janice Y Murphy says:

    Thank you, thank you. I was going to order 2 bottles and get one free so the 3 of us in our family would be able to lose weight. I saved some money. These company should be fined and put of of business for the “snake oil” advertisements.

  8. Glendene Acock says:

    This sounded so good that I ordered three bottles instead of my normal routine of “gamble with probable loss of the cost of ONE sample bottle.”
    This is not what I expected. I GAINED 10 POUNDS taking one bottle exactly as instruced.

  9. DONALD MAXEY says:

    I am so glad I checked this out by reading all these comments. I received “Tummy Trim” magazine in the mail yesterday and was inclined to order, but will definitely not do so now. Thanks for all those people that helped me save my money.

  10. Irma Lee Robertson says:

    I want to order 1 bottle.

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