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    Ultimate Flora Probiotics are a range of probiotic supplements produced by RenewLife, a US-based manufacturer. RenewLife’s speciality appears to be digestive health, with the company producing a number of shakes and capsules containing dietary fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and more. With a confident 60-day money back guarantee and a seemingly strong reputation on Amazon, RenewLife project an “expert” image that makes their products appear to be trustworthy.

    The Ultimate Flora range catches the eye with its scale alone: RenewLife produce a dizzying number of different probiotic formulas tailored to age, gender and specific digestive issues. The ingredients list for each product is always slightly different, although most perform the same basic function when taken as a whole.

    Accordingly, we have decided to showcase all of these products in the same article, helping you to sort the good from the bad in an easy-to-read, simple format. Enjoy!

    Important Points to Consider for All Products

    Ultimate Flora Probiotics Product Line Review

    Different Ultimate Flora Probiotic products are available to buy on Amazon, iHerb, the official RenewLife website, and a few other outlets. The prices we’ve listed below are all taken from the official website, although customers should remember that prices are sometimes higher or lower from other outlets (it definitely pays to shop around for the best price when choosing a product online). The prices listed below are also correct for the smallest box of product available (normally 30 servings) although larger boxes of 60 to 75 servings are normally available.

    Selecting a good retailer for Ultimate Flora products seems to be extremely important; some customers complain that certain outlets (such as Amazon) fail to refrigerate the products when delivering, which will often result in killing the bacteria and rendering the product useless! One benefit of using the official website in particular is that all products sold are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. This comprehensive guarantee means that customers are able to return any product for a full refund within 60 days of purchasing the product (even when opened). To begin the process, customers must contact a customer service representative, and arrange the refund from there (refund will not include shipping and handling).

    Customers should expect few side effects from using probiotics in general. In some cases, some customers may experience diarrhoea, gas, bloating, and stomach upset for the first couple of days after use. Miscellaneous allergic reactions are also possible in very rare cases. Avoid taking supplements like these if you suffer with serious health problems or suffer with immune system problems, and always remember to consult your physician before purchasing.

    Ultimate Flora Kids Line

    Available in three different formulas with prices ranging from $14.99 to $26.99.

    This special “kids” range provides smaller concentrations of probiotics in a format that children find easier to take (such as gummy tablets shaped like teddy bears or a powder that can be mixed into food or water). Like most probiotic products, it promises to promote digestive balance and better immune system health, with specific probiotic strains reportedly selected due to their prevalence in infants’ bodies.

    The kids’ formulas have received a good reception in customer reviews. Many users have stated that the baby formula helped their children to pass stools regularly and experience less distress, and others have highlighted the fact that the chews mean that their children are more willing to take their probiotics (and are healthier for it). Objectively, the kids’ formulas appear to be the cheapest product per billions of CFUs, making it a good-value option for those looking for a children’s probiotic.

    Ultimate Flora Men’s Formula

    Available in two different formulas both priced $49.99.

    The Ultimate Flora Probiotic products aimed toward men claim to promote digestive and immune system health, whilst specifically targeting gas and colon issues. The Men’s Complete Probiotic formula and the Colon Care formula have virtually identical ingredients list and balancing (with a single culture swapped out), making these two products very similar in terms of effects. Customer reviews are generally positive on Amazon, with customers mentioning these products’ ability to target gas problems, bloating and constipation as key benefits.

    One thing that readers should note is that both products appear to be significantly cheaper on Amazon than on the official website (around $30 compared to $50), so we recommend checking here first if looking to buy.

    Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula

    Available in four different formulas with prices ranging from $21.99 to $49.99.

    The Ultimate Flora Women’s formulas can be distinguished by the different ingredients balance when compared to the men’s; in general, the women’s formulas tend to balance their capsules to contain more lacto probiotic cultures than bifido probiotic cultures (this is perhaps because lactobacillus bacteria are linked more explicitly with vaginal health). This group of products generally promise to provide better vaginal and urinary tract health, alongside the usual digestive benefits.

    Like with the other groups, customer reviews have been generally very positive (although there have been a higher number of reviewers claiming that the product failed to work at all). Customers appear to be particularly pleased with the product’s apparent ability to target urinary tract disorders, thrush, yeast infections and other vaginal issues. However, we would advise a degree of scepticism and caution when accepting these claims at face value. Although lactobacillus probiotics can provide these benefits when placed directly into the vagina, it remains hard to imagine how these benefits have arisen when the product is taken orally and is placed into the gut.

    Ultimate Flora Adult 50+ Formula

    Available in three different formulas with prices ranging from $25.99 to $29.99.

    These sets of products are aimed for older customers aged 50 or over, and promise to promote regularity and a stronger digestive and immune system. The formulas focus mainly on bifido probiotic cultures, to replenish the stores of bifidobacteria that reportedly decline with age. Oddly enough, the Adult 50+ (25 Billion) product and the Adult 50+ Probiotic Go (30 Billion) product are nearly identical, whilst the Adult 50+ (30 Billion) product appears to be of a wildly different design. In all honesty, this unexplainable difference in ingredients suggests carelessness and poor labelling on the part of the manufacturer, which is not a good sign for customers!

    Despite the fact that the 25 Billion and 30 Billion versions are two completely different products, they both attract similarly good reviews from customers on Amazon, with customers citing better digestion and better overall health as the key benefits. We would generally recommend that customers look at other Ultimate Flora products, however, as the Adult 50+ products generally seem to offer fewer probiotic strains for the same high price.

    Ultimate Flora Extra Care Range

    Available in seven different formulas with prices ranging from $11.99 to $69.99.

    The Ultimate Flora Extra Care range appears to be RenewLife’s most comprehensive formulas, with each product seemingly designed to give customers the highest numbers of different strains and culture sizes. The Extra Care products appear to be more “all-purpose” in nature, targeting digestive and immune health by seemingly flooding the gut with a large number of many strains of friendly bacteria. The one product that stands out from the pack is the 200 Billion variety, which is administered in the form of a powder rather than the capsule, and is designed to be taken intensively for 7 days as a treatment for digestive discomfort.

    Most customer reviews are positive about the Extra Care range, although there were a higher-than-normal number of reviews claiming that the product made them sick (which is perhaps related to the high potency of the formulas). The 200 Billion CFU powder products also reportedly tastes quite bad, although many claim that it relieved them of their symptoms.

    Ultimate Flora Everyday Range

    Available in two different formulas priced $9.99 and $21.99.

    Formerly known as Ultimate Flora Adult, the Everyday product works in much the same way as the Extra Care products but with much lower CFU counts (capped at 15 billion). The everyday products appear to receive high reviews like the rest, with some customers seemingly selecting this version to avoid the side effects they experienced from more potent strains. As expected given the lower CFU count, some customers complain that this version is less effective than other Ultimate Flora products.

    Ultimate Flora Immune System Solutions

    Available in three different formulas with prices ranging from $13.99 to $32.99.

    Although these products work in slightly different ways, we have grouped them together because they all seem to focus on the immune system in particular or rely on less-commonly used strains. Ultimate Flora Daily Immune claims to boost the immune system, helping the body to defend itself against seasonal viruses and respiratory illnesses. Its ingredient makeup is very similar to many of the Adult 50+ products, meaning that it is probably intended to be used by senior citizens. The single-ingredient saccharomyces boulardii product is reportedly specifically designed to alleviate diarrhoea problems, although positive customer reviews have highlighted a range of benefits.

    Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity is a much more complex formula, and seems to stand out from the rest of the Ultimate Flora products in general. Advanced Immunity contains an interesting mix of a prebiotic called Resistaid, a type of fermented yeast called EpiCor and a unique probiotic called saccharomyces boulardii. Customers seem impressed with the mix overall, and some have successfully used it to combat specific ailments such as yeast infections. Overall, the Advanced Immunity product interests us in particular, as it balances probiotics and prebiotics to achieve a unique effect.

    Ultimate Flora Gummies and Fizzy Drinks

    Available in two different formulas priced $9.99 and $20.49.

    The final Ultimate Flora products on our list are the fizzy drink and gummies, which generally seem to contain much lower levels of probiotics in exchange for a tasty and convenient means of taking them. Although set up in a similar to the Kid’s probiotic formula, the gummies actually use a different ingredient list that seemingly makes them suitable for both adults and kids. Customers can choose between sour or sweet gummies, and can also choose from two different probiotic strengths (either 2 or 3 billion cultures per 2 gummies). Customer reviews are generally positive, although criticism has been levelled at the fact that the gummies are considerably weaker than other Ultimate Flora products. Some have also complained about the taste.

    The fizzy drink mix also comes in two different flavours (mixed berry or raspberry lemonade) and two different probiotic strengths (10 or 15 billion cultures per serving), depending on the customer’s wishes. Customers praise the taste and convenience of the drink mix, although readers should remember that they contain far fewer types and amounts of probiotic bacteria when compared to other Ultimate Flora products.


    The Ultimate Flora products have impressed us in a number of ways. Customer feedback is high and the sheer number of varieties on offer should allow most customers to select one that works for them. Customers looking to buy from the official website will enjoy a 60-day money back guarantee to offset the risk of the purchase, and few side effects and bad experiences have been reported.

    The price is certainly a negative, and shrewd customers should be able to spot less expensive products containing the same basic ingredients elsewhere. Readers should also note that not all Ultimate Flora products are created equal and some did not appear to be all that impressive; we recommend staying away from the Adult 50+ range and gummies, and instead stick to the Men’s, Women’s and Extra Care formulas to get a little more bang for your buck.

    One final point to make is that probiotics are absolutely not for everyone. Despite what manufacturers claim, not all people will see an instant benefit after taking probiotics, as many may already have a balanced ratio of good/bad bacteria in their gut already. However, if you are suffering with digestive issues and don’t mind spending a little more to ensure you get what you need, the RenewLife Ultimate Flora range is a pretty safe way to get the specific balance you might be looking for.

    Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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