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Updated Feb 14, 2019.
Published May 18, 2016.

V3 Max is an appetite suppressant sold by the multi-level marketing company Vfinity. As with all MLM products, you would need to purchase directly from a “distributor” who has bought a bundle themselves to sell on for a supposed profit. There is a long list of side effects associated with Vfinity V3 Max, not a lot of reviews or positive results, and probably no chance of a money-back guarantee (unless you chance upon a very generous seller).


  • None


  • Manufacturer makes it difficult to find product information
  • No individual ingredient quantities provided
  • No money-back guarantee or clear returns policy
Vfinity V3 Max
Vfinity is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells V3 Max, which they describe as an appetite suppressant. The product contains some controversial ingredients which either have no clinical support or have a long list of associated side effects.

Below, we take an in-depth look at Vfinity V3 Max to see whether this product can suppress the consumer’s appetite, boost energy levels and improve mood, as claimed by the manufacturers.

Vfinity V3 Max Overview

What you need to know about Vfinity V3 Max

Vfinity V3 Max could potentially aid some weight loss, depending upon the actual ingredient quantities used, but it also could cause a huge range of side effects thanks to the numerous stimulant ingredients used.

AMP Citrate appears to be a stimulant, and so theoretically could increase the body’s metabolic rate, and therefore burn more calories. However, there is no research showing how strong, safe or effective it is at all. Caffeine is known to increase the body’s metabolic rate but the effects are described as small but significant. Over a prolonged period of use, it could contribute to an increased rate of weight loss. Hordenine is another stimulant ingredient, and Octopamine could increase the metabolism via non-stimulant means.

PEA does not affect weight loss, but could increase focus and attention, as well as improving mood. Cha de Bugre is often referred to as an appetite suppressant despite a complete lack of clinical evidence to support this claim.

There are no independent customer reviews that we could locate, and so there are no unbiased anecdotal reports of how well the product works. The product contains a proprietary formula, and so there are no individual ingredient quantities provided. This means that it is not possible to establish the actual strength or effectiveness of the formula, or the likelihood of side effects occurring. There are some ingredients that could aid weight loss according to clinical research, but if they are used in insufficient quantities then they will still not make any impact. On the other hand, there are some ingredients, especially 2-Amino-4-Methlpentane (AMP Citrate) that could cause some serious and unpleasant side effects.

What are the side effects of Vfinity V3 Max?

There is a long list of side effects that can occur from taking Vfinity V3 Max. For a full breakdown, please see the Side Effects section below.

How much does Vfinity V3 Max cost?

Vfinity V3 Max costs $64.95 per bottle, plus delivery charges.

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Vfinity V3 Max Key Features

Vfinity V3 Max is marketed as an appetite suppressant that will also boost energy levels and provide an ‘invigorated mood’. The product is manufactured by Vfinity, a Multi-Level Marketing company that recruit independent sales consultants to sell their products in return for a commission.

Vfinity V3 Max Key Points

  • Manufactured by Vfinity.
  • 60 capsules per pack.
  • Contains numerous stimulants in unknown quantities.

Diet pill consumers should be wary of MLM companies and their independent distributers; as they only earn money if they either sell the product or sign up new independent distributers, people who work for MLM companies can be pushy, and exaggerate both the effectiveness and safety of a product, and their own success within the company. Vfinity Independent distributers have to pay for a starter pack when they start working with the company, which can cost several hundred dollars. Some studies into the average success of MLM companies suggest that the majority of Independent Distributers do not even make their initial investment back. Vfinity do not even state what their returns policy is on their official website, and usually customers have to handle returns through the independent distributer that they initially purchased the product from, which can make obtaining a refund difficult.

How to Take Vfinity V3 Max

Take one (1) caplet daily early morning or early afternoon, on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal, taken with eight (8) ounces of water. For quicker absorption, snap caplet in half and swallow both halves with eight (8) ounces of water. For additional energy, a second caplet may be taken. Do not take more than two (2) pills per day. Avoid taking after 4:00 PM to ensure proper sleep. Proper nutrition and exercise are vital components of a weight control program.

Vfinity V3 Max Concerns:

  • No individual ingredient quantities provided.
  • No money-back guarantee or clear returns policy.
  • AMP Citrate causes numerous side effects and is similar to amphetamines in structure.

What does Vfinity V3 Max claim to do?

The manufacturers of this product provide the following statement about Vfinity V3 Max’s benefits:

Vfinity’s V3 MAX formula generates MAXIMUM impact on your weight, mood, and energy. Take control of your health and begin celebrating life today! V3 MAX initiates weight control with critical nutritional support:

  • Total Appetite Control
  • Superior Energy Boost
  • Invigorated Mood

Does Vfinity V3 Max work?

Although AMP Citrate can be found naturally in Pouchong Tea, it is most likely that the AMP Citrate used in diet pills is lab-synthesised, as the amounts found in Pouchong Tea are incredibly small. Apparently ‘supplement makers would need at least 2,200 pounds of tea to extract just 12 mg of the compound’ which makes it infinitely more economical to artificially create AMP Citrate in a lab.

The compound itself is highly under-researched, with no detailed information about its weight loss capabilities or its safety profile. The main information available about AMP Citrate is that it is closely related to a banned stimulant substance that is considered to be dangerous (although it does not appear to be quite as strong as DMAA), and that it may act as a stimulant.

Caffeine is a well-known weight loss aid. It works as a moderate stimulant, increasing the metabolism slightly for a few hours after consumption and could also increase energy levels. Chromium may reduce blood sugar levels, which could help to curb sugar cravings between meals that often derail a diet. Studies suggest that chromium supplementation has a tiny effect upon weight loss, even when taken over a prolonged period of time.

Octopamine is not a stimulant ingredient, but could increase the consumer’s metabolic rate.

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Vfinity V3 Max Ingredients

The manufacturers of Vfinity V3 Max have neglected to provide a full list of ingredients on the official website. The only picture of the supplement facts on the official website is partially covered by an image of the front of the packaging, and so only part of the list is visible. This means that whilst visitors to the website know some of the ingredients used, there is no easily-located information about the ingredient quantities used, or even the full ingredients list.

There is a PDF detailing the ingredients and their supposed benefits, but again, no ingredient quantities are provided. We finally located a full ingredients list, including limited information on the ingredient quantities, on an obscure affiliate sales site. The ingredient quantities are per serving of a single tablet and consumers can take up to two tablets per day.

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 2 mg (133% RDA)
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3 mg (176% RDA)
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin,Niacinamide) 22 mg (110% RDA)
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 10 mg (100% RDA)
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 5 mg (250% RDA)
  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) 30 mcg (500% RDA)
  • Chromium (Polynicotinate) 600 mcg (500% RDA): This is used primarily to lower fasting blood sugar levels and to lower insulin levels in people who have type 2 diabetes. In terms of its potential effect upon weight loss, it is possible that taking chromium picolinate by mouth for 2 to 3 months might produce a small weight loss of about 1.1 kg. Obviously this is an incredibly small amount of weight loss, but studies are still inconclusive.

Proprietary V3 MAX Blend 705 mg

  • B-Phenylethylamine (PEA): More commonly known as PEA, this ingredient is derived from the amino acid phenylalanine. It is thought to increase alertness, aid in concentration and focus, and may also enhance mood, which are all arguably traits that dieters need help with in succeeding with their weight loss attempts.
  • 2-Amino-4-Methlpentane: More commonly shortened to DMBA or AMP Citrate. AMP Citrate is closely related to DMAA, a banned stimulant substance. There has been very little research into the use of AMP Citrate, and none has been conducted in humans regarding weight loss.

Infinergy (Methyltheophylline)

The total amount of caffeine per tablet is 158 mg.

Vfinity V3 Max Side Effects

Most diet pills and supplements carry the risk of causing side effects; even the safest of products can cause side effects in rare circumstances. Below, we have detailed some of the potential side effects that could be caused by the individual ingredients used in Vfinity V3 Max.

AMP Citrate is incredibly under-researched, and has never been properly tested in humans. Because it is closely related to DMAA, there are concerns that this is a very strong stimulant that can cause side effects such as rapid heartrate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, shaking and anxiety. We located one review of AMP Citrate on Reddit, who noted strong anxiety and depression, difficulties orgasming and some withdrawal symptoms when skipping a dose after several days of continuous use. His withdrawal symptoms included feeling anxious, feeling anhedonic(the loss of the capacity to experience pleasure), feeling depressed and lethargic.

Consumers of AMP Citrate also report that they build up a tolerance very quickly (with some noting vastly reduced effects after just five or six doses). Other reported side effects include the feeling of rushing, difficulty sitting still, a sense of motion and increased focus.

Caffeine can cause a variety of side effects, including headaches, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased urination, jitteriness, dehydration, sleep disturbances and insomnia. Customers should remember that this product is a source of caffeine, and regulate their caffeine intake from other sources such as teas, coffee, and energy drinks, as well as drinking plenty of water to counteract the dehydration that can be caused by diuretic ingredients.

Hordenine is a stimulant, and so is not suitable for use by those who have heart conditions or elevated blood pressure levels. Stimulants can raise blood pressure, increase heart rate, cause heart palpitations and interfere with sleeping patterns.

Octopamine can cause nausea, but there are so few human studies of Octopamine that it is possible that other side effects could be caused by Octopamine supplementation.

Cha De Bugre, is under-researched, and so both its actual qualities and benefits, as well as its potential side effects, are essentially unknown. Just because there are no known side effects of this ingredient, it does not mean that it is completely safe.


Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for those under the age of 18. People who are taking any medications, whether over the counter or prescription, should consult their doctor before purchase; Cha De Bugre is under-researched and could potentially interact with other medications. Not suitable for anyone who has any heart related health issues, including but not limited to high blood pressure. Not suitable for anyone who is sensitive to caffeine and other stimulant ingredients.Consult a doctor if you are unsure about the suitability of this or any other diet pill.

Vfinity V3 Max Customer Feedback

We could not locate any independent customer reviews for Vfinity V3 Max. There are some customer testimonials on the official website, but these are inherently biased, as they have been selected to show the product in the best possible light. All negative reviews would have been disregarded when selecting the testimonials for the website, and some diet pill manufacturers have either heavily edited or even completely fabricated the testimonials on the website.

One week ago today I took my first V3 MAX pill. Got on the scale this morning and happy to report a 6 lb. loss!! Definitely helps keep me motivated.

Well I am very happy to say that tomorrow will have been 1 week since I started the V3 MAX and I am 7 lbs down & and can already see my face slimming down! So excited for what the future with V3 MAX will bring.

Alrighty ladies & gentlemen! My first full month of V3 MAX is over!! Now the results are in!!! I’ve lost 13lbs on my first box of V3 MAX!!! Whooooo!!! So pleased with this product!! I hope everyone is having as much success as I am! I’m looking forward to dropping another 13lbs (maybe more with my exercise routine) in my 2nd box!! Yay for V3 MAX!!!

Vfinity V3 Max Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee for this product. The company also appears to have no returns or refund policy. They state that they operate a buy-back service for Independent Distributers, where unopened products can be re-purchased by the company for up to 90% of the original net cost. Exchanges may also be available, but again, no details are given.

Where To Buy Vfinity V3 Max

Vfinity V3 Max can be purchased from independent Vfinity distributers, or direct from the official website. From the official website, consumers will pay $64.95 per bottle, plus delivery charges. Although prices with distributers should be fixed, customers may be offered discounts, depending upon the individual distributer.

Watchdog Verdict

With no safety profile or detailed research into AMP Citrate, and the chemical formula of the ingredient being similar to amphetamines and DMAA, a banned stimulant, we cannot recommend the use of this ingredient. There are likely to be some serious side effects associated with the use of AMP Citrate, and consumers of AMP Citrate have reported that it appears to have a chemically addictive effect upon the body. The FDA has also released warnings about this ingredient.

Because of the presence of AMP Citrate and several other stimulant ingredients, Vfinity V3 Max is not suitable for a huge range of people, including anyone who may have to take a drug test, blood test or urine test, such as anyone in the military or professional athletes. This is because AMP Citrate may show up as a prohibited substance. The long list of stimulant ingredients also restricts who can use this product due to health reasons.

The long list of potential side effects and the potential for this to grow longer as more research is conducted is also a worry.

There is no money-back guarantee for Vfinity V3 Max, and the manufacturer’s official website does not provide any information about what their returns and exchange policy is. Vfinity is a Multi-Level Marketing company, and so independent distributers may be pushy when trying to sell the product; after all, the only money they make is from commissions from product sales and from signing up new independent distributers. Despite the claims of MLM companies, Multi-Level marketing companies are not very good ways of making money, especially as potential Independent Distributers need to purchase a starter kit and stock when joining the company.

Overall, we do not recommend Vfinity V3 Max to our readers, as the product does not appear to be a safe method of losing weight.

How does Vfinity V3 Max compare to Phentatrim?

Criteria Vfinity V3 Max Comparison Phentatrim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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