VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex

What’s the first thing you do when checking to see if a supplement is right for you? For us, the first and most obvious task is to check the ingredients list, to see whether your chosen product has the right balance of effective and safe components. For the most part, we trust companies to clearly state all of the ingredients on the label, even if they neglect to disclose quantities or other bits of information. However, the world of supplements is often much murkier and controversial than the food industry, and some borderline-criminal companies completely misrepresent what is in their pills.

Below we take an in-depth look at VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex, to examine what’s really in this potentially dangerous East Asian product.

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Pros

  • None

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Cons

  • Contains a secret quantity of banned and dangerous ingredients
  • Product causes severe side effects that could potentially be fatal
  • Unclear who really manufactures this mysterious product
Watchdog Rejected

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex

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What You Need To Know About VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex is a weight loss product that is currently sold in Malaysia and China. It has been banned in places like Singapore and Hong Kong, after it was found to contain two ingredients that are not listed on the label: sibutramine and phenolphthalein. These dangerous chemicals have been linked with carcinogenic and cardiovascular problems, and in fact represent the only real weight loss ingredients in the entire product (the rest being useless quantities of powdered fruit or flowers).

This dangerous product is sold by OxyO2 in Malaysia, although its use of undeclared ingredients suggests it may have been originally produced in China. OxyO2 are a Chinese-language company operating in Kuala Lumpur, and there is little to say about them other than they appear to be highly unprofessional. The only English-language interactions we could find on their Facebook showed the company showing a fairly callous disregard for safety, as they regularly dismiss customer concerns about the side effects of VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex (instead asking customers to focus on the weight they’ve lost).

What Are The Side Effects Of VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex?

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex is a dangerous product, as it carries side effects that could potentially kill.

Sibutramine was once used as an approved weight loss treatment in the USA, but was quickly discontinued after a landmark study found that it increased dieters’ risk of heart attacks and strokes. These effects tended to take place months or years after using sibutramine but may cause damage immediately after taking.

Phenolphthalein has been found to be carcinogenic, and may also cause gastrointestinal issues, and an irregular heartbeat.

How Much Does VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Cost?

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex is remarkably expensive for a product that is mainly sold in Malaysia at the moment. A 60-capsule box (which is not even a month’s supply according to the dosing instructions) costs 180 RM (around US$42.50) on webstores like Lelong or Weituan91. Bulk purchases are available on Weituan91 that can bring down the price per box to less than 140 RM, depending on how many you buy.

Our Verdict On VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex

This product is a total scam, and a dangerous one at that. None of the ingredients listed on the label do anything at all, and in fact all of the weight loss effects take place due to the use of banned ingredients like sibutramine. The manufacturer knows that sibutramine is illegal and harmful, and has chosen to simply hide the fact that it’s in there. It’s frankly disgusting and criminal behaviour, and is unfortunately becoming more common amongst cheap Chinese products.

It’s not clear whether OxyO2 actually manufacture or simply sell this product in Malaysia, but their attitude is still worrying in the extreme. VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex is marketed as a luxury product and sold for relatively high prices. We’ve seen strong evidence of customers contacting OxyO2 on WhatsApp, complaining about the strong side effects associated with this product (which, let’s not forget, are potentially fatal). Every time, OxyO2’s employees laugh off the concerns and try to get customers to think about the weight they’re losing.

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex is thankfully banned in Singapore, much of the Western world, and Hong Kong, although it may still be found on sale in some unscrupulous or clueless stores. The product is also still legal to purchase in Malaysia and China. If you see it, stay well away from it!

We do not recommend VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex to our readers.

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VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Review

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex is a weight loss product that appears to come from China, although it has more recently been sold in Malaysia and Singapore. Although the box claims to contain only natural ingredients, this product attracted significant controversy in Singapore when it was found to contain two dangerous substances, that are banned for sale in the USA. It has since caused the Health Services Authority (HAS) in Singapore to deliver a public warning advising customers to avoid it, and threatening fines and jail sentences to those selling it.

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Facts

  • Likely manufactured by an unknown supplier in China, now sold by OxyO2
  • Contains 60 capsules per box
  • Weight loss supplement from East Asia

It isn’t clear who first manufactured VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex (although there is some evidence to suggest that it was first made in China). The company that is responsible for selling and branding it at this point appears to be OxyO2, a Chinese-language marketing group that is based in Kuala Lumpur. OxyO2 do not come across as a particularly professional outfit, mainly communicating to their customers through social media and WhatsApp. They can be contacted via their official Facebook page.

How to Take VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex

The directions for use are as follows:

Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Concerns:

  • Product has been found to contain dangerous substances that aren’t written on the label
  • Likely to cause extremely harmful side effects
  • Product has been banned in Singapore

What Does VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Claim To Do?

On official promotional posters for VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex, the product is said to “burn, break, isolate and flush fats out of the body”. The body is supposed to experience changes after 7 days, with the most noticeable effects taking place after 3 weeks. Customers are told that healthy dieting and exercise will accelerate the process, although they won’t have to change any habits in order to see significant effects.

Does VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Work?

None of the ingredients listed on the actual label for VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex will not cause weight loss at all, which would make this product a complete and utter placebo. Perhaps for this reason, the manufacturers chose to secretly add a dose of sibutramine, which can deliver modest weight loss results (although it may also kill you).

The evidence we’ve seen from customer reviews suggest that the mix makes people sick. Although it may technically help customers to lose weight, the potential for side effects is so high that many are encouraged to stop using it entirely.

What Are The Ingredients of VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex?

The ingredients found in VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex are detailed below. The ingredient quantities supplied are supposedly true for 1 capsule. Readers should remember that two banned ingredients were uncovered in this formula by Singaporean authorities in 2016. These were not declared on the official label, although we have still included descriptions for them below the rest.

  • Mangosteen Extract 10% (Exocarp Garcinia Mangostana) 360mg: Whilst there is some clinical evidence to show that this fruit may aid weight loss, the relevant studies have only looked at the use of this fruit in conjunction with another plant, Sphaeranthus indicus, and so the effects of this ingredient on its own are unknown. Source
  • Echinacea Extract 4:1 (Herb Echinacea Purpurea) 40mg: This flower can be found in the Rocky Mountains, and has seemingly been linked with every medicinal property under the sun at some point (including curing the common cold, easing arthritis, treating boils, and more). There is not much evidence to confirm what it really does, and it has seemingly never been linked with weight loss. Source
  • Tomato Extract 4:1 (Exocarp Lycopersicon Esculientum) 50mg: Some American scientists are now investigating the potential for the tomato fruit to help combat cancer. It has no weight loss effects. Source
  • Sibutramine: This ingredient is unlisted on the label but was discovered in tested batches by Singapore’s Health Services Authority in 2016. Sibutramine is a drug that was once approved due to its ability to deliver modest weight loss results. However, it was banned in the US and European markets in 2009 after a large study found that it was significantly increasing dieters’ long term risk of heart attacks, strokes, and death. When compared to those taking a placebo, it was actually found that dieters were more likely to have a heart attack using sibutramine than lose weight. Source
  • Phenolphthalein: This ingredient is unlisted on the label but was discovered in tested batches by Singapore’s Health Services Authority in 2016. It was previously used in laxatives, but has since been banned in the USA due to its potential to cause cancer and a number of severe side effects.

Does VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Have Any Side Effects?

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex contains two undeclared, banned ingredients that have both been found to be extremely dangerous. The side effects customers may encounter whilst using this product are potentially fatal.

In 2016, this weight loss supplement was found to contain sibutramine, a now-banned ingredient that has been found to cause heart attacks, strokes, and death. In fact, a large and significant study of obese people taking sibutramine and placebos effectively found that sibutramine is more likely to cause a heart attack or stroke, than help dieters to lose weight! The negative effects of sibutramine tend to emerge in the long-term after months/years of use, but may well cause damage from the outset.

Phenolphthalein was also banned due to its unusual potential to literally cause cancer to develop at unusual rates. It also causes its own host of distressing side effects, including gastrointestinal pain, and irregular heartbeats.

This is a dangerous product that is best avoided entirely. Do not exceed recommended serving size. Use only as directed. Not intended for use by persons under 18, or by those with a serious medical condition. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Please consult your physician before using this product.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex?

Unfortunately, most of the comments made about VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex online are in Chinese, which makes it impossible for our UK-based team to read them! The few comments we could find in English heavily imply that the product makes dieters unacceptably ill, although some still seem happy with their modest weight loss gains.

Beginning feel (that) body not feeling well. But now OK. Got slim down 3kg

Reduced 1.5kg. Must drink a lot of water otherwise very heaty

My girlfriend is using a product called VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex. I have my doubts with this product. Based on some health alerts around this product. I can see that she is losing weight, however lately she complains about some chest pain and cramps in the stomach

Does VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

We have not found any money back guarantees available for VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex available online. Readers are always advised to check the returns policy of any seller before making a supplement purchase, and shop around for the best policy possible.

Where Can I Buy VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex?

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex can be purchased on a few Malaysian online stores, including Lelong and Weituan91, although it has been discontinued on bigger outlets like Lazada. The 60-capsule pack of VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex costs 180 RM (around US$42.50), although discounts appear to be available on Weituan91 if customers choose to buy in bulk (customers buying 4 packs for example can get it for as little as 145 RM per pack).

How does VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee
VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex

1 out of 5
VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex Rating

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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