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Weight Loss 4 Information

Just wondering if you all know anything about a product I saw at my local drugstore by Doctor’s Select Nutraceuticals called Weight Loss 4. The listed ingredients are raspberry ketone, green coffee bean extract, white kidney bean extract and cayenne pepper extract. I’ve heard good things about each of those and thought it might be good. Wanted to check with you first. Thanks.

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295 comments on “Weight Loss 4 Information”

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  1. KATHY says:


  2. Maggie says:

    Started taking this pills on April 4th. By May 5th, I had lost only about 6 lbs, but I went from a size 15 juniors, to a size 10-11. I cut sugar, flour, and drink dandelion tea twice a day. My friends and family noticed the difference. My metabolism was too slow, no matter what I tried, never worked, not even when my doctor put me on Metformin to bring my sugar levels down. If you love yourself and want to lose some lbs, you should give this product a chance. Try adding oolong or green tea to your diet.

  3. JoAnne says:

    Anyone else get a reaction of brown spots on body??

  4. Sue says:

    I already pee alot anyway up 3 times a night. I did go to doctors and was checked and said nothing was wrong just stop drinking things close to bed time. I would like to try the garcinia cambogia extract but will it make me pee even more?

  5. BB says:

    I have been using this product for a week. I have not had any diarrhea, stomach pains, or migraines, like some are reporting. I follow a low fat, low calorie diet. I work out 5 days a week. This week I lost 3.5 lbs. I am pleased, bc I have only been losing 1-2 lbs weekly. If people take the product as instructed and follow a healthy diet, they shouldn’t experience these issues. Diet pills are not the solution for weight loss. You also have to eat a balanced/healthy meal and get off your butt.

  6. S says:

    I discontinued taking this product due to the nausea I felt.

  7. chyrl says:

    I keep hearing of the one with the coffee beans. I got the one with the 95 mg of tea leaves and seem to find no info on this one. Has any one else taken this one and what was the side effects and how it worked for you?

  8. AMBER says:

    I bought the Weight Loss 4 containing Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Glucomannan, and Prohibiotics & Prebiotic Fiber from Walmart. For the first 5 days I felt like it helped me loose cravings to snack a lot throughout the day. I felt like I had energy to get me through the day. On day 6 and 7, I skipped taking them because I started felling sick; upset stomach, nauseous, clamy, terrible diarrhea like someone else had posted… It’s been like this for almost 2 days and I don’t know if the Weight Loss 4 is causing it or a stomach bug! Besides what I am going through right now, I did see loss of stomach and side fat. I hope not many people are going through what I am…. For now, I’m going to hold off on continuing taking this until I feel 100% better!

    1. AMBER says:

      I also took this three times a day like the bottle said with a meal. If I only had two meals, I only took two pills that day.

      1. Rachael Barnes says:

        Ive tried this diet pill. I took one two times a day. Morning and evening. I felt no side effects. I was hungry and i made a large plate of whatever i would normally eat.spaghetti, cereal, high amounts of carbahydrates, and green veggies. I drink a lot of water. At least half gallon a day. So i changed nothing anf started takin them. Imediately i felt some strength. Enough to get around the house, and to just sit up. I hae some illness which is highly debatable as it changes and there are weeks i cat do anything. But i got up and started moving around more. I lost ten pounds in 30 days. Then i didnt have them for a m

        1. Rachael Barnes says:

          Hoorayy.thank u god! Can we also find a thing yo ingest that will shrink my stretchout skin? I mean i look like a flappy flying squirrel! Lol

  9. Abbey says:

    Okay so I just fit this product and I have a few questions. Do I take it during my meal or before? Is it faster if I exercise and watch what I eat?

    1. BB says:

      The bottle reads to take 3 times daily with meals. And, it’s probably safe to say that you will not have results unless you’re changing your diet and exercising. These are a boost. Not a magic pill.

  10. S says:

    Bought Weight Loss 4 with Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Glucomannan, and Probiotics. Will begin today with lunch. My current plan is to take 1 pill at lunch and 1 at dinner. I currently eat a protein bar for breakfast. I have cut out bread and rice, mostly. I still eat it 2-3 x per week. I started cutting out bread last week and have lost about 5lbs in a week just from that. I weighed 210 on 5-1-15 and weighted 206 on 5-8-15. I will start the pills today and report back on Monday.

    1. S says:

      Weighed in on 5-15-15 at 202. Not sure if this is due to pills or other measures that I am taking. One issue I have is nausea with these pills. I started taking a whole pill at lunch and dinner, but had to cut down to a half pill at each of those meals. I skipped it totally yesterday.

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