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What is Oil Pulling and Is It Really Worth a Try?

We have heard about all sorts of weird and wacky health tips and quite often they can be dangerous to health.However one that has recently caught our attention is something called oil pulling.

Oil PullingIt looks very safe and according to its rising number of fans is a brilliant way of improving dental hygiene as well as being a natural teeth whitener.

OK, this is not diet and weight loss related like most of our blogs but we all want to look good for summer with our beach bodies and gleaming white teeth, so could this home remedy be worth a try?

What is oil pulling?

It is the practice of filling your mouth with pure oil for around 10 – 15 minutes and then spitting it out. It is that simple.

Fans of oil pulling claim that has numerous health benefits. It removes bacteria from the mouth, improves morning breath and other halitosis issues. It seems to be good for overall oral health and may even help whiten your teeth. Some people believe it may have medical benefits too.

Instructions for Oil Pulling

So how do you do it? Simple. Choose pure oil – such as olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil – probably best because of the pleasant flavour, and take a large tablespoon or as much as you can handle into your mouth. (Spit some out if it feels too much.)

Put it in your mouth (don’t swallow) and swish it around for around 10 minutes. Then spit! When you spit, you will notice that the oil has gone a milky colour and remarkably your mouth is supposed to feel fresher.

Try this once a day.. However most people find adding oil pulling to their morning routine is easiest to fit in with their timetable.

What is the evidence for oil pulling?

None at all. There is no evidence at all that it works apart from anecdotal accounts that it does.

However, it is used for oral health in traditional Indian medicine and according to its fans improves digestion, improves breath freshness, whitens teeth and may even cure a hangover.

Is Oil Pulling Safe?

Despite the off putting name, we cannot see any risk to health. Filling your mouth with a culinary oil is certainly not going to do you any harm. If it works as well as some people claim, this could be beneficial to oral hygiene and is certainly safer than buying an over the counter teeth whitening kit.

And after all, just because you try oil pulling does not mean that you have to avoid cleaning your teeth in the usual way or anything weird like that.

So Is Oil Pulling Worth a Try?

It might be, that is if you can face it. For many people this is the major barrier to trying because it does not sound that pleasant. But if it doesn’t work you haven’t really lost anything save a spoonful of oil and 10 minutes of your time.

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