What is the “truth about cellulite” aka Naked Beauty by Joey Atlas?

Women who are looking to reduce their cellulite may turn to any number of methods to reduce it, such as increased exercise, expensive lotions and body wrap treatments.

Joey Atlas Cellulite ProgramHowever, a personal trainer named Joey Atlas argues on his website, that these are all pointless, money wasting endeavours, and that his downloadable program is the only effective way to reduce cellulite quickly and effectively.

So, what is the product that Joey Atlas is selling, is it effective, and is it worth the price tag associated with it?

What is Cellulite?

WebMD describes cellulite as;

nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker.

Whilst cellulite is not harmful, its appearance may cause people to seek ways to reduce or remove its appearance. Cellulite is a condition that appears primarily in women, but can affect men also. There is some debate over whether cellulite is a medical issue or if it is a normal thing to occur.

There are numerous causes that are thought to contribute to cellulite appearing. In theory, the more potential causes of cellulite a person has, the worse their cellulite may be. Potential causes include genetics, as people are more likely to have cellulite if a relative also has it, as well as a poor diet low in fibre and high in salt and fats and sedentary lifestyle.

Genetics may play a role in increasing the prevalence of cellulite, but it does not mean that it is untreatable.

Do Products “designed” to Treat Cellulite Work?

celluliteIn general, the advice varies on how best to treat the appearance of cellulite, because there are varying factors that contribute to causing cellulite. Whilst many companies that sell lotions and moisturisers ‘designed’ to reduce the appearance of cellulite claim that their products work, often medical professionals disagree. Many cellulite creams contain aminophylline, a drug typically used to treat asthma, which is not proven to affect cellulite, but may actually constrict blood vessels.

Spa treatments and body wraps may leave the skin feeling softer and smoother temporarily, but this may be because the procedures dehydrate the skin temporarily, as well as exfoliating the top layer of skin. This will not lead to a reduction in cellulite in the long term. Liposuction is another procedure that some people may turn to in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, Liposuction does not remove or alter fat just below the skin, which is the area that causes cellulite. Some medical professionals suggest that liposuction could actually make the appearance of cellulite worse.

Doctors recommend a healthy balanced diet, in combination with both cardio and strength/resistance based exercise. Cardio based exercise helps to burn calories, improve fitness, and reduce the amount of fat in the body. Strength based exercise which targets the lower body, helps to tone and strengthen the muscles and muscle fibres beneath the skin, which helps to smooth the body and improve tone.

Truth About Cellulite Website

This is the webpage that people are usually directed to when looking for Joey Atlas’ solution for reducing cellulite appearance. Once on the website, a video will automatically start after a few seconds. This is a marketing video to promote the purchasable product, and unfortunately, not the product itself. There is also a long written sales pitch that covers much of the same material as the video.

The website spends a lot of time explaining how the truth about cellulite is that only Joey’s plan will work, because all other methods of reducing cellulite are ineffective. The way that Joey introduces all of the failed alternatives seems to be designed to make women feel bad about their own cellulite, and to feel hopeless, before the SYMULAST program swoops in to save the day.

Who is Joey Atlas?

Joey AtlasJoey Atlas describes himself under a number of job roles, but he is essentially the founder of the website, as well as the developer of the SYMULAST method of reducing cellulite. He has an M.S., in Exercise Physiology, and years of experience in re-shaping women’s bodies.

Joey claims that he developed the SYMULAST or Naked Beauty Method of reducing cellulite after a college friend emailed him, desperate for help. When it was a massive success for her and some other friends of his, Joey decided to launch the program online, so that more women could benefit from the “secrets” within.


The SYMULAST method is an exercise routine that Joey Atlas put together to expressly combat cellulite on the back and side of the thighs and bottom. The exercises also focus on toning legs, butt, thighs, and hips. The exercises included in the routine are designed to be performed in your own home, with the only required equipment being an exercise mat. Reviewers on Amazon suggest that the use of an exercise ball may also help, but is not totally necessary, due to the large number of exercises that Joey goes through.

The exercises focus upon stretching and strength based toning exercises. SYMULAST is short for Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation, which describes the effect of the specific set of exercises that Joey recommends in the Natural Beauty Program. He claims that it is a combination of form, tempo and sequence that make his particular exercise routine so effective.

What comes with the Naked Beauty-SYMULAST program?

There are numerous elements to the Symulast program.

These are described as: The Naked Beauty / Symulast Method: Online Video Version, The Naked Beauty / Symulast Method: Printable PDF Version, Personal Naked Beauty-Symulast Schedule: Printable PDF Version, Naked Beauty Cardio Cheat-Sheet: Printable PDF Version, The Cellulite Files – e-Newsletter, as well as the Long Term Naked Beauty Maintenance and Cellulite Prevention Schedule.

Added Extras

Joey Atlas promises plenty of added extras when you buy his online program. Many of these elements are not available when purchasing the DVD copy from online stores such as Amazon. Some of these added extras are free, whilst others are merely being given the opportunity to purchase products and services not available to the public. The way that Joey’s marketing pitch describes these makes it a very tempting offer.

Private online clients can opt for receiving a DVD copy of their program, to make it even more versatile and easy to follow between work, travel and a busy home life. The DVD costs an additional $19.99, which Joey states is a heavily discounted rate for people who are already paying members of the site.

Purchasing the Symulast program also provides you access to two other online training videos that are designed to help tone other traditional problem areas of the body. The videos are called Flat-Sexy Stomach, and Tightly-Toned Arms for Women.

So What is the Cost?

The website claims that the Symulast program on its own is worth $500, with the two additional online training videos for arms and stomach being worth an additional $100 each. This makes the Symulast program worth around $700.

However, Joey Atlas claims that he does not want to sell his method for that much, as it would mean that many of the women who need it most would be unable to afford access. Instead, the program is offered for $99.99, with a limited time special offer reducing the price to $49.95.

Other than claiming that the huge discount will end soon, there is no specific time limit available to discover when the price will return to its higher value. It is possible that this is a long-term marketing technique to drive extra sales and to give the customer the perception that they are saving money.


Despite several negative reviews on, there are also a large number of positive ones, talking about how the program is easy to follow, as Joey goes through each step and exercise thoroughly. Many people have mentioned that the impact upon their cellulite is visible within a month. There is no doubt that if the exercises are rigorously followed, results will be seen in the improvement of tone and reduction of cellulite.

  • Can be followed in your own home easily.
  • Requires no gym equipment (and therefore no gym subscription).
  • Printable PDF version means the exercise routine, and advice on how to follow the exercises, can be taken anywhere.
  • The videos are set up as if Joey is your own personal trainer, coaching you through the routine step by step.


If you are seeking a weight loss exercise program, then the SYMULAST program may not be ideal. Joey states numerous times on the website that this is for improving or removing the appearance of cellulite in people who are otherwise happy with their weight. People can adapt the SYMULAST program into their weight loss regime with the addition of a calorie restricted and nutritionally balanced diet, as well as incorporating some cardio into their exercise routine.

  • The routine does need to be followed rigorously, three to four times per week.
  • Requires an internet connection to view videos, as well as to download initial product.
  • Some women have raised queries about the validity of the 60 day money back guarantee. One Amazon review stated that she had trouble getting a refund after only 1 day. Another stated that she felt ‘belittled’ by staff when trying to obtain her refund as she was dissatisfied with the product.
  • Other Amazon reviews suggest that the exercises are not a new concept, suggesting that the information Joey provides is available elsewhere in a different presentation. Others have said that the product provided is not worth the price tag, in their opinion.
  • Joey talks a lot through the video, especially at the start. Some customers find that this is off putting, and lengthens the video unnecessarily.

High Effort?

When listening to the marketing video in which Joey Atlas introduces his training video, it is easy to forget that what he is selling is access to an exercise regime that needs to be repeated three or four times a week to see the maximum benefits and improvements quickly. If people have been unable to stick with exercise routines for a prolonged period of time before, the product may not be ideal for them. Seeing the results that are associated with the program will only happen if the program is followed rigorously.

Similarly, the exercise routine needs to be followed in the long term so that results can be maintained. If a customer ceases to use the exercises regularly, their muscle tone may reduce over time, and the cellulite may reappear.

Whats Our Verdict?

Before buying the SYMULAST program from the website, consider searching the internet for free exercises to tone hips, thighs and bottoms. There are many websites that offer free information about the hundreds of exercises that can help to tone lower body problem areas. We have in the past recommended videos by fitness blender, which are free to watch on youtube. These are short videos that are easy to follow. The instructors clearly show how to perform the exercises, provide encouragement, and best of all, these videos are free.

Joey Atlas appeared on TV recently to promote his product, and a video of that appearance is available here, complete with a preview of some of the exercises featured in his program.

Still want to purchase Joey Atlas’ program? Limited copies of the two-disc DVD are available on Amazon, both new and used, for a cost of around $34. Because these are from independent sellers, the cost may vary. However, this may provide access to the routines and Joey’s coaching, at a slightly reduced cost compared to the full package. For those who want to purchase the full package, including all of the promotional extras that Joey promises, it is only available via Let us know in the comments whether the Natural Beauty Symulast programme helped to reduce your cellulite, how hard the program was to follow, and if you are happy with the cost of the program.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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