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Dieting can be difficult, especially once hunger sets in and you still have to plan what you are going to prepare and cook for each meal, all whilst ensuring that it is healthy, balanced and calorie controlled! Wonderslim offer a diet program that offers ready-made meals and meal replacement products, reducing the preparation times and difficulty associated with eating well.

Below, we take a look at Wonderslim’s diet program to see whether it is a viable, safe and sustainable weight loss option.

What is Wonderslim?

Wonderslim is a diet program and supplement retailer based in the USA. Created in 2001, Wonderslim’s diet mainly works by using meal replacement shakes and portion-controlled meals that dieters can buy directly from the company. With this method, dieters inevitably lose weight as long as they stick to consuming mainly Wonderslim products, according to the plan laid out by the company.

Unlike other popular diet programs, Wonderslim has no walk-in support groups, and all support and community activities take place online. Customers signing up for a weight loss program receive a big pack with all the shakes, meals and snacks they’ve ordered, along with a paper-copy lifestyle guide, meal plan guide, shopping list and more. Dieters can also sign up for the online program to chat to other Wonderslim customers, share ideas/successes, and track progress.

How much does Wonderslim cost?

Meal replacement programs like these tend to be on the pricey side, and Wonderslim is no exception. Whilst many have noted that Wonderslim costs less than some of its more famous competitors (such as Medifast), the program can still cost up to $200-$300 per month depending on your chosen package.

The Basic Wonderslim Diet Kit contains the bare essentials for following the Wonderslim program (based mainly around shakes and snacks). A 4 week “Basic” supply costs $198.18 and contains:

  • Meal Plans (including the plan itself, food diary, shopping list and shaker bottle)
  • Lifestyle Guide (including exercise guide and advice on how to change behaviour and maintain weight)
  • Meal Replacement Shakes & Puddings (84 servings, 4 flavours)
  • Bars and Snacks (28 servings, 4 types)
  • Protein Salad Dressing (7 servings, 3 flavours to choose from)
  • Multi-Vitamin Packs (30 count)
  • Essential Fatty Acids Supplements (120 count– contains omega fatty acids and fish oil)

Other more expensive kits make it so that customers can largely rely on Wonderslim products, with little extra food needing to be purchased by the customer. The Core Wonderslim Diet Kit costs $234.21, and contains all of the above plus 28 servings of ready-made lunches (including soups and pastas). The complete Premium Wonderslim Diet Kit (especially recommended on the official website) contains everything listed above plus the lunches, 28 servings of breakfast cereals and pancakes and 28 servings of dessert meals (including cakes and cookies).

In addition to the straightforward kits mentioned above, Wonderslim has a frankly dizzying array of buying options for customers looking for a specific product or deal. The company has a veritable supermarket of options, including shirataki noodles, fruit drinks, entrees, and beef jerky. Prices vary wildly but tend to be on the fairly expensive side, although customers can access various value bundles, weekly sales and coupons to bring the price down further.

How does Wonderslim work?

Dieters are expected to use Wonderslim products along with a limited amount of healthy food they buy themselves from the grocery store. In the most comprehensive “premium” option, Wonderslim provides portion-controlled breakfasts, lunches, snacks and desserts, with customers encouraged to arrange their own “lean and green” dinners, fruit snacks, and milk. Other cheaper options provide fewer Wonderslim products, but the overall structure of the diet remains roughly the same.

With 7 meals a day, dieters shouldn’t expect to go too hungry on the Wonderslim plan. Customers are encouraged to eat something every 3 hours on average, and snack regularly on Wonderslim treats and fruit. Other Wonderslim materials encourage dieters to exercise regularly and develop sensible habits when purchasing food from the grocery store.

Purchasing from the Wonderslim online store is simple enough, and the company thankfully does not lock customers into a contract or an auto-ship program. Instead, customers can choose to buy a larger “kit” or just buy individual items at their leisure. All purchases are also protected by a money-back guarantee, a big plus that means that customers can return opened packs of product that they are dissatisfied with.

Does Wonderslim help you to lose weight?

Meal-replacement diet plans like this one are often pretty quick and easy ways to lose weight (as long as dieters stick to the set boundaries). Most of the meals and snacks that customers eat are strictly portion-controlled, meaning that it should be fairly easy to count calories and ensure that you are on “weight loss” form – after all, most of the work is done for you.

There is some evidence to suggest that Wonderslim could help dieters to lose weight relatively quickly, as many former customers claim to lose around 10-16 pounds per month. The portion-controlled meals, extra supplements and relatively inflexible nature of the meal plans also ensure that customers are getting a good mix of proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates.

If meal-replacement plans are so effective, then what’s the catch? The major drawback from investing in packages like Wonderslim is that programs like these are not the most sustainable options available. Wonderslim is not overly concerned with teaching new, healthier eating habits, as the point of the diet is to defer most of the hard work to the company (such as choosing the right foods or learning how to make sensible portions). Wonderslim may be easy, but it may actually be difficult to fork out the $200-$300 per month needed to maintain it – money that could otherwise be spent on far cheaper food options from your local supermarket. Remember as well, that customers will still need to purchase some food themselves, on top of the cost of the program!

How does Wonderslim compare to other diet programs?

Wonderslim is not the only company offering a diet program based around meal replacement shakes and ready meals, but our research suggests that it might be one of the better options available. Wonderslim appears to be cheaper than its main competitors (such as Medifast, Optifast, Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig), which is often the main thing dieters look for in a world of expensive plans. The Basic Wonderslim Diet Program should cost dieters just over $7 a day, the cheapest option available that we could find for this kind of meal replacement approach. The more comprehensive and useful “premium” kit costs over $10 a day, but still remains cheaper than most.

Customer comments on forums generally suggest that Wonderslim products taste good, although this factor obviously varies hugely person-to-person. The main points of comparison we could find were with the most famous meal-replacement diet plan (Medifast), and we’ve included a few choice comments for you to check out below:

The veg omelet could be better… I liked the cheese steak mac. The meat reminded me of a weird tuna but overall taste was fine. Again, I am coming from medifast so pretty much everything is better.

I will say, for anyone deciding between Medifast and Wonderslim…..Wonderslim is 100% more palatable (and cheaper) !! I ordered a 30 day plan….I’ve been trying to taste everything and give everything a chance and while I have my favorites, everything is fairly good. When I’ve ordered Medifast in the past it was nearly impossible to get certain things down and so I would end up just ordering the 4-5 things I could deal with and would get bored by the 2nd or 3rd day and fall off the wagon….anyway, just food for thought for anyone on the fence!!

I found the omelette meal unedible, but I eventually got used to the tomato soup by doctoring it up with some salt-free italian herb seasoning. Still not my favorite though. I also hate the cheesesteak pasta. The texture of the “meat” is never going to be okay with me. I may hate a lot of the food but I’m finding I’m losing a pound every other day at this point (with an hour workout in addition to dieting) so that is my motivation to go on!


Many dieters look for ease and simplicity in their diets, and diets do not often come easier and simpler than Wonderslim. Taking place entirely online (with no need to make regular visits to clinics), Wonderslim is also cheaper and reportedly slightly tastier than many of its meal replacement competitors. It also doesn’t lock dieters into a contract, with all purchases being easily returnable and refundable. If this is the kind of diet plan you’re looking for, this program appears to be one of the better choices available.

That being said, meal replacement diet plans do suffer from some serious drawbacks that make the entire idea a risky and unsustainable way to lose weight. By taking all of the thinking out of food prep, dieters will find it easier to initially lose weight, but in the long term, it is difficult to learn healthy cooking and eating habits on a meal replacement diet. It is not uncommon for people to lose significant amounts of weight quickly only to find themselves committed to an expensive program, rapidly gaining weight again once they inevitably step away from it. For a more education-based and sustainable diet program, we still recommend checking out companies like Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

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